Entre Dos Amores Friday 3/8/19 #83

Ösgür and Pelin are going to the drop off spot. Duygu wants to go with them. Pelin convinces her to stay at the company and wait. Duygu is scared and tells Pelin to be careful. Pelin is determined to rescue Macit.

Fahriye tries to calm Neriman down. Macit will be rescued. Neriman can’t just sit there. She runs out of the house. Fahriye convinces Gulter they are just going for a walk. Neriman hails a cab. They’re going to the Arcaoglu offices!

Sinasi is still sitting in jail. Cihan tries to convince him to forget about Neriman. Sinasi is really hurt that Neriman thinks he’s capable of something like kidnapping Macit.

Neriman asks Duygu where Macit is. Duygu swears she doesn’t know. Fahriye is all “Make some tea! We’re staying!” But when she plants herself in a chair she sees the note with the drop off address. She shuffles Neriman out of the office. Neriman is annoyed until she finds out Fahriye has the address. They go hail another cab.

Ösgür wants to know how Pelin got the ransom money. She mortgaged the company. Greeeaat. Ösgür is shocked. Does Pelin think that Macit will fall at her feet after risking the company. Pelin smirks. Maybe he will! ::head desk::

Erdinc prepares Macit for transport to the drop off.

Everyone waits at Zehra’s. It’s awkward since Zehra is still irked with Neriman (and therefore all things connected to her.) Her nerves get the better of her though and she starts talking to Gulter. Sinasi is innocent! Neriman has done nothing but cause problems!

Ösgür wants to hand over the money, but Pelin won’t let him. She heads into what looks like the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest set. Erdinc and his henches are waiting. Erdinc wants his money before he hands over Macit.

Meanwhile, Neriman is nagging the cab driver. Are we there yet? Fahriye is scared. Cihan calls her. She says she’s working late at the school. Finally she freaks out and spills all the beans. We’re rescuing Macit! Be back later! Bye!

Pelin wants the IOUs before she hands over the money. Erdinc hands her the paperwork. Hench checks the money cases. Everything checks out. Macit is set free. Ha! Neriman comes throught the forest and shouts his name. I should probably feel bad for Pelin. She did look pitiful. I decided to cackle with glee instead. Pelin literally asks, “What the hell are you doing here, Neriman?” Please note: ALL PROPS TO FAHRIYE FOR THIS TURN OF EVENTS. Macit asks Ösgür to take care of Pelin. Fahriye wants to know why they kidnapped Macit, but he brushes it off with a “it’s a long story.”

On the way back to town, Ösgür calls the police and tells them Sinasi is innocent and Macit is free and safe. He asks them to drop the charges against Sinasi. Pelin’s phone rings. It’s Inci.

The second half starts with Inci stressing about getting Macit back and Pelin not answering her phone. Kerim assures her that skeevy guy is not the kind of guy to take the money and not give Macit back.

Macit gets to the neighborhood with Fahriye and Neriman. Fahriye will come up with something so Macit and Neriman can spend the night together.

Cihan’s waiting up for Fahriye. She starts talking about rescuing Macit and Neriman going off with him.

So his friend is still in jail for a kidnapping that he didn’t commit? He’s going to go rescue Sinasi.

Pelin gets to Macit’s house without him. She says Macit’s fine, but she borrowed money with the company as collateral. She did everything to rescue Macit and then…Neriman showed up. Pelin’s pissed off that Macit still picked Neriman over her.

Macit takes Neriman to an abandoned boat on the shore of the Bosphorus. He doesn’t want to talk about who kidnapped him or how he got free. He just wants to be with her. Looking out at the water and Maiden’s Tower…and Neriman.

And while they’re out there doing that, Cihan tries to get Sinasi out of jail, but the guy at the desk says it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. He’ll let him in to talk to Sinasi, though.

Fahriye calls Gulter to report in. Neriman…fainted…but she’s feeling better…she just needs some alone time…at Fahriye’s house…and she’s asleep now.

Gulter passes this on to Faiz, who grumbles that he taught Neriman right from wrong and it’s up to her to make the decision.

Sahika teases Gulter about Neriman setting off a bomb soon and she’d better be prepared.

Pelin and Duygu get home and Feyza starts in on Pelin, asking how much she paid for Macit.

Pelin runs upstairs and weeps over the engagement rings. She’s about to throw Macit’s, but Duygu stops her. She whines at Duygu asking why she always loses.

(I’m gonna need a minute to recover because, seriously spoiled rich girl?)

She blames Neriman, as usual. Duygu thinks, but doesn’t say, “Why do you want someone who doesn’t love you?”

Neriman’s thinking about walking through the neighborhood holding hands with Macit and everyone  smiles at them. They go to her dad’s house and everyone’s happy to see them. Neriman shows Macit her room. And Fahriye’s there. They laugh over that.

Macit’s thinking about walking upstairs with a big poofy wedding dress…and this time when he lifts the veil, it’s still Neriman.

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