Betty en NY Friday 3/8/19 #23

Pati’s on the phone when she gets off the elevator, talking about how she’s not traveling this summer because Marce and Armando need her so much at V&M. But definitely next summer–the Côte d’Azur.

She gets off the phone to pick on Berta, calling her “meatball” and saying she’s always eating and doesn’t she get tired of chewing?

Berta keeps nibbling on empanadas and typing and ignores Pati. When she finally looks up she says that’s a nice dress–too bad about the fabric.

Berta and her half-eaten empanada head off somewhere with a plastic bag.

Sofia’s usual pawn broker only wants to give her $50 for a necklace he’s paid $150 for before. He’ll go up to $100, but that’s it. Sofia complains about him being cheap and says she’ll take the $100.

Armando gets a look at Pati’s dress and recognizes it as one of the ones they sold to–

“Don’t say it!”

Well, Armando thinks it looks great on her…and also on Berta. Maybe a little uniform, but the dress does look great on them both.

Berta picks on Pati, saying she could have sworn Pati was a size 0, but now she’s thinking more like an 8. “You’re getting fat, Pati!” She says Pati’s just as “cheapie” as the rest of them, shopping at Mogollon’s Market. And she’s kidding herself if she thinks she’s going to the Mediterranean. She can barely afford gas to put in her car that she can’t maintain.

Armando’s frustrated that Betty hasn’t made the transfer yet. He tells her to do it already. She punches a button on her keyboard, but she says this doesn’t feel right. He’s transferring a huge sum of money to someone he doesn’t even know.

Armando offers to call Jack Anderson and let Betty listen in on the call. He and Anderson make small talk–Ricardo’s in Miami, Anderson’s going to love the next collection, etc. Armando asks what Anderson knows about Eduardo López from something something Broker Services.

Well, he’s heard of him, but they haven’t worked together. It seems risky to him for Armando to make a deal with someone he’s never met, especially not for such a large amount.

And thus Armando flies to Miami.

Marce and Hugo have been out looking at wedding stuff. Hugo’s tirando la casa por la ventana. Hugo asks when Marce’s wedding will be and all she’s got is “sooner than you think.”

Mariana comes in with some paperwork for Marcela. Marcela asks where Armando is and all Mariana knows is that he went on an emergency trip.

Marcela goes to Betty’s cloffice.

Yep. Emergency trip. To LA. For a meeting with a supplier. To do business. That’s all Betty knows.

Armando’s banging on the door to Ricky’s hotel room, which looks more like an apartment. He’s barely had a chance to tell Ricky what the problem is when Naked!Cindy pops out of the bedroom, says hi, and asks how Marcela’s doing.

Armando can’t believe this has been Ricky’s priority!

Cindy decides she’ll go have a bubble bath.

Armando tells Ricardo that Cindy’s dad has only heard OF the brokers, not done business. He wants Ricky to get dressed so they can go get their money back.

Giovas flirts with Jenny at the elevators. He asks her out, but Jenny’s not available today. Aura Maria says Jenny only goes out with guys with money and he clearly doesn’t even have en donde caerse muerto.

Daniel pops into Betty’s cloffice and says he wants to see the company’s financials. Just like that. Because he’s a shareholder. And because he knows the last collection was a flop and they’re doing another one already, with expensive materials…how?

The broker’s “office” is empty except for that big meeting table. Armando can’t believe he trusted Ricky over Betty’s gut. He accuses Ricky of thinking with his…bragueta.

Hey, Armando listened to him!

“So you’re saying since you think with your fly and I listened to you, that makes me the bigger idiot?” And what does Ricky care about Armando’s family’s business anyway. Ricky says he’s a shareholder–it’s his business too.

Armando snaps out of it and says they’ve gotta call the cops. They can’t let that guy get away with their money! They’ve gotta call their lawyer. Ricky says to forget the abogado, it’s time for the abogangster!

Back in Betty’s cloffice, she’s talking vaguely about the company’s prosperity and a small downturn in sales….

Daniel says the collection was a failure! And what exactly was the profit margin that allowed them to have so much money for this new collection?

Betty doesn’t answer, which Daniel takes as confirmation.

Look, he’ll get a report when everybody else does–at the meeting. Because she’s just a humble assistant who follows orders…from her boss.

Her phone rings and she tells Armando that Daniel wants to talk to him.

Um, no, he doesn’t. He just wants Armando to answer all his questions at the next board meeting.

Well, that got rid of Daniel. So now Betty can focus on finding any information she can about the fake broker. A receipt from the transfer, anything. Armando says they were robbed.

Betty gets right on it and assures him they’ll make it through this.

Daniel stops by Patricia’s desk to hassle her about not getting him the information he’s been looking for. Pati explains that she can’t get the information because even Marcela doesn’t know who the mystery supplier is.

Daniel looks up and notices Berta imitating Pati and breaks into what I swear looked like a genuine grin. He calls out to Berta that she looks great in that dress–way better than Pati.

Pati whines about him comparing her to “the little meatball” and complains that they’re so mean to her here and no she’s not going to take him up on his offer of a better “job” with better pay.

Sofia asks Giovas how it’s going with Jenny.

Hey, Sofia knows how charming Giovas can be, and he gave her flowers and everything and asked her out and…she didn’t say “no” but she didn’t say “yes.”

Sofia says he’s halfway there. Jenny likes him. Now all he’s gotta do is take her someplace fancy, like the places the bosses go to eat. And if he picks the place, Sofia will pay for it.

Marcela complains to Pati that she can’t get hold of Armando and he should have landed in LA already.

Pati goes from that to “Your brother was here earlier. Hey, what’s going on with the supplier in LA?”

Marcela’s pissed that Pati wasn’t listening.

Pati swears she was. She thinks Marce should get on a plane right now to go to LA and take her BFF with her. For moral support.

Nicolas is outraged that Armando was fooled by a con so stupid! First he made the transfer, THEN he investigated the company? What kind of a businessman is he?! He’s going to bankrupt V&M! And Betty had better not say anything to him about BAR’s capital.

Betty reminds him it’s Armando’s company.

Well, Nicolas reminds her that it went from being a shell company to a prosperous investment firm. If he gets his hands on BAR he’ll convert it all to salt and water and it’ll sink with Betty’s name on the side.

Pati gets home. She’s got no electricity again and an eviction notice got shoved under her door. Marcela’s not answering her phone. Pati whines “Why me?!”

I’m gonna go with…because you don’t pay your bills?

So I guess Marce opted not to go to LA. She’s on her couch, on a videocall with Armando. He’s still lying about being in LA. He says he didn’t know he was going, Ricardo just called and he went over to meet a supplier. It’s a new company, Marcela wouldn’t know them.

She asks him to show her the view, but he says he’s really tired and feels like he’s coming down with something, so he’s just gonna order some soup from room service and go to bed.

Pati finally finds a package of crackers and a little tub of something in her fridge. She’s trying to make do with that when she gets a notification on her cell phone. I guess some hot guy wants to be friends. She thanks God, saying she knew He wouldn’t let her die of hombre. Or hambre. Same diff.

She accepts the friend request.

Betty’s looking over some numbers with Sofia when Marcela comes in and asks Mariana to book her on the first available flight to LA.

Armando and Ricky are waiting to talk to a detective. He says whoever did this was a professional. They rent offices in cash and once they hook a big fish they disappear. The bank account they made the transfer to is closed. The phone lines are disconnected. He’s going to investigate, but he thinks there’s almost no chance of getting their money back.

Betty pulls Mariana into the bathroom and makes sure they’re alone before she tells her Armando’s not in LA. He’s in Miami. There was a problem with some providers there and he didn’t want to tell Marcela so she wouldn’t worry. And Mariana can’t tell anyone either! She just has to find a way to keep Marcela from getting on a flight. Betty promises if Marcela finds out she’ll take full responsibility. (Ha! Like she’s not gonna blame you either way.)

Giovas catches Jenny coming out of the elevator and tries to flirt. Jenny’s ignoring him now. Aura Maria laughs at Giovas and tells him to pack it in.

Inesita’s pinning some muslin prototypes to mannequins when Fabi comes in. He says he’s bought the rings and shows Hugo a picture. He also got flowers for Inés. And now he’s off.

Hugo’s annoyed that Inés still doesn’t like Fabio and he’s sure Betty put ideas in her head.

Nope, she doesn’t need anyone to tell her that Fabi isn’t the right man for Hugo. And those rings? He has access to Hugo’s credit cards so Hugo’s really the one who paid for them. And for the flowers. Which she thanks him for before giving them back.

Mariana tells Marcela she hasn’t found a single seat in first class on any plane going to LA.

Marcela doesn’t care if she’s flying economy class with layovers–she wants to be in LA tonight. And she wants Mariana to book her in the same hotel as Armando. The usual hotel.

Mariana says she’ll double check the hotel and see what she can do.

Armando and Ricky are running around at the docks, just trying to find any information they can and coming up with nothing. Betty calls Armando to tell him they’ve got problems. Marcela wants to meet him in LA. Armando tells her not to let Marcela go, but Betty says they’ve been trying and she doesn’t know what else to tell her. Mariana knows that Armando is Miami because she’s the one who needs to NOT buy Marcela a plane ticket. Armando says he’ll take care of Marcela.

OK, but also Daniel was there yesterday and he was asking about the company financials. Armando swears to Betty he’ll fix this…he doesn’t know how, but they’re going to get out of this.

Wilson and Giovas are drooling over Armando’s car. Giovas has the keys. He takes it in for service every three months. And no, Wilson can’t go with him because the passenger seat is built for someone with a different set of attributes and Giovas already has someone in mind.

Jenny’s hanging out in the workroom, looking at Hugo’s sketches while Inés does something or other. She swears if Hugo could just see one of these samples on her body he’d let her model on the runway. She took an online courses in modeling and placement…

“Product placement,” Inés corrects her. And makes sure to correct Jenny’s “Inesita.” It’s Señora Inés for her. They’re coworkers. She’s not going to be Jenny’s friend because she’s already Sofia’s. And she doesn’t particularly like that Jenny’s working here. So scram.

Jenny’s tromping down the sidewalk when Giovas pulls up in Armando’s car and starts flirting again. He says he’ll take her anywhere she wants…and he lets her drive. Goodbye, car. It’s been nice knowing you.

Marcela’s on her way to her apartment to pack for the trip. Mariana emailed her the boarding pass.

And Armando calls. The deal fell through. The supplier didn’t have enough coverage for what they wanted. It’s a huge disaster. He’s heading back now.

Marcela tells him she was just about to get on a plane to join him. Maybe they could spend a few days alone.

Armando says his plane leaves in five minutes, he’s gotta find another supplier, and they can’t afford to take a few days off.

Sad Marcela face. She seems kind of embarrassed when she tells Mariana to cancel the trip…and they’ll move it…to some other date.

And Aaron Diaz is right, I do love these Friday behind the scenes videos.

What did people say?
  • Tirar la casa por la ventana – going all out, pulling out all the stops; what Marcel says Hugo’s planning to do for his wedding
  • En donde caerse muerto – a place to fall over dead; what Aura Maria says Giovas doesn’t have
  • Bragueta – the zipper on a pair of pants; what Armando says Ricky thinks with
  • Hombre – man; what Pati says she knew God wouldn’t let her die of
  • Hambre – hunger; what Pati says is pretty much the same thing as a man
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