Betty en NY Monday 3/11/19 #24

Just in case we’d forgotten how Armando and Ricky lost all the company’s money, we get a helpful recap up front.

Jenny’s driving Armando’s car, with Giovas in the passenger seat. And they crash. Into a bike rack.

Pati whines to Marce that her electricity was cut off and she’s being evicted.

Ooh, thanks Marce! What DOES she spend her money on?

Allegedly, her car.

Marce loaned her money, she bought her clothes, she’s out.

“But you’re rich!”

Marce earns her money. And Pati’s going to start paying back her loan next paycheck.

Well. The airbags in Armando’s car work, so that’s good. Giovas breaks it to Jenny that it’s Don Armando’s car. Jenny begs Giovas not to tell anyone she was driving.

Pati’s still determined to keep her car at all costs. As she sobs in the bathroom, her mystery guy online starts texting her. He’s in “industry” and the picture of him was taken in Italy. And he’s in NY a few times a year.

Julia interrupts Nicolas’ catfishing to ask him to get potatoes and corn at the grocery store.

He hops back online to tell Pati he had to sign some paperwork and now he’s going to go see how his yacht’s doing.

Pati thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Finally the man she deserves has shown up! (Hey, that’s an insult to Nico!)

At the garage, Giovas and Jenny are waiting for an estimate while Giovas stresses and Jenny tries to say it’s all gonna be OK. She leans on the side of the car and pops the side mirror right off, falling flat on her ass on the floor. (Props to Candela Marquez, that was hilarious.)

So, the car can be ready in a week. For an unmentioned amount of money. But the side mirror that just fell off is another $1000. No, Giovas, they won’t take a working kidney as a down-payment.

So the guys are back and the only idea Armando has for what to do now is get another loan.

In the copy room, the Pelotón want Giovas to tell them how his drive with Jenny went.

Um, they crashed Don Armando’s car. He shows them the estimate. If he wins the lottery, he might be able to pay it. Aura Maria’s smirking and Mariana bumps her on the shoulder and gives her a “Stop that!” look.

The bank turns down Armando’s request for a loan. V&M has too much debt.

Armando’s upset at himself for trusting that broker and not trusting Betty.

Betty begs him to calm down. She thinks they can get the money back, but it won’t be easy and he can’t be asking for loans in V&M’s name or people will realize they’re in trouble.

Armando asks Betty to get another loan for BAR. (Oh, hell no!)

And she doesn’t want to, but he brings up salary cuts and layoffs and doesn’t she trust him?!

OK. She’s in. (NOOOOOO!)

Mariana and Inés don’t like sticking Giovanni with the bill for Armando’s car.

Well, hey, who told him to take Jenny out in Armando’s car! Nobody told him to crash the car!

Mariana says he’s always there for them when they need it. They should help him.

Marcela gets to Armando’s and asks what happened that he’s coming home with that face.

Armando says they wasted time on a vendor who seemed to have a great deal.

Marce’s not worried. His dad always found what he needed in NY.

Armando promises he’s not going to let her or Hugo down. He promised quality fabrics and that’s what they’ll get. He goes out for a walk. Marce says she’ll be here…like she always is.

Armando meets Ricky at a bar and tells him BAR is their only hope for another loan. How much is she making with BAR if they’re able to support V&M? What’s she investing in?

Armando says she’s got a friend helping her and investing it in the stock market. He thinks it’s time to go ahead and have Betty do a something something so if anyone wants to come after V&M, BAR will already have dibs.

Ricky’s a little worried. Betty’s a “stranger.” If this works, she’ll end up owning V&M. Does she know that?

Armando says she doesn’t and she’s not going to. (Um…this is Betty…she has, like, a brain.)

Betty’s writing in her diary that she’ll do anything it takes to help Armando. Because they trust each other.

Fabio shaves his chest with an electric razor. I didn’t need to know that. Also, today is the wedding day and some person named “Romi” just haaaaas to meet him today. Hugo listens in as Fabio says they’ll meet at the same restaurant as always.

Cool! So now Hugo can follow Fabio around and see what kind of meeting it is. Except for NO, because Hugo’s too impatient and he’s already asking Fabio for explanations.

Fabio says it’s the agency wanting him to take a meeting when they know it’s his wedding day. So he’ll go do that, hit the spa for a facial, and Hugo should rest. I’m not sure Hugo bought that.

Armando gets to the office and wonders where his car keys are. Giovas babbles through a response and Armando hands him some cash to pay for taking the car in for service.

The Pelotón come over and tell Giovas they’re going to help him pay for the car, but not until payday. And Sofia tells him to hurry up and schedule that date with Jenny so he can tell her where it is. And then she cackles evilly.

OK, Betty understands what a guarantee is, but what does Armando want to do with this document? Because it says they’re handing V&M over to her entirely.


Betty doesn’t think that’s necessary. She trusts Armando and she’s sure the next few collections are going to be great and the company will recover.

Armando says he never thought they’d be this bad off…that’s why they created BAR.

Wait…they created BAR so she’d end up owning the entire company?

Armando says it won’t happen. BAR is just a “figure.”

Yeah, and it’s a completely legal “figure.”

Armando says he trusts her. He’s putting his life and his company in her hands because he knows she won’t let him down…all she has to do is sign.

Giovas runs after Jenny in the halls of V&M to assure her that he didn’t get her into any trouble with Don Armando. He hasn’t even told him about the crash.

So…how about that dinner?

Jenny says “no” until he mentions getting some unexpected cash and says she can pick the place.

Fabio’s at a restaurant, with a woman named Romina, and Hugo followed him. Oh good, he can watch them snog at the table!

But no. Because he goes right over and asks who she is. I’m gonna guess she just became Fabio’s cousin.

Betty hesitates to sign the paperwork…because she’s just figured out what he wanted to do with BAR. He needed someone who wasn’t in his family to own the company so they could swoop in and grab V&M before any of the other creditors did.

Armando babbles that he never thought this would happen. X infinity.

Well, here it is. They’re nearly bankrupt and he knew it was going to happen! Otherwise why did he want her to think BAR was just an investment company. Why does he want her to sign this paperwork. Why is he lying and trying to push her into something dirty and illegal.

It’s not–

Oh please, at least respect her intelligence! He knew hopeful, faithful, stupid Betty was going to buy out the company and that was his plan from the beginning. He sucked her into a trap that she can’t get out of. He used her and deceived her. And she’s always told him the truth. Why did he do this?

Armando says he didn’t intend it to be like this…he reaches for her, but she tells him not to touch her and goes running for the elevator. Armando chases her, giving all the assistants a good show as he misses the elevator, and flies right past Ricky to the stairs.

Oh. My bad. Fabi says Romina’s his little sister. She hugs Hugo and talks about how close she and Fabi have always been and even if the rest of the family don’t support his “lifestyle” she just had to be here. And now she’s gonna split, but Hugo wants her to stay and orders champagne.

Betty runs through a park while Armando runs after her and Ricky just slow walks after the both of them.

Giovas tells Sofia that Jenny agreed to go out with him. She hands him $100, which he says won’t even get him past the appetizers. Maybe they should wait and do this later, but Sofia insists they’re doing it now. She’ll figure out how to get more money.

Ricky turns the corner right after Armando catches up to Betty. Betty’s thing is that Armando planned to have everything turn out this way including her being the on in charge of the disaster. He thinks she’s just a puppet.

And she is a puppet! He’s never clear with her. What’s his family going to say about her? She’s the one springing the trap and he never even asked her her opinion. He just assumes she’s going to say “yes” to everything.

Her entire life has been full of deceptions, abuses, and she’s tired of people treating her like she’s stupid! Why didn’t he just tell her to begin with? She’s smart enough to understand it.

Armando says she’s right, but now she knows what’s going to happen….

Betty says it’s a mistake. It isn’t illegal, but it’s not ethical.

Armando says he trusts her. That’s why he put his life and the company in her hands. Because he trusts her.

And he can trust her…but she can’t trust him anymore. She doesn’t trust him anymore.

Hugo’s just so glad to meet a member of Fabi’s family. Where’s she staying…she has to come stay at their apartment. They’re going to Cabo for their honeymoon so she should at least feel free to use the apartment until they get back. He goes off to the bathroom.

Fabi tells her she’s not staying, but Hugo comes right back to the table with cash so Fabi can pay the bill. He asks Romina what she decided.

Well, she was going to say no, but Fabi talked her into it.

Hugo’s so happy he slaps Fabi on the shoulder just a little too hard.

It hurts Armando that Betty can’t trust him. He was honest, he asked forgiveness, and he’s in her hands.

It’s not just that he’s deceiving her, it’s that he’s asking her to deceive his entire family.

He hopes she’ll understand his reasons.

Well, she wishes he understood hers. If her dad finds out about this, he would die.

Armando whines that it’s just a strategy.

Yeah and it’s a bad one that’s not ethical.

Armando says they’re in this together. She’s not going to leave him alone?

For right now, Betty needs to be alone, to think. She calls Nicolas to meet her at a food cart.

Nico thinks the whole thing was obvious from the beginning, but Betty didn’t listen to him.

She insists, no matter how in love with Armando she is, she can’t do this.

Nico wonders if this is why she was hired. So they’d have someone to manipulate. And now he thinks the chavorrucos…they stop to laugh…are messing with her. But what is she going to do?

Back at the office, Ricky agrees he didn’t expect Betty to react this way…but he’s more surprised about how Armando reacted. The two of them were acting like a couple of quinceañeros having a spat.

So, what happened?

Armando tells Ricky to quit screwing around. This isn’t a joke. Betty’s right.

Ricky knows, and he told Armando before. Not just anyone would have agreed to this and they can’t give the company to a stranger.

Armando says Betty’s not a stranger. She has principles.

Yeah and that’s exactly what’s keeping her from doing this. They need a Plan B.

Armando says he’ll leave the presidency of V&M and hand everything over to Daniel.

Sofia begs Berta to release her paycheck early, but the way things are going now she doesn’t dare.

And what if Sofia borrows the card Berta’s husband pays off? It’ll be like a tanda…it’ll take a while, but she swears she’ll pay!

Bertha says she can’t. Especially if they’re going to be chipping in to help Giovas.

Ricky tells Armando not to make decisions so lightly. He’s the president of V&M. They’ll find a solution.

Armando says he doesn’t see a lot of options. Sometimes you’ve gotta know when to stop.

Betty comes back and asks to speak to Armando alone. She doesn’t want any more explanations. She quits.

Who are these people?
  • Romina – definitely not Fabio’s sister
What did people say?
  • Chavorrucos – old guys who act like they’re young; what Nico calls Armando and Ricky.
  • Quinceañeros – fifteen-year-olds; what Ricky thought Armando and Betty were acting like.
  • Tanda – a savings club where everyone puts in an equal amount per month and every month a different person gets all the money
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