Betty en NY Tuesday 3/12/19 #25

Yes, Betty’s quitting. If Armando had just been honest with her in the first place…. Sure, he didn’t plan for it to go this way, but how convenient for him that it did. He just forgot that you can’t lie to people. This was about an agreement, but he never asked her if she wanted to be a part of it and now she’s on the hook.

Armando begs her to stay, but he’s the one who set the rules for this game. She’s giving back BAR and all its earnings.

Armando says he can’t own BAR. She’s the only one!

Too bad, because tomorrow she’s bringing the paperwork.

Sofia tries to convince Giovas to take Jenny out using his credit card and she’ll pay him back on payday. Or maybe he could take Jenny somewhere a little more…economical? She checks her purse and she’s got $105 and eighty-something cents.

Giovas starts talking about cancelling the date, but Sofia begs him not to. She’ll figure something out.

She calls Charlie….

Mariana catches Betty in the bathroom crying. (Poor Mariana…does she ever get to pee in peace?)

Betty says she’s just quit V&M. She’s not the assistant Don Armando needs.

Mariana doesn’t buy that. Betty’s pure brain and she’s put her heart and soul into this company!

Betty says putting her heart into it is where she went wrong.

Mariana says Betty has to stay or they’ll be stuck with Patricia!

Betty’s sure Patricia won’t want to do her job. She asks Mariana not to tell the Pelotón. She’ll tell them tomorrow.

Marcela swings by Armando’s office to tell him they should go get ready for Hugo’s wedding. Armando’s bummed and he doesn’t want to talk about why. Marcela just pastes a smile on and tells him to forget about their problems because today is about love and soon it’ll be their turn.

Inesita’s trying to take Jenny’s measurements while Jenny’s in her underwear. Jenny’s babbling about how that’s not her usual waist measurement and blah blah blah. Giovas comes in and does some babbling of his own.

Jenny whines to him that Hugo won’t let her on the runway. She does what she thinks is a model walk to show him.

Inés just wants Giovas out so they can get back to work. Aura Maria comes looking for him and drags him out by the ear.

Betty walks onto the elevator with her box and remembers Armando telling her she’s the woman he needs.

Charlie comes over to give Sofia some cash. For Junior’s summer camp. She gives him a big kiss on his cheek in thanks and Charlie forgets where he’s going. (Damnit, Sofia!)

Patricia’s searching Betty’s office and hears Armando telling Ricky that Betty quit.

As Patricia sneaks out of Armando’s office, the Pelotón are headed to lunch. Mariana’s keeping quiet about Betty, but Berta says she’s going to go listen down the hallway and see if she can find anything out.

Giovas is taking Jenny to lunch. He texts Sofia.

In the lunchroom, Berta’s telling the others she didn’t hear anything about Betty. Sofia tells Berta to get a move on, she knows where Giovas is taking Jenny to lunch! The others will cover for them, right?

Sandra says it’s not like anyone’s in the office anyway.

At the exterminator office, Efraín gets an “anonymous” phone call from Berta, telling him his lover’s out having lunch with some other dude. He goes running out of the office.

Armando doesn’t know what’s going to happen to BAR now…or who’s going to fake their financial reports…and who’s going to get their loans? Ricky warned him not to put so much pressure on her! Armando can’t back off now–he has to come up with a way to keep Betty from leaving. She’d do anything for him!

Armando says things have changed. She’s never coming back.

Well, now everyone’s going to find out…Daniel’s going to take over the company.

Armando says that might be a good thing. “Me quedo grande la presidencia de V&M.”

Pati makes Marce beg her before she’ll tell her “the mustached one” is gone. She heard it…because the Pelotón were talking in the bathroom.

Marce says this is the best news ever! But no wonder Armando was so upset. He’s got to be hiding something.

Pati guesses it’s something to do with the fabric vendors, but Marce doesn’t think so. It’s something else and she’s going to find out.

When she does, Pati wants to know too. What? She’s always been concerned about the company.

They go back to cackling over Betty’s leaving.

Nico supports Betty’s decision to leave V&M. They’re back to being ugly and poor. And now Nico’s got no chance with Pati.

“You never had one.”

Eh, true.

Giovas tries to text Sofia that there’s been a change of venue, but Jenny takes his phone away. She’s ordering champagne, caviar, mineral water.

Sofia and Berta are at the wrong restaurant. Sofia’s already imagining the memes she’s going to make.

Betty’s hanging out with her phone and a bowl of popcorn. She tells her mom the designer’s getting married today, so they let everyone off early.

Ricardo comes by looking for her. Yes, Ricardo. Weird, huh?

He tells Betty Armando’s thinking of leaving V&M. And if they couldn’t do without Hugo, they really can’t do without her. So she can have whatever she wants.

What she wanted was sincerity and apparently that wasn’t possible.

A delivery guy shows up with flowers for Betty…from Armando. The card says he failed everyone.

Ricky says Armando’s going to leave V&M and it’s all Betty’s fault. Without her, there’s no way out.

Betty insists Armando can deal with everything on his own.

Ricky says if Armando leaves, that puts the company in Daniel’s hands and Daniel will finish it off.

Betty says it’s unfair to put all the responsibility on her after they’ve tricked her into this.

And is it fair that a lot of parents are going to lose their jobs because of the decision she made? Did she not think her leaving would have consequences? It’s not a trick–this is real.

He leaves, telling Betty to think about it.

At his apartment, Armando complains about this being the worst day ever and still having to go to Hugo’s wedding.

Marcela says she heard that Betty quit. She saw that coming from a mile away. To Betty a design from Mogollon’s Market is the same as one from 5th Avenue, as long as the numbers line up.

Which is exactly what Armando needed. Hugo only cared about being in magazines, Pati about spending money she doesn’t have…

And Ricardo about partying. Marcela knows, but V&M was built without Beatriz. He needs to get over it. She goes off to get dressed while Ricardo curls up in bed.

Jenny’s eating. She’s also drinking that gigantic bottle of champagne all by herself.

Meanwhile Efrain walks into the wrong restaurant and Sofia gets video of him accosting a woman with shiny blonde hair and a much looser curl pattern than Jenny’s and then getting shoved around by her lunch date. And breaking a lot of glass.

Efrain gets back to the office and complains to Charlie that whoever called was just a jealous hater and only a mind as twisted as Sofia’s could have come up with something like that.

Marcela and Armando get to the wedding. Hugo jokes about Cookie Glam making an appearance. Armando’s parents arrive and he walks away as quickly as he can after greeting them.

Hugo introduces Fabio to Margarita and Roberto. Margarita tells Fabio what a great guy he’s marrying and Roberto reminds Hugo he’s welcome to visit them in London.

This is so over-the-top, but I love it–there are posters of Hugo and Fabi in the hallway, like it’s a movie.

Betty tries to get past the velvet rope, but makes the mistake of calling out to Marcela. She has to talk to Armando? Well, since she quit Marce figures she doesn’t have any more to say. She tells the bouncer not to let Betty in. Because she has learned nothing from the last time she tried to keep Betty from talking to Armando.

Hugo’s trying to keep Fabi from eating anything. Romi shows up. Hugo tries to snag a glass of champagne from a passing waiter who is BETTY.

Armando is ready to go tell his parents the truth right now.

Ricky can’t believe he would do that and ruin the wedding.

Armando doesn’t want to wait and have everyone else find out, especially not Daniel. And maybe his dad can keep Daniel from killing the company.

Ricky begs him not to be impulsive. Sure, Armando made mistakes, but so did he!

Um, ok, so “they” did everything wrong.

Roberto joins them at the bar and wonders why they look so serious. Armando asks to speak to him in private. They pass right by Betty.

Sofia has just gotten home when Charlie comes over to ask how Sofia spent the money he loaned her. Because somebody called Efrain to tell him Jenny was out with another guy and Efrain went running out to check and it ended up being a false alarm. And he can’t help thinking that he might just know the twisted brain who was behind it….

Sofia can’t believe he thinks she would do something like that!

Oh, see, at this point, he KNOWS by the look on her face.

WHOA! Romina’s not just NOT Fabi’s sister…she’s his WIFE. And she’s here to keep him from marrying that pavo real.

Betty makes her way upstairs where Armando’s ready to tell all, but he hears her voice, lifts the mask, and puts her glasses back on. That was cute. He grabs her by the chin and announces to his dad that it’s Betty!

Roberto can’t imagine what Betty’s doing here.

Armando says she’s earning a few extra bucks on the side and Robert says Armando should consider doing the same from time to time. (Dude…that was just a little too snobby.)

Anyway, Armando wants to talk to Betty for a minute.

So what is she doing here dressed like that? (The outfit is absolutely adorbs on her!)

Betty says she was worried about what Armando was going to do with the company…and worried about the employees…and then when he sent the flowers, she could see he was really worried about her and when he was about to tell his dad, she knew he was an honest man who’d just made mistakes and wanted to fix them.

And Armando still wants to tell his dad the truth.

Betty tells him to wait until they’ve gotten V&M out of its crisis.

Armando’s glad she trusts him again.

Yes, but he needs to be aware that he’s put the company at risk and Daniel Valencia won’t hesitate to get his greedy little hands on it. So does he accept her resignation or not?

Hell no!

She has one condition…no more lies and manipulations, no more secrets.

So Fabi and Romi had a child at one point. She says they have “nothing” now. And no she’s not going to give him the two years of bigamy so he can get his green card.

Pati comes up to tell Fabi the JP has arrived. He introduces his sister, but Pati seems to question that after they’ve walked away.

Betty says she’ll sign the document tomorrow. And she’s gonna go before she scares Hugo. Maybe she should keep the mask–people are staring less. (*sigh*) They laugh and Armando says he’ll walk her to the door.

Across the room, Roberto’s pointing out Armando and Betty The Server to Marcela. Roberto thinks Betty’s obviously hard-working…but better with numbers!

Ricky sees Marcela and compliments her outfit.

She tells him to drop it. She knows Betty’s here. Dressed as a server. It’s not funny!

Well, if she showed up, it must have been for something important.

Marcela can’t understand why she would come looking for Armando if she already quit.

On the other side of the rope, Armando says goodbye to Betty and she fixes his tie.

Ricky comes over to ask what Betty was doing there. Armando says she’s coming back and she’ll sign the thing. She told him right before he was going to tell his dad. And she wants no more lies.

“Not a raise? A bonus?” Sounds to Ricky like Betty Boop’s crazy for Armando. She nearly fainted when she got those roses. He knows because he was there begging her not to quit. She didn’t even want to listen to him, but the roses got her to come running out here to find him! Ricky tells Armando he loves him…he adores him…Armando is God!

And Armando might as well accept it. Ricky wants to see Armando’s smile, so he can figure out what the charm is.

Ricky hands Armando a drink and says now he’s gotta face Angry!Marcela.

When they get back to the party, Roberto asks what Armando was going to tell him.

“Nothing.” Just that the company’s been a huge responsibility and he really values all Roberto’s advice now.

” Uh huh. What’s going on? You’re nervous. And so is Ricardo.”

Armando says Roberto left a big space to fill and they’re just trying to make sure everything goes great with the new collection. That’s all.

Roberto tells him to chill and not be impatient to be a success.

Ricky proposes a toast to the company and the things Armando’s going to do.

Finally! Hugo and Fabi come upstairs and it’s time for the main event.

María Lucía proposes a toast to Fabi and Hugo and the triumph of their love.

Off in the crowd, Daniel’s telling Pati something weird is going on. Armando was talking to his dad. Ricky’s nervous. Marcela’s insupportable.

Pati’s sure it’s genetic. She tries to leave, but Daniel won’t let her go until she tells him what’s happening. (Can you two shut up! There’s a fake wedding going on here! Have a little respect!)

Well, she can tell him one thing. Betty quit V&M.

María Lucía’s still talking about the light in Hugo’s eyes and blah blah blah. She finally goes to stand with all the other guests.

And now Marcela decides to ask Armando what he was talking about with his ex-assistant. Their voices keep getting louder and louder as Armando tells Marcela that Betty’s not quitting. Marcela can’t believe it. She mocks Betty with an impression of her saying “Don Armando, I want to come back.” She’s disgusted about how happy Armando is. (Wedding. Taking place. Now.)

Who are these people?
  • Romi – Fabi’s wife. And the mother of his child.
What did people say?
  • Me quedó grande la presidencia de V&M. – The presidency of V&M was too much for me to handle.
  • Rematar – finish it off; what Ricky says Daniel will do the company
  • Pavo real – peacock; What Romi calls Hugo.
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