Betty en NY Wednesday 3/13/19 #26

We return you to Hugo and Fabi’s wedding, currently in progress….

Hugo and Fabi put the rings on each others’ fingers. I’m glad they finally showed us Inesita, ’cause I was wondering why she would miss Hugo’s wedding. Then there’s the kiss. And that’s pretty much the end of the wedding, right?

But no, because now Romi wants to give a speech. At this point, if she doesn’t tell everyone the truth about Fabio I’m going to be so disappointed.

Sofia admits to Charlie that she got a friend to take Jenny out and then got another friend to call Efrain and tell him so he’d catch them together. But Jenny changed her mind or something and the plan didn’t work.

Charlie very calmly says that was quite a way to waste time and money.

Sofia insists it wasn’t. She’s trying to get Efrain to see the kind of woman he’s with.

Charlie says Efrain knows, but el que por su gusto se mata, la muerte le sabe a gloria. Efrain picked Jenny. Why is Sofia hurting herself? How important is Efrain to her.

Sofia says she doesn’t care about him, but she cares about his relationship with the kids.

Charlie would have given anything to have a family like the one Efrain’s leaving behind. He begs Sofia to realize it’s over and not humiliate herself like that again.

Sandra’s coaching Wilson as he punches a bag. She taunts him about hitting like a girl, or an 8-year-old boy. When he finally hits as hard as she deems sufficient she gives him a “That’s my boy!”

And right away he thinks he’s ready to spar with her in the ring.

Sandra says there’s no way. But OK, whoever loses will be humiliated forever and has to take the other one out for beers.

Romi keeps up the “sister” lie. And she toasts to the novios.

Wilson’s not doing so great in the ring, but he falls on Sandra and their lips are thisclose and she seriously thought he was going to kiss her, so she shut her eyes. But no. He didn’t. 🙁

At Armando’s apartment, Marcela doesn’t want to argue with him, but she’s going to start an argument anyway–why did Betty quit? What’s going on with them? She’s so rude! She completely ignored Marcela’s orders that she stay out of the party. (Right, well, you were saying she quit, so why would she have to follow your orders?)

She keeps hammering on him until Armando says she quit because they got robbed. They lost all the fabric money for the new collection and Betty felt responsible, so she quit.

Back at home, Betty sniffs her flowers and reads Armando’s note. Her parents come in with a vase. They’ve been told the flowers were from a grateful supplier, but Betty’s dad jokes that he hopes they weren’t for something her “friend” did.

Uh, nope. And she’s gotta get to sleep now ’cause she’s gotta get up early in the morning.

On their way out the door, Demetrio says “¡Yo te amo!”

Betty says, “¡Yo a ti también!”

And Demetrio shouts back “¡Yo más!” I just thought it was cute.

Sandra and Wilson are out having dinner at the New York Mexican Food cart. Wilson teases Sandra about beating her and then he chokes on a bite of taco and she has to Heimlich him.

He thanks her and talks about how he feels like he can be himself around her. He asks her out for tomorrow night. And if she wants to call it a date, that’s fine by him. I still can’t tell if he’s figured out she likes him or not. He definitely likes the remains of her quesadilla. (She’s wearing a V&M sweatshirt? I want one!)

Marcela swigs wine while complaining that she’s sure the thing with the fabrics was one of Betty’s fabulous ideas.

Armando swears it wasn’t–it was him. He was so desperate to get a better price that he authorized the payment to a vendor nobody knew. Betty didn’t even want to give them the money!

Marcela drunks that it’s another miracle by Saint Betty. She’s gonna blow up her picture and put it in the lobby with a sign that says “Employee of the Year!”

Armando takes the wine bottle away and begs Marcela not to say anything–he doesn’t want his parents or Daniel finding out.

“But it was millions of dollars!”

He swears he’ll get it back.

Betty tells her diary she’s going to trust Armando and help make his dream come true. Maybe he didn’t pick her to marry, but she’s going to be the woman who supports him unconditionally in his professional goals.

Armando’s not sleeping. He’s remembering his dad saying he always slept well because he knew he was clean, transparent, and honest.

In the morning, Margarita complains about Pati being late when she’s supposed to be Marcela’s wedding planner. And how is it possible that Marcela hasn’t done any of the planning at all, not even the most basic things like invitations and the menu. Is everything OK with her and Armando?

Marcela says they’re just both busy with work.

Margarita remembers when they first started the business, the guys acted like they were married to it. And what was going on with that girl…Roberto said she was at the wedding…Imperatriz?

Beatriz. And if Marcela could tell her everything that happened. She starts to say something about the fabrics deal and realizes what she’s doing. She tells Margarita it’s nothing, they shouldn’t waste time talking about an assistant.

Speaking of assistants, Sandra drops her empanada right in front of Pati’s desk and bemoans the loss of 500 calories. Pati is seriously grossed out, saying it smells disgusting…and then she runs for the bathroom.

Sofia sees Giovis in the hallway and demands an explanation for yesterday. He says Jenny changed her mind about where to go at the last minute.

Marcela comes into Armando’s office with samples of the things she and Margarita picked for the wedding and the shocking (at least to Armando) number of guests–close to 1000.

Armando drops the news that they’re not getting married.

Say what?! He’s breaking up with her?!

No, he just isn’t in the position right now to give her the fabulous wedding she “deserves” so he wants to wait. Unless she wants to go down to the JP’s office and get it done now, ’cause he’s good with that too.

Marcela says his mom would die. OK, they’ll wait.

He promises they’ll be married before the end of the year.

Nico’s disappointed in Betty for going back to work. He keeps insisting she’s doing this because she’s in love with Armando and Betty finally admits it…but she says it’s none of his business.

Nico says that’s not what the BFF Handbook says. He’s watching her violate all kinds of ethics, from personal to professional. She’s in love with a guy who’s getting married to someone else! What part of that does she not understand?!

Sofia gets a look at the bill for yesterday’s failed lunch and flips out. Giovas babbles about the “incidentals” and says not only does he not have change for her, she owes him $30. Jenny walks over, says hi to Giovas, and tells Sofia not to frown or she’ll end up with more “expression lines” than she already has.

Pati’s still throwing up in the bathroom. I don’t know what’s sadder–that, or that there’s no one there to hold back her hair. Berta’s listening from the next stall over as Pati begs God not to kill her like this!

Sandra asked Aura Maria to help her get ready for her date tonight. Aura Maria’s got her emergency bag all ready to go. Sandra doesn’t wear dresses? Well, she’s wearing one tonight!

Berta comes running out of the bathroom to tell Mariana, Sofia, and Inés the chisme–Pati’s in the bathroom throwing up! And she doesn’t think it’s a virus. She thinks Pati’s got a retraso.


Nope, a retraso mensual.

Sofia’s “¡NO MANCHES!” was unexpectedly hilarious.

Jenny’s ignoring Giovas again. He complains to Aura Maria that he spent all Sofia’s money and his and now he’s broke.

Hey, that should be a lesson to him that trepadoras only want guys with money. And hey, if he’s broke, what’s he having for lunch?

Poverty soup, hopeless tacos, and bitter dessert.

Aura offers to share her lunch with him.


No, dumbass, you had it coming! (Uff! That’s cold!)

Pati’s searching Betty’s office again? Why? Betty walks in and catches her.

Pati thought Betty quit, but Betty breaks it to her that she never gave a letter of resignation to (that creep in) HR. Marcela wants the names of the suppliers? Well, no, Betty won’t give them to Pati. She’ll give them to Marcela. Later.

At lunch the Pelotón are arguing about who all’s fault it is that Giovas spent all of Sofia’s money on lunch with Jenny and he still has to pay for Armando’s car. Sofia challenges them to raise a hand if Sofia has never helped them. She puts out her hand and asks for their help to pay for the car repair.

Betty’s back! *Cute Betty head-tilt hair-toss* around the door to her cloffice before she comes in to tell Armando that Pati was searching her office like she was in the FBI, looking for info about the new fabric suppliers, which she said Marcela told her to do.

Giovas is showing off the freshly repaired car to Wilson when Mariana comes outside and happens to overhear that JENNY was the one driving it. And he’s sure glad Sofia doesn’t know that and she’s going to help him pay for the repairs.

Armando goes to Marcela’s office to yell at her for sending Pati to search Betty’s office after he told her everything last night.

Uh, she wouldn’t send Pati or any other employee to do something like that. But of course, he believes Betty, right?

Armando says from now on, whatever she wants to know she can ask him directly.

Oh no, she’s not leaving it like this!

Mariana apparently brought the chisme back to the lunch table and Sofia’s furious. She figures Giovanni really did want to seduce Jenny, he just wanted her to pay for it. She decides to kill him!

Marcela comes into Betty’s office screaming at her for not quitting and lying about things.

Betty says Patricia was there and she’ll say it in front of her or anyone else.

Sounds good to Armando! He tells Marcela to just wait, he’s tired of this.

While he’s gone, Marcela threatens to close all the doors in New York to Betty if this escalates.

Betty’s got a clear conscience, so bring it!

Armando marches Pati into Betty’s office as she complains that she feels sick. She’s not answering anyone’s questions and ends up fainting.

Sofia finds Giovas fixing something in the breaker box and calls him a sewer rat. She knows Jenny was the one driving the car and he told Wilson about it. He’s obviously just trying to take Sofia’s money, but he’s on his own now.

Aura Maria says they were going to help him pay for lunch and the car, but now they aren’t. That’s what he gets for playing Don Juan.

Pati’s laid out on Marce’s couch. She swears she’s dying, for real!

Marce asks her if she was searching Betty’s things.

“I did it for you, Marce!” It’s all just too weird, the way Betty quit and then came back, and how she’s hanging on to Armando like a calimari–she makes like she’s going to lean over and hurl on Marce, but then she says it passed.

Marce tells her she has to quit doing things like this. Armando yelled at her! And she had no idea what he was talking about.

Pati puts her head on Marce’s shoulder and begs Marce to love her…and fan her face.

I swear, Daniel went all the way to Miami just to play golf with Jack Anderson because he knew he could get Jack to tell him what’s up with Armando without hardly asking. Jack mentions a broker and a bad deal.

Daniel calls Pati and says he needs the details on Armando’s trip to LA and the problems with the broker.

Pati says she really can’t do that right now–

She turns around and Armando’s leaning on her desk. He asks if she’s by any chance talking to Daniel Valencia right now.

Pati swears she’s talking to her doctor, because she’s been feeling awful, because of all the stress!

Armando grabs her phone, but he can’t hear anybody on the other end. Why is Pati so determined to find out the name of the fabric supplier?

Pati says she just wants to help.

Bullshit! Armando knows she’s been sabotaging them. He knows she’s the one who messed with Betty’s computer. And whenever he gets proof, she’s fired!

Marcela goes after Armando after mouthing “I told you so!” (er…or specifically “te lo dije”.

Pati turns around and the Pelotón are all staring at her.

In Miami, Jack tells Daniel that Armando was there asking for some information about Eduardo Lopez from Miami International Broker Services. He hopes Armando didn’t do business with him, because he’s a scammer.

Pati thanks Marcela for defending her…she saw how Armando was acting, right? They should take him to a doctor and get him some chochos. (Or maybe she said he was chocho?)

Marcela said what happened today was all Pati’s fault. And Marcela wants to know right now, what is going on between Pati and Daniel. Did he ask her to do something?

Pati’s shocked, just shocked I tell you, that Marcela could think Pati would ever do anything to hurt her.

Well, Marcela thinks Pati needs to get her life together. Make some goals and stuff.

Pati swears from now on, Marce’s looking at a brand new Patricia Fernandez…but she needs one last favor…can Marce lend her money.

Marce throws Pati out of her office.

In Miami, Daniel finds the same empty office Armando and Ricky did. He bribes the maintenance guy to tell him about the broker, but all the guy knows is they cleared out fast and took everything with them. He heard they were scammers. But he doesn’t know the names of any of the companies or people who were scammed.

Ricky saunters into Betty’s office. He’s glad to see her back at her post.

Betty says Armando needed her.

Riiiiight. But Betty doesn’t need Armando. Didn’t Daniel offer her a job? Why come back here?

Betty laughs nervously and says he was just begging her to come back yesterday and now he wants her to leave again.

Oh no, he just had the impression that she has personal reasons for wanting to be close to Armando. Or is he wrong?

What did people say?
  • El que por su gusto se mata, la muerte le sabe a gloria – To someone who dies of what they love, death tastes like heaven; how Charlie explains Efrain’s behavior
  • Yo te amo/Yo a ti también/Yo más – I love you/I love you too/I love you more
  • A toda madre – supercool, totes badass; what Wilson says Sandra is
  • Imperatriz – Empress
  • Retraso – delay
  • Mensual – monthly
  • “¡NO MANCHES!” – Don’t bullshit me!; Sofia’s reaction to Berta saying Pati’s pregnant.
  • Trepadoras – social climbers; how Aura Maria classifies Jenny
  • Chocho – candy, senile, or vulgar slang for “vulva”


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1 year ago

Thanks Kat!

“Betty’s back! *Cute Betty head-tilt hair-toss* around the door to her cloffice….”


I hit rewind multiple times! I need that as a gif too!