You want constructive criticism? You’ve got it.

5ftlatina, your comment was deleted since it poses no contribution to the request made on the initial post. If you have an issue to discuss with the administrators, please contact them via email.

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First I’m gonna need a second to catch my breath and wipe the tears off my face. That was truly hilarious.

Second, the deleted comment in question:

Sara brings up a good point. You’ve shown a complete lack of transparency with regards to the rights of your authors. 

I was also told I had given my work away and if I didn’t want to be associated with the blog then I shouldn’t comment again. And I never intended to, with Kirby as an owner of the blog and someone with the ability to decide whether my comments stay or go.

I’m here now because the comments in this post make it sound like I never had any positive contributions to this blog–you’re crediting things to Jane that I and my husband worked on. And yet when it comes to the disappearing pictures issue you’re quick to toss my name out there.

I have had zero access to the dashboard of this blog since January 8, 2016. If you are an administrator you should be able to verify that. There are no “back doors.” There is no secret way to access the dashboard. My VERY LAST ACT as administrator was to revoke my own access, right after deleting my own photo because I wasn’t comfortable having it up here. Whatever problems you’ve had since then you do NOT get to blame on me.

There was an occasion, yes, when author photos disappeared and that was because Jane accidentally deleted a folder. As soon as I took down the mess, I started requesting new photos because that was something Jane wanted. And I fixed the issue and got the photos back in place.

I’ve got nothing more to say. You’ve ignored all my previous feedback and assumed I was speaking out of anger and ill will. You created this situation and it’s not more authors or more people commenting that’s going to fix it. 

Let’s get constructive

  1. You need to have a conversation with your current and past authors to explain to them that you now own their work, whether they intended it or not.
  2. When you’re asking people to write for the blog, you should mention to them that anything they post becomes your property.
  3. If it is actually NOT the case that authors give up their rights then you need to remove everything with my byline.
  4. Don’t bad-mouth authors who aren’t around anymore. And I don’t even mean “Because it’s rude,” I mean, “Because prospective authors will notice and ask themselves why they should voluntarily give up the rights to their work to people who aren’t even going to have their back.” Sara’s note: don’t bad mouth any past participants either.
  5. Try to lie less obviously, or just tell the truth. When you claim Sara and I weren’t asked not to participate and then all our comments get deleted, there’s something wrong there. I, personally, would appreciate the honesty of being told “We don’t want you around” instead of saying that I didn’t give you constructive enough comments. If you need to say “Look, we value Kirby’s contributions over yours and we just can’t let you tell the truth about him and make us look bad,” then say that. Have some integrity. Sara’s note: PREACH!! I’m a big girl and I can take it. Own that shit!
  6. Don’t give explanations for technical issues on the blog without investigating and verifying the information first. Your photo issue has nothing to do with me. Your broken links issue had nothing to do with me. You have no reason to bemoan that I won’t help you when you never asked me to.
  7. Don’t assume that because I stand up for myself that makes me a horrible person all around. Kirby harassed me, and Sara, and others. It’s a fact. So when I say you need to ditch Kirby because no one who harassed authors should be an administrator of the blog don’t dismiss it just because it comes from me. Sara’s note: we got harrassed BECAUSE we stood up for ourselves. I got harrassed because I moderated comments on MY OWN DAMN POST because JANE SAID I COULD.
  8. On a related note, don’t assume that all the Anonymous commenters are me. None of them have been me. None of them will be me. Some of them have asked good questions, tried to participate in conversation, and they just get ignored. I’m talking in the last 7-10 days. If you’re not going to let go of your paranoia you don’t get to complain that people don’t comment. Sara’s soapbox: it is 2019, don’t allow anonymous comments. It’s too easy for people to harrass authors and commenters. If you are going to allow anonymous comments then try some moderation. Start by deleting Steve’s nonsensical shit. It makes the management look bad when there’s this weird guy disrupting everyone. Kat’s note: YES! That’s (Steve’s comments) something someone mentioned recently and nobody so much as replied to say hello, even though they were new and had chosen a name. And then y’all talked to each other and ignored that person. Why would they want to come back?
  9. There are other networks out there. Even if you insist on sticking to telenovelas, there are way more options than you seem willing to explore. Consider not limiting yourself. There’s stuff on YouTube, there’s stuff available through apps, there’s Netflix, there are web novelas. Sara’s note: When you say “There’s just nothing good”, the lurker who is really enjoying one of the shows you are whining about is probably not going to stick around. Why not have an open thread for shows that don’t have recaps but people might be watching? Kat: Ooh, nice one!
  10. Speaking of not limiting yourself, I know Jane never wanted to change the blog template because she was afraid she would lose the sidebar information. I respectfully disagree. Moving off of the classic template to one of the newer ones will give you more flexibility with what you can do to the formatting WITHOUT screwing up the template for the entire blog. It will make your life easier. If you suddenly realize that you put the wrong time for a show, you’ll only have to correct THAT without getting into the guts of the thing. Sara’s note: And those newer templates are DESIGNED for people with little computer knowledge. The learning curve is easy. If you are trying to attract people, you need to look like maybe you know times are a changing.
  11. Whoever keeps messing with the font size needs to stop. Have you seen how tiny it comes out on some screens?
  12. I used the “Pages” function that’s only visible on mobile to add some navigation to the mobile version of the blog. That has, sadly, not been kept up to date. It wouldn’t kill you to look at it and decide whether you want to update it or ditch it. There are a lot of other things you can do with pages, but not if you won’t update the template.
  13. Don’t beg for comments. I mean on specific posts and in general. Guilting people into commenting is only going to work for so long. Every time the topic comes up there’s a small spike in participation, but then it gets down lower than it did before. Sara’s note: this is a lesson I had to learn. As selfish as it sounds, do recaps for you. Don’t do it for anyone else. If you do it for comments, you might start to resent the work. Also, stick to the subject. When the comments start looking like weather reports, then it becomes clear the recap was secondary. That’s not a way to appreciate a recapper. ¿Qué nos cuenta Caray? was a feature Kat started so there could be an open chatter thread. Consider bringing it back. While recappers may not like the drop in comments, readers/lurkers might appreciate the comments for a show staying on topic.
  14. Be up front about your snark. If you are politically incorrect and proud, put it on a banner or on the sidebar. Talking about women’s bodies and “slutwear” is no longer my cup of tea. Lurkers might want to know that it is acceptable to your site. Then they won’t bother you with questions. Kat’s note: Yep, “bitch,” “slut,” “ho,” I challenge you to try recapping without them. Because there’s something seriously wrong if you *have* to use those words when you’re talking about women. And if you’re OK with the homophobia and the rape jokes…you know what, on second thought DON’T be OK with them. There are real people reading those recaps and comments who are hurt by the awful things you say. Stop assuming everyone who’s reading is an older white male who’s tired of the “PC police” unless that’s the only audience you ever want to have. You have people participating who are Latinx and you still post racist shit. That is not OK. I don’t even know why I’m having to explain that. But yeah, what Sara said–be up front about what you tolerate so people don’t have to ask.
  15. Learn what the statistics on your dashboard mean. A sudden drop in pageviews may not have anything to do with your human readers. There’s really not anything you can do about it, but it helps to understand what the numbers mean.
  16. Make sure when you ask for people to help with recaps that you tell them what you’re looking for…all that stuff about “bullet points is fine” or “it doesn’t have to be super detailed” put that down somewhere it’s easy for them to look at in those moments when they start thinking “Maybe I could….” Sara’s note: This is so important. There are some amazing writers on Caray and they put a lot of time into what they do. I also think you should be fair and tell people when you precap. Someone just starting out is going to try and figure out how those long, 4,000 word recaps (Yes, there was a 4,000 word recap a few years ago) get written so quickly every night…this is especially true for people using recapping as a way to sharpen their Spanish, not their writing.
  17. Detach yourself from depending on numbers to validate your efforts. Are you having a good time? Then who cares if there are only 5 comments on a post that took you 4 hours to put together. Are you not having a good time? Then who cares if there are 150 comments on a post that you knocked out in half an hour. Sara’s note: Fistbump, girlfriend. That is so important, when you are having fun, it shows. Don’t worry about anything else. In fact, take down that link to the Care and Feeding post. It’s done more harm than good. Kat’s note: SECONDED!

I realize I went a little beyond the scope of my original comment, but I was on a roll. Thank you to Sara, for the notes!

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1 year ago

Bien hecho ! I was just catching up with The Rocket ! I had to bounce back to the other site to get the entire context of this piece. Why do I no longer take pleasure in C C?It cannot be said enough that the implicit approval of sexist remarks and reviews (clothes, actresses looks, character’s appearances, and “dog whistles) is really offensive. And yes, please stop using the words whore and slut. I think we can be better and are better than that (including current talented writers at CC ) . The explicit approval of the inappropriate comments is… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Mena

Thank you Mena. All of this would be much easier for me if someone over there would simply acknowledge what happened.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sara

Agreed. More than one acknowledgement seems like a reasonable expectation. Pretending all is well is, well, pretending .

1 year ago
Reply to  Mena

Except…well….all *is* well for them. The blog is still there using the format they’ve used for almost 10 years (don’t have to learn anything new), the people they prefer to talk to are still there and the two people who objected are gone and anyone who now objects or asks pertinent questions is just an anonymous or random commenter and they can be ignored.

I’m jaded but I don’t believe for a minute that the post asking for suggestions was genuine.