Betty en NY Friday 3/15/19 #28

Daniel wants Pati to take a pregnancy test right the hell now.

She says she’s already taken one. And she didn’t call him because she didn’t expect him to want to be responsible.

Daniel vaguely threatens violence if she’s lying and says if she’s not lying she’s not having the baby.

Armando thinks if Pati didn’t come tell Ricky right away, maybe it was just gossip.

Nope. Sandra didn’t want to tell him. Pati was trying to keep it quiet.

Armando can’t figure out why Ricky didn’t just use birth control. All he had to do was stop by the pharmacy.

Ricky says it’s not that simple and has a flashback to an amorous occasion with Pati when, as Armando puts it, Ricky was the fastest gun in the west. (Seriously, though, put the condom on before the fun bits make first contact.)

And then Ricky asks if maybe Pati did “it” on purpose? (Um…encouraged your premature arrival at the desired destination with the express purpose of making you forget your raincoat so that she might acquire carry-on luggage?) He wants Armando to talk to Marcela and tell her to talk to Pati and find out if it’s true.

“I wanna cry, bro!” I’m trying to have sympathy for you, Ricky, but if you made the procreational bed, you’re just gonna have to lie in it.

Betty has a videocall with Nicolas. She tells him to deposit the money for payroll into V&M’s account. She says that several times, actually, because Nicolas keeps saying “no” because if BAR has to keep financing V&M they’ll start eating into their original capital in six months. And V&M is five minutes away from bankruptcy.

He finally agrees to make the deposit, but he says he’s going to light a candle to St. Patrick because it’s going to take all the power in the world for things to turn out like her boss wants.

Pati’s still got her smile pasted on in the copy room. Daniel can whine all he wants about pregnancy tests and DNA, but he can’t make her do those tests and show him the results. She’s happy to show them to a judge, though, and then he’s gonna find out who he’s messing with. (Pati gets on my nerves, but watching her make Daniel squirm is making me like her a little more.)

Margarita thinks Marcela’s going about this all wrong. They can’t stop living their lives to solve company problems.

Armando comes in and Margarita asks him about this “postponing the wedding” business.

Oh yeah he and Marcela have been so busy and he and Marcela have already talked about it and this will give them more time to plan and DID THEY KNOW PATI WAS PREGNANT?!

“What?!” They didn’t, but Marcela’s going to text Pati right now.

Inesita’s in the workroom, supervising the sewing of the collection, sending mannequins off to the storage room to make room for more…and in walks Hugo. Yeah, we both thought he’d be on his honeymoon, but instead he’s gonna be micromanaging this collection because he doesn’t trust Armando. My words, not exactly his.

Armando and Margarita run into Daniel in the hallway. He talks, they talk, and then Pati comes over and Margarita says they’ve heard. About the baby.

The baby? Oh, yeah, the baby. Yep, she’s pregnant and super happy about it and this baby’s so wanted and going to be surrounded with love, especially from her.

And when is she marrying the father?

Oh, never. He’s a creep who isn’t going to support his child.

Margarita says that sounds awful! What kind of man would behave like that! Daniel decides it’s time for him to go.

And Pati’s gotta go talk to Marcela, so…great to see you, etc., bye.

In Marcela’s office, Pati weeps about her sad situation. The violins swell…and Marcela tells her to cut the drama. Why didn’t Pati tell her? Armando came in with the news and she had no idea.

Pati’s like “me too!” because Ricky won’t take responsibility. The violins swell again and Pati says she and her baby are going to be all alone.

Betty listens at the cloffice door as Margarita scolds Armando for putting off the wedding. He is still going to marry her, right?

Well, yeah, he made a commitment.

Margarita says that sounds like he’s marrying her out of obligation. She’s wondering if maybe there’s someone else.

Armando laughs at that. He’s working all the time and Marcela has him under surveillance.

But he travels, he goes to a lot of parties, he meets lots of people. Is there someone else?

The Pelotón are all staring at Pati again. Mariana asks if she needs anything. Coworkers support each other, you know.

Pati says she does have a craving for chai tea with almond milk and organic honey. Mariana goes off to make one.

Ricky comes around the corner and freezes, staring at Pati. Sandra walks up and hands in her resignation–she can’t believe he would just leave Pati hanging like that. And then Inés walks up and tells him God sees everything. And Marcela pops up and tells him never to speak to her again.

And then here comes Pati, with an ultrasound that proves it’s his baby because who else’s baby would have that great head of hair and awesome sideburns?

Ricky’s just standing there and Sandra snaps him out of his nightmare. She’s got the report on catalog sales for him. Everyone’s staring at him.

In Armando’s office, he asks Betty if the employees have been paid.

Yes, sir.

Well, make sure they still think it was a problem with the bank. And pay the shareholders.

Yes, sir.

And has she requested another loan yet?

Yes, sir.

Is something wrong?

No, sir, she just wonders if he has another…another thing that he wants?


OK, then…she’s going back to her cloffice. With a dramatic flourish.

Fabio’s trying to kick Romina out of the house. Hugo said she could stay while they were on their honeymoon, the honeymoon’s over, and she’s gotta go. (That was what? A five-minute honeymoon?)

Romina complains that Fabio’s living in luxury here while she and his son are suffering in Buenos Aires (Oh, good, earlier it sounded like Jaime was dead). He asks if she just wants money and she slaps him and he slaps her and apparently that’s their foreplay because the clothes start flying. I can’t decide if I want Hugo to see this or not.

Speaking of Hugo and seeing, he’s got a surprise for Armando…he’s already hired Vanessa Palacios to model for the next underwear collection. She’s super expensive, but he’ll leave it to Armando to negotiate her salary. I’m not sure Armando can negotiate much of anything if it involves having to look at Vanessa in Hugo’s underwear with its suggestion of nipple chains.

Vanessa seems pretty keen to jump Armando’s bones in his office, but she’s surprised when Betty pops out of her cloffice with some budget reports and projections. Because Armando said she was his personal assistant, she sends Betty to go get her expensive champagne at room temperature. (Uh, I’m not an expert, but that sounds like a champagne foul to me.)

At Hugo’s house, Fabi and Romi have come to an agreement. She’ll go back to Buenos Aires for fifty thousand dollars. If not, she stays in New York. Fabi doesn’t know if he can ask Hugo for fifty thousand.

Jenny begs Hugo to let her model. Hugo and Inés do that thing where they’re like “Do you hear something? There’s this buzzing noise. Must be the a/c.”

Hugo finally has to tell her to shut up. He told her when he hired her that she needed to be quiet. Like one of these mannequins. If she keeps this up, he’ll have her desfilar…right out to the street.

Inesita tells Jenny she’s practically begging to be fired.

Nicolas calls Betty while she’s out champagne shopping to tell her he’s approved her loan.

Betty’s not in the mood right now.

Is Armando humiliating her again?

Look, she knows she’s bruta, ciega, sordomuda, torpe, terca…yes, she knows it’s a song!

Jenny whines to Giovas that Hugo won’t let her walk. She shows him her walk. My mind starts drifting. I check Facebook. Aura Maria and Sofia wander into the lunch room. Snide remarks. They wander out. Giovas swears he’s going to demand that Hugo let Jenny model.

Marce takes Pati to lunch. Pati nearly takes a sip of wine and Marce flips out. Pati cries about how she’s going to be a terrible mother. Marce says she’s there for Pati and the baby. She pulls out her checkbook and I can’t tell if she’s making out the check for fifty dollars or five thousand.

Berta finally notices paychecks have been deposited. Sofia reminds everybody not to spend it all at once–she’s got that makeup catalog business we haven’t heard about before. Mariana says they’re all going to help her make so many sales!

Oh, good, because Sofia thought she was going to have to sell the Pelotón. Don’t people always say friends are worth their weight in gold? Imagine what Berta’s worth!

Marce tells Pati that whole “eating for two” thing is a myth. Pati blames her appetite on stress. She gets a text from Daniel telling her to meet him at his office and says it’s the building association. They want to kick her out for not paying rent. Marce tells Pati to use the money she just gave her. Pati swears she’s only going to use it on necessities.

Hugo’s matching up designs to models. Giovas starts talking. Inés escorts him out.

Armando tells Betty he’s going out to eat with Vanessa. She shouldn’t tell anybody where he’s gone.

Betty stares at him.

Is that OK?

No, that’s not OK! He didn’t hire her to cover up his infidelities. Isn’t he ashamed of himself? If that model’s so fabulous why doesn’t SHE go to the bank and get the money to pay the employees? Maybe she could manage BAR. Betty’s tired of this!

But no, she didn’t say any of that. She tells Armando to have a nice lunch.

At lunch with the Pelotón Aura Maria’s talking about how Vanessa’s a former Miss Universe. Sandra agrees she got all the pretty. Sofia reminds them about the makeup again and Betty zones out. Inesita asks her what’s going on and Betty says she just has a lot of work that’s all. But yeah, that girl is pretty.

And Betty has a cara común…como un murcielago. Jajaja!

Daniel wants Pati to go to the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Hahaha…no! She’s not leaving the country to go to some place she can’t even find on a map. (I had to Google it. I’m not great at geography.)

Daniel insists he’s not going to support this child. Pati tells him he’d better consult his lawyer because New York is pretty strict about child support payments.

Danny finally gets around to asking her what it will take to make her go away.

Marcela gives Ricardo a scolding for not supporting Patricia. She reminds him his 40s are around the corner. Does he want to end up old and alone?

Betty’s checking out pictures of Vanessa online and engaging in some body shaming in an attempt to feel better about herself. (Pro tip: it never works.) She insults Vanessa’s bones, her body without enough meat for a tamale, etc.

Then she looks at pictures of Armando and tells him he’s always playing around with people. He’s getting married! “¡Inmorales!”

Marcela looks over Hugo’s sketches of the collection. She’s sure it’s going to get a lot of attention. Hugo hopes Armando doesn’t mess with it like he did the last time.

Marcela tells him to let it go already.

And then, for no reason I can fathom, he tells Marcela he hired Vanessa Palacios for the next two runway shows and oh yeah, she and Armando are out at lunch together. But it’s completely professional and Vanessa knows Armando’s Marcela’s man.

She goes tearing out of the office and Hugo’s like “Maybe I should call Armando.”

Marcela goes to question Betty. She plays the “gender solidarity” card. (Oh, right, because she and Pati are always showing solidarity with Betty, with the Pelotón….) She says if Betty doesn’t tell her, she’s going to assume Betty’s in on all of Armando’s wrongdoing and agrees with it.

So Betty tells Marcela he went to lunch with Vanessa, but she doesn’t know where.

What did people say?
  • Desfilar – walk, model
  • cara común…como un murcielago – common face…face like a bat
  • Contrariedad – setback; what Ricky calls the alleged baby
  • Inmorales – immoral people
  • Ciega, Sordomuda is a song from Shakira’s album Dónde están los ladrones? which is possibly one of my favorite albums of all time.
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