Betty en NY Thursday 3/14/19 #27

I have to keep reminding myself that Armando’s cute while Ricardo continues his interrogation of Betty. She keeps denying that she has any…personal…reasons for coming back to V&M. She believes in Ricky and Armando’s business plan and wants to help them reach their goals.

Ricky tells her she’s in the big leagues now and she’s gotta act like it. Things won’t be black and white, there’s going to be a lot of gray area. And she can’t leave them hanging like she did yesterday. They (Ricky and Betty) both need to be with Armando until V&M recovers. (OK, was it just me or did he say all that, like, super sexy?)

Ricky leaves Betty’s cloffice and sees Armando facepalming. Armando’s like “Bro, Patricia’s Daniel’s spy.” And there’s nothing he can do about it–he has no proof and Marcela always defends her, but he’s sure it’s her. Ricky’s gotta get back together with her!

Ricky’s like “Hell no, she’s husband-hunting!”

Armando reminds him that a woman who’s single and rejected is dangerous! (But the rest of us aren’t? Aw, aren’t you cute.)

Patty’s on the phone in the copy room when Berta walks by and hears her talking about how it’s been three months and she’s gaining weight and she can’t get rid of it because that would be a crime….

Berta scrams before Patty pokes her head out the door. Pati finishes the conversation with her dad, who she’s been begging to help her out with her overdue rent and she’s already told him she’s not selling her car!

Betty tries to give Armando the signed paperwork, already notarized, that makes her the owner of V&M if things fall apart. He tells her to hide it somewhere else…it’s not safe here. Betty says she’ll take it home–she’s got multiple hiding places there. She and Armando giggle together.

And what about the loan?

Well, Betty hasn’t heard anything and it makes her think they’re going to get rejected. She’ll keep him posted.

Berta gathers the Pelotón to pass on the superchisme that she heard right from the source…Pati’s pregnant!

*general shock*

And the worst part is, the person she was talking to on the phone wanted her to interrumpir el embarazo.

*bigger shock and appeals to the divine*

Mariana says the father had better be helping her out. But who could it be?

Ricky can feel the pull of the chisme. He stops and asks what’s going on.

Um. Nothing.

Daniel’s in Miami at the docks. He tries to bribe a guy for info about Miami International Broker Services.

Everybody’s looking for them, but like he told the last guy they received ONE shipment from Guatemala and that’s all he knows.

Daniel asks if it was “this guy” but they don’t show us the picture on the phone.

Whoever it was, the dock guy says that’s not the guy.

Sofia brings Betty some reports and asks for a favor–could she get an advance on her paycheck? Not even the whole thing, but maybe half? To pay for some expenses for the kids….

Betty says she can’t. She still doesn’t know how she’s going to get the money for payroll.

Sofia starts to freak out that they’re not getting paid. Betty swears they WILL just that right this second they’re low on cash.

Betty walks Sofia out. Sofi stops to tell Don Armando that she’s gonna go back to her desk now and work real hard!

Betty gives Armando the bad news–the bank will only give them half what they asked for. So they can pay salaries or buy fabric. What’s it gonna be?

Armando decides to buy the fabric. Salaries and shareholder payments can wait. If they don’t buy fabric they will never dig their way out of this. He’s gonna go do it nowrightnow!

María Lucía stops by Marce’s office. She’s on her way to Dubai for a friend’s hotel opening. She thinks Marce should come with her, but Marce says she has to work.

Speaking of that, María Lucía didn’t get her deposit this month. Marce can’t imagine why, but she’ll look into it and let her know.

ML: “What would I do without you?!”

Marce: “Get a job.”

Sandra and Mariana are checking out Pati. When she catches them, Sandra starts to pick a fight, but Mariana reminds her you can’t be mean to a pregnant person. They give her a fake “looking good today” while Berta laughs.

Armando tells Marcela it should take them about half an hour to get to the distributor and he’s already emailed ahead to tell them what fabrics to pull.

Giovas tries to talk to Armando about the car, but Armando assumes he’s fishing for a tip. He gives him $1.

Sandra tries on the dress for Aura Maria. I feel like it’s too serious. Sandra thinks it makes her look older. Aura Maria still wants to work on her hair and makeup. And she has date tips–act innocent, agree to everything, don’t get verbally aggressive. She guarantees that guy is gonna fall for Sandra.

Sandra teeters on her heels and Wilson runs right by her before realizing it’s her. Somehow he neglected to tell her they were going to be PLAYING, not watching, a basketball game. With some other people.

Pati’s moping alone in her candlelit apartment when the security guy shows up to deliver a bouquet of flowers with balloons and a teddy bear. Pati loves it, but she’s not gonna tip.

Ricky walks in next with a bottle of wine and yeah, sure he sent the flowers. Pati’s sobbing that it’s the nicest thing anybody has done for her all day! She’s been feeling sick and she fainted and Armando nearly fired her.

Ricky tells her to go sit down and keep telling him. He checks the bouquet for a card while her back is turned.

Wilson and Sandra get to the court. She says she’ll just sit on the bench and cheer for him, but I’m wondering how long before she starts coaching.

Betty’s working on her laptop at home when she gets interrupted by a video message from Nico. He holds up a bunch of pictures from when they were kids and kind of reenacts what she was doing–going down a water slide, blowing out candles, shoving his face in the cake…. And then he spins the hands on a clock and holds up their graduation picture. And pictures of them doing stuff since then. And then he holds up a sign that says, “Forgive me already!” (I’m not crying! You’re crying!)

Daniel took Margarita and Roberto out to dinner to tell them that he just happened to hear that Armando was going through a broker in Miami for the fabrics for the new collection and that broker turned out to be fake and stole a lot of money from a fashion company in NY. Now, he’s not SAYING V&M got robbed, he just thinks they should call an emergency board meeting tomorrow to find out.

The what? Roberto thinks it’s ridiculous to call a meeting when Daniel has no proof that Armando had any dealings with that broker. They came out here for Hugo’s wedding and he’s not going to go after Armando because Daniel’s suspicious about something.

“Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

At Pati’s apartment, Ricky offers to check her fuse box. Pati admits it’s not a blown fuse–she got her electricity cut off. And she thinks he should go. She doesn’t want to drink wine…she just wants somebody to hold her!

Ricky says he can do that all night. And he’ll take care of her electric bill. He hugs her from behind and Pati’s like “Did you change your aftershave?” and runs to the bathroom to puke.

Yep, Sandra can’t help herself. She’s yelling at the guys that a team isn’t one player and telling Wilson to take it up through the middle (I swear that’s a thing I’ve heard an announcer say about…some sport…I dunno….) One of the players on his team hurts his ankle and Sandra looks over and sees the pair of shoes somebody left on the bench with their stuff.

She whips off her jacket (Hello!) puts the shoes on, and puts on a pair of shorts. Then she goes out onto the court and tells Wilson to stay behind her.

Nico comes over to Betty’s with the potato chips of reconciliation. And if she doesn’t want to accept them, he’ll eat the whole bag by himself.

Betty doesn’t like fighting with Nico. (We don’t like it either!) So they make up and she suggests they stay out of each others’ romantic business. Although Nico says their crushes are platonic. Nothing’s ever going to happen in real life.

Well. Looks like the team CAN be one player if that one player is Sandra. She and Wilson celebrate their win and he says he’s going to take her to play soccer next and see if she’s good at that too. Sandra’s looking at him like he’s totally hawt and he grabs her face…and kisses her on the forehead. (That would’ve been way more meaningful if this were a Turkish drama. But it’s a telenovela and I’m like, Damn Wilson! You had one job!)

Betty gets in to work the next morning and nobody’s gotten paid. She says there was a problem with the bank and as soon as it gets resolved everybody’s getting paid. Doesn’t look like the Pelotón are confident about that happening before they have to pay the bills.

In the lunch room, they start talking about how much this is going to suck for Pati. Late paycheck and a baby, they might as well stick her in jail for the trifecta. Ricky wanders by, apparently invisible, and listens to them talking about how it’s not the end of the world, having a baby alone.

Ricky’s like “I heard you were talking about a problem?”

They all kind of babble about the late paychecks and gotta get back to work and see ya!

In Armando’s office, Betty’s jittery and it’s not because of the coffee. She’s telling him how everyone’s asking her where their money is and they live paycheck to paycheck and they’ve gotta have their money!

Armando’s petting his stapler. He’s glad she told everybody it was a problem with the bank. That will buy them some time. And the shareholders don’t know what’s going on yet–

Marcela comes in and says the shareholders are calling her and asking what happened with their deposits.

Armando asks her to sit down and tells her the truth–they had to choose between payroll and fabrics and he bought the fabrics so production wouldn’t stop.

Ricky asks Sandra into his office to ask if they were talking about Patricia. He just needs her to tell him–is Pati pregnant or not?

Sandra’s like “I think you should probably ask her.” But yeah. She’s pregnant.

Sandra leaves the office and Ricky starts arguing with God. Pati comes in and he just comes right out with “Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?”

“So what if I am?”

Ricky gets all cranky about the possibility that it’s his baby and that maybe she didn’t say anything because she’s trying to figure out what would be to her best advantage.

Pati pouts that he was so wonderful and protective last night and now look at him. “¡Poco hombre!”

She wanders back out to her desk and sees a message from “Jordan” asking if she liked the flowers. She notices the Pelotón all staring at her and asks why. Inés decides to go over and tell her that when a tree is struck by lighting it can still blossom again. And she’s young.

“Are you drunk?”

Inesita turns around and tells the others they need to be nice to Pati. She points at her head.

Instead, Berta warns Pati that she’s heard if the mother is angry, the child comes out with a big head and bulging eyes and a twisted mouth.

Nicolas is pouty that Pati’s not answering him. Julia comes in with lunch and the way he scrambles to shut his laptop, she asks if he’s watching porn.

He says he’s looking at his future wife, the future mother of his children and the future owner of his millions.

Julia gets a laugh out of “millions.” But she agrees with Nico that she’s very pretty. And how did they meet?

Nico heavily embellishes the magic moment when Pati mistook him for the valet outside the V&M building.

Pati checks herself out in the bathroom mirror (that I swear was stretching her out and making her taller) and remembers Ricky asking why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant…and asking the Pelotón why they were staring at her…and the woman from the apartment telling her she hadn’t paid in three months…and Marce saying she needed a goal.

Well. Now she’s got a plan.

Aura Maria asks Sandra how her date went.

Sandra says she was as feminine as she could be and he seemed happy with the way things went. But no, he didn’t kiss her! His friends were there.

Hm…according to Aura Maria if Sandra can get the guy to kiss her, she’s got it made. She should ask him out, go to a horror movie and grab him when she’s scared. And then she’ll look at him like “oh, poor me!” and he’ll kiss her.

Which sounds like it could work out, but Sandra actually does get scared at horror movies, so this could be interesting.

Jenny comes to bug Sofia about her paycheck she accuses Sofia of withholding the deposit on purpose, then says she’s not worried about it. It’s just her play money. She was going to use it to go to the spa.

Berta keeps Sofia from attacking Jenny and says she’s gotta calm down.

“Can’t you see she’s provoking me?!”

Well, yeah, but hasn’t there already been enough trouble over that mendiga vieja?

Armando’s still struggling to figure out how to pay everyone. Betty says they can’t go asking other banks for loans or word will get out. But she thinks they could use BAR to pay the shareholders.

Armando’s like “We can’t decapitalize BAR like that.” *synchronized head tilt, neck cutting motion, sticking tongues out*

No, she’s not talking about that. She means using BAR’s earnings. She hands him her tablet so he can see how well BAR’s been doing.

At the reception desk. Aura Maria and Sandra are speculating that Pati got pregnant on purpose to snag Ricardo. Daniel hears them and looks pretty nervous as he gets off the elevator.

Ricky’s still arguing with God when Armando comes into his office and says Ricky’s gonna fall out of his chair when he hears Armando’s news.

Oh, no, Armando’s gonna fall out of his chair when he hears Ricky’s news–“We’re pregnant.” And he means him and Armando, because Pati’s having his baby. If he ends up having to pay child support and stuff, Armando’s paying half because Armando’s the one who made Ricky step into this “trap.”

Daniel finds Pati in the copy room and shoves her against the shelves, asking if she’s pregnant or not. Because the last thing he needs is to have a baby with her.

So Pati tells him she is and he’d better get used to it just like she has to get used to the idea of having a baby with him.

What did people say?
  • Interrumpir el embarazo – end the pregnancy
  • Poco hombre – unmanly creep
  • Mendiga vieja – not old woman who’s begging, more like b*tch who’s begging for trouble?
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