La Mujer del Vendaval #128

Marcela breaks away from a moment with Al. He was just enjoying her stubborn childishness, but she reminds him that she’s the one making the decisions here cause she’s the one who owns the ranch. Right? Yep, says Al innocently as she stares hard at him. (this is going to be a thing now isn’t it? First he pulls away from her, and now that he wants closeness she’s gonna pull away from him so that they can never be together. sigh)

Marcela breaks away from a moment with Al. He was just enjoying her stubborn childishness, but she reminds him that she’s the one making the decisions here cause she’s the one who owns the ranch. Right? Yep, says Al innocently as she stares hard at him. (this is going to be a thing now isn’t it? First he pulls away from her, and now that he wants closeness she’s gonna pull away from him so that they can never be together. sigh)

Sagrario is asking God for guidance and Rosa interrupts to tell her someone is asking for her at the door, she’ll never guess who! They have a little discussion about interrupting people and proper knocking volume and then Sagrario tells Rosa not to tell the guards anything or date them, cause they’re just spies for Don T and not to be trusted.

Alba gathers up Al and Marcela to eat and they all troop out to the kitchen (I’m realizing watching this that my knowledge of the meanings of meal names in Spanish is really lacking. I had to look up Merindar – appparently its eating an afternoon snack much like a tea time? But it seems later than that at the ranch? and we don’t see them eating supper later? so I’m confused. Or is this a ranch thing like my aunt’s ranch where they all go to bed at 4:30 or 5pm? Except I’ve seen them up after dark. hmm) When they get to the kitchen Cris is waiting there. Guess whose staying? says Sagrario.
Now with the looks he’s getting from everybody except Rosa; she wants Cris around, Cris isn’t sure he should stay. But Cris looks so hapless and harmless saysing maybe he misunderstood and he’ll go if they want, that they take pity on him. they won’t make him go to hotel hell. He should stay. Yes really, as long as he doesn’t mind they all get up really early in the morning. Cris doesn’t mind and Alba goes, Great then lets eat.

Ilse wants to talk to Amadeo, she only needs a couple of seconds, she knows he’s busy since all the women of SBP have discovered him, but she needs to tell him a secret that’s been weighing on her. She’s done something really bad and she can’t keep quiet about it anymore. When she was in town before, before she even realized he lived here she fell in love with this guy, or at least it seemed like love at the time, but he was engaged and for her, he left his fiancee at teh altar. She knows it was wrong, she was very lost back then but she won’t try to justify herself. Amadeo knows she’s talking about Camilo and Marcela, but why go along with the story Camilo cooked up? Camilo didn’t want her to tell and she went along with it because she didn’t want her sons to know what kind of woman she was. If he doesn’t want her to stay in his house she understands. Amadeo stands up and walks away, and Ilse weeps.

Camilo and Lencho discuss Cami’s discussion with Cuchi. Lencho thinks the agreement they made is hilarious

When Cuchi tells Gordo about it though, Gordo thinks to himself that their plan to behave in a civilized manner will derail his plan to win Nisa over by being the only man in a five mile radius who’s not a blithering idiot, but Gordo smiles at Cuchi and hides his true feelings.

Maria Laura asks Cris why, with all the beautiful Toscana hotels in all the most beautiful places in the world, that he could stay at, does he want to spend his vacay at the ranch. Cris says the first time he came here he fell in love with the place and the…flora. Rosa thinks he’s talking about Flora Dominguez a girl she knows, but Cris is thinking of another flower. (*eyebrow waggle* ) Marcela agrees with ML, she thinks there are better places to vacation. Like San Jacinto.

Don T and Eulogio arrive with a warrant, which Cris looks over and pronounces legit, and they start the search. Severo gets out of bed to see what’s up and is gratified that his old pal didn’t let him down.

Octavia plots. She knows someone else who won’t like Inez and Mauro’s relationship. She makes a phone call. That’ll teach that Inez to mess with things that belong to Oct.
She finishes her call and tells an absent Mauro to enjoy it while it lasts, cause it won’t be long now.
Then ML calls.

Inez loved the dinner that Mauro pretended he cooked, but Mauro has something else in mind for dessert. ifyouknowwhathemeans andIthinkyoudo
Don’t worry they have time, Lencho won’t come home to interrupt, they have a brurnderstanding. And things move to Mauro’s roomy and comfortable looking couch.

Afterwards Inez worries that they moved too fast, but Mauro reassure her that this isn’t just a fling, he’s serious about her for the rest of his life. They cuddle happily till somebody loudly knocks on the door. Inez scrambles to grab her stuff and hide in the other room, while Mauro fumbles his clothes back on and yells to wait a minute.
Its Lencho at the door. He waited a long time to come home but he got bored, and Oct was in a real bad mood so he didn’t stay with her. She’s pissed because she found out, but Mauro shouldn’t worry he planned for this.
Mauro knows how mad Oct must be, but he moved on with a woman he loves. He never thought he’d be lucky enough to have a good woman like Inez.

Timo and co can’t find anything in Mateo’s room. Eulogio thinks the whole thing was a prank, after all, they know Mateo didn’t do Mike in. Don T says they can’t rush to judgement like that. Much scoffing ensues. Marcela thinks she’s let them search for long enough and sends Rosa for the shotgun. Oh Don T just remembered he has to be somewhere else and leaves his guys to clean up after them.

ML goes to Severo’s room and tells him the searchers didn’t find anything in Mateo’s room. She watches in her makeup mirror as Severo’s eyes follow her as she talks. She then tells him that she talked to his doctor and the doc said since Severo is conscious there’s no problem in transferring him to the prison, so they’re coming to take him away tomorrow morning since they don’t want to take a chance of him escaping. This will be his last night at home, he’d better enjoy it while he can. Rest well daddy.

Alba and Marcela discuss Alba’s complicated love life. Marcela understands how Alba could have conflicting and confusing feelings, but Alba will just have to figure it out somehow.

Al discusses his complicated love life with Cris (I don’t feel like going over all of this again, I feel like we’ve heard this song before. )
For now Al is going to really try to make the ranch work for Marcela’s sake because he loves her and he’ll never let her go. Cris thinks the whole thing will end in tears, but Al doesn’t care.

Marcela tells Alba about Al knowing he owns part of the ranch now and how he paid the debt off as part of a plan to exploit all that she loves. ML is listening outside the bedroom door until Alba shuts it, and hears that Marcela saw the papers that somebody planted in Al’s stuff. that somebody sure did her a favor, and she’s pretty sure she knows who he is.
Then she calls Oct and takes credit for it. Oct is all, great, but I’m tired now, lets talk some other time.

Late at night, Oct gets up for a drink in her really uncomfortable looking nightie and tells her daughter’s picture that all her evil plans are working out for her.

Marcela is telling Alba how it was awful listening to Al lie over and over again when she confronted him, and keep pretending that he doesn’t know, but as long as he doesn’t know that she knows that he knows, she’s gonna take a chance and try to get her ranch back.

Emiliano and Val confirm the plan for him to secretly see Marcela, his patient, for treatment tomorrow. And they wouldn’t have to do all this complicated stuff if Al was acting like a sane person. Val thinks whatever’s got Al all tied up in knots isn’t love anymore.

Linda comforts Ilse till Amadeo comes back, she made a big mistake, but everyone makes mistakes and he forgives her and he’s sorry. Ilse swears she’ll make it up to all the people she’s hurt and she’ll even tell Marcela the truth.

Then Amadeo explains to his mom the whole complicated romantic parallelogram between him and Selma and him and Alba and Alba and Cris and Selma’s plan to make Alba realize she loves him by making her jealous. He thinks it’s working? Maybe? Ilse can see he’s gotten himself embroiled in a big mess.

Cris is lurking outside and when Alba goes out for some air he asks her why her bf isn’t here visiting her, also why doesn’t her mom know Amadeo’s her bf? Alba’s sure Amadeo was busy with work and they haven’t exactly told her mom yet that they’re novios. Alba nervously tries to get away before he asks her any more hard questions, but Cris stops her and tells her the only reason he’s here is he feels things for her that he needed to see if they’re real things by being here with her. She feels things too, he can see it in her eyes.
Alba reminds him he’s hurting someone else by being here. But she hurt me first he says, but Alba, showing the moral strength she’s learned from her mom, tells him that doesn’t change the fact that he’s making Nuria suffer and it doesn’t make this right and she doesn’t let Cris kiss her even though he says he thinks his thing with Nuria is already broken anyway.

Al asks Marcela if she’s mad that Cris is staying and swears it wasn’t his idea, he tried to tell Cris to stay away from Alba. Marcela thinks its Cris and Alba’s problem that they’ll have to figure out for themselves. Al says sometimes feelings aren’t so easy to sort out. Marcela ruefully answers yeah, I used to be so sure but now I’m so confused. Al too, so let’s don’t think, let’s just look at each other. They stare into each other’s eyes and kiss, but Marcela pulls back and turns away and they lie in bed side by side, alone.

Severo limps out of the house, past the sleeping guards, and right into ML’s trap! She made up the story about them coming to take him away so she could confirm her suspicions. How long has he been faking? She chivvies him back to his room so they can talk with out worrying about anyone seeing them. Severo tries to claim that he just woke up one day and he could sorta walk and sorta talk. Please don’t send him to jail. ML makes him tell her what he put in Mateo’s room and then realizes if he had the bullets that means he killed Mike and its probably because Mike knew about Severo’s dirty dealing with her aunt’s will and the money. Even though he tries to say it was self defense, she makes him admit it all, that he killed Mike and why.

( dun dun duuunn The jig is up. Or not, possibly the jig is just expanded to include a new person. )

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth! I like that ML knows now, but she’d better put that knowledge to good use…bad use?…the kind of use that won’t let Severo get away with it!

“this is going to be a thing now isn’t it? First he pulls away from her, and now that he wants closeness she’s gonna pull away from him so that they can never be together. sigh” Agreed. I see your sigh and raise you a pout.

How nice that Ilse just now remembered how she met Cami. But I do think it’s interesting that she wants to tell Marcela.

1 year ago

I could totally live with her cleaning him out. It wouldn’t be unexpected, but it would still be hilarious!