Entre Dos Amores Friday 3/15/19 #85

Kader whines about her injuries and hurting. The nosy ladies of the neighborhood show up to tell her Zehra is going to apologize. Kader is not going to forgive Zehra. Zehra should be in jail. Ismail and Emre both tell her to cut it out. Even the nosy crew thinks Kader should forgive Kader. Emre is most concerned about Asli coming back to live with him….that doesn’t set will with Kader. Emre swears all he cares about is the baby. Ismail is totally fed up. Can I ‘ship Ismail and Zehra?

Macit takes Neriman to a romantic lunch on the lake. Pelin is in the office trying to get in touch with Macit. When she can’t she goes right to Sahika and asks her where the hell Neriman is.

Cihan calls to talk to Sahika. She gives him the brush off.

Macit proposes again. Neriman says yes. The recapper gets distracted thinking about “anillo”, “sortija” and “argolla” and why in the hell they used “argolla” which can also be “shackle” or “millstone.” Not romantic at all.

Gulter and Fahriye arrive at Macit Mansion. Gulter is dumbstruck. After Sehriban tells them to wait on the doorstep for the lady of the house, Gulter starts to take off her shoes. Fahriye explains that rich folk don’t do that (sure, leave poor Sehriban to clean the floors.)

Zehra is mad that Gulter hasn’t called. According to Zehra all of their problems are because of Neriman and Kader. Asli wants Zehra to apologize so she doesn’t go to jail. Zehra then says it’s all her fault. Asli makes a speech about houses and closed doors and walls. Zehra goes to check dinner. Nezahat wants to know when Asli got so wise. Apparently it was the minute she left her home.

Rüya is angry that Fahriye hasn’t shown up for work yet…but Yigit the new teacher has. Sinasi and Rüya seemed perplexed.

Gulter tells Inci to tell Macit to leave Neriman alone. Inci blames Neriman. Gulter knows Neriman has now place in Macit’s world. He just needs to marry Pelin. Gulter says they are all happy in their little house and their little neighborhood. Inci swears no one is interested in Neriman. Gulter wants to know why Macit is sending flowers then.

Macit picked simple rings because love has no price. He doesn’t want their love to be something material. Neriman asks if he’ll wear his ring in front of this family. He will. Neriman might not. She’ll at least wear it for now. Macit hopes she’ll wear it tonight for sure.

Gulter and Fahriye are back at the house. Gulter won’t let Fahriye leave until Neriman is back. Fahriye is frustrated that she can’t win with Gulter. If she doesn’t answer questions, Gulter thinks she’s lying, but when she tells the truth Gulter gets mad too!

Cihan wants to know what the dealio is with him and Sahika. Are the broken up or what? She thinks they never even started. Why did she kiss him, then? She claims it was pure impulse. Cihan just needs to forget her. It’s not happening and he’ll just get hurt. She brushes away a tear as she walks away. Cihan still wonders about that kiss.

Duygu and Pelin talk. Pelin has always loved Macit. He always cheated on her, but she it knew it never meant anything. He said so. This time though he’s in love. Neriman didn’t just take Macit, she took over Pelin’s world. Pelin is left with nothing.

Fahriye laughs about Gulter’s performance at Inci’s. Gulter walks out and Fahriye calls Neriman again. Neriman answers and tells her friend she’ll be late. Fahriye gets stuck trying to cover with Gulter. “Neriman will be back in 10…or maybe later…traffic in Istanbul you know….”

Kerim wants to fix things ASAP. He’s annoyed that all Macit thinks about is Neriman. Neriman is a gold digger plain and simple. Inci assures him Neriman’s family doesn’t approve of the relationship either.

Sinasi takes Cihan to their usual drown their sorrows spot. Cihan finally asks what Sinasi was doing the night Macit got kidnapped (I’ve been curious too.) Sinasi was seeing to a house that he planned to get for after he and Neriman were married. Cihan knows that it’s going to be hard for Sinasi to forget Neriman, but he doesn’t want his friend to be hurt by her either.

Macit takes Neriman to his house. They are there to fight for their future. He takes her inside and announces he brought his fiancée.

Faiz comes home. Gulter covers for Neriman. Faiz didn’t look like he cared very much. Gulter asks Sahika where Neriman might be. With Macit…duh! When the girls are alone, Fahriye gets right to the heart of the matter. Sahika is jealous of Neriman isn’t she? Sahika is dying to be in Neriman’s place.

Kerim wants Neriman out of his house now. Inci seconds that. Macit is going to leave as soon as he lets his parents know that Neriman is his future wife. Kerim says Neriman will never be a part of the family. Inci wants to talk to Neriman alone. Macit isn’t going to let her, but Neriman says it’s ok. She’ll talk to Inci. Macit walks out the front door.

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Gracias, Sara! You know, this

“Can I ‘ship Ismail and Zehra?”

Is a relationship I could support. I imagine at one time there was something about Kader that Ismail liked, but it’s long gone by now.