Tenías Que Ser Tú Wednesday 1/22/19 #8

Marisa thinks Marcelo suspects that Nicole is his child, now that she’s told him Miky’s not the father. And it’s seriously stressing her out.

Tino’s upset that he and Lesly just broke up and Bruno’s hugging her and she’s tutoring him. He wants them to talk about their relationship and make up. Lesly turns him down.

Talk about a tough choice–either Marisa can give her permission for the kids to go to the Basilica to pray for Nicole to find her dad or she could skip the trip and tell Nicole she’s already met her dad. She chooses the field trip.

Luci prays for more customers for her dad. Santi wants the Virgen to tell him if the girl he likes likes him too. Nicole prays for the Virgen to help her mom find her dad…and for her to help her grandma not gamble…and for her to help Jaqui get on TV. I missed the part where Nicole asked for her daddy to be like Miky.

Amanda’s coming on strong to Ezequiel. Con baked goods y toda la cosa. Marbella listens from her backyard and fumes.

Paulina interrupts Bruno’s tutoring session…which was really more like Bruno’s attempt to flirt with Lesly. He’s determined to conquistarla, but Lesly doesn’t think he should waste his time. Bruno’s confident she’ll fall for him and he’ll give her all the time she needs.

Marbella surprises Ezequiel and Amanda at a dance class and causes a scene. She says she’s meeting a “friend” and lucky for her a guy shows up alone and doesn’t mind dancing with her.

Tadeo brings back the stuff he pawned, but Lorenza still wants him out of the house. She wants a divorce. (How many times is she going to have to tell him?) And all he’s got is “We won’t be able to afford the lawyers and all the therapy for the kids.”

Jeny has decided to wait at Marisa’s to confront Marisa and Miky. Marcelo shows up too, so he gets to hear Jeny acting like Marisa’s after her fiancé. Marcelo came over because he thought he and Marisa had some unfinished business (that they still don’t get to).

Nicole comes downstairs and interrupts. When Marcelo’s gone, she and Jaqui tease Marisa about liking her boss.

Jeny gives Miky an ultimatum–if he takes Nicole to school one more time, she’s out. It’s either her or Marisa and Nicole.

Marisa calls Miky later to find out if he’s OK. He tells her Jeny got worse after they left. Marisa thinks she’s right and Miky shouldn’t be hanging out with them. Miky disagrees–if she has a problem with him driving Nicole to school, that’s on her.

His mom and Tino think Miky’s got a thing for Marisa and he won’t admit it.

Marisa’s furious about Nicole’s “I’m looking for my dad” page on Facebook. She tries to make the idea of finding Nicole’s dad sound less appealing…he might want her to spend time with him, what if he wants her to stay over for the weekend, what if he wants to spend Christmas with her.

Nicole thinks her mom has had lots of birthdays and Christmases with her, so he’s due.

Lesly tells Jeny about Bruno liking her.

Ezequiel is excited about Jeny breaking up with Miky, but she insists they’re not broken up…she’s just mad at him. And she’s giving him 24 hours to figure out that he’s supposed to apologize.

Marbella sends herself flowers to make Ezequiel jealous. Points off for not tipping the delivery guy.

Tadeo made breakfast for Lorenza and the kids. Lorenza says they’re still getting a divorce. (Was it the burned toast?)

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  • Conquistarla – win her over
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