Entre Dos Amores Monday 3/18/19 #86

I hate when Sahika and Fahriye fight. Fahriye thinks she’s got Sahika all figured out–she’s evil, she has a cold heart, and she wants everybody else to be miserable because she’s miserable too.

Gulter’s listening from the kitchen when Sahika tells Fahriye not to cross her unless she wants Sahika to turn into the queen of Fahriye’s house and push her aside. It would be easy as long as Cihan’s in love. So…does she wanna play?

Sinasi tells Cihan he never had a chance with Sahika. Unlike Sinasi, who was with Neriman until Macit showed up. Cihan disagrees–he has a chance because Sahika kissed him.

Inci gives Neriman a completely expected “stay away from my son,” “you’ll only make him miserable,” “I’ll do everything I can to keep you from becoming a part of my family” speech. Neriman says her love with Macit is stronger than anything they can do.

Neriman comes out of the house and throws herself into Macit’s arms. He says he’s sorry she had to go through that, but it’s done.

Sinasi’s still angry at his mom for not understanding that Neriman’s the woman he loves.

Macit drives Neriman home and says he’ll take her out of this neighborhood soon, in a wedding dress. Neriman’s worried about what his mom will say to him, but Macit says they’ll learn not to listen.

Neriman finally gets home and flashes her ring at Fahriye. They’re engaged now. Cihan stops by to pick up Fahriye with Sinasi. Neriman hides her hand.

Macit scolds his mom for not being nice to his fiancée and hurting Neriman with her words. Well, Inci doesn’t want Neriman in his life, and that’s what she told Neriman. So every time he tries to include her he’ll be dishonoring his mother. She’s just trying to protect him. There are things she can’t tell him now. If he marries Neriman he’ll lose everything.

She says Neriman’s not the problem, but she won’t say that Macit is. Kerim comes over to tell Macit to put an end to what happened last night. Oh, Macit will. He’s marrying Neriman, whether they like it or not. He walks off and Kerim shouts after him not to do this to Pelin.

Gulter comes to Neriman’s room to give her another lecture about how she and Macit don’t come from the same world, etc.

Neriman gets a call from Pelin. She wants to talk some things over.

Fahriye comes over and Neriman tells her about the call. Fahriye insists that if Neriman’s going to go talk to her, she’d better do it with her engagement ring on.  It’s the only way to make Pelin understand.

Macit finally shows up to work and tells Ösgür he’s engaged to Neriman. He highly recommends Ösgür settle down as soon as possible.

Ösgür recommends Macit stop wearing his ring at work, but Macit remembers Faiz talking about how he and his wife believed in their rings.

Neriman shows up and tells Pelin to start talking. Pelin’s got nothing but “Macit doesn’t really want to marry you and also you’ll ruin his life.” Pelin finally notices the ring. Neriman says she and Macit got engaged last night. He’s wearing an identical ring on his hand.

Oh, did Pelin not know? Of course that’s why she’s saying all this stuff. It was like a dream at first, but now it’s all real.

Pelin brings up the debt Macit has with her, enough to buy his life with. Neriman better give up now, because it’s going to hurt more when she loses him.

Kerim’s upset that Selim is having a PR meeting without him. Selim tells him to get used to it. They might all owe money to the bank, but Kerim owes way more to Selim.

Duygu comes into Macit’s office, complaining that Ösgür’s neglecting her. Macit says he’ll make up for it–they’ll all go out this weekend. Duygu notices the ring and she’s really not happy with the idea of Macit wearing it where Pelin can see.

Ösgür’s not worried about Pelin doing anything. Macit won’t let her.

It’s Neriman Duygu’s worried about.

I’m worried too, with Neriman being so close to a large body of water. And she’s thinking about what Pelin said, about Macit getting tired of her. Macit calls and he can hear something in her voice. She tells him Pelin asked to talk to her.

Macit tells Neriman to stay right where she is and drags Pelin into the meeting room to ask her what she thinks she’s doing, etc. She was snarking about how Neriman must have called him, sees the ring and now it’s all “How can you be happy when I’m so miserable!” And “We haven’t ended it!”

Macit says he never gave her reason to think they’d end up together and Pelin slaps him and says he never deserved her. (Oh, whatever, she’ll get over it in five minutes.)

Sinasi calls the real estate agent to say he’s no longer interested in the house…but now the owner wants to give Sinasi a discount. Sinasi says he’ll let the guy know.

Rüya comes in with a contract for him and all Sinasi cares about is how much he’s getting paid. He reads the amount and signs the contract, handing it back to Rüya. Oh, and he’s sure she knows off the top of her head–how much money do they have in the bank?

Rüya’s like “What is your deal?” Oh, he’s trying to buy a fancy house and give Neriman all the luxuries she wants? Well, he should tell Rüya how much money he’ll need for that so she can work on getting him more contracts.

Sinasi’s on his way out of the school when he runs into Asím. It was all a misunderstanding! His mother believes everything she hears. He’s tried talking to Nezahat, but she won’t listen. He hopes Sinasi can get her to agree to talk to him.

Sinasi says he’ll try.

Gulter is over at Zehra’s. Zehra had been saying that she wouldn’t send Asli back to Kader’s house until Emre apologized when Nezahat and Asli get home from a doctor’s appointment. The baby’s doing well. They go to put things away and Gulter asks what happened with Nezahat and Asím.

Zehra doesn’t know. He calls and Nezahat hangs up on him. Zehra thinks she should take what she can get ’cause it’s not like there’s a line of guys waiting to marry her!

Nezahat overhears Zehra complaining and accepts a call from Asím. She’ll call him tomorrow and they can get together.

A summons shows up for Zehra. She hasn’t even looked at it and she’s already freaking out.

Asli walks out of the house.

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