Tenías Que Ser Tú Thursday 1/23/19 #9

Nena makes sure Nicole gets on the van. Miky asks if Marisa’s around and she warns him to be careful, considering how upset his girlfriend got.

Tino tries to intimidate Bruno into backing off, but Bruno informs him he’s already told Lesly he likes her and he’s going to rifarse for her.

Brayan warns Miky that Jeny’s only giving him 24 hours to apologize. Miky says Jeny’s possessed or something. Brayan thinks Jeny’s right and Miky’s got a crush on Marisa, but won’t admit it.

Luci likes Santi. But she swears Nicole to secrecy. She can’t tell anyone…and especially not Santi!

Santi knows Luci and Nicole are keeping something from him, so they make up a story about the PE teacher and the music teacher being novios…and they caught them kissing.

Marcelo overhears Lorenza bugging Marisa about felling for Miky. He asks Marisa to take some pictures of a couple of houses…and go to dinner with him.

Paulina throws Simona under the bus–she tells Lesly that Simona was always talking smack about her and spreading lies. She and Simona steal a candy bar and an invitation to the movies from Bruno to Lesly.

Tadeo watches Brayan try to make up with Jaqui. Denied! But Tadeo still thinks Brayan knows what he’s doing and he wants some tips to keep Lorenza from divorcing him. Brayan tells him to wear tighter clothes to show off “the merchandise.” And always do the opposite of what she wants. He checks out Tadeo’s walk and…it’s not good.

Marbella follows up on her fake flower delivery by “accidentally” leaving a voicemail for Ezequiel thanking him for the flowers.

Tino wants to beat the snot out of Bruno, but Miky advises him to find some other way to get Lesly’s attention.

Brayan calls Jeny to tell her about his talk with Miky. He’s all “I’ve got your back” and “love you” and Jacqi won’t believe he was talking to his sister.

Amanda raised Marbella’s rent. And she’s gonna fight for Ezequiel.

Jeny calls Marisa dizque to apologize for yesterday, but she slips right away into how Marisa’s a problem in Jeny and Miky’s relationship y que Marisa needs to not abuse Miky’s goodwill and if Marisa behaves the way she should, they won’t have problems.

Nicole cracks and asks Santi how he would feel about it if one of his classmates liked him. Oh, Santi likes Nicole too.

And then Luci walks up and Nicole gets into the van.

When Miky drops them off, Luci’s still begging Nicole tell her what’s going on. Nicole runs for the house.

Marisa tells Miky his fiancée called her today upset and she thinks that she should stop letting him take Nicole to school after the month that she paid for. Miky says he doesn’t want to stop driving Nicole to school or seeing Marisa. He thinks Marisa needs somebody to lean on and he wants to be that person.

Bruno’s waiting for Lesly outside the movie theater. Instead, who should pop up but Pau. Yeah, Lesly told her she wasn’t going to show up because she’s off making up with her boyfriend.

Marbella’s out watering her yard when Amanda comes over with a pizza for Ezequiel. Inside the box is a note asking if he wants to be her boyfriend.

Lorenza meets Tadeo 2.0 for dinner at a swanky restaurant. He’s traded his glasses for sunglasses and is wearing his suit without a sweater vest. Lorenza likes what she sees.

Jeny defends her right to be tacky to Marisa over the phone, because it’s all her fault anyway. Miky’s upset that she doesn’t want him to drive Nicole to school anymore. Jeny tells him to do whatever he wants–if he likes Marisa, then she’s out.

At dinner, Marisa is surprised that Marcelo wants kids. Are you kidding–he wants to spoil them rotten like (he thinks) only a father can.

Then she hopes he’ll understand that Nicole means everything to her and she’s decided she shouldn’t have come to the city. She’s quitting and moving back to Villa Hermosa. To get back to the quiet life they had because there are too many people here and she has to wear heels all day….

Marcelo’s sure those are all just excuses and her real reason has to do with the two of them.

Miky doesn’t get what Jeny’s after. Does she want to break up? Jeny admits she’s scared of losing him.

Tadeo 2.0 is really more like the original Tadeo, from when he and Lorenza were going to college and she was freaking out about how many of their classmates were socialists and Tadeo walked her home and kissed her. He snaps his fingers and the music in the restaurant changes to “their” song.

Amanda’s still waiting on an answer and Marbella says it’s going to be “no.” She can tell by the terrified look on Ezequiel’s face. She and Amanda start trash talking each other and Ezequiel screams at both of them to be quiet and goes inside with the pizza he doesn’t want.

Miky thinks he and Jeny need a break. She tells him to take all the time he wants to, but she’s out of patience.

Tadeo orders champagne and the waitress tells Lorenza what a hot catch her husband is and how much he must care about her because they spent two hours looking for that song. When she leaves, Tadeo’s like “I know, they all want me, I just don’t pay attention.”

Pau gets lucky. When Bruno calls Lesly, she’s in the back yard with Tino. Bruno decides he’ll watch the movie with Pau, but not before Pau calls Simona to brag.

Tino tells Lesly he screwed up, but she says he was right–Bruno told her he likes her. Tino starts talking about needing to put Bruno in his place, but Lesly says she has feelings for Bruno too.

Nicole tries to talk to Jaqui about her love problems, but Jaqui takes the tiny bits of information she bothers to listen to and completely ignores that Nicole’s trying to say it’s not like that. Then Nena butts in and asks if the guy’s dad is the owner or manager of a large company.

Nicole finally gets to tell them that Santi likes her, but if Luci finds out she’ll never speak to her again because Luci likes Santi. And now Jaqui and Nena are all like “Ooh, bad luck, girlfriend.”

Tino’s furious and he goes so far as to accuse Lesly of only liking Bruno because he has money. That’s Lesly’s cue to end the conversation.

Marisa says her decision has nothing to do with him. She doesn’t have fond memories of That Summer because he was lying to her. Marcelo’s like yeah, OK, I did lie, but I’m single now, I never got married. You have a kid who’s in a good school and you’re just going to drag her back home?

Marisa says she’s made up her mind and she won’t go back on it. She reiterates that she’s quitting.

What did people say?

  • Rifarse – fight for someone; what Bruno says he’ll do for Lesly
  • Rayando sus cuadernas – literally “marking in someone’s notebooks”, trying to “steal” one’s significant other
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