Betty en NY Monday 3/18/19 #29

Armando and Vanessa went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. There was sake. Vanessa points out his lack of a ring and says she’s glad he’s not married yet. She wants one more round of sake before they negotiate.

Pati goes to a fertility clinic and harasses the receptionist in front of the clinic director. Sure, if Pati wants to get pregnant she’s in the right place and they can get her an appointment for la semana entrante.

Um, no. Pati needs to get pregnant like, now.

Mariana tries to track down Armando, but she has no luck. If he’s out with a model, though, they spend “all” their time taking selfies that show where they are.

And sure enough, Mariana finds the selfie and Marcela recognizes the restaurant. She complains about Armando taking her somewhere expensive and calls Vanessa un anoréxica. (Ding, ding, ding! That’s body-shaming. Which doesn’t help anyone. It’s also ableist–anorexia’s a serious disorder, not a label to apply to someone based on their appearance.)

Vanessa’s getting Armando drunk. She’s obviously used to handling her sake after spending last year in Japan. She flirts with Armando, saying she can’t believe she’s going to be working with the most wanted bachelor in Manhattan. She’s heard stories…bad boy! But she doesn’t know if he still likes women, or if it’s just her….

Armando says he’s engaged, he’s a company president, and he’s gotta behave appropriately.

Vanessa thinks he thinks too much. She wants to know what he thinks when he looks at her. Then she shows him what she thinks and snogs him.

Marcela comes to Betty’s office and tells her they’re going to that restaurant. Betty’s the indispensable assistant, right? Then she should be there helping Armando negotiate the contract. And Marcela…will be there to watch how they work together. Move it!

Armando breaks off the kiss and says he’s a lot more mature now. Although, as Vanessa points out, he’s definitely having a physical reaction.

In the car, Betty asks Marcela what she’s doing here.

Warning Armando that they’re on the way. Isn’t that her job? She can’t believe an intelligent woman like Betty would sink so low as to help Armando.

Betty’s not even going to defend herself if Marcela has already made up her mind. But still, what is she doing here?

Marcela says Vanessa’s expensive and they can’t afford her rates right now. So it’s Betty’s job to negotiate the contract and convince Vanessa to take the same rate as everyone else and say “no” to everything Vanessa wants.

Vanessa. Armando. More kissing. She asks him to go somewhere a little more private.

Wait? Is that his assistant?!

Armando wipes his mouth and shoves Vanessa away as Marcela and Betty approach. When she introduces herself, Marcela flashes the ring and says she’s Armando’s fiancée AND business partner. She orders sakes for herself and Betty, but Betty doesn’t drink. Marcela tells her women in business need to learn to drink. So, where are they? Have they discussed salary yet?

Pati’s wearing down the doctor’s patience. She needs a baby that looks like this guy (Daniel) or maybe this guy (Ricky). Isn’t there a catalog or something she can look through?

Um, no, because it’s not a modeling agency! Plus half the genes are going to come from Pati. And she’s still gotta pass physical and psychological exams and she doubts Pati will get through the second one. Even if she did, it would still take her another month and a half at least and the success rate for pregnancy is about 20-50%.

She gives Pati a brochure and tells her to read it and call another clinic if she’s still interested.

As the doctor heads upstairs, Pati opens the brochure and exclaims that it’s $10,000 for one try and they don’t even guarantee it?! Is there a discount? Coupon? Payment plan?

Back at the restaurant everybody toasts and drinks their sake. Betty says it’s very..strong.

Vanessa says there’s a quote about there being no difficult women, just women who don’t drink. (That’s so fucking sexist.)

Marcela says some women are easy without drinking. (Still sexist…and reinforces rape culture.)

Vanessa proposes a toast to easy women who don’t have an excuse and like to have fun. (Sex. Ist.)

Anyway, Marcela suggests they move on to the contract. Marcela isn’t usually this involved, but Armando’s got that new cost-cutting policy. Armando says Vanessa’s got a lot of online followers and she’ll create buzz…he hands his tablet to Marcela, who hands it to Betty and then corrects herself, “Beatriz.”

Oh…wow…that’s a really high number. Way out of their budget.

Vanessa says she’s already cut her usual rate. What’s in their budget.

Um…about half.

Vanessa says there’s no way and Marcela’s already pretending to be SO disappointed…and then Vanessa says she’s already here from Tokyo and Armando’s such a gentleman and OK, she’ll take half.

Pati’s telling her dad she got a job offer from the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur, but she doesn’t want to take it. She doesn’t know where it is on the map! Or what they eat there! And then she’s gotta go, because Armando, Marcela, and Betty just got back to the office and Vanessa’s with them and she wants a selfie.

Armando crankily tells her to back off–Betty’s gotta take Vanessa to Smith’s office. The assistants are all waving at her. One guy takes a picture.

Armando goes into Ricky’s office, moaning that these are the times that try men’s zippers. Vanessa Palacios is going to be modeling for them! And she’s coming on to Armando!

Ricky’s like “How did you get so lucky?! Why didn’t you invite me?!”

Armando says Ricky’s busy with his pregnancy.

Right. And now he’s wondering how they can afford her.

They got her at a reduced rate because Betty wouldn’t budge, so Vanessa took the contract to piss off Marcela. Plus Betty got a loan so they can pay the employees and BAR is going to cover the interest. Betty (well, Nico) has already doubled the money Armando gave her.

In the break room, Betty gets Vanessa a glass of ice water and watches her gulp down most of it. She always gets thirsty when she drinks sake.

So, does Armando’s fiancée always keep that close of an eye on him? When is their wedding?

Betty says she doesn’t know, which Vanessa points out is odd for an assistant.

Well, maybe she just doesn’t want to go talking about her boss’ personal business. All she knows is that Marcela and Armando love each other and she needs to take Vanessa to Smith.

Ricky’s trying to wrap his head around this…the two of them keep losing money and Betty is making money with the money that SHE gave Armando. She’s the best business deal Armando ever made!

Armando brags that BAR has such a great relationship with the banks that she can just walk in and ask for a loan and they’ll give her one. “And my other loan?” Yep, they’ll give her that one too. She’s investing in the stock market or something. She’s a genius and the two of them are…not.

Ricky tells Armando NEVER to tell her that or she’ll leave them.

I’d like to fire Smith. Not only is he hitting on Vanessa, he’s saying the company will pay for hotel and airfare (which I don’t think was part of Betty’s deal), AND he’s talking too much about Armando and Marcela and their lack of a wedding date.

Marcela vents to Pati. She hates her! Both of them–Betty and Vanessa. Sure, she knows Armando’s going to be surrounded by beautiful women because that’s the biz, but Vanessa is like…the most most most beautiful of all! Why did Hugo bring her here?! Isn’t he supposed to be her best friend? She hates him!

Pati understands, ’cause she’s got a million problems too, she just didn’t want to dump them on Marcela.

Marcela’s like “No, you’re my best friend, go ahead.”

After making Marcela promise she won’t judge, Pati says she realized there are two guys who could be the father of her baby. Marcela demands to know who the other guy is, since she scolded Ricardo for not wanting to support Pati.

Pati says there’s no point giving Marcela the other guy’s name because he’s not going to support the baby either.

Marcela blames that on Pati’s “lifestyle.”

Pati pouts that it’s not her fault! These men just seduce her and take her to bed and get her pregnant!

Marcela thinks Pati did it on purpose to try to solve her economic problems.

Pati can’t believe Marcela! What does she take Pati for? A blonde gold-digger who’s just looking for a man so she can get a pension for life?

Marcela makes Pati promise to get a DNA test before she makes any decisions.

Now that they have a moment alone, Armando asks Betty why she brought Marcela to the restaurant.

It was the other way around, Marcela brought her.

But didn’t he tell Betty not to tell Marcela where he was?

And she didn’t! But did he really think he could go out with someone like Vanessa and keep a low profile?

Armando complains that Betty nearly got him into trouble.

Really? Because from what she could see there wasn’t anything going on. They were having a meeting, the model accepted their rates, and that’s it. Now, she’s got a lot of work to do here and she’d like to get back to it.

Armando pouts and stares at her as he walks out of the office.

There’s a cute little boy in a suit playing with a soccer ball in Daniel’s office. Pati walks in with two guys in suits and says she and her lawyers have decided that $30K a month isn’t enough for child support. They’re going for $100K.

Daniel snaps out of his nightmare and texts Marcela–he needs to talk to her.

Pati has a sub for dinner and shoves a bunch of olives in it. Then she pours herself a glass of wine and toasts to herself and to everyone who thinks blondes are stupid. And now she just has to get her $10K together for the insemination.

She gets a text from “Jordan.” When she asks when he’s coming to New York, Nico says he has to close a business deal in Italy.

Oh good, because she needs someone to spoil her.

Nico asks what’s wrong and in her apartment, Pati says it’s nothing, just that she told two guys they might be the father of her baby and now she’s gotta get herself inseminated. No big deal.

She texts him “nothing” and he wouldn’t even consider it a problem. She’s having cash flow problems.

Nico has $100 in his wallet. He asks how much she needs and then freaks out when he finds out it’s $10K.

Marcela has a drink with Daniel in what looks like a library. She asks if he’s coming to the runway show and he steers the topic to Pati. He was surprised to hear she was pregnant. He didn’t realize she was dating anyone. Marcela says she’s been going out with Ricky.

Oh, so then he’s the dad?

Marcela says they’ve been broken up for a while and so she thinks it’s this other guy, but Pati didn’t tell her who.

Julia’s turning down Betty’s bed when she finds the Polaroid of Betty and Armando under the pillow. Betty’s not in love with him, is she?

Betty says the picture must have fallen out of her purse. Someone took it at an Italian restaurant where she and Armando were having a business lunch.

Julia says the problem is that it was under Betty’s pillow and that she’s being defensive.

Well, Betty’s defensive because it sounds like Julia doesn’t believe in Betty’s work. Betty’s a professional, Armando’s getting married, and she’d be the LAST woman Armando would take notice of.

Julia backs off and Betty apologizes for yelling. But she thinks it’s probably about time her mom stopped turning down her bed for her.

Marcela gets to Armando’s apartment and wants him to explain why he was negotiating the contract with Vanessa by himself. And why he didn’t take her calls. Sure, she trusts Armando, but she doesn’t trust Vanessa. Why did she agree to a salary that’s lower than her usual?

Armando’s phone starts ringing and Vanessa’s name shows up on the screen. Marcela asks what the “slut” is calling about now. Was Armando one of the clauses of the contract? She’s going to answer the phone and put Vanessa in her place.

Armando says neither of them is going to talk with Vanessa right now. They should be celebrating. Marcela doesn’t even want him touching her right now, but Armando keeps snogging her and she says she wants him to stay away from Vanessa. She’ll model and then she’ll leave.

Yep. And Armando loves it when she gets jealous. (*facepalm*)

Nico’s unpleasantly surprised to find out that Pati’s pregnant. Betty heard from the Pelotón. She had been dating one of the vice presidents and they’re convinced he’s the father. But she’s sure he won’t support the child.

Nico begs Betty to tell Pati that if no one else will step up, he’ll help her raise her kid.

Betty reminds him that Pati doesn’t even know he exists and the only thing she cares about is money.

In Armando’s office he and Ricky are poring over pictures of Vanessa online.

Betty clears her throat to announce her arrival and Ricardo says Armando was just telling him that BAR had a buena racha.

Betty doesn’t know about that. It’s not as if they’re gambling. They’re making good investments with low risk and high profits.

Anyway, Betty was just bringing over some paperwork for Armando to sign, for the final loan from BAR.

He tells her she can go home if she wants to, but excuse you! The business doesn’t stop for a runway show. She’s still got a LOT to do.

“Enjoy your runway show…gentlemen.” She gives her cardigan a little flourish before heading into her cloffice.

Ricky can’t help giggling. He says Marcela’s not the only jealous one. Armando’s like “no way!” and they go back to checking out Vanessa’s pictures.

Sofia’s makeup/skincare catalog has come in. People buy stuff and she gets points that she can trade in for the stuff she’s selling.

Jenny shows up and I hate myself for liking her sparkly cardigan. She has one of those watches that connects to your phone and she’s sure none of them have one ’cause they can’t afford it. But she bought it with her paycheck that she can spend on whatever she wants. Is that a catalog? Her grandma’s friends sell this stuff. They’ve got no lives and no husbands. Jenny’s going to be “nice” and buy something to help Sofia out.

Sofia rips up the catalog and says she’ll eat it first! She lunges at Jenny, who looks like she fell, but then maybe scooted away?

Mariana comes to Betty’s office to come get her for the runway show.

Oh, Betty doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Hugo hates her. If she shows up he might cancel the whole thing.

Mariana’s angry that he doesn’t realize that Betty’s just doing her job.

Betty asks if el gancho ese showed up yet. No, not Jenny! The goddess from Olympus, the queen of all the runways, the most expensive model on earth…La Miss.

Mariana’s like “If that ain’t hate que baje Dios y lo vea.”

Betty says she doesn’t hate Vanessa. It’s that she’s descarada. And she’s after Armando…and that would be terrible for Marcela. If she found out, there would be a HUGE problem and it could cost the company a lot of money.

Ricky brings Pati into his office. She says she doesn’t want to be humiliated any more…and he should keep in mind that the baby can hear him too.

Ricky couldn’t sleep last night and he’s decided to support his child.

Pati assumes he means by marrying her. From the look on Ricky’s face I’m pretty sure he didn’t

What did people say?

  • La semana entrante – next week
  • Anoréxica – woman with anorexia
  • Buena racha – lucky streak
  • El gancho ese – that hanger
  • que baje Dios y lo vea – let God come down and check it out himself; in other words, she’s so sure it’s hate, God would have to come down and tell her otherwise.
  • Descarada – shameless
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