Betty en NY Tuesday 3/19/19 #30

Engaged…riiiiight…well, see Ricky didn’t actually say anything about marriage. He’s totes gonna be there for Patty Cakes and their little cupcake of love, but they don’t have to be married for that.

Nope. Pati won’t accept that. She’ll do it on her own, thanks. And when the kid is born she’ll just tell him his dad abandoned them to die of hunger.

Inés sees Sofia in the hallway and asks why she’s got that look on her face.

Oh, you know, Jenny. She complains about Jenny making fun of her from having to sell things out of a catalog while Jenny can buy a fancy watch because her HUSBAND is paying for everything.

Inés reminds Sofia he’s her ex (not until there’s some signed paperwork). And Jenny’s paying the price. Hugo said some ugly things to her and told her she’ll never model on his runway. She’s forbidden to even show up.

Sofia asks what’s on the rack Inés is moving.

Dresses Hugo designed for his drag queen friends. There’s a fortune hanging on this rack.

Sofia decides Inés should just hang out and have some tea while she takes the dresses to the workroom….

Fabio asks Hugo for some money so Romina can buy their great-aunt a little house at a total steal…$50K.

Hugo loves them both, but between the wedding and the car, Hugo doesn’t have cash. Sorry.

Sofia needs Giovas to do her a favor. She reminds him that he owes her. Hugo has changed his mind and wants Jenny to model and he’s even going to let her close the show. In the garment bag in Sofia’s hands is the dress Hugo wants her to wear. She just needs Giovas to hide it. No dress, no show!

Giovas passes the news, and the dress, on to Jenny. He tells her not to mention that he gave her the dress. Someone wanted him to hide it. He lets slip that it was Sofia. Jenny can’t wait for Sofia to see her modeling this dress, then!

Runway show!

Daniel notices Armando ogling the models. Although, to be fair, he could be ogling the clothes. Underwear. Stuff.

Romina shows up to collect her cash and Inés hears her arguing with Fabio, talking about “I give the orders here.” Inés wanders over to greet Romina.

For some reason, while the show is going on, Hugo’s rehearsing with a bunch of other models. Jenny sort of pops out at the end of the line wearing a long beaded dress with a low neckline in mesh.

Hugo’s furious. He ignores Jenny’s “they told me!” and asks if she’s here to get revenge on him. He fires her.

In the hallway, she starts screaming at Giovas and Sofia and vows it’s not going to end like this.

Sofia tells Giovas this is his fault. She specifically told him to HIDE THE DRESS, so all this is happening because he wanted to score points with Jenny. Now, about the money he still owes her for the fancy dinner–no worries, she’s not going to collect, he doesn’t owe her a thing.

Berta feels bad for Giovas, but Sofia says if it’s a choice between crying in Giovas’ house and crying in hers, she’d rather there be crying in Giovas’ house.

So I guess this “collection” is underwear, lingerie, and fancy pajamas? ‘Cause some of that stuff looks like it’s not meant to be worn under anything and those gowns do not look like lingerie.

Hugo and Vanessa come out to close the show. Vanessa pulls Armando up on stage with Hugo and then leaves.

Pati asks Marce if she’s going to go deal with that insipida now. Marcela sees Armando on the phone and follows him with her eyes.

A reporter stops Marcela to ask when the collection will be in stores.

About a month. (Assuming they survive that long.) But they’re already taking orders online.

Marce watches Vanessa grabbing a bottle of champagne and gets distracted. She gives Pati a look and Pati goes to find Vanessa…but Daniel grabs Pati and insists on talking to her NOW! He wants her far away from him, so she’s leaving for Malibu tonight. He rented the apartment she wanted.

Armando had stepped away to do a phone interview (*glare in Marce’s direction*) and now Ricky finds him and says Marcela’s upset at him.

Well, what was he supposed to do? Not get up on the catwalk in front of the press?

Ricky cracks a joke about people thinking he looked good with their main model.

Yeah, Armando’s trying to hide from her. He says he’s going to his office.

Jenny runs into Sofia on her way out so she can get in one last dig–Efrain had already stopped loving Sofia before Jenny was born.

Sofia tells her to practice her walk…right out the door.

Berta disapproves. Not that she likes Jenny, but it’s pretty awful to leave someone without a job. (To be fair, Efrain is paying for everything, so the job was like allowance money to her.)

Pati asks to make sure the apartment will be in her name. And now that she thinks about it, it’s expensive to live in California. She wants $20K a month. And if he won’t give it to her…well, she’d rather be broke in Manhattan. She taunts him about people finding out that he’s an irresponsible father.

Armando still isn’t in his office, but the shades are coming down. He looks through the door (that has nothing to keep anyone from seeing through it) and sees Vanessa on his couch. Sure, she agreed to the contract amount, but she’s taking out the rest of her usual fee en especie.

Betty hears them outside, peeks out her cloffice door, and sees more of the bottom of Vanessa’s shoes than she likes. *Angry Betty Face* She goes back to her office and texts someone.

Mariana begs Marcela to go back to the workroom and talk to the journalists–she’s so good at that!

Nope, Marcela wants to find Armando and Vanessa. She sails through his open office door with the shades on the windows going up. Armando’s at his desk, but Marcela insists Vanessa’s here. Where is he hiding her?

Armando says she’s not here and makes fun of Marcela for thinking she would be. She checks Betty’s office, but there’s no Vanessa. Armando’s armoire is shaking, so he takes the clay pot off the top. Marcela sure doesn’t think she’d be in there (the pot). (Gaslighting is not a good look on you, Armando.)

Armando says they should get back to the workroom and Mariana agrees–they have people wanting to interview them and she also needs to get some video to put online.

Hugo and Inesita are having a quiet moment congratulating each other and drinking champagne.

But what was the deal with Jenny showing up in one of his drag queen dresses?

Inés swears she doesn’t know. Nope, no dresses were missing when she checked. She didn’t see anything strange.

Hugo tells her she can go home early.

As soon as he’s left, Inés mutters “Sofia!”

Betty escorts Vanessa to the elevator, insisting she just wants her to get some rest. Pati sees them, so that’s great.

On the ground floor, Vanessa’s complaining about Betty keeping such a close eye on Armando. She’s his assistant, not his nanny! Oh, no, wait…Vanessa gets it now! Betty’s in love with Armando “too.” Well, Armando would never go for someone like her.

Betty puts the beige fabric she’s been hauling around over Vanessa’s head. Vanessa throws it off and gets into a taxi. *sad Betty face*

In the workroom, Armando’s doing an interview. He says he does think next summer there might be a “male” look in the collection. (But, like…just the one? Wouldn’t that be weird?)

Marce complains about Vanessa to Pati. Pati says Vanessa looked more like Armando’s novia than Marce. Besides she’s already been taken out. Betty did it. On Armando’s orders, Pati thinks. Marce drags Pati out of the workroom.

Inés confronts Sofia about the dress. If she put them in storage, how did Jenny get her hands on one? She was under the impression that Hugo wanted her to model in one of his drag queen dresses.

Sofia laughs. And says that’s what happens to people like Jenny.

Inés tells Sofia to tell her the truth already.

Yes! Yes! Yes! She paid Jenny back in the same coin. She wanted her to feel betrayed, humiliated!

Inés scolds Sofia–didn’t she think about what would happen if Jenny walked out on the runway in a drag queen dress? (Demand would spike?) As it is, Inés got into trouble and Jenny lost her job.

Sofia thinks Inés should be on her side, but Inés doesn’t play like that. She doesn’t stab people in the back. Jenny lost her job and Sofia’s about to lose her as a friend. She hopes Sofia’s happy.

Betty comes back upstairs and finds Marcela and Pati waiting outside the elevator. Marcela wants to know what she was doing with Vanessa.

They take Betty to the conference room, where Pati accuses her of kidnapping. Betty denies everything. And since Marcela has no proof, all she can do is let Betty go with a warning that if she ever finds proof she’s covering for Armando, Betty’s fired.

Hugo tells Romi he heard about what she’s trying to do for their great-aunt. She talks about how wonderful she was, that she did everything she could for them, and a roof over her head is the least she can do.

Well, Hugo’s light on cash just now, but as soon as he can, he’ll help.

A reporter pulls Hugo away for an interview.

Romi tells Fabi he needs to be more creative with his lies because she’s not going anywhere without that money.

Pati’s trying to get Marcela all riled up again. Who knows how many other women Armando has been with and Betty has covered for him.

Yes, but she has no proof!

Pati volunteers to get it, since that worked out so well last time. And now they should party!

Um, no, ’cause Pati’s pregnant.

In that case she’s tired and she’s going home.

Pati walks through the assistants’ area talking on the phone about meeting some people to party.

Sandra can’t believe she’s pregnant and going out to party.

Berta says she’d be doing it too. She wants a baby so much, but she hasn’t been able to get pregnant.

Sofia’s sure it will happen soon.

Sandra tells her to get drunk. Lots of people get drunk and end up pregnant. That’s probably how Pati was conceived. (I know she’s trying to cheer Berta up, but this just sounds dismissive–of fetal alcohol syndrome and fertility problems.)

At Armando’s apartment, Marcela’s screaming at Armando about being tired of him sneaking around and if she ever finds out Betty’s helping him, she’s going to fire her. But it was way more screamy and convoluted than the way I said it.

Betty angrily confides in her diary and remembers Vanessa making fun of her crush on Armando and Marcela threatening to fire her. “I don’t deserve this!” She snaps the light switch on and heads for the desk. (Uh oh…I have been this Betty…it’s on now!)

Julia saw the light on and checks on her. Betty says she’s working on a report, because that IS her job.

Armando and Ricky are celebrating the success of the collection and looking at pictures on their phones. When Betty comes in, Armando’s like “Betty! Come here! Check this out!”

Betty doesn’t think there’s anything to celebrate, not after she ran a report on the company’s financial situation. They’re on the verge of bankruptcy. (Again. *infinity.)

Ricky can’t believe it–according to this report it’s going to take them another year to get V&M out of trouble.

Yep. And that’s if there are no more big mistakes or losses and follow an ideal plan.

Armando says BAR has to take over. Betty needs to find a trustworthy lawyer to get her through this.

She heads to her cloffice and Ricky’s like “Damn, bro, she mad!”

Armando tells him about Marcela’s scolding yesterday.

Right, but Armando fixed everything with his seductive powers, right? They can’t be fighting. As of right now Betty owns V&M, Armando, Ricky…everyone!

Sofia gets to work and Efrain’s waiting outside to confront her about Jenny. I feel like they’ve had this argument several times already. Sofia’s pissed that Efrain takes care of Jenny and not of his kids. Efrain’s pissed that she’s mean to Jenny. Charlie sits there in the front seat of the van agreeing with both of them.

He finally pops out of the van and says that’s enough. He told Efrain they shouldn’t have come here. It was wrong of Jenny to get a job here in the first place. And as for Sofia, she needs to have some dignity. He’s ashamed of the both of them!

Jenny’s begging Smith for her job back. The creep is more interested in whether there are pictures of Jenny in that drag queen dress…for evidence. She’s wearing something like a sheer hoodie and she sticks her chest out as far as she can as she complains that Hugo fired her and it was so unfair. Smith tells her chest he’ll do everything he can to help her.

Betty calls Nicolas to tell him to find her a lawyer. Armando comes in to ask why she’s being so serious with him. Is it about what Marcela talked to her about yesterday?

Betty says Marcela didn’t talk to her, she insulted her.

Oh, that’s just Marcela. Betty should ignore her. She gets emotional.

Betty says he doesn’t have to defend Marcela. She was right. Betty’s job is to handle the finances, not cover up Armando’s…stuff.

Armando apologizes for yesterday. It wasn’t fair to her.

It wasn’t fair to anybody!

Yes, right, and he’s sorry. He wants to make it up to her by giving her a raise!

Dude, financial ruin!

He says she can take it out of his salary.

Betty tells him it’s not necessary. She only wants one thing from him…

Respect. She wants to be treated like a professional, not his accomplice.

What did people say?

  • Poca madre – the opposite of “a toda madre,” someone uncool; what Giovas says Sofia is when he realized Sofia made him make Jenny get fired
  • Insipida – insipid woman, what Pati calls Vanessa
  • En especie – non-monetary payment, barter; how Vanessa says the rest of her fee will be covered
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