Betty en NY Wednesday 3/20/19 #31

So the show was a success. It was apoteósico! And why is nobody bringing him a new it model?

Inés thinks he needs to give Jenny another chance. She’s young, she made a mistake, she just wanted to get Hugo’s attention and she’s sure Jenny learned her lesson. Plus she’s a really great fit model.

Hugo agrees, she’s the most beautiful “hanger” he’s ever had. He changes the subject and shows off his socks.

Smith wants Sofia to level with him about the Jenny incident. Because she told him that Sofia gave her bad information and led her into a trap.

Sofia says that’s impossible. She doesn’t talk to Jenny. And Jenny’s the one who’s been trying to get at her–first she stole Sofia’s husband, then she got a job where Sofia works, and now she’s been fired and she wants to blame it on Sofia.

All Smith hears is that she hates Jenny. He kicks her out of his office and says if he finds out she’s been conspiring with anybody she’s fired.

Jenny comes into the workroom and tells Hugo she’s just here to get her stuff. And to thank him ’cause it was beautiful while it lasted.

Hugo says she’s half an hour late. What? Yesterday was yesterday and today is today. But she’d better NEVER show up on his runway again and certainly not in any of his designs.

Jenny swears she won’t kisses Hugo on the cheek and goes back to work. Inés smiles.

Pati’s hungover. Big time. Like, the kind of hangover that makes you swear you’ll never drink again. Except it’s Pati so she just thinks she’s dying.

Armando comes out of his office to scream at her for being 45 minutes late. This attracts Marce’s attention and Pati says she was having morning sickness and Armando can’t scream at her. Marce’s like “She’s having a baby! She’s delicada!”

Armando feels bad about yelling at her and Marce sends him back to his office. She tells Pati to say Marce gave her permission to be late next time. And WHAT IS SHE DRINKING?!

A double espresso.

Marce’s like YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRINKING THAT! And Pati cries about being a terrible mother when the baby hasn’t even been born yet. Berta’s listening in from her desk and she’s shocked. And potentially disgusted.

Marce takes the coffee and tells Pati to just get to work.

At Betty’s house, Nico gets distracted by a photo from Pati. She says she’s having a bad day and he’s all “Is there anything I can do?”

She says he can send hugs.

He says he’s sending a million. He doesn’t work in small quantities. (OK, that was funny.)

And then she asks when he’s sending her that ten thousand dollars.

Nico has no idea. And he suddenly remembers he’s got to find a lawyer for Betty.

The Pelotón watch Pati falling asleep at her desk. Berta talks about how awful she looked when she came in, like the pregnancy was really hitting her hard.

Um, no. That would be the drinking she did last night. Mariana found a picture of Pati with a glass in her hand and a hot guy in shorts dancing with her.

Sofia says something about taking it with no water…would that be “straight up”?…and was she talking about the booze or the guy?

Berta tries to convince herself Pati wouldn’t drink while she’s pregnant, but like Sofia says, they all know it’s a hangover. They should order a really spicy birria or two.

Sofia comes to the workroom looking for Inés and finds Jenny instead. And they argue. Jenny owns her cucarachaness–they’ll never go extinct because they’re resistant. Hugo re-hired her. And this round goes to Jenny because a crowd gathers and there are now too many witnesses for Sofia to get away with anything. Jenny says she’s good when she’s good, but when she’s bad…she’d better not even say.

Sofia complains to Berta. And while Berta sympathizes, el que mal empieza mal acaba. And it’s not just coming back on Sofia, it’s catching everyone else too. Look at Giovas’ debt (although, he’s the one who let Jenny drive, so it’s not really Sofia’s fault) Inés almost got into trouble. And Sofia’s in danger of losing her job.

Marcela wanders by and hears their argument.

Sofia asks how Berta would feel if her gordo cheated on her.

She doesn’t know, and maybe she would want revenge too, but she wouldn’t drag everyone else down with her.

Sofia starts to scream at Berta, but Marcela asks to see Sofia in her office.

She heard the conversation and she wants to know what’s going on with Jenny.

Sofia says she’s embarrassed, but…she tried to get Jenny fired. And if she had the chance, she’d do it a thousand times over. She hates Jenny.

Marcela gets that. It must hurt to see your ex’s new wife every day in the office.

Sofia says Jenny stole her happiness and left her empty.

Marcela says it was her ex that did that. She can’t blame it all on Jenny. Sofia still has a home–she has her kids. She needs to end the relationship and start over. Marce gives her the card of a lawyer friend and tells Sofia to call her, sign her divorce, and be happy. Tell her Marce sent her. (I know, it’s frustrating to watch Marcela being all reasonable and giving good advice and then be so cruel to Betty. Consider that sometimes people give others the advice that they need to be giving themselves.)

Armando and Ricky recap yesterday’s Vanessa debacle. Armando tells him about the talk he had with Betty.

Ricky’s sure she turned down a raise because she’s planning to collect in some other way…one autumn afternoon she’ll find him here alone and–

Ricky lunges at Armando and says something about a chupacabra.

Armando says Betty’s too serious for that. And oh look, Vanessa’s calling.

Berta sees Pati taking headache pills in the bathroom. Those pills aren’t good for the baby! Pati keeps up the baby fiction. Berta says she’s jealous of Pati, in a good way. It’s a blessing to be a mother, no matter how it happens.

She leaves and Pati angrily rips the chain off her neck that’s a limited edition souvenir of the Delta Charlie Bravo fraternity. (*snort*) She whines about this stuff always happening to her.

She goes back out to her desk sobbing. Ricky asks if she’s OK and Pati screams at him that no, she’s not OK, but she can handle it on her own. Doesn’t he know that there are people with problems that he would never understand?!

Ricky goes back to his office and remembers being a young Ricky.

His mom was crying and drinking and he told her he didn’t think his dad loved them anymore. He doesn’t live with them and he doesn’t visit. His mom said life is like that sometimes and you have to get used to being alone. Ricky says he misses his dad and hugs his mom.

Everybody virtually hugs crying Ricky.

Betty and Nico are on their way to meet the lawyer. In Jackson Heights.

Daniel calls V&M to tell Patricia he accepts her proposal.

Even Pati has to ask which one.

He’ll give her the money she asked for, but she’s leaving tomorrow.

Pati says she has to think about it. She’s not THAT desperate. She’ll leave when and IF she wants to. She does a little happy dance at her desk.

The lawyer Nico found is the same lawyer who handled Demetrio’s lawsuit. Betty worries that he might say something about what they’re doing to her dad. (What, ’cause they’re buds now and Peter regularly calls her dad to tell him about his new clients?)

Armando meets Vanessa at a bar and begs her to go back to Europe and leave him alone.

She says it’s just a goodbye and no one will see him. Sure, nothing will happen. Is he saying that because he’s scared of her or of Marcela? She thinks if he were more in love with Marcela he wouldn’t be so tempted. (That’s not how it works.)

Poor Marcela’s such a loser. Sooner or later she’s bound to lose him because he doesn’t love her. He’s used to women adoring him. Like his assistant. She’s crazy about him. Vanessa gets it–Armando’s hot. It’s too bad he didn’t want to have a good time with her. But she never would have fallen in love with him. She’s not that kind of woman. She’s not Betty.

Armando thinks about what Vanessa just said, what Ricky said, what Betty said about getting the flowers from him, taking the picture at the Italian restaurant, Ricky saying she’s the perfect woman for him. And NOW he gets it–Betty’s in love with him.

Ricky shows up at the bar, wondering where Vanessa is. Armando says she left. He called Ricky because he’s realized she’s in love with him!

And Armando let her get away? She could have been the jewel of his “collection.”

No, not Vanessa, BETTY!

That’s old news. Por fin te cayo el veinte. Of course the gargoyle’s in love with him. He’s Prince Charming! She’s the Beast, Quasimodo, Shrek.

Armando says he’s serious! Starting tomorrow he needs to put some distance between them. Be more serious. He can’t give her false hope. He doesn’t want her to get hurt?!

Ricky vetoes that idea. They don’t want an angry Betty. Armando should keep treating her the way he always has. If it’s got Betty twisting up her bedsheets, that’s not his problem. What they need is her support at the board meeting. That’s all that’s important. Armando shouldn’t move a finger.

Lawyer Pete says he’s managed several buyouts and it’s no big deal. Nico has all the information he’ll need about BAR and V&M in the binders he’s been carrying around.

He notices Betty again and remembers he’s worked with a Rincón in Jackson Heights…any relation? They talk about how common/uncommon the name is.

Anyway, how did they hear about him? They get a five percent discount because they mentioned his TV ad.

Pati goes to the gym. She’s still trying to get on a payment plan at the fertility doctor’s. They still don’t do that. She hangs up and complains about “dum beeches.”

Berta followed Pati from the office. She tries to get in, but the guy at the front desk says only members are allowed. Berta says she’s not a member, but she’d like to check out the gym and decide whether she wants to sign up. Nick would be happy to give her a tour.

Pete the lawyer tells Frank his assistant about their new case. He’s whiny because they’re just a couple of nerds managing a shell company and they’re not the kind of clients he needs to make it to the big time.

Frank takes a look at the top binder and interrupts Frank’s monologue about needing to get an office in Manhattan to get millionaire clients. That pair of nerds are managing a capital of millions of dollars. And V&M has been in business for thirty years. They can make some money off of this one.

Betty’s upset that Nico picked the same lawyer her dad used.

Hey, all she said was to get a lawyer that was less expensive than the ones in Manhattan. He laughs at the idea that she’s afraid her dad will find out about the crooked deal she has going with her boss.

Betty says his teeth are crooked.

Nico says with lawyers it’s all confidential. They don’t go blabbing your business. He can call and tell the guy that this case is like…super confidential.

Betty says that would make her feel better.

Nico reminds her she’s got much bigger problems than her dad finding out what they’re doing.

Nick shows Berta around while she does her best to get away from him and find Pati. She crashes a Zumba class and shows off her moves before Nick drags her out.

Pati’s heading for the boxing area when Ricky calls. He wants to talk.

Hm, not now, ’cause she’s at the doctor’s office and they’re calling her name. Does he want to come over to her place tonight?

Pati hangs up the phone and celebrates saving $10,000 and being able to drop the “artificial” part.

Berta’s still walking around with Nick…she sees Pati in the kickboxing room and verifies that it’s not the sort of exercise that’s safe while pregnant. (That probably varies according to fitness level and how your pregnancy’s going. I say discuss it with your doctor.) He sure wouldn’t recommend it. Why, is she pregnant?

“What? You thought I was fat?” She tells Nick she’s gonna go take a picture of the exercise so she can show it to her doctor and find out if she can do it. She walks sloooowly down the hallway trying to get a picture without catching Pati’s attention and two women coming out of the boxing room bump into her. She ends up crawling back down the hall. ‘Cause that’s totally subtle.

Betty hides the paperwork in her close so her mom won’t find it if she decides to do “general cleaning.” Not that she would understand the contract, but she might show it to Demetrio.

Nico tells her that paperwork means she’s the only owner of V&M. She could keep that company if she wanted to. Hey, this is what friends are for–to tell you the uncomfortable truths. Does she remember ethics class?

Betty says he’s not helping.

OK, good, that sounds like her conscience is bothering her, which means she and Armando know what they’re doing is illegal. He doesn’t want to fight, but those fake reports she’s giving to the shareholders aren’t just unethical, they’re illegal! How much farther is she going to go? They need to know when this is ending because they’re sinking like a Jackson Heights version of the Titanic with Betty and Armando.

Pati’s apartment. Electricity is a go. Ricky shows up with a present…for the baby. And he asks how her appointment went.

Pati tries to interest him in dessert before dinner.

Ricky says they can’t! They could hurt the baby! (And again, I say, consult your doctor.) He came to tell her he’ll provide the money for everything she needs and be there to support her.

Marce’s feeling Armando up in bed…except it’s not Marce, it’s Betty! And he says, “Betty!” and Marce says “You’re dreaming about Betty?!”

What did people say?

  • Apoteósico – tremendous; how Hugo describes the level of success for the collection
  • Delicada – delicate, frail; how Marce describes Pati due to her alleged pregnancy
  • Birria – a spicy goat stew that’s supposed to be a hangover cure; what Sofia says they should order for Pati
  • El que mal empieza mal acaba – if you start out doing something bad it’s going to end badly; Berta’s take on Sofia’s fight with Jenny.
  • Por fin te cayo el veinte – NOW you get it, the penny dropped; Ricky’s reaction to Armando saying Betty’s in love with him.
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1 year ago

Thanks Kat!

I would like Smith to go away. Now.

I still feel bad for Sofia. It’s got to be hard to get over that kind of betrayal.