Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 3/20/19 #88

Sahika wonders if Neriman can’t stop thinking about Pelin. Neriman did look like she was stewing. Sahika brings up a good point…Neriman has her past with Sinasi and Macit had to get over that. Now Neriman will have to get over the fact that Macit had past relationships too. Personally I think things are a little different for Neriman since she’s thinking Macit had a sexual relationship with Pelin.

Fahriye is excited about the breakfast date with Macit. Neriman isn’t sure how they can pull it off. There’s no way to come up with a reasonable enough lie for going out so early. (I’m not sure this is in the right place. I didn’t make a note of it, but I remembered it happened somewhere around here….)

Kader doesn’t want to forgive Zehra. Ismail basically tells her to get off her behind and take care of the house. On the one hand this annoys me because Ismail could get off his behind and helps, but on the other hand is Kader so I’m not so mad…

Emre calls Asli and she refuses to speak to him. She hangs up the phone. Nezahat worries, but Asli assures her she’s not afraid of Emre anymore. The baby needs her. Nezahat is off to see Asim. Asli begs her not to marry someone she doesn’t love. When Zehra hears that Nezahat is going to see Asim, all she can do is gush about being so happy Nezahat is fixing things with Asim. So basically Zehra has learned nothing. Yay.

The breakfast Gulter prepared looks really tasty. I might take up cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, bread and cheese for breakfast as well…Oh…the recap. So Macit calls and Neriman acts like it’s “Irmac”(?). She walks off to explain to Macit that she can’t make it. He’s disappointed. He really wants to see her. Meanwhile, Fahriye concocts a lie about school friends organizing a day in the country and Neriman said she couldn’t go because obvs Faiz wasn’t going to let them go and the only way to recap Fahriye is pretty much using a run on sentence, but now I’m not even sure if this is a run on or just rambling. Faiz grants royal permission for the girls to go on the outing. Neriman calls Macit and says she can go. He wants to meet her at the muralla where they always meet (I think.) Neriman goes upstairs to grab her things and put her ring back on. Hmmm, my notes are vague. I’ve just got “Neriman can’t stop thinking about what Sahika has said about Pelin” so I can’t remember if Neriman said that out loud or if Sahika said it to Neriman. Sorry, I only watch once and I’m taking notes most of the time.

Nezahat is at the muralla listening to Asim apologizing for his mother believing everything. He gives back the ring. Nezahat doesn’t look half as enthused as Asim. As she heads home, she sees Neriman getting into Macit’s car.

Pelin goes to see Inci and Kerim. She wants to talk to them with Macit, but he’s not there. She returns all the IOUs and asks them to come up with a Pay Pelin Back Payment Plan when Macit gets back. Oh, and she congratulates them on Macit’s engagement. Kerim says as far as he’s concerned, it’s not a legitimate engagement.

Neriman, Macit and Fahriye arrive at the finca Duygu and Ösgür are already there. It’s awkward. Neriman asks why Duygu is annoyed with her. Duygu admits she doesn’t know. Neriman is bad for Duygu’s family. Neriman says she’s just in love with Macit. Duygu admits that Macit loves Neriman too, but Pelin is suffering.

Nezahat goes to tell Sinasi that she saw Neriman getting in Macit’s car. Nezahat thought he should know. Sinasi looks mad. Rüya looks disgusted and put out with the pouty, whiny business partner she got involved with.

While the gang watches Macit ride a horse, Fahriye casually asks if Pelin has been there. Duygu says she hasn’t. The finca is Macit’s special place and he never takes anyone here. Macit gets off the horse and confirms this. The doors to this finca are only open for his prometida. Meanwhile, the recapper starts thinking “wait….weren’t he and Pelin….?”

Pelin calls Sahika to find out where Neriman is. The casa de campo? Ok…yup…she remembers waking Macit up for breakfast after his sad, drunk night many, many episodes before. (This is where my notes begin to be filled with profanity because I record my reactions as well…)

Neriman and Macit canoodle. She likes this place. It’s where he proposed to her. He swears he’s never brought anyone else here.

Fahriye helps Ösgür clarify his feelings about Duygu. Fahriye is “are y’all together, in love…what?” and Ösgür tries to deflect the question over to Duygu, who claims she has no clue what the relationship status is. Ösgür kind of reluctantly admits there’s something. Fahriye finds his answer unacceptable. He kind of struggled to admit it, right? Duygu walks away. Fahriye encourages Ösgür to say “I love you.” Yay! It’s official! Now Fahriye has to watch Ösgür and Duygu and Macit and Neriman hug. Poor Fahriye.

At breakfast Señor Sali lets it slip about that time Pelin brought fruit for breakfast. More profanity in my notes. Neriman jumps up. Macit lied again!! Macit explains that it was that night he thought he lost Neriman and he came her. Pelin showed up…he didn’t ask her to come. Neriman forgives him. They hug. Pelin shows up in slow mo. She came to pick up some things she left in Macit’s room. Neriman asks Macit if he was with Pelin all night. He admits he was, but nothing happened. So why is her stuff in his room? Neriman stalks off. Fahriye basically tells Macit she’d be cursing Macit out right now if she didn’t have to go comfort her friend. Don’t worry, Fahriye! My notes are filled with me cursing him out!

From an upstairs window, Pelin watches Fahriye with Neriman. “Hasta nunca, Neriman!” Duygu comes upstairs to ask Pelin why she has to lie and ruin everything. Macit interrupts them. Pelin does that smirk that infuriates me.

Fahriye tries to calm Neriman down as they head for the bus. Pelin would do anything to break up Macit and Neriman. Neriman isn’t buying it.
Macit is upstairs reminding Pelin that nothing happened. Pelin claims it could have. Macit was drunk and he wanted to, but Pelin refused him. She wanted him to be sober and remember it. Macit tells her that even drunk he wouldn’t even see Pelin “that way.” It’s cold and I should be mad that he shamed her that way…but I’m not.

Sinasi tells Cihan to call Fahriye. Cihan is annoyed. Sinasi just wants to know where Neriman is. Sinasi is going nuts and Cihan is over it.

Macit tells Ösgür he wants to be alone. Duygu goes upstairs. Pelin tries to play the victim. “Oh! Woe! Macit said hurtful things to me!” Duygu explodes. He doesn’t love you! Forget him!

Downstairs Ösgür tries to comfort Macit. Duygu eventually comes back down, apologizes to Macit and she and Ösgür leave after Pelin.

Macit wastes some perfectly good tomatoes and calls Neriman. Neriman ignores the call, but Fahriye answers. She hands the phone to Neriman. Macit just yells. Fine! I’m never calling you again! Think what you want!

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