La Mujer del Vendaval #129

Severo admits his crimes to ML after she womanhandles him a little.
ML asks him if he thinks he’ll kill her too, to keep her from telling. No. She’ll keep her mouth shut as long as he gives her the passwords to all his secret accounts. She knows how he got that money, and he really should share with his understanding sympathetic daughter. He’s afraid she’ll clean him out, and he worked hard to steal that money. ML assures him she’ll be so fair with him, and only takes what she deserves.

Severo gives ML the info but tells her she’ll have to tell him before she withdraws anything, in case the bank gets suspicious. Ok whatever, now did he put those papers in Al’s stuff and why. After some prevaricating, Severo admits that he did, because he heard that Marcela didn’t want Al to know and he was trying to ruin her secret.

ML says the tree didn’t grow too far from the apple, and now that they’re working together, he has to tell her before he does stuff, so they can bring Marcela down together.

He asks what she’s got going with Oct, and she tells him about Oct’s plans to get El V and gives him an abbreviated version of Oct’s hate for Al. So, he’d better play along with ML’s plans and not try to escape, cause he knows she can turn him in, but if he stays and helps her ruin Marcela’s life they’ll both leave the place rich.

Cris lies awake and remembers his history with Alba

Alba agonizes over which of the two men who are committed to other women she loves. No she can’t pick either of them.

Next morning, Cris finds Alba in the kitchen and asks her to go sight seeing with him, she’s trying to tell him she’s too busy when Amadeo arrives with the bread.

Amadeo starts questioning Cris about why he’s there. When Sagrario arrives, Alba volunteers Amadeo to take Cris sightseeing. Aw Amadeo, you’re so sweet. Such a helpful boy. (birds, meet stone. )

Al stops Marcela heading out to meet Val. She’d prefer to go alone, but when he gets suspicious about why she doesn’t want him around, she says ok fine he can take her to town.

When they get to Val’s house, Al won’t leave, he insists on walking Val and Marcela to the new place, and away from Emiliano’s house, and Emil.

Eventually Val convinces Al to leave them alone, and then tells Marcela the whole thing was a ploy so she can start her treatments with Emil. Marcela completely believed the looking at houses story and hopes she never falls afoul of Val. Really all Marcela wants now is to keep Al calm and avoid more fights

Emil comes to pick up Marcela for her treatment, thanks Val and they head out.

Luc checks his schedule and then heads out for the day. Nestor gets suspicious, remembering the overheard convo with Val and calls someone to find out where Luc went.

Mauro comes looking for Inez and Nestor tells him so is Oct.

Nestor’s guy calls him to tell him Luc went to SBP

Oct hires someone to find Inez’s ex for her. She doesn’t have much info about him, so after her investigator leaves, Oct asks Nora to look up Inez’s marriage license, cause they’re missing some employee info. Inez never got married to that guy, ok then, just get me Inez’s employee file.

Mauro bursts in to tell Oct she can’t fire Inez cause he’s got Luc’s backing for the relationship, but Oct doesn’t want to fire Inez, she knows they’re together, they’re way cute, he can keep seeing her if he wants to, Oct won’t do anything to her. After Mauro leaves, Oct says we’ll see how long it lasts when the ex shows up.

Amadeo takes Cris to town, mostly to get him away from Alba and the ranch.

In town Amadeo runs into some fans and Cris hears them talking to him even though Amadeo is trying to get them to shut up and go away. Later on his own, Cris finds the ladies and asks them about Amadeo and learns about his reputation as the San Bartolo Tiger and that Amadeo’s girlfriend is Selma and not Alba, which Cris is really happy to hear.

Gordo picks Nisa up to take her to school( and creeps me out thoroughly)

Adventures in the friend zone with Nisa and Gordo. RPC (its only partly because I’m annoyed by them, I also really can’t understand what either of them is saying most of the time)(or possibly I’m not listening, could be that too)

Cuchi sent flowers to the hotel for Nisa and told the delivery guy to give them to her personally but Nisa isn’t there. Inez handles the problem and then Mauro gives her a big kiss right there in front of everyone. They don’t have to hide any more, she can be officially his gf. Sil watches and so do the other employees.

Val gets a call after her brother and Marcela leave. She answers warmly and plans to meet the person soon.

After she finalizes the deal with the woman she’s renting her new place from Luc arrives to see it. He thinks its a perfect love nest for them

Al calls Oct, he wants to work out the terms of the loan right away so he can plan his life out around them. They agree to meet in the afternoon halfway between SBP and Huatulco to get it done.

Apparently Marcela’s treatment is quite painful (I’m trying not to think about it too much) Emiliano says she’ll get used to them and he’ll use more anesthetic next time. The main thing is she needs to stay calm to minimize the risk of a bad reaction to the treatment. She’s trying but she’s got a lot on her plate now, she has a meeting with her lawyer later to talk about nullifying Al’s claim to the ranch. Emil talks her into letting him go with her and along the way they discuss her latest problems with Al. Which of course upsets her so Emiliano has to give her a comforting hug

Emiliano tries to get her to stop crying, its not good for her, he asks if she’s going to let Al get away with lying to her or if she’ll confront him about it. She can’t think about it now. At some point she’ll have to, she can’t spend her whole life living like this.

Amadeo asks Selma if they can stop fake dating so he can be with Alba while Cris is around. Selma says ok, but if Alba doesn’t go for you and picks that other guy, who btw is pretty hot, then they will start dating for realz. Ok sure says trusting Amadeo distractedly trying to keep it casual in front of Cris who’s just come in.

Cris asks Linda if the girl Amadeo is talking to is Selma and Linda loudly tells him she is.

Later Cris stops Selma on the street and asks her if she’s Amadeo’s girlfriend. She tells him she is, but she’s not supposed to tell anyone because Amadeo has an eye for the ladies and right now he’s got his eye on Alba. Selma loves him so much, and he’s the most eligible man in San BP that she’ll put up with his infidelities to keep him. Cris looks very confuse. (I don’t blame him, this is not the Amadeo he has met. Selma is very creative. )

ML gets the numbers from Severo. He tries to convince her not to take very much out or she’ll rouse suspicions. Ok whatevs daddy, oh btw mom and Alba found the bullets and hid them and that’s why Don T’s search couldn’t find anything. And if he tries to escape her, she’ll empty his accounts.

Silvana wants to ask Inez about her relationship with Mauro and Mauro’s sexuality issue. Inez says he was just confused and he’s (ahem) straightened out now and its all good. Sil still isn’t convince that Mauro is right for Inez, but Inez assures her that Mauro is all man. (I, just… *rolls eyes* ok whatever)

Marcela meets with her atty and tells him she’s changed her mind about giving part of the ranch away and she wants to undo it. He’s afraid that won’t be possible, the contract is already filed with the registrar’s office and she’d have to go to court to get it changed now and the judge would want Al there to agree to it, or not. It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t told Al about it yet, its already a done deal. Marcela starts to get upset and Emil tries to calm her, but she’s yelling at the attorney about how Al doesn’t deserve her ranch. Emil says there must be some way, and the atty suggests they tell the beneficiary about the mortgage and maybe he won’t want the property.

Marcela says Al’s already paid off the debt, well that’ll speak in his favor at any hearing, unless you could prove he knew he was benefiting himself when he paid the debt, but still there’s nothing they can do if he knows about it and won’t give it up.

Al meets with Oct and they get right down to business. He tells her that Marcela knows he paid off the debt. Oct acts surprised. Als got a five year plan to pay her back with interest, but she says she’s not interested in interest, or money. She just wants to build a luxury hotel and spa on El V. The place is perfect, with the scenery and the hot springs and the area is under served hotel wise, Hotel Hell won’t be much competition. Al agrees with everything she’s saying, her plan sounds perfect, but its impossible. Marcela would never allow it, so Oct had better let him work out a deal to pay her back in a more conventional way, because he’s tried to talk Marcela into the hotel idea and its not going to happen.

Ok then, Oct says, here’s the plan I’ve drawn up for your repayment of the debt. Sky high interest and all due in six months. Al wonders where the nice Octavia who wanted to help him went.

She says she is trying to help him, they both know the only way El Vendeval will make any money is as a hotel/spa and if this is the only way to push him into doing what is best for everyone then so be it.

Also the interest starts accruing this month and there’s no way he can get out of this since he signed a blank contract. Really she’s doing them both a favor, now that his family has dumped him he has to learn to make the most of what he’s got.

Al finally realizes that this was Octavia’s plan all along, too late.

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth! Having to sneak around behind Al’s back just so she can get a painful medical procedure done sounds like a lose-lose to me.

I’m not looking forward to Octavia finding the guy who left Inés to raise their kid on her own. I don’t want Luisito to get hurt.