Betty en NY Friday 3/22/19 #33

Armando comes home. He says he had insomnia and tried to run it off, but now he’s just cold. Marcela can think of a way to warm him up.

Sofia thanks Charlie for taking them to the ER and buying the medication. And she apologizes for getting him wrapped up in all this mess.

Charlie gives her a lot of credit for getting him and Efrain to start the business.

She asks if he misses Meche, his wife. Sofia misses her. Meche was her BFF. Things have changed so much.

Charlie agrees, everything changes, except their friendship.

Daniel’s out golfing with Jack Anderson again. He says it turned out Armando didn’t make a deal with that broker. But he’ll find out for sure at the next board meeting.

Anderson’s new financial advisor shows up. It’s Mata. He and Daniel pretend they don’t know each other.

Pati’s going through her contact list, looking for an ex she could maybe get some sperm or $10K from. Candidate 1 is married, 2 moved to Ireland, 3 is gay. Pati takes a serious look at Giovas, but she squicks herself out.

Los Cucaracha are back from Atlantic City. Jenny turned off Efrain’s phone because Charlie and Sofia kept calling.

And it didn’t occur to Efrain that if they were both trying to reach him, maybe something was wrong? Something with one of his kids? Jonathan’s at home with strep throat!

Efrain asks for the keys to the van to go see him, but Jenny’s not letting him go alone.

Armando visits Ricky’s office to tell him Betty agreed to fake the financials, but this is the last time. Meeting her dad made him realize what kind of family she comes from. He felt like an absolute rat, but he knows Betty feels worse.

Ricky tells him the only reason Betty seems so innocent is that she’s naïve. Give her six months and she’ll be like everyone else on the planet–trying to get all the cash she can.

Daniel and Mata are still working together, scamming Anderson. So far, all we know is that Mata has convinced him to buy a certain stock that Daniel mentioned.

Sofia’s furious that Efrain came over with Jenny. Yeah, he’s got rights–and he also has obligations he’s not meeting! She gives him five minutes. Jenny goes with him to meet “the stepkids.”

Armando gives Betty a signed admission of guilt. He wants her to keep it somewhere safe and use it if everything goes wrong. Sure, she doesn’t need it, but the legal system will. He doesn’t want to hurt her or her family. Hopefully she won’t have to use it.  (It’s like the high point of the Armando roller coaster. *sigh*)

Ricky’s freaking out when Armando tells him what he did. Could he really not think of a better way to keep her calm?! He’s going crazy over that woman. She’s just an employee! An employee like any other, with curly hair, glasses, and braces. She’s an ASSISTANT!

Armando tracks down Catalina. She’s like “Seriously? Flowers?” She thought she’d made it clear she wouldn’t work with him again. Armando begs her–she’s the best, she can check out the collection first and if there’s anything she doesn’t like she won’t do it, please please please please please!

She doesn’t say she will, but she’s got that look.

Pati’s still striking out. Ex #4 got divorced and remarried. Jenny tries to cheer her up and shows her this great dating app where all the guys are rich.

Betty catches Ricky searching her office. He says he was just checking out the view. Since he’s here, is there anything he can do to help with the report?

Betty’s got it all under control.

Hm. Armando said she wasn’t entirely sure about her support.

Betty says this is all very new for her. It’s a delicate situation.

Ricky says it’s delicate for all three of them. He doesn’t know what bubble she’s living in, but at this point the only “limit” for them is to do whatever they can to save V&M. The bridges are burned. There’s no way back.

Hugo was hoping for a little honeymoon lovemaking with Fabi, but Romi crashes the party. She had a thing to go to, but she changed her mind–she’d rather stay home with them and watch a movie.

Pati’s first potential sperm donor from the dating app shows up and she drags him upstairs.

Jenny is asking way too many questions about the value of the house and whose names it’s under. I scowl in her general direction.

Marce’s worried about how stressed out Armando is. He says it’s just the meeting, but they’re doing great. He claims they got back part of the money that was stolen in Miami and it didn’t affect them at all. Oh, sure there was the problem with payroll, but that was just a day.

Marce thinks he should tell the board, but Armando doesn’t want to hand Daniel ammo. Well, Marce doesn’t like lying, so this is the last time. Armando dives onto the counter to kiss her.

Betty shows Nicolas the letter and he’s still not buying that Armando’s not going to screw them over in some way. Well, Betty trusts him. And she proves it by tearing up the letter. (NO!)

Two weeks pass

Pati’s doing a pregnancy test at work. Because she’s Pati. She makes it sound like she’s really been trying, but nada. The test shows one lonely line.

Hugo’s kitchen is a complete disaster, thanks to Romi. She makes a mean roast, but she’s used every surface and utensil in the kitchen. Hugo wants Romi to leave. She doesn’t want Fabi to tell her to leave, he just wants her gone. And he wants the kitchen cleaned up.

Jenny’s having trouble getting her clothes out of the closet because Efrain put his stuff in there as well and the closet isn’t big enough. They need a bigger closet. And a bigger house.

Efrain laughs that off. Something something, prices, bad investment. They’ll have to wait a couple of years. He tries to get a kiss goodbye, but Jenny refuses. He’s a codo. And because they’re not moving, there will be no cuchi-cuchi or ñaca-ñaca.  (*barf*)

It’s almost time for the big meeting and Betty’s got everything ready, she’s just waiting on the information about online sales. Armando thinks that’s going to balance everything out, but Betty says it’s only on the report. IRL it barely makes a dent.

Armando has decided he should present the report, so he’s going to need Betty to go through the whole thing with him.

Nico’s at the pollo asado place with Pete and his assistant. They’re raising their prices.

Berta sees the discarded pregnancy test in the trash…who could it belong to…?

Pati goes to the workroom to ogle Hugo’s designs. He refuses to let her touch the pretty pretty clothes.

He knows her uterus has been partying and she’s been horizontally accessible, so her womb is inflamed. So who filled her kitchen? Hugo knows all the chisme. (I thought that would potentially sound more hilarious in English, but it’s just weird.)

Well, if Hugo won’t let her touch the clothes, she’s not telling him who the daddy is.

He complains that she gets savage when she’s wearing animal print. Who could the father be…?

Berta has assembled the Pelotón in the lunch room to get to the bottom of the pregnancy test mystery.

  • Aura Maria? Is super super careful.
  • Sandra? Seriously?
  • Mariana? Has been celibate so long she’s practically a virgin.
  • Sofia? What, pregnant by the holy spirit?
  • Inés? Don’t you even!
  • She’s not even gonna ask Betty.
  • Could it be Doña Marcela’s? Or Patricia’s?

Inés thinks Berta’s taking the “Pati’s not pregnant” thing too far.

Oh, no, Pati’s been lying and Berta’s going to prove it!

In Marcela’s office, Marce and Pati are having lunch. Pati whines about not wanting to talk about the father of her baby and Marce says she’ll always be there for her. She makes the mistake of drinking from her water glass when Pati asks for $10K.

What? It’s expensive being pregnant! She spends all her money on folic acid supplements! OK, OK, she “admits” she owed someone money and the interest kept climbing and she wasn’t able to pay them back.

Marce offers to take on the debt. Pati just needs to introduce her to the person she owes money to.

Pati suddenly remembers an email she forgot to send.

Armando’s trying to make sense of the fake numbers when Sofia comes in looking for Betty. She’s got a call on hold…from the bank…something about a loan that’s behind?

Betty says she’ll call them right back.

And then she tells Armando they have no way to pay.

Then she’ll have to start the buyout process.

Armando signs some paperwork that gives Betty V&M entirely. She promises she’ll give it back as soon as she can. Armando’s not worried about it. He’s sure they’ll have V&M back on its feet within a year.

In the breakroom, Berta’s fussing about Pati being a liar and how she wants to go get the pregnancy test back out of the trash and see if she can keep lying when faced with the evidence. Sofia just keeps agreeing with her and Berta’s finding it odd.

Well, Sofia does have something to say if Berta promises not to get mad. She thinks Berta’s jealous of Pati.

Berta both tears up and laughs at the same time. What would she be jealous of?

Well, maybe that Pati might actually be magically pregnant and Berta’s been trying for years?

Berta reminds Sofia that as soon as Pati said she was pregnant suddenly all the crap she’d been pulling on them was forgotten. So, fine, Berta’s not going to say anything. And maybe Pati is really going to have a baby….She’s lost her appetite.

Charlie catches Efrain talking to the bank about a loan. Efrain tries to say he was just checking. In case they need to replace their equipment.

Uh huh. But the equipment is under warranty. He hopes this isn’t another one of Jenny’s antojos. He’s not going to let the company go bankrupt because of her ambitions.

Efrain swears Jenny hasn’t asked for anything.

Betty calls Nico from Armando’s office to tell him it’s time. He wants her to promise him that when she’s a multi-millionaire she’ll still be his friend.

Betty tells him to quit being goofy. He knows she’s not going to get anything out of this. It’s just a financial maneuver.

“Let me dream! You’re my only rich friend! The new owner of V&M.”

What did people say?

  • Codo – cheapskate
  • Antojo – whim
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1 year ago

Thanks Kat!

The whole Jenny and the house thing leaves me angry.

stealth cacophony
1 year ago
Reply to  Sara

So angry, especially since it came from Sophia’s side of the family, as far as I’m concerned that #$@% has no right to it. I used to think Sophia was overreacting a little bit. Now I’m hoping las cucarachas get run over.

1 year ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

The problem is if Sofia could afford to pay it. I’m teally afraid Efrain is going to end up with the house.

stealth cacophony
1 year ago

Thanks for the recap it really cleared some questions up for me 🙂
Not to mention, its helping me to remember (at least some of the time) the characters names