Betty en NY Thursday 3/21/19 #32

Marcela can’t believe Armando’s dreaming about Betty!

He swears it was a board meeting stress-induced nightmare.

Marcela tells him he really needs to chill out. And never mention that woman’s name in bed again!

Armando does something under the covers that gets Marcela’s attention, but I’m still sitting here like “Dude…that was SO not a nightmare and shagging Marcela’s not going to wipe it out of your head.”

Ricky’s been reading on the internet, so he takes away Pati’s wine glass and won’t let her eat raw oysters. Pati’s touched that he’s taking care of her and the baby. She says sex also helps develop motor functions and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

The problem is…Ricky can’t. He just…can’t! It’s not her–


–It’s him. He’s gonna go now, because he also read that sleep is good for pregnant women.

Pati’s frustrated she lost her chance at actually getting pregnant. So much for the oysters!

At breakfast, Betty’s family is having lies and chilaquiles. Betty claims she doesn’t know what Don Armando intends to do with BAR. And why would they want an office? Her dad would have to go to Manhattan every day and leave her mom alone! Anyway it’s late she’s gotta go see you later bye!

Berta’s limping into work. She sustained an injury while investigating a chisme that’s so good it’s going to interrupt programming!

Sofia comes in with donuts and everybody splits. Inés can’t have sugar, her doctor said. Mariana’s not in the mood. Aura Maria’s on a diet. Berta will take them, but  Sofia messed up big time and she’s going to have to deal with everyone giving her the cold shoulder. Even Giovas and Wilson are angry at her.

Armando sneaks into Betty’s cloffice and stares at her for a while before asking if she got that lawyer yet.

Um…yeah, but he’s from Jackson Heights. He’s not famous or anything, but he’s not a nobody. And he’s cheap!

Armando says there’s no time to find another one, so if she trusts him, tell him to go ahead with the takeover.

Julia and Demetrio are doing the dishes. He’s worried about Betty and Nicolas. They’re managing millions of dollars without answering to anybody. They invest in whatever they want to. He knows they’ve got their degrees, but they have so little experience. Somebody could be trying to take advantage of them.

Like, Betty’s boss?

He doesn’t know, but he thinks it’s a father’s job to protect his children no matter how old they are.

The Pelotón gather around Aura Maria’s desk so Berta can tell them the chisme of the year…Pati’s not pregnant! She doesn’t have proof yet, but she’s working on it. She’s sure Pati was hungover the other day and she caught her taking painkillers that are not recommended for pregnant women, and yesterday she followed Pati and she was doing…

Kick. Boxing.

Gasps all around.

Inés warns her not to go getting herself in trouble like somebody they all know. Sofia starts looking at the ceiling.

Pati gets off the elevator and all the bad vibes shift from Sofia to her. What? She knows her outfit’s great and they could never afford it. Hey, can her BFF Mariana make her another one of those teas?

“Of course…not!” Mariana does a great imitation of Pati as she says she’s sooooo busy.

Pati whines about the lack of solidarity and see if she’s there to help them when they need it!

Pati starts messaging “Jordan” about the $10K. He asks God for a way to keep them together.

Julia comes in with cookies and milk and to ask if the company’s legit and where Demetrio went.

The company is totes legit and Nico’s bringing in lots and lots of money. But he has no idea where Demetrio is.

Julia thinks she knows…

Julia calls Betty and says her dad’s on the way over. Betty’s sure he would never! She ends the call with her mom and right then Aura Maria calls to say her dad’s here.

Betty begs her to tell her dad she’s in a meeting and she’ll come get him in a minute.

When Aura Maria tries to tell him, Demetrio tells her to use Betty’s full name–it doesn’t take that much longer and it sounds better. Hey, was she one of the girls who showed up at his house when Betty was in a serious estado de etílico?

Aura Maria’s saved by the ringing phone.

Armando and Ricky are having bro time in Ricky’s office. Ricky’s complaining about his other BFF not coming through for him last night. Armando says it happens, they’re getting older, and at least it only happens occasionally instead of never…you know…at all.

Ricky doesn’t think Armando would find it so funny if it happened to him.

Armando tells Ricky he had an erotic dream about Betty.

Ricky insists it was an exotic nightmare.

They’re giggling about it when Betty interrupts. Armando having to remove a post-it note from his face was a nice touch.

Betty says they’ve got a problem. Her dad’s here.

Armando’s like “Tell him now’s not a good time.”

See, if he knew her dad…he’s really intense. He will interrogate any and every person in this company to find out what he wants to know.

Armando says to bring him into this office. He’s got an idea.

Sofia goes to the workroom to apologize to Inesita. She made a mistake.

Hm, nope. It was a pre-meditated act. And it could have been a disaster for ALL of them if Jenny had come out in the runway.

Sofia swears she gets it. Isn’t there any way Inesita will forgive her?

“Start at the beginning.”

At the reception desk, Aura Maria says Betty will see Demetrio now. He reminds Aura Maria they have a conversation pending. Sandra shows up to take him to Betty’s office. She introduces herself as Betty’s personal assistant. *confused Aura Maria face*

Sandra’s giggling as she walks Demetrio into Ricky’s office, where Betty’s sitting behind the desk. Demetrio says it’s a nice office, but it doesn’t look like it’s hers. Where are the family pictures?

Betty’s about to make an excuse when Pati walks in and starts screaming at her that she can’t be sitting there! Demetrio scolds her and says that’s no way to talk to Señorita Rincon. Sandra comes in and tells Pati that yes, this is Betty’s office. Armando comes over and helps shove Pati out of the office.

He apologizes to Demetrio, saying Pati’s kind of…and never finishes the sentence. But hey, nice to see him again and now Demetrio can see him in his normal clothes!

Betty says he looked good as a blonde, though and they laugh.

Demetrio keeps asking about BAR and what Armando plans to do with the earnings and why there’s no official link between BAR and V&M. Armando gives him a bunch of bla bla bla, but in the end it’s “I give you my word it’s all legal,” that convinces Demetrio to back off. And now he’s gonna take them to lunch at the place with the best pollo asado in New York!

Sofia struggles to apologize to Giovas, but eventually he says he forgives her. That’s what friends are for.

At the chicken place Armando tells the story of how his dad founded the company. Demetrio tells Armando how hard he worked to put Betty through school. And sure, he was worried about this business business, but now he knows Armando’s an upright guy. *guilty Armando face*

Armando says Betty’s super important at V&M. Demetrio’s glad to hear it because that last place Betty worked…her office was like a closet! Like they were trying to hide her!  *guilty Armando face*

Another round of chicken shows up but Betty says they have to go. They’ve got an important meeting and they can’t be late.

Pati tells Marcela the horrific tale of finding Betty at Ricardo’s desk and the sequel–Armando Took Them To Lunch.

Marcela complains about that woman getting to Armando in every way. She even showed up in his dreams! Well, OK, nightmares.

And here all this time Marcela was worried about models and instead it’s a [generic insults] who’s getting to him. “But don’t worry. You’re prettier.”

Armando and Betty get back to the office and Daniel, Marcela, and the Pelotón are all waiting for them. Daniel and Marcela start talking about fraud and Betty taking over V&M. Armando does that “get behind me babe” thing with Betty as Daniel and Marcela keep screaming at her. The cops show up and arrest Betty and they won’t let Armando come with them.

Betty’s standing in the elevator letting her imagination run away with her. She makes an excuse about how fast the elevator went up.

Armando comes by Betty’s office later and says he knows she was upset by what her dad said.

Betty says she’s lying to him. He thinks she’s this executive with a fancy office and she’s indispensable at V&M.

Armando says they can get her another office if she wants, or furnish this one better.

But that’s not the point. It’s not the material things, it’s the consequences of what they’re doing.

Armando says they’ve gone too far to turn back now. And it’s nearly time for the board meeting. He begs her to help falsify the financials again.

Giovas runs into Jenny at the elevators and begs her to forgive him, but he didn’t do it on purpose! Jenny’s mean to him and Aura Maria steps in and tells her she’d better not talk to Giovas like that again. And Giovas had better stop trying to date her! She’s like a mannequin, with an empty head and only good for putting clothes on.

Giovas is touched that Aura Maria would defend him. Does this mean they’re not fighting anymore?

She’s still thinking about it.

Betty tells Armando the company’s in bad shape and it’s their job to tell the shareholders that.

Armando says Daniel would just swoop in and kill the company! He needs a chance to show that his business plan can work.

Well, today at lunch, listening to her dad, she realized she needs to set boundaries. His success can’t come at the cost of her ethics. She won’t fake the report again.

When Betty gets home, her parents are celebrating with Abuela. Demetrio told them her boss said the company can’t function without her.

Betty says she’s tired and going to bed, but they should go on celebrating.

She goes to her room to cry.

Armando’s in bed awake, remembering his dad giving him the speech about being clean, transparent, and honest. And then Demetrio calling him honorable and honest and saying his dad must be proud of him. Armando gets out of bed and gets dressed.

One of Sofia’s kids has a fever and she can’t get Efrain on the phone, so she calls Charlie.

Armando ends up at Betty’s, throwing rocks at her window. She comes down in her pajamas. Armando says he needs her. He’s sure between the two of them they can get the company back on its feet. His future is in her hands. He promises nothing bad will happen to her. They can save everyone’s jobs!

Betty asks if he’s thought about what could happen to her if the plan fails? She could end up in jail. Sure, she did it because he asked her to, but she’s still culpable.

Armando sings a few more verses of “Betty, I NEED YOU!” and she agrees she’ll stick with him. It gets her a soggy hug.

Charlie comes over and Sofia says the kid’s still running a fever. Charlie thinks it might be an infection. They should take him to the emergency room. Sofia says they have to take Junior too  because she doesn’t have anyone to leave him with. And where is Efrain?

Charlie glumly admits Efrain is in Atlantic City with Jenny, celebrating their anniversary.

Right. She’d forgotten the relationship had been going on for a while before she knew about it. She goes up to get the kids.

Julia’s awake, reading. She heard the shower going. Betty says she had a headache and thought a warm shower would help.

Julia says her dad’s really proud of her. He had nothing but good things to say about the office and her boss. And Julia has realized that Betty is practically the head of the household. She works, but she also gave Nico and her dad jobs. That means she’s doing something right.

Betty heads off to bed.

Marcela wakes up and realizes Armando’s not there.

What did people say?

  • Estado de etilico – state of drunkenness
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