Tenías Que Ser Tú Friday 1/25/19 #10

Tadeo and Lorenza’s date goes sour. She’s still upset that he didn’t put in much effort to find a job after the bank fired him for something that sounded like going to a funeral for a friend of his mom’s.

Pau pretends the movie’s scaring her to get Bruno to put his arm around her. She takes an incriminating selfie and sends it to Lesly.

Marisa’s decision to go back to Villa Hermosa upsets everyone else in the house. If they go back, Nicole’s going to lose Luci and Santi. And she’s not buying the “I just want us to have a quiet life” either.

Lorenza stops by Tadeo’s room later, saying it’s cold. It takes him a bit to understand that that’s code for “let’s have sex.”

Marcelo asks Amaranta to come over to his house to talk. He tells her that Marisa quit and there’s more, if she can keep a secret. Well, she’s kept his other secret for years, why stop trusting her now? Marcelo says he and Marisa had a relationship one summer….

Amaranta does the math. Nine years ago…so Marcela was the reason Eva broke off the engagement.

Eva was also pregnant. She died in a car accident that Amaranta blames Marcelo for because he was following Eva’s car. According to him, it was to reconcile with her.

Eva’s last call was to Amaranta, to tell her she was fleeing from Marcelo. She doesn’t believe Marcelo was in love with Eva, just obsessed. And his obsession killed Eva and his child.

Over at Marbella’s, everyone’s having relationship troubles and Marbella wants to blame it on the broken mirror from episode 1. Miky says Marbella just needs to go apologize to Ezequiel. And Tino can’t complain about him and Lesly growing apart because he knew this would happen when he left school. Lesly’s not dumping him for a rich guy, she’s going after someone who’s on the same path. And Tino could be on that path too if he’d go back to school.

Marbella agrees.

Marcelo reminds Amaranta that he’s done her a lot of favors, from giving her a job to helping her financially.

Amaranta says that’s just because he’s afraid of her telling everyone his secret.

Well sure, she blackmailed him with it.

Amaranta swears she never did, but Marcelo can read between the lines.

Pau kind of slips up and says the movie was predictable, which doesn’t explain why she was so scared she had to cling to Bruno’s arm. She confesses he’s her weakness. And Bruno confesses he did have fun.

Lorenzo wants Amaranta to help him by giving Marisa back the client she lost and giving her the commission for the sale. He wants her to give the client another 2% discount so he’ll finally close the sale. He’ll pay Amaranta back the lost commission. He’s got the idea that if Marisa were making more money she’d realize it’s better for her daughter for her to stay in the city.

Bruno gets home and sees that Lesly’s been texting him all night, but he doesn’t text her back.

Nobody wants to go back to Villa Hermosa. Nicole goes so far as to call her mother a liar for not finding her father and for only thinking about her own needs. Doesn’t she care that Nicole’s unhappy? She’s never going to forgive her!

Nena’s not happy about Nicole talking to her mom like that, but she thinks Marisa needs to face her fears.

Tadeo and Lorenza are being way too lovey. The kids want an explanation. Lorenza says they’re in negotiations.

Miky notices Nicole’s mood when she comes out to catch the van. Marisa says they’re moving back to Villa Hermosa. He gets the kids to school and tries to comfort Nicole.

Lesly’s not talking to Bruno now that she’s seen The Incriminating Selfie.

Lorenza’s trying to tell Marisa about her night, but Marisa’s mind is somewhere else. It’s on leaving. She tells Marcelo she’s gathering up her stuff and giving Lorenza her clients.

Lorenza tells Marcelo Marisa’s always been like this. Weird.

He tries to get her to tell him about the situation with Nicole’s dad, but Lorenza’s getting her stories mixed up. She leaves it at “nobody knows who Nicole’s father is, not even Marisa.”

Miky calls Marisa to talk about Nicole. She suggests they get together to talk in person.

Nena calls Marcelo and sets up a meeting.

Luci and Santi are sad about Nicole leaving. Luci wonders if maybe they’re going back to Villa Hermosa because Marisa found Nicole’s dad.

Jaqui explains the situation to Brayan and gives him a passionate goodbye snogging.

Amanda stops by the school to see if Ezequiel has an answer for her yet. He just got out of a long relationship and he’d like to date for a while.

Jeny calls Marcelo to talk about Miky and Marisa. She thinks he’ll be interested in what she has to say.

Marisa meets Miky to talk vaguely about thinking she’s making Nicole miserable. She says this is their goodbye because she’s going back to Villa Hermosa. Miky asks her not to go. *smoochies*

Who are these people?

  • Eva – Marcelo’s ex-fiancée, Amaranta’s best friend
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Thanks Kat!

Yup, this is the episode where I feel like Marcelo was exposed as being on the dark side.