Tenías Que Ser Tú #11

Miky and Marisa kissed. Just thought I’d say it again. They’re all weirded out by it.

Bruno’s angry at Pau for uploading the picture and warns her never to upload a picture of him again without asking him first. Pau blames Simona.

Nena tells Tadeo about Marisa wanting to move back home. He offers to help her keep that from happening, all she’s gotta do is tell him what to do. She decides they should go to the races while she’s still close enough.

Amanda invites herself over to Ezequiel’s to cook dinner. Jeny contemplates homicide, but leaves the house instead.

At their meeting, Jeny tells Marcelo to pay more attention to Marisa ’cause if he doesn’t she’s going to pry Miky and Marisa apart.

Amanda wants Marbella to move out so she can live closer to Ezequiel.

Lesly tells Tino he was right about Bruno.

Amaranta gets Marisa to come with her to close the sale on the house.

Brayan brings Jaqui home for dinner. Where the rest of the family has just found out that Amanda made dinner and is ready to be the kids’ stepmom. Tino joins them. Jeny is steamed!

Jeny delivers the smackdown to Amanda – they already have a mother, they all have her in their hearts, and they don’t need another one.

Nena doesn’t manage to tell Marcelo he’s Nicole’s dad before Marisa comes home. She leaves him with Marisa, but Marisa doesn’t tell him either.

Marisa tells Miky they’re definitely leaving and tomorrow is the last day he’ll take Nicole to school. They both admit that kiss got to them. And Miky tells her that Nicole’s theory is that they’re leaving because Marisa found Nicole’s dad and she doesn’t want them to get to know each other.

Miky tells his mom that he kissed Marisa. She needs a swig of beer to process that. She tells him to stay away from that woman and not tell Jeny about the kiss.

Marcelo meets with Jeny again. She tries to convince him to fight for Marisa. She thinks Marisa’s either using Miky to make him jealous, or she’s really in love with Miky.

Marcelo tells her he doesn’t think so–Marisa’s moving back to Villa Hermosa.

What did people say?

  • Pasarte el chicle – kiss
  • Ponte los pantalones – take charge
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