Tenías Que Ser Tú #12

Nicole and Luci beg Marisa to let them have a sleepover at Luci’s house, since they’re leaving.

Bruno gets to Lesly’s in time to see her kissing Tino. So much for the flowers and chocolates Nicole and Luci told him to get. Lesly just wants to be friends with Tino for now.

Brayan and Jaqui have a goodbye snog when he drops her off at home. Tadeo stops Brayan to thank him for the advice and brag about having paid the waitress to flirt. Lorenza overhears and she’s angry again.

Miky comes over to Marisa’s to talk. She says Marcelo’s not just her boss and he’s always going to be a part of her life, but she thinks if she goes back home, Marcelo won’t come after her because he didn’t “last time.” She eventually gets to the part where Marcelo’s Nicole’s dad.

Lorenza and Tadeo are arguing again. They notice Luci and Nicole sitting on the stairs watching. Luci figured since they can hear them from anywhere in the house they might as well come down here and get a front row seat. Lorenza sends them to Luci’s room, but Luci tells the two of them they need to go visit a therapist and quit fighting!

Miky doesn’t like any of Marisa’s reasons for never telling Marcelo she was pregnant.

Brayan watches Miky and Marisa through the window. Nena takes a peek too. They’re having the world’s longest hug.

Miky thinks she needs to just tell Marcelo and Nicole the truth.

When Miky leaves the house, Brayan warns him not to cheat on Jeny or Brayan won’t forgive him.

Marbella tells Miky Amanda’s giving them a month to move out. And she doesn’t want him messing things up with Jeny over Marisa.

Marbella tells Ezequiel that Amanda’s kicking them out, allegedly to be closer to him. Ezequiel says he’ll talk to her.

Since Tadeo wouldn’t leave, Lorenza spent the night at Marisa’s. Bruno scolds her, but she says it’s the only way their dad is going to grow up.

Brayan confronts Miky. He doesn’t want to get dragged into this. He didn’t like having to lie to Jeny.

Pau’s happy to hear that Bruno saw Lesly kissing Tino. He’s not even looking at Lesly when they get to school.

Marcelo grills Lorenza about why Marisa’s leaving. She’s sure it has something to do with Nicole’s dad.

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