Tenías Que Ser Tú #13

Tadeo’s been cleaning the house. Nena comes over and he complains that it’s just inhuman to expect him to keep everything clean AND work! (I see what you did there, show.)

Ezequiel talks to Amanda about the housing situation. She agrees to let Marbella stay IF Ezequiel agrees to be her novio.

Marisa has signed the paperwork to transfer Nicole out of school. Ezequiel’s sorry she and Nicole are leaving. She says goodbye to Miky while they wait for the kids to get out of school.

Luci’s worried about her parents getting divorced. Bruno tells her not to worry about it and just remember everyone loves her.

Tadeo takes Nena to say goodbye to the horses.

Bruno tells Lesly he saw her kissing Tino and he really doesn’t want any more tutoring.

Amaranta and Mauricio have a weird conversation in his office. They start out talking about how she’s sure Marisa won’t leave once she realizes she can support Nicole better financially here. Amaranta thinks that con dinero baila el perro, but Mauricio says el león cree que todos son de su condición.

Amaranta warns him not to get obsessed again, like he did with Eva. Marisa could end up getting all his stuff. He can’t trip over the same stone twice.

Amanda goes over to Marbella’s to tell her that she and Ezequiel are officially novios.

Marisa stops by the office to talk to Marcelo. He tells her he’s having the commission from the sale transferred to her account–Amaranta agreed she deserved it. And if she stays he won’t keep bugging her.

Marisa keeps trying to interrupt him to tell him there’s something she doesn’t want to keep lying about….

Miky asks Jeny to marry him, like NOW! She’s totally into that.

Get to the point, Marisa! She finally says her daughter Nicole is also his daughter. I do not like the expression on his face. Yeah, he’s furious. She “took” being a father away from him.

Armanda agrees Marbella can stay in her house, but the rent is getting raised 10% starting next month.

Marisa tries to blame Marcelo for not telling him sooner because she thought he was getting married.

Nena advises Tadeo to do something “manly” to get Lorenza back. Like a serenata.

Brayan comes over to bring Jaqui roses and tell her he’s in love with her. If Jaqui won’t stay, then Brayan will go with her.

Jeny was all excited about getting married right away, but now she’s worried about “the preparations.” Miky gets Marisa’s text that she told Marcelo.

Luci’s planning Nicole’s goodbye party and she refuses to add Marisa to the guest list. Nicole has decided it’s her dad’s fault they’re leaving because Marisa must have told Nicole’s dad about her and he didn’t want to meet her.

Santi interrupts the planning ’cause he just got a dog! I guess he’s Paulina’s little brother? Or did he just let her watch the dog while he went inside? She’s not a fan.

Marisa’s planning NOT to tell Nicole about her dad until they’re back in Villa Hermosa. I’d ask if she’s learned nothing, but…obvio.

What did people say?

  • Conchudo – slacker; what the kids agree Tadeo is
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