Tenías Que Ser Tú #15

Jeny’s annoyed that Marisa’s staying. She tells Miky to keep his distance from her.

Nena hopes telling Marcelo has lifted a weight from Marisa.

Marisa meets Marcelo at the office. He’s asking what Marisa’s been telling Nicole about him. He scoffs at the idea that they can tell her now, and especially at Marisa for thinking the three of them can have a good relationship. Not when he doesn’t think he can forgive her.

He’s decided he wants a DNA test before they say anything to Nicole. And if Marisa won’t get it done, he’ll get a judge to make her do it.

Lorenza still doesn’t want to go home. Nena tries to figure out what she wants Tadeo to do. Nicole and Jaqui announce the arrival of the mariachis. Um, they’re singing something about leaving so the other person can be happy? Who picked that?!

Brayan throws kisses at Jaqui which she catches.

Tadeo throws kisses at Lorenza…which she smashes against the wall. She won’t be coming back.

Damn, Tadeo, don’t stiff the mariachis!

Lesly’s crying over Bruno. Jeny doesn’t like seeing Lesly this upset over a boy. She suggests Lesly take advantage of her engagement breakfast to make up with Tino.

Tadeo doesn’t understand that household chores are not something you do once and cross off a list. Luci again floats the idea of therapy. She swears her friends parents who fought all the time tried it and now they’re super happy.

Lorenza comes over to pick up some clothes and finds Tadeo in bed. She says it’s over. She’s tried everything. And now Tadeo suggests therapy.

Jeny and Miky’s engagement breakfast? Lunch? Meal with beers. Gets invaded by Amanda. Pretty much everyone’s sick of her. Miky and Tino leave. Jeny tells Amanda to back off, but Ezequiel defends her and says she’ll be moving in on weekends.

Nicole eavesdrops on her mom and grandma arguing about the DNA test (seriously, Marisa, it’s a cheek swab). She’ll do anything to get to meet her dad. And they do DNA tests all the time on TV–after all, Marisa could be wrong, right? She wants them to call and tell him right now that she wants to take the test.

Jeny moves in at Marbella’s. Marbella goes over to Ezequiel’s to yell at him for letting Amanda mess with his family. While that’s going on, Pau is on the phone trying to convince Lesly to make it clear to Bruno that she doesn’t like him.

Marcelo calls to check on Marisa and she tells him that Nicole heard her talking and she wants to take the test. He’s relieved that Marisa hasn’t told Nicole who he is yet.

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