Betty en NY Monday 3/25/19 #34

Previously on Betty en NY: Pati’s not pregnant. Armando needs another faked financial report. Betty destroys Armando’s written admission of guilt. Betty gave orders to start the embargo.

The theme of the new “sportswear” collection seems to be sparkle. Inés tells the Pelotón this collection isn’t going in Mogollon’s market. Berta’s disappointed. And I’m curious why they wouldn’t have a less-luxurious edition for Mogollon’s instead of letting someone else do the cheap knockoffs and get the money.

Pati emerges on the runway in a white strapless satin dress with a gold sequinned lace overlay on one shoulder. She goes on and on about how she’s got stuff the Pelotón doesn’t have. She means, like, that she’s classy, not that she has debt, a fake baby, and an attitude. As she executes her turn at the end of the runway her shoe catches on the dress and she does some kind of backwards header off the runway.

Hugo coughed up the money and Romina’s going home to take care of sweet old great-aunt whatever her name is.

Ricky’s mom is in a care facility. A nurse tells him she’s basically the same. She only remembers her husband, which Ricky finds odd. He abandoned them when Ricky was young. The nurse says she must have loved him.

Ricky sits next to his mom and she asks who he is.

“I’m Ricardo. A friend.”

She strokes his face and says he reminds her of her husband. She shows him pictures, but Eduardo’s just kind of a shadow. She tells Ricky he left and never got to see their son grow up.

Berta’s at the hospital with Pati. On the phone with Smith she says it was not a work activity. Nobody asked her to put the dress on, nobody asked her to model, and certainly no one pushed her!

Hugo, Fabi, and Romi get home and find some of Hugo’s artwork missing. He runs upstairs to see if they got his jewelry too. Fabi assumes Romina did this. She’s not denying it exactly, she just seems confused.

In Armando’s office, Armando’s insisting the buyout  is going to save them by giving them time bla bla bla. Marcela walks in, having focused on the word “embargo.”

Berta talks to the nurse, who mentions giving Pati a strong sedative and taking her for x-rays. Berta panics–Pati’s pregnant!

Um, not according to the pregnancy test they just did.

Embargo. Right. They were just saying the embargo is their only option for dealing with a client whose payment is 90 days overdue. Marcela thinks that sounds pretty harsh. Ricky agrees with her.

And you know what, they’ve both changed Armando’s mind. Hey, shouldn’t they be picking up his parents at the airport?

That’s exactly why Marcela stopped by.

Oh, crap. Pete the lawyer is having dinner at Betty’s house. Because who needs boundaries?

Betty comes downstairs and makes it VERY CLEAR that she’s PLEASED TO MEET HIM. Pete gets it. He gives her a wink and a thumbs up while her parents are heading for the dining room.

Pati opens her eyes and she’s startled to see Berta there. Berta keeps up the fiction that Pati’s pregnant and says she’s here to take care of Pati and the baby.

Hugo finishes giving his statement to the two cops who he’s seeing out the door. They told him it looked like the thieves had help from someone inside the building and came in through the patio door. They took all his watches and his most expensive paintings.

Berta insists on wheeling Pati out of the hospital. They run into Smith who says the company will take care of all her expenses…she just has to sign this paper. It’s just a formality…saying she won’t try to sue the company later.

Berta gets up in her face and says she’s sure Pati will sign because all she’s worried about is the health of her baby, right?

Fabi’s worried that there’s always some bit of evidence left behind. It’s going to point to Romina and from Romina to him. Romi’s sure IF that happens she’ll be long gone and enjoying the money. She tells him she got some old friends to help, but it’s better that he not know anything more.

Hugo calls Fabi from upstairs. He’s scared!

Um…is Demetrio trying to hook Pete and Betty up? ‘Cause he’s apparently been talking about Betty’s internship and her new job…Betty thinks Pete would rather hear the story of how her dad came here.

At dinner, Roberto and Margarita talk about how much buzz the lingerie collection got in Europe. Margarita asks about the preparation for the new collection. Marce mentions Catalina’s organizing everything. Margarita thinks they could get Catalina to organize their wedding too. I’m not sure what that look on Marcela’s face is supposed to mean.

Pete goes home after dinner. It was a pleasure to have MET Betty, who obviously has the same high ETHICAL standards as her dad. He offers her his business card in case she ever needs a TRUSTWORTHY LAWYER with HIGH standards of CONFIDENTIALITY.

The Pelotón are all gathered around Berta, trying to get her to tell them what happened with Pati. Is the baby OK?

Berta says she’s got a bump on the head and a twisted ankle, but the baby’s totes fine. That’s all she can tell them…for now.

She rushes over to welcome Pati and ask if it’s time to tell everyone the entire truth about what the doctor said.

Um…Pati’s thinking no? But Berta spills the beans–Pati’s anemic. So they’ve gotta take good care of her. She brought a smoothie that her mom makes with a bunch of things I’d rather not think about. It’s called the Iron Baby!

Berta’s still trying to convince her to drink it when the Mendozas and Marce arrive. Margarita asks what’s up and Berta says Flaquita here gave them a scare yesterday. She would have called Marce, but Pati wouldn’t let her. But the good news is it’s just a twisted ankle and a bump on the head…and low hemoglobin. And Pati won’t drink this smoothie Berta made just for her.

Margarita says Pati’s gotta do it. She got the same recommendation when she was pregnant.

“But…there’s liver in it! You drank liver?!”

Margarita says she did, because Armando was the priority. (I suddenly want to ask my mom if she ate/drank gross stuff when she was pregnant with me, but I also kinda don’t want to know.) Now everybody’s cheering Pati on to drink it.

Pete tells Frank that Betty’s the daughter of one of their old clients, Demetrio. She’s obviously planning something big. Frank can’t figure out why Armando would have signed so many compromising documents.

Pete’s like “Chicks, man. They can do anything.”

But it’s not like Betty is pretty….

Hey, some guys have different tastes. Anyway, he’d better call all the lawyers in the firm and tell them to get to Manhattan ’cause they’re doing the embargo of V&M today.

Betty tells Nico about the awkward dinner. She’s worried Pete’s going to try to get money out of them in exchange for not telling her dad. And sure, she’ll pay him extra, but she’s not going to let him blackmail them either.

Nico wants Betty to negotiate with Pete because she’s got more [something that got bleeped out that they seriously couldn’t leave in just for once? It’s not a swear-y show!]

Armando’s in his office freaking out. He hasn’t lied to his parents on purpose since he was 11 and skipped school.

Ricky tells him to chill.

Armando’s happy thoughts are that Betty’s super responsible and things can’t get any worse.

Uh, only because he’s already met her dad while dressed as a drag queen.

Betty arrives with the faked report and says she hopes this works, otherwise it wasn’t worth the risk.

In Marcela’s office Pati says it was no big deal…there was a guy in the ER who had gotten hit by lightning…out in a rural area…and she thinks it was so irresponsible to bring him all the way to Manhattan!

Berta comes in with a present for Mama Fernandez here…comfortable shoes for her pregnancy.

Crocs, y’all, she brought her Crocs. And they’re orange.

Margarita agrees, Pati’s gotta get out of those heels, especially with her injury.

Berta wants a picture of both of them. To show the others how much Pati liked her present.

I thought Romi was leaving last night. Or some other night. Prior to tonight. Which is the night of the runway show. Hugo doesn’t think he can handle going there and seeing everyone as a potential criminal. Romi promises (threatens) to stick around and help, and suddenly Hugo’s back on his feet. He’s looking forward to seeing Romi again in two or three years.

Catalina’s doing one last check of the dresses before she takes them to…wherever they’re having the show? She can tell Armando and Ricky are nervous, but it’s going to be a success.

Berta shows the picture of Pati in her new Crocs to Sofia, Sandra, and Mariana. They’re all laughing about it when Mariana says they really do need to take care of Pati…

Ricky wanders by and freaks out. What happened to Pati?!

The answer is something about a roll of fabric and Pati’s in the lunchroom because she was feeling delicada.

Ricky takes off running and Berta follows him.

Pati’s feeling a little queasy after the iron shake. Ricky finds her and says if she feels this bad, they should take her to the hospital. Berta’s listening in from around the corner.

No! It’s nothing to do with yesterday, it’s just…the baby.

Ricky has come to the conclusion, after visiting his mom, that family is important and if he’s got a kid on the way, he thinks the kid should have one. A family. And he’s changed his mind about not getting married–he thinks they should get married.

Pati starts talking about reserving a church and a place for the reception and…

Ricky tells her to slow down. They’ll have a small private civil wedding.

“I still get a ring, right?”

Romi’s finally leaving. Fabi’s convinced that sooner or later the police will catch the guys she hired and they’ll give her up and she’ll give Fabi up. She swears that won’t happen. Fabi had just better send her a bigger allowance than he’d been sending.

Hugo gets to the workroom and wonders why Inés is fixing that dress that’s supposed to close the show. What happened to it?!

Patricia Fernandez happened to it. But it’s all fixed now and no one will ever know. She asks why Hugo’s getting there so late.

He mentions the robbery and that Fabi’s taking Romi to the airport and he hopes when she lands she steps on the Tierra del Fuego and gets turned to ash.

Pati squeaks back to her desk and fishes in her purse for some pain pills.

And Berta’s right there to take them away. They’re not good for the baby! And hey, Berta has a great idea! They should have a baby shower for Pati this weekend.

The what now?

Berta tells Pati to forget about it. They’ll come around later. For now, Berta has decided to be Pati’s best friend! Yay!

In Armando’s office, Margarita’s trying to talk to him about the irresponsible creep who’s going to leave Pati to raise the baby on her own. Does Armando know who he is?

Um, nope. He stays out of the employees’ personal lives.

But she’s Marcela’s best friend. They should do something for her.

Betty emerges from the cloffice to tell Armando that the report he’s looking at is not the final-final one. She’s got a few minor edits to make.

When she pops back into her cloffice, Margarita comments that Betty’s become very important to Armando.

He says she’s essential. She’s the most…efficient…person he knows. OK, I checked some online dictionaries and they all insist eficiente is efficient, but the way he said it I would’ve sworn it was something else. Margarita heard it too, that’s why she’s giving him that look.

In the workroom, Catalina, Inés, and Marce are packing up the last of the dresses for the show. Pati comes in complaining about that shake making her sick.

Catalina heard about her fall–is she OK? Is the baby OK?

Pati’s about to get outraged, but Marce says everyone on both coasts knows about her pregnancy. And why isn’t Pati at home resting after what happened?

Hugo comes in, furious at Pati, but feeling like fate got revenge for him. Hey, he respects life…well, OK, not hers, but the life of that alien twisting around her insides.

Then he sees THE CROCS. He’s like “Seriously, Marce, it’s her or me.”

Marce hustles Pati out of the workroom.

Pati squeaks back to her desk, shouting at the Pelotón that they hate her and she hates them. And then she sees Danny V at her desk. He mocks her, saying she’s not only lost her money, she’s lost her taste!

Pati doesn’t think he should be talking that way to the m–

Daniel pulls her away from the desk so they can talk in private. Berta’s got her antennae up.

Margarita comes into Betty’s cloffice and looks around for a bit before Betty notices her. She makes a joke about Margarita being literally in her office because she’s the owner.

Margarita says it’s not her office because this is not an office! It’s a glorified closet. They’ve got her in here hidden away and they should be ashamed of themselves for sticking her in here.

Betty says it’s fine. At least that way she’s right nearby if Don Armando needs her.

Margarita has noticed that he frequently does. They get along well. Betty’s useful–Armando said she was essential. They have a special relationship, don’t they?

What did people say?

  • Embargo – forcibly taking something owed, the way it keeps getting used here, I’ve been using “buyout” w/r/t the company
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