Betty en NY Tuesday 3/26/19 #35

Margarita asks about Betty and Armando’s special relationship. Betty tells Margarita she and Armando are a team and they’re working together to achieve his goals.

Margarita says Armando’s lucky to have Betty. (Word!) She has a couple of favors to ask. For one, help Armando keep his feet on the ground. And the other–make him spend time with Marcela ’cause Margarita wants grandkids.

Marce comes to collect Margarita, leaving Betty to blink away tears. Yes, Betty, Armando’s mom just did tell you to be Armando’s relationship coach.

Margarita tells Marce she wanted to get to know Betty better, to study her. To figure out her relationship with Armando.

Marce complains that she can’t stand Betty.

Well, no worries, ’cause she may be smart and competent, but she’s no competition for Marce “as a woman.”

Berta’s listening at the door when Daniel drags Patricia into the copy room. Is she taking his deal or not?

She’s decided she wants a car. So if Daniel gives her the cash, the car, and the apartment, then she’ll move to California with Danielito.

Armando is marveling at the perfection of Betty’s fake financial report…but he doesn’t think he can present it. He keeps getting confused between the real numbers and the fake ones and she knows everything backwards and forwards, so she should present it. And he’ll be right there to support her, calladito.

“!Y bonito!” Betty agrees to present the report.

In Ricky’s office, Roberto asks if he’s heard of Miami International Brokers Service. Ricky pretends he hasn’t…no wait, the ones in Miami? Is Daniel the one who told him? Yeah, he talked to them, but they never closed a deal.

Roberto’s wondering why everyone knows they conned a company in New York, but nobody knows who it is.

Ricky’s about to try to say something to Roberto, but Armando comes in and says they’re ready for the meeting. They’re just waiting on Daniel. And Maria Lucía, but she’s in Nepal, so she probably won’t be there.

The law firm of Pete, Frank, and Some Other Guy arrive to do the embargo, but they don’t have an appointment and Armando’s in a board meeting. Aura Maria gets a little flirting in and explains that she has no way of knowing when Armando might be free, since after the meeting they’re launching a new collection.

Pete and Frank think Armando heard about the embargo and is trying to avoid it. They HAVE to get in there!

The meeting begins with the usual taunts about how much Betty makes Hugo sick and Daniel thinks Armando’s useless. Roberto actually has to tell them to, you know, act like adults.

Berta tells the Pelotón she just watched this super interesting episode of Caso Cerrado where this woman was lying to two different guys about being pregnant. One of them she was asking for $20K in child support a month, plus a house and a car and the other one she was trying to get to marry her in the Church.

Sofia’s confused–she tapes all the episodes and hasn’t seen this one. And Mariana can’t understand why she was trying to get both guys. And who sued who anyway?

Berta says it hasn’t aired yet. She saw the avances and it looks like it’s going to be a great episode. She can’t wait to see what the outcome is!

Pati’s face: “I’m so busted.”

Inesita and Giovas are wheeling two loaded garment racks out of the elevator on the ground floor and lose control of them. While Wilson’s occupied trying to help, Pete, Frank, and That Other Guy sneak upstairs.

Pati corners Berta in the bathroom. What does she want? What does she know? She’s been torturing her all day! First with that disgusting shake and now with these shoes that sound and smell POOR!

Berta’s like, hey I’m just trying to take care of you and the baby.

Pati tells the pequeña albondiga to quit lying. What does she want?

“Did you just call me little meatball?” Oh yes, Berta, yes she did.

Pete, Frank, and That Other Guy get off the elevator at V&M. Mariana asks what she can do for them and they helpfully, if confusingly, explain that they’re looking for Armando and they’re Betty’s lawyers and they’re supposed to be in that meeting. Mariana tells them to go for it. She and Frank check each other out.

Daniel flips through the report and says it’s fake. It’s impossible that they didn’t have losses after having to dump a collection at Mogollon’s Market. Betty stays out of it while Daniel and Armando go a couple rounds of “It’s fake!” “It’s not!”

And here come Pete, Frank, and TOG, just when Armando’s swearing they aren’t hiding anything. And they’re really surprised to see Beatriz in the meeting. She quickly shoves them back out the door, saying they’re asesores and they weren’t supposed to be there until later.

Everyone in the meeting wants to know what they’re consulting on, but Armando just dazzles them with a little “My assistant will take care of it! Where were we?” He proudly announces that page 5 comes after page 4 like he’s hoping that gets him a cookie.

Berta breaks it to Pati that the pregnancy test she took at the hospital was negative. Pati tries for “Oh no, I lost my baby!” but Berta’s not buying it. And no, it’s not Pati’s word against hers, it’s the test results against the reactions of Daniel and Ricky when they see them. She can’t believe Pati’s trying to cheat TWO guys with the same story! Hell yeah, she’ll tell them. Why shouldn’t she?

There’s a bit about meatballs not caring about something prefab that I don’t quite catch. And then Berta wonders how Marce’s going to take it when she finds out. Pati actually seems to care about that.

Betty drags the lawyers into Armando’s office. She can’t believe they showed up here without warning her!

Pete and Frank think she’s brilliant. Buying out the company where she works?! Talk about being “a smart cookie.”

Armando comes in and starts hissing at Betty–how dare she call these guys to come over!

Pete tells him to back off. Betty owns him now. “A little respect!”

Back in the board room, Daniel and Ricky are bickering. Roberto plays dad again. Hugo complains about the cheap suits. Daniel’s starting to think he recognizes those guys….

In the bathroom, Pati’s begging Berta not to tell. She’ll do whatever Berta wants–she’ll even stop looking pretty so the Pelotón don’t look so ugly! And you know…this is all Berta’s fault. Because Berta started the rumor and Pati just took advantage of it.

Oh hell no! Berta’s done dealing with Pati. She’s going straight to Daniel and Ricky.

Pati gets on her literal knees and begs Berta to let her be the one to tell them…in her own way…tomorrow.

Berta says she’d better do it TODAY and before the runway show.

Oh yeah, Mariana totally digs Frank. Well, she said “Betty’s lawyer” so I guess it could be Pete or TOG, but no, it’s Frank. Sandra doesn’t know what Betty needs lawyers for.

The two of them watch Berta and Pati walk out of the bathroom together and ask Berta what’s up with Duck Disguise over there.

Nothing…yet. And what’s up out here.

Eh, Mariana’s in love with Betty’s lawyer.

Armando begs the lawyers to GTFO, but they only take orders from Betty.

In that case, Betty wants them to leave.

“We’re going.”

Oh, and if anyone asks, they’re from the insurance company.

They get to test out the lie on Daniel, but then he wants to know why Armando is switching insurance companies. “I’ll explain in the meeting!” Armando whines.

Berta tells the Pelotón to prepare for incoming chisme. She can’t tell them what it’s about yet, but it’s gonna be good!

Betty walks by with the lawyers and Mariana jumps up to ask if they’re leaving while she and Frank make eyes at each other.

Berta wants to know what’s up with Betty having lawyers.

Um…she’ll explain later. She’s gotta get back to the meeting.

Sofia’s annoyed that no one’s sharing information today.

No worries. Berta’s sure the chisme’s going to be SO embarazoso it’ll be the chisme of the century.

Armando and Betty get back to the meeting. He says those were just some guys from an insurance company, checking things out to give them a quote. As Betty continues with the report, Armando whispers at the door with Ricky. He says it was an accident, and Ricky thinks the lawyers came by on purpose.

TOG gets off the elevator and heads right for the front door. Frank and Pete are too busy admiring Beatriz’s obvious business skillz. Pete says he’s almost starting to find her pretty. (Oh, shut up, Pete.) He and Frank are going to make her their biggest client and she’ll get them out of NJ and into NY.

Betty finishes up with the report and Daniel’s back to complaining that the numbers are fake. Where are the losses?

Betty says they had lower that expected earnings, but there weren’t any “losses” per se.

Roberto tells Daniel to back off. Armando’s president until the year is up.

And as much fun as this has been, Hugo’s gotta go prepare to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

But first, he shows Marce and Margarita his sketch for Marce’s wedding dress. Nope, they still don’t have a date. Marce’s upset about this ongoing feud between Daniel and Armando.

Margarita says Betty can deal with it. What? If she’s so competent, she can take care of the company while Armando and Marce are on their honeymoon.

Hugo complains that the last time Betty was in charge, his designs ended up at a crappy store.

Betty calls to complain to Nico about the absolute lack of discretion of their lawyers. And now Pete knows she works there, so he’s sure to think something weird is going on. She’s embarrassed that Pete was treating her like Armando’s boss.

Well…technically she is. Nico suggests she summon Armando to her office and insist he call her “Miss Rincón.” OK, OK, he’ll talk to the lawyers.

Armando’s dad’s getting worried. Daniel’s right about one thing–Armando’s time is running out. He has to make good on the promises he made in his business plan or Roberto’s going to have to hand the company to Daniel. If Armando doesn’t want Daniel dismantling the company he has to prove his plan can work.

Pati catches Daniel before he leaves to tell him she accepts his deal. She’ll go to Malibu, but she has to leave tonight.

Daniel walks past Berta on his way out and he’s as rude as usual. Pati tells Berta she told him the truth and he was disappointed because he really wanted to be a dad. Berta reminds her she’s got one more to go.

Pati calls her dad with the good news…she’s moving to California!

Betty explains to the Pelotón that she didn’t hire any lawyers! Those were insurance guys who always bring a lawyer with him. Hot Frank, he’s the lawyer.

Aura Maria says if she knew lawyers were so hot, she would have become a judge.

“Like judge Polo on Caso Cerrado!” (OK, show, you’ve mentioned CC about 4 times now? It had better be for a reason!)

Nico complains about Frank and Pete not checking with him or Betty before showing up at V&M. And he’d rather they not jump to conclusions about what’s going on here. He tells them Betty agreed to a 5% increase of their fees, but Pete wants more.

Ricky pulls Betty into Armando’s office to try to threaten her. He heard her out there with her friends, joking about her lawyers. Even if she owns the company, it’s still Armando’s. She’s just an assistant and she’d better know her place.

Armando heard that last bit. He asks Betty to leave him alone with Ricky and she runs out of the office. Ricky goes on with his “Betty’s actually evil” conspiracy theory, but Armando’s not buying it.

Ricky points out that she’s gotten her “entire” family into BAR. Isn’t her dad doing the accounting? Armando says her dad’s an ethical guy.

Is that why his daughter’s so ethical? And what about Nicolas? Maybe Betty and her dad don’t have bad intentions, but what about him? Betty’s not the ugly girl who came here for a job as a secretary–she owns two million-dollar companies now.

On her way out, Margarita congratulates Betty on the report and invites her AND the Pelotón to the show tonight.

Marce’s like “It’s an EXCLUSIVE event!”

In that case, Margarita wants them all there, looking pretty. Pati pouts when she realizes they’re all going.

Marce sees Ricky in the breakroom and he complains to her about Betty. Just like Marce, he doesn’t have any specific complaints, he just doesn’t like her and he’s jealous because Armando likes her better. Well, no, that’s not what he said, but you know that’s what he meant.

Betty comes to Armando’s office with tea and pouting. He’s cranky, he doesn’t drink tea, and he doesn’t want her to take the crap Ricky spews so personally. Tonight’s gonna be great. She’s going to the show, right? He wants her there in the front row–no one deserves it more!

What did people say?

  • Calladito y bonito – a play on “calladita te ves mas bonita,” “you look prettier when you shut up”
  • Avances – the “next time on…” bit at the end of a show
  • Asesores – consultants
  • Embarazoso – embarrassing, not to be confused with embarazada, “pregnant”
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