Betty en NY Wednesday 3/27/19 #36

Pati’s at one suitor down, one to go. She tells Ricky she’s decided not to marry him and to raise the baby alone. She knows he doesn’t love her.

“Who said you needed love to get married?” (I don’t know whether I want to laugh or slap him.)

Well, anyway, Pati’s going far, far away and she’ll never see him again and she hopes he’s happy without her.

Nico’s annoyed Betty’s not taking him to the fashion show. He tells her the lawyers are getting greedy.

Betty agrees, but they know too much now. She tells Nico to give them a 10% increase.

Betty’s mom comes in with a dark red velvet dress that’s been in mothballs. But a brisk walking pace and a little perfume should take care of that!

While she goes to find shoes and earrings, Nico says if she wears that thing she’ll look like she just rose from the grave.

Betty laughs it off–so what if she’s going to look bad. It’ll be practice for Halloween.

The models are backstage getting ready. Armando’s hovering anxiously, but Hugo knows what he really wants is to see Valeria. Hugo calls her over. They flirt, but she knows he’s with Marce and assumes Marce would be in on any partying that might happen after the show.

Catalina is so frickin’ cute in that dress with the sparkly headband. She tries to interest Ricky in one of her herbal chill pills, but he’d rather have booze.

She greets Armando’s parents and walks them to their seats. She’s sure this collection is going to be a success, which Margarita’s happy to hear. She and Roberto toast to their son, but Margarita insists they cross their fingers!

The Pelotón arrive, but I can barely see a thing with the lighting. They find their seats and assume they won’t see Inesita until after. Berta also doesn’t see Pati anywhere, but here comes Betty….

Sofia says she looks like an altar boy. And they immediately notice the mothball smell. Sofia’s not gonna lie, she smells like grandma’s socks. She hauls Betty into the bathroom to do something about the smell.

Armando talks to Ricky at the bar. tl;dr yeah, bro, Ricky’s still mad. He sort of apologizes and says between this and the Pati situation he’s stressed. Pati rejected him! The first time he tried to behave like a decent guy …he even asked her to marry him. And she said she won’t marry him because he doesn’t love her. Can Armando believe it?!

Pati tells Marce she’s leaving town. To go somewhere mean people and their chisme can’t get to her. Pati says she’s been thinking about it since she found out about the baby, but to Marce it’s all happened so fast. We get the sarcastic violins playing as Pati says she’s finding a path, like Marce told her, and it’s her child.

Marce doesn’t get it, but whatevs.

Armando sees Betty by herself and tries to convince her to come with him and sit in the front row. He notices the smell. Betty says she shouldn’t go with him. It’s better if no one sees them together, since she’s just an “assistant.”

Sofia sees Betty staring at Armando as he leaves and I think she knows what’s up.

Pati invades Daniel’s personal space to have yet another conversation about whether the apartment’s going to be in her name and that she’s leaving tonight. Ricky comes over to talk to Pati, but Daniel’s being a jerk, so…fight?

Pati gets them pried apart and drags Ricky away while Berta watches.

Ricky is drunk. He’s SO drunk he tells Pati to find a church and they’ll get married, so his son can have a father.

*sarcastic violins*

Pati’s been waiting forever to hear something like that. And now she cries and walks away.

Mariana tells the Pelotón she heard Pati was leaving town to raise her baby alone. Berta’s pissed and goes off in search of Pati.

Fabi, for what reason I can’t fathom, goes backstage to tell Hugo that Betty’s out there.

Hugo doesn’t care. Because his collection is amazeballs. Fabi flirts with Valentina right in front of Hugo, but then again, Hugo says she’s awakening things in him. Cata drags Hugo and Valentina off so Valentina can finish getting ready. Inés and Fabi give each other “I hate you!” looks.

Berta tries to talk to Daniel, but he seriously tells her to call his secretary.

The announcer calls Armando out to the runway to start things off. I kept thinking they were saying the collection was “Reverse,” but it’s “Rebirth.” Does that explain the sparkle?

Sofia watches Betty watching Armando. Daniel watches Pati sitting by Marce.

I’m not a fan of the shades-over-hair thing.

Hugo takes his turn coming down the runway with Valeria.

Los Cucaracha. Jenny still wants a house. Efrain gives in.

Armando thanks everyone who made this possible–Hugo, his parents, and a special woman who’s been with him through everything…


*devastated Betty face*

Sofia follows Betty to the bathroom and asks if she’s in love with Armando. Because Sofia could understand if she was….

Betty turns it all around on Sofia, asking how dare she suggest it!

Armando’s parents listen to Jack heaping praise on Armando and saying they’re definitely going to do business with him. Catalina says he can count on her for future runway shows and a lot of her guests are also interested. Margarita proposes a toast to Armando as president of V&M.

Pati stumbles into Daniel, who drags her to the hallway outside the bathrooms to hand her the paperwork for the apartment, the car, and her bank account. He sent the plane ticket to her phone and his chauffeur is waiting to drive her to the airport.

Berta walks up to them…on her way to the bathroom…and stares at Pati from around the corner.

Pati says she would love to go, but she can’t because…ha ha ha…she’s not pregnant.

Daniel’s not finding it funny. She told him just this afternoon she was pregnant. He never wants to see her again and she’s fired from V&M.

Now it’s Ricky’s turn. She can’t reject him! He asked her to marry him and he’s never done that before.

Pati looks over her shoulder to pout at Berta, but Berta motions to her to keep it going.

Los Cucaracha again. It’s a house or Jenny’s spending six months in Miami modeling underwear. Efrain caves.

OK, see, Pati would love to marry Ricky but she’s not, like, pregnant-pregnant. She just got some test results and she’s not pregnant, but she’ll totally marry Ricky anyway.

All Ricky hears is that she’s not pregnant and he starts praising God and announcing that he’s NOT going to be a father! Even Berta looks kind of disgusted with him.

Pati turns around and Berta does a little “thank you” bow.

Jack congratulates Daniel on Armando’s presidency. Good thing he didn’t do business with those brokers in Miami, right! He’s going to become V&M’s biggest client.

Daniel thanks him, but he thinks it’s a bad idea.

Armando finds Ricky boozing it up and reminds him he’s the VP of sales. He should be helping Armando talk to clients! This is not good.

Nope, it’s great because Ricky’s not gonna be a dad! Armando celebrates with him.

Betty’s crying backstage when Hugo and Fabi come up to ask who died and why she smells like she’s the one who’s dead and how she reminds Hugo of his aunt who always wore old-fashioned clothing. And now that they’ve spread their sunshine, they’re off again.

Pati’s sobbing in the bathroom about her baby “dying” and well, actually not, it’s that she went to a cheap clinic and got a positive result, but then she got a better quality test and it was negative. Marce doesn’t look like she’s buying this, but she hugs Pati when Pati demands it.

Berta tells the Pelotón that Pati was never pregnant. And she told Ricky about it.

Sandra spots him holding a couple of champagne bottles and says she doesn’t think he took it too badly.

Betty comes up and asks if she really looks awful in this dress. It gets awkward. Sofia says she’s got her own style. Berta says she should wear what she’s comfortable with. Aura Maria wonders if that’s her grandma’s dress or her grandma’s grandma’s.

OK, she’s outta here.

Pati’s still in the bathroom and WHY DID THEY NOT SHOW US HER BOOTS EARLIER?! She’s waiting for Berta so she can vow revenge. And it’s gonna be a good one, just wait and see, ballena sin alberca!

Berta asks what the mendiga lombriz panteonera is planning to do, get her fired? Because she’s got a husband to look out for her.

Oh, no, Pati wont go after her–she’ll get all her friends in the Pelotón fired. Starting with Sofia. She’s divorced, right? She and her kids would have to go live under a bridge.

Berta calls her a flea-faced something or other and says if Pati does anything to her friends, she’ll tell everyone Pati FAKED her pregnancy.

Pati screams at Berta that she’s the one who made up the chisme.

Yeah, and Pati took advantage of it. She wonders how the Mendozas and Valencias would take it. She’d be crushed like a cucaracha. Pati doesn’t think she’ll do it? Just try it.

Nico shows up at the show. Allegedly because her dad sent him to pick Betty up because this place is in a bad neighborhood. Is she crying?

Betty admits she is. She’s the queen of idiots. Nico hugs her and walks her outside.

Which Ricky notices. But he’s got more important things to do, like celebrate his singlehood.

What did people say?

  • Ballena sin alberca – whale without a pool
  • Mendiga lombriz panteonera – begging worm gravedigger
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