Betty en NY Thursday 3/28/19 #37

Back at Betty’s house, she admits she’s in love with Armando. But of course that’s not clouding her judgment about his excellent business skills. If she wasn’t all tied up with BAR she’d quit. Unfortunately, people are starting to notice–like Sofia.

Nico makes a hilarious analogy between love and gas. When you’ve got it, it’s gotta get out some way and there’s no way to hide it.

Betty doesn’t appreciate the joke. Sofia asked her if she was in love with Armando and “Sofia’s nice, but she’s also gossipy.” She’s going to tell the Pelotón and the whole office is going to find out and Armando will hear about it and she’s going to be embarassed. (I feel like she’s being too hard on Sofia…and the rest of the Pelotón. They’re not gonna hang one of their own out to dry.)

In the morning, Berta gives the Pelotón the cleaned up version of the Pati saga. She thought she was pregnant, she told Ricardo, he was seriously going to marry her…and then she told him she was wrong.

Sandra says it’s no wonder he tied one on like it was Spring Break.

Inesita’s convinced poor Pati must be really disappointed to not be expecting.

The others laugh. Berta says Pati doesn’t have a heart, she has a cash register and it only opens when there’s money to put in it.

Armando stops by Ricky’s office to mock his epic hangover. He also reminds Ricky he’s not 20 anymore.

Ricky doesn’t see why Armando’s so chipper–he should be terrified.

Armando’s sick of hearing his Bad Betty theory.

Well, just as an FYI, she left last night with a guy and they were like *kissy lips* and he was young and good looking. What does Armando know about this Nicolas guy who’s managing BAR’s investments? Is he a friend, or something more?

Danny V stops by V&M and he’s furious to still see Pati there. He drags her into the copy room and she says she can’t leave. She doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Daniel makes a tacky non-joke about sex work. Pati tries to slap him, but he grabs her hand. He tells her again he wants her gone.

OK. She’ll leave. But first she’s going to stop by Armando’s office and let him know Daniel and Mata were trying to undermine his presidency. And she’ll tell Margarita and Roberto and Marcela. He forgets–he has everything to lose and she has nothing. “So go ahead. Fire me. And see how fast I start talking.”

Weepy Betty arrives and goes straight to her office. Berta blames Sofia, for making that “smells like grandma socks” remark last night.

Sofia says that’s not what she’s upset about. But she won’t give Berta details. Berta begs and Sofia agrees to tell her, but ONLY if the chisme stays between the two of them (and Sandra, who’s sitting at her desk, listening to every word.)

Sofia says Betty’s in love with Armando.

Berta’s no so sure–doesn’t she have a boyfriend?

DOES she have a boyfriend?

Berta supposes she could have made up the boyfriend.

Sofia says they’ve gotta keep this to themselves, because it would be so embarrassing if everyone was talking about Betty.

Meanwhile, Sandra’s frantically texting and Mariana comes back to her desk yelling “Betty’s in love with the boss?!”

Pati gets a laugh out of Berta trying to talk to Daniel again. And then her laugh fades as she wonders who’s gonna pay her bills…


Nico gets a message from Pati and he’s sorry, but it’s time to let her go. He hits a button on the keyboard and KILLS JORDAN.

Pati sees the status update: With great sorrow, we inform you that Mr. Jordan Branch died in a nautical accident. Let us pray for his quick reincarnation.

Pati doesn’t get it for a minute. As the sarcastic violins play, Pati realizes she’s a widow. And she lost her baby. The universe hates her!

Betty’s looking at pictures of Armando from the show when the real deal walks in. He is seriously here to attempt to casually ask if Betty and Nico are more than friends and fail miserably. (He acts like a lovesick teenager. I’m expecting a future scene of Armando crying on Ricky’s shoulder ’cause he’s in love with Betty and she’s with Nico.)

Betty says they’ve been friends since high school and they took a lot of the same classes in college. They have an amazing connection and her parents don’t just like him, they LOVE him. Plus they’re into a lot of the same things, like troll dolls and movies and….

Sofia interrupts. ‘Cause Aura Maria’s been trying to call her and she’s not answering. Because the guys from the insurance company are here. Should she tell them to come in?

Betty and Armando look at each other. Betty’s face: “I swear I did not tell them to show up!” Armando’s face: “Ricky’s right and she’s totally gonna steal my company!”

Pati cries on the couch in Marce’s office. (Seriously, Marcela, get rid of that couch if you ever want to get any work done again.) “He’s dead!” Apparently Jordan got a complimentary upgrade to “The love of my life!”

Marce says this just isn’t right. By which she means Pati’s reaction.

Pati decides the Pelotón are a coven of witches who have cursed her. (I would watch that show.)

Pete and the guys are back again to do an inventory and get Armando and Betty to sign some paperwork.

Frank and Mariana are making eyes at each other again. He gets her name, asks where he can find coffee, assesses her smile at $1M at least. He’s not sure where she heard that they’re Betty’s lawyers, but they are totally insurance agents.

He leaves to get his coffee and tells her to keep on smiling and she’s gorgeous.

Fabi’s reading Hugo his reviews when Fashion Now calls, asking for an interview. Inés starts to tell them Hugo’s very busy right now, but he decides he’ll talk to them.

Ricky’s in Armando’s office STILL whining about not being able to trust Betty, or at least not the people around her.

In the workroom, Inesita pins something pink and sparkly to a mannequin and starts up a friendly chat with Fabio about the robbery. Hugo’s mind is totally off it, thanks to the show, but how’s Fabi doing? Those people must have been art experts, because Inés knows she couldn’t tell between the originals and the fakes.

Fabi freezes for a second.

Inesita goes on talking about how someone must have helped the thieves. Someone who knows the building well. Or lives there.

In the break room, the Pelotón are wondering if it’s true about Betty’s crush. Aura Maria wouldn’t blame her. Sofia smacks Berta for talking, but Berta blames it on Sandy. Sandy says if she’s not supposed to tell anyone, then they should have told her. She can’t read minds like Mariana!

Betty gets to the table. It’s awkward. Berta breaks the mood by asking if it’s true Betty’s in love with Armando.

More awkwardness as everyone blames everyone else for spilling the frijoles. Mariana says they’re getting all mixed up and they need to focus on one thing at a time…is it true?

Betty says no, but they don’t believe her. Then she says yes and everybody cheers. But then she says she IS in love, but with Nico.

In Hugo’s workroom, the “insurance” guys are inventorying all his fabric. Armando and Ricky explain to Marcela that this firm charges less. She starts in on this probably being Betty’s idea, but Armando says it was Ricky’s.

Betty says she and Nico are officially an item, but Mariana’s not sure–if he’s not on social, he doesn’t exist.

Yeah, like Pati and her baby.

Wait, now Betty wants the chisme about Pati, but Berta won’t let her change the subject.

Betty says Nico’s just busy managing an investment company. They laugh at how they were right about Betty being attracted to powerful men.

Betty asks them to please quit talking about her.

Los Cucaracha. Jenny’s walking Efrain to V&M to talk to Sofia about the house.

I can’t tell if Pati’s imagining this, but I could see it happening. She tries to talk to Ricky about “their relationship” which he informs her they don’t have. He was only going to marry her to give his child a family, but now that she’s not pregnant he’s not marrying anybody! They are SO over.

At her desk, Pati starts hearing the Pelotón talking about her. Sandra can’t believe she made up a pregnancy! Pati’s about to yell at them, but Berta’s like “What, now?”

Um…she hopes they have a lovely day.

Sofia gets a call from Wilson that Efrain has arrived and goes downstairs to talk to him.

Efrain has decided he’s going to start paying child support.

Sofia’s shocked. I’m shocked. Hell, we’re ALL shocked.

And then he says now Sofia has to do her part and sell the house so she can give him half so he and Jenny can move into a bigger place.

Sofia shoves him into the street in front of an oncoming box truck and laughs.

But the only thing real about that was possibly the laughing. It’s freaking Efrain out. He says this is what happens in a divorce–you split everything up half and half.

Sofia just turns around and walks slooooowly back into the building. (Be afraid, Efrain…be very afraid.)

Betty and the lawyers have finished up the paperwork. Now all V&M’s shares belong to her. So she’s gonna quit now, right? ‘Cause she’s rich?

Betty swears there is no strategy here. This is just business.

Oh, yeah, they know. And they’re huge fans. She’s their #1 client and they’re her lawyers.

Aura Maria and Berta get off the elevator in the lobby and ask what Efrain said. Sofia just walks into the elevator without saying a word.

They’re still trying to figure out what that means when a delivery guy shows up with flowers for Betty.

Now it’s Armando’s turn to sign paperwork. He hesitates, but Betty promises she’s there for him and she won’t let him down. Ricky glares at Armando as she signs.

OK, so now Betty is 100% owner of V&M.

Berta comes in with the flowers and says Nicolas sent them.

For all of Ricky’s conspiracy theorizing, even he looks surprised.

Betty asks Berta to please take the flowers to her desk and the “insurance” guys need to get going…but Roberto and Margarita have shown up and Roberto wants to know why the insurance guys are there again.

Pati sees the flowers, but she can’t believe Betty’s got a millionaire boyfriend. Berta teases her about envying Betty’s luck.

Pati heads back to her desk and Berta starts talking to Sofia, but I get the feeling she’s sitting there typing “All work and no play makes Sofi a dull girl….”

Betty says the insurance guys were just leaving and Roberto doesn’t get an answer to his question. He does say he never would have thought of switching insurance companies. Armando gives the credit to Ricky…and to Betty for running the numbers.

Margarita invites Betty to dinner. Marce: “I thought it was a family dinner!”

Well, Betty’s like a part of the family. Margarita wants to thank her for all the support she’s given Armando. And now they’re off to let everybody get back to work.

In Armando’s office, Ricky’s calling BS on a friend sending a friend flowers at work. (But doesn’t it feel like this should be a thing?) Nico’s marking his territory. Betty’s using Armando and now she owns V&M.

Armando reminds Ricky this was their plan, for BAR to buy out V&M. Betty won’t betray them.

OK, fine, Betty’s a saint. But Nicolas? He’s not dating Betty for her looks, so it must be for her money–Armando’s money! He may not have proof, but he’ll get it.

Wilson listens in as Pete and Frank describe Betty and Nico as “Bonnie and Clyde.” They’re convinced this plan took years to set up. And Betty’s “ugly.” Can Pete imagine if she were pretty? But she’s a millionaire, so….

Nobody can get Sofia’s attention and she’s just typing away. Whoops! I was wrong! It’s “KILL KILL KILL….”

Berta finally gets Sofia’s attention so she’ll stop typing. Mariana looks at the screen and freaks out. Sandra starts reading “kill, kill, kill….” Berta’s really confused, because Sofia doesn’t speak English. And who does she want to kill, anyway?

At Efrain and Charlie’s office, Charlie’s putting stuff in tanks. He’s talking about summer and needing to hire more people, but Efrain’s not paying attention. Because he THINKS he MIGHT have gone too far with Sofia, telling her to sell the house so he can have half of the money.

Charlie can’t believe he’d leave his kids homeless. And Jenny’s going to lead him into ruin! He can’t bear to stick around and listen to Efrain’s pathetic excuses.

Sandra brings Ricky a report he’d asked for. He tries asking about Betty’s boyfriend, but Sandra goes on this convoluted side trip to Mariana reading the cards and Ricky gives up.

Pati complains to Marcela about Betty having a millionaire boyfriend.

The boyfriend part, Marcela can believe, but millionaire? She’s sure the Pelotón made that up.

Pati sure hopes so ’cause it’s not fair if Betty has a millionaire boyfriend and she doesn’t.

Marcela can’t imagine what kind of guy worth the trouble would be in love with a fea! (That’s just because she doesn’t know Mr. 5ft.)

In Betty’s office, Armando whines that he doesn’t mind if Betty works with her boyfriend, but they weren’t going to lie to each other anymore.

Betty swears she and Nicolas are like siblings. Him being her boyfriend is just chisme. She whines at him to believe her. (But her face says “kiss me!”)

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