Betty en NY Friday 3/29/19 #38

Betty gripes at Berta for bringing in the flowers like that.

Well, Berta’s confused, because wasn’t Betty saying she was in love with Nicolas?

Um…yeah…right…well, it was a very important meeting. Besides, she asked the Pelotón to quit talking about her. So no more talk about Nicolas at V&M and especially not in front of Armando! She makes Berta pinky promise, but Berta’s got her fingers crossed behind her back.

Ricky stops Mariana to tell her how beautiful she looks today. (Dude, please–she looks good every day.) And also he heard she reads the cards and she’s really good at it.

Mariana assures him she only does it on her lunch break and she’s not that good, she just has an app that helps her.

But he heard that she’s the one who found out Betty had a boyfriend.

Well, yeah, and Betty’s super private, but yep the cards said there was a millionaire and he was going to change Betty’s life and Betty would change his life.

Ricky, fascinated, asks her to show him the app.

Jenny drops the divorce paperwork off at Sofia’s desk. Sofia’s still kind of spaced out. Berta and Sandra are there, listening to Jenny tell Sofia it’s not that she wants her and the kids kicked out of their house, but she and Efrain want to sell it.

That’s it. Sandra and Berta says she’s dying. And it’s going to be a slow and painful death. Sandra grabs Jenny’s arm as she starts to walk away and Jenny ends up sort of spinning…I dunno, it was just really graceful. But before we can get any more acrobatics, Smith shows up.

Jenny sobs that they’re trying to hit her and hits Sandra to demonstrate. Sandra whacks her just once and nearly knocks Jenny off her feet. Marcela shows up and tells Smith she’s handling this–she wants to see Jenny in her office.

Meanwhile Sofia’s just staring at the divorce paperwork and weeping.

Jenny tries her sob story out on Marcela, but Marcela knows what’s going on. Jenny handed Sofia her divorce papers, right? She doesn’t care about Jenny’s “his marriage was already ruined” garbage. She wants Jenny to stay away from Sofia’s desk and let the lawyers handle the divorce. If she sees Jenny over there one more time, she’ll personally find a new fit model.

Sofia microwaves a cup of tea and sits in the break room, still dazed. Ricky, aka Mr. Sensitive, tries to get her to talk about Betty’s boyfriend, but Sofia just cries and mumbles. Ricky makes a run for it.

Betty and Nico have hot dogs while Betty complains that everyone thinks Nico’s her boyfriend. Nico thinks she should go with that–after all, Armando’s got someone too, right?

Betty doesn’t want to end up looking like a liar by telling the Pelotón she has a boyfriend and telling Armando they’re just friends.

Nico doesn’t care what Armando thinks of him and if Betty looks like a liar, better a liar with a boyfriend than without. The boyfriend is a value add.

Betty says that’s machista.

In Marcela’s office, Sofia sobs about Efrain making her give up the house. She explains that she never called the lawyer Marcela recommended, because she knows she can’t afford even ten minutes for someone that fancy.

Marcela says Karen’s her friend and she’ll do it for free. She’ll keep Sofia from having to give up the house and make Efrain pay child support. Just go home, rest, and call her.

Ricky approaches his next target…Berta. At least he springs for potato chips instead of expecting free chisme. Anyway, once he swears he’s quiet as a tomb Berta tells him Betty’s got a boyfriend named Nicolas. They can’t find him on social, but they know he has his own company and lots of money. Berta can’t figure out why Betty wouldn’t want them talking about him at V&M, though….

Jenny whines to Giovas that everyone hates her for being pretty. Inesita interrupts the sob-fest and tells Giovas to do his actual job and replace a light bulb. Then she lights into Jenny about leaving Sofia’s kids without a home and tells her to earn her paycheck and start sweeping.

Ricky pulls Armando into his office to tell him Betty DOES have a boyfriend…and to try the app Mariana showed him. Might as well, right? ‘Cause it’s free? Ricky enters Armando’s birth info, which makes me think it’s more of an astrology app than a card reading.

Anyway, Armando’s entering a period of uncertainty. A deception and a lie are going to lead to loss.

Betty sneaks into the workroom. It’s almost like its own little fabric store back there.

Um, anyway, Betty wants help from Inesita. She got invited to dinner with the Mendozas and after yesterday’s outfit….

Well, fashion is very personal. Style is how you want the world to see you, so nobody can say you’re badly dressed.

Betty just doesn’t want to be embarrassed at dinner. She thought Inés could give her some tips and advice.

Inés says she can do that, and she can lend Betty some clothes.

In the bathroom at the restaurant? Marce complains about Betty having nothing to do at this dinner. Pati says they have to get rid of her or next thing you know Margarita will want Betty and Marce to be best friends and ugly is contagious. She doesn’t know how, but she’s going to make Betty regret accepting this invitation.

At the table, Pati asks Betty where she bought her suit–the same place she got yesterday’s dress?

Betty says she picked it thinking of the way Pati dresses.

Because the restaurant is French, there are escargot on the menu and Roberto is ordering some. Nothing good ever seems to start with ordering escargot.

Pati obnoxiously explains to Betty what escargot are and brags that she learned French at TUI or DUI or wherever she went for three semesters.

The waiter asks Betty for her drink order and now Marcella over-helpfully interrupts to explain what he asked.

Betty has decided she’ll try the escargot if Roberto thinks they’re good and she’ll just have a glass of water. In French. Because she speaks French. And it said so on her résumé. Which she reminds Armando.

She mentions speaking Mandarin and Margarita thinks it would be difficult to learn on your own, but Betty says it’s a matter of studying.

Roberto says great businesspeople have one thing in common–they never give up. (He and Betty are total BFFs now.)

Charlie brings the kids home from fútbol practice. Sofia’s curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a hot pack..or maybe a stuffed animal. She sends the boys upstairs to shower after promising she’ll make some quesadillas.

Charlie’s disappointed that she’s down again. Yeah, he knows what Efrain did, but Sofia’s a fighter–she can’t let the kids see her like this. He suggests they send the kids over to the neighbor’s house. He’ll pay for it.

Los Cucaracha. Jenny wants the house, we get it. She also wants Efrain to get a lawyer.

The escargot arrive. Robert notices Betty’s hesitation and says it’s complicated, all these utensils.

Betty admits she saw a video on YouTube, but it’s a little different actually having the escargot in front of you. Roberto tells her to just copy him.

While the attempted escargot prying is going on, Marcela and Margarita are talking to Armando about the wedding dress Hugo designed. (What do you think…escargot in someone’s cleavage or drink?)

Now everyone’s asking about the wedding date and Margarita’s saying Ricardo and Betty can handle the office. Pati chokes on her wine.

Marcela says they’ve gotta keep in mind that Betty does have a personal life. And a boyfriend.

Armando thought they were just friends.

Betty’s still struggling with the escargot and not answering. Pati’s like “What’s the problem? Is he your boyfriend or not?” and gets an escargot to the front of her blouse. Armando and his dad try not to laugh.

Charlie and Sofia are drinking tequila. Sofia has just realized that she’s married to a superhero…no, wait, a supervillain! See, there’s El Hombre Araña (Spiderman), El Hombre Pingüino (The Penguin), and Efrain is El Hombre Rata (Ratman), the most rata of all the ratas…el Superrata! (Superrat). They toast to that.

Sofia declares Sofia Montes dead. And welcome to Sofia Peña. Charlie toasts to that. And then Sofia says it’s more like Sofia Empeña ’cause she’s broke.

Back to dinner with the in-laws. Betty apologizes for ruining it, but Roberto’s like “No prob. It could happen to anyone.”

Margarita asks Betty about the boyfriend, who Betty insists is just the BFF.

Well, there, see? Betty doesn’t have a boyfriend, so she won’t be distracted from managing the company while Armando and Marcela are on their honeymoon. Betty looks for a second like Margarita just slapped her. She talks about them getting married and giving her grandkids and Roberto says they should do it in the next two months and Marcela’s all for that….

But Armando thinks he and Marcela are the ones who need to make that decision.

Sure, but they should do it soon. Margarita tells Betty that Marcela and Armando have known each other forever and she and Marcela’s mom used to fantasize about their wedding and moms just have this sixth sense about things and Betty’s going to help her make it happen, right? She’ll make sure Armando spends time with his wife. TOAST!

Pati gets back just then, asking if she missed something.

Sofia and Charlie are sloppy drunk now. Sofia thanks him for everything he’s done for her and the kids. Charlie convinces her she should go upstairs and go to bed…but damn those are a lot of stairs to crawl up….

In Armando’s dream, Betty’s sitting on some guy’s lap and he’s sitting in Armando’s office chair. Betty introduces him as Nicolas. Her boyfriend.

Nicolas explains they’ve had a secret relationship. He wanted Armando to trust his assistant and hand over everything to her.

And now Betty’s handing everything over to Nicolas as proof of her love. Yep, he’s got V&M and BAR now.

Armando screams “No, Betty! You can’t do this! I trusted you!”

Yep, Marcela, he’s dreaming about Betty again.

Charlie’s trying to find Sofia’s pajamas. Sofia’s trying to find answers–is she old or ugly? Is that why Efrain doesn’t love her?

Charlie says Efrain says stupid stuff and she’s hot and any guy with a little bit of a brain would be proud to have a wife like her. Efrain has no brain, though.

Sofia mumbles about having nothing left to do but wait for death.

Charlie says she’s not looking at herself like a man would. Her self-esteem is low now, but she always says what she thinks and she’s interesting and sensual. They pop together like magnets. (Goooooooooool!)

Sofia wakes up in bed with Charlie and someone’s ringing the doorbell insistently.

She goes downstairs and finds Efrain on the other side of the door. She doesn’t want to talk to him, she’s not letting him in the house, and yeah she’ll sign whatever he wants, but he needs to go!

Charlie’s downstairs putting the rest of his clothes on and asking if he should go get the kids when his phone starts ringing. It’s Efrain calling and his ringtone is La Cucaracha. Charlie and Sofia struggle to turn the sound off and then wait quietly to see what Efrain does…so far he’s just trying to listen at the door.

Pati’s in Marcela’s office complaining about how smart Betty is and how she threw that escargot at her to score points with Roberto.

Marcela has to explain to her that last night was about Margarita putting Betty in her place. She asked Betty to take care of things at the office so Armando could spend more time with Marcela.

Although, Marcela’s not sure it’s going to work because Betty’s even in his dreams. Or the way he was screaming, his nightmares! She and Pati laugh.

Armando tells Ricky about dinner and about Betty saying she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Ricky thinks they should ask her for a financial report from BAR and that’ll tell them where they stand.

Armando calls Betty in and she says she’ll tell Nico to prepare one and she’ll get it to them.

Nico complains that a full report takes time.

Well, that’s what he gets for sending her flowers at work! Now Armando’s worried that her boyfriend is managing his money.

Fine, he’ll get her the report, but he complains about Armando impugning his reputation. Nobody’s got anything to reproach his grandma’s grandson for!

What did people say?

  • Empeña, from empeñar – to pawn, to hock
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