Betty en NY Monday 4/1/19 #39

Previously on Betty: V&M presented Hugo’s new collection–Rebirth. Sofia confronted Betty about being in love with Armando. Ricky and Armando got nervous about Nico. Betty told the Pelotón she and Nico were an item. Nico started Send A Friend Flowers At Work Day. Pati got escargot-ed. Armando and Ricky asked for a financial report on BAR and Nico got offended.

Armando’s in Betty’s cloffice asking if she’s angry that he asked for a report.

Um. No. But she’s got stuff to do.

Betty wanders out to Gossip Central and hears about Marcela scolding Jenny. Berta’s sure Sofia had a rough night, so they should keep an eye on her.

Sofia gets off the elevator in a flirty red dress and an attitude. She almost immediately decides to go back out there for hot chocolate and donuts.

Berta seems upset that Sofia’s not upset. Something’s going on here!

Marcela refuses to loan Pati any more money. Pati whines that the last loan went to buying baby stuff.

Whatevs. Pati needs to make a solid plan that doesn’t include getting married to another millionaire.

Whine, whine, whine. Pati’s phone rings. Wilson’s calling to tell her her car’s getting towed for being in a no parking zone facing the wrong way.

Pati runs downstairs and tries to beg the tow truck guy not to take her car. Then she resorts to bribery and asks him to name his price.

Tow truck guy looks her up and down and hands her a slip of paper. She’ll have to go to the impound lot and pay to get her car back.

Pati whines to Wilson for help and he halfheartedly says “Don’t take the car.” Pati runs after the tow truck and trips or something, I dunno, but Wilson got it on video.

In the breakroom, Berta begs Sofia to tell her what gives. She’s looking like she used to after she and Efrain would go on vacation.

Sofia insists she’s dressed like this so Los Cucaracha don’t see her suffering. That’s all. After everything that’s happened lately, Berta doesn’t really think Sofia would be up to…playing bumper cars…does she?

Efrain teases Charlie about the chupeton on the side of his neck. (Mad props, Sofia!) Charlie says he’s dating a wonderful woman who’s shy and not on social media and no they don’t want to double date with Efrain and Jenny.

Efrain wants Charlie to talk to Sofia about the divorce. She said this morning she’d sign the paperwork, but he thought she seemed weird. He dials on his cell phone and asks Charlie to ask Sofia to meet him there after work.

Pati’s sprawled in the street. She lost both shoes. Wilson tries to help her up, but she yells at him for not saving her car. And then she looks at the fine she’ll have to pay to get it back….

Sofia answers her phone, assuming it’s Efrain, and yells at him for trying to ruin every moment of her day. Charlie awkwardly says it’s him.

Sofia asks him if he wants to talk about last night or his morning. Berta’s chisme radar pings.

He’s got Efrain here. Can she stop by this afternoon?

Sofia agrees.

Betty returns the suit she borrowed to Inés.

Inés wants to hear about the dinner and Betty says they mostly talked about wedding stuff. She asks if Inés thinks Armando really loves Marcela, because it almost sounded like an arranged marriage.

Inés says Margarita watched Marcela grow up. She was the most affected of the siblings when her parents died. She’s always been crazy about Armando and yes, Inés thinks Armando loves her too. She shows Betty Hugo’s sketches of Marcela’s wedding dress.

Betty’s sure Marcela’s going to look like a princess in that dress.

Armando and Ricky are walking through Chisme Central when Nicolas stops them and introduces himself. That’s a much better suit than the last one. And I kind of like the messy hair, but I’m iffy about the beard.

Armando opens his eyes so wide his eyeballs nearly fall out.

In Armando’s office, Nico hands over the report, accepts Ricardo’s praise for the great work he’s doing, and tells the guys if they could just quit needing BAR to take out loans he could really do some impressive stuff.

Ricardo passes out drinks. And the biggest one goes to Nico. Who chugs it. And wonders if they’re trying to get him drunk.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón are watching Wilson’s video on repeat. Sofia says it’s not like her fee is even that high, she’s just always broke. Sandra says if they uploaded this to the web it would become a trending topic.

Everybody gets quiet.

Sofia starts the video again.

Armando’s finished looking over the report and says Nicolas is doing a great job. Ricardo hands him another drink. They ask where Nico was working before.

A home appliance store. Hey, it’s not so easy for someone who doesn’t have the last name “Mendoza” or “Calderon” to break into the business world.

And then there’s another drink and Armando mentions Betty and Nicolas starts talking about how great she is…and then he’s offended when Ricky  asks if they’re really just friends. He thought he was here to talk finance!

Well, they were just wondering, ’cause the flowers….

And what’s wrong with sending flowers to a friend? That’s it, this conversation is over! He knocks a bunch of stuff off Armando’s desk and kicks the chair.

He stumbles out of the office, looking for the way out. Betty finally realizes he’s there and he smells like booze. She steers him to the elevator and the Pelotón just miss them.

On the ground floor, Nico begs for an introduction to Pati. And lo, Pati comes around the corner complaining about the impound fee.

Suddenly everybody’s looking like Pati to Nico. Wilson offers his help, but Betty tells him he didn’t see anything!

“But I did.”

Ricky’s trying to fit Nico’s arrival into his Bad Betty conspiracy theory. Maybe the numbers are fake. Maybe Nicolas isn’t really a financial genius and Betty’s making all the decisions. Maybe Betty helped him get into the office today. Maybe he’s got his hands on Betty AND their millions!

Betty keeps scolding Nicolas as she takes him on a walk. He explains that he showed up to give them the financial report and make sure they knew he’d stick up for his bigotes de Cantinflas!

Betty’s furious. He’s getting her into a huge problem.

He starts out with “no” then “ich liebe dich” and somehow ends up at it’s Betty’s fault because she’s handing over her ethics to Don Armando because she’s cacheteando banquetas for him.

Hey, what happened to their agreement not to get involved in each other’s private lives?

Nico’s angry at watching everybody walk all over Betty, but fine, no more Mr. Nice Nico. He walks away from Betty, realizes he’s going the wrong way, and turns around.

Armando and Ricky are still complaining about Nico when Betty gets back. Armando asks to talk to her in her cloffice.

The report was great, but Nicolas is fired. It’s not a good idea for someone so close to her to have so much info on V&M. After today, Nicolas doesn’t work at BAR.

No. Betty’s not firing Nicolas. She needs him. He’s essential to BAR and without him BAR wouldn’t be as well-positioned in the market. She can’t go on without him.

Marce’s annoyed with Pati for parking in the middle of the street like she owns it. And she’s guessing Pati doesn’t have the money to pay the fine. So, OK, Marce will give her the money, but only if Pati sells her car as soon as she gets it out of the lot.

Ricky tells Armando Betty’s definitely in love with Nicolas and Nicolas is in love with Betty’s money. If they don’t get rid of him, he’s going to end up controlling V&M.

Armando tells Ricky to go away and do some actual work. Which is probably the most sensible thing anybody in this office has said all day, right after “No, I’m not firing Nicolas.”

Why is Pati begging Wilson for money to free her car? When he says “no,” she tries Giovas. And feels him up. And asks him to hold her with his beefy arms. And he asks for her bank account info so he can send her some money.

Sofia sneaks into the workroom and steals some underwear.

Sofia doesn’t join the others for lunch. Mariana talks about doing some reiki or a chakra alignment for her. Sandra thinks it’s Jenny who needs some aligning. Aura Maria thinks they should go party.

Berta notices Betty hasn’t said anything and asks if she’s still upset about the flowers from her novio.

Dude…did she not ask you not to talk about that at work?

At Betty’s house, Demetrio’s doing some electrical work. Boozy Nico shows up and starts helping. He claims what Julia’s smelling is just his new aftershave.

It’s bill paying day and once again, V&M’s out of money. They’ll have to get another loan.

Pati. Pelotón. Video. The only thing funny about this was her waving her shoe around with the heel dangling. And I swear you can see the actress trying not to laugh.

Marce’s rubbing Armando’s shoulders. She asks if there’s something going on that she doesn’t know about. Why was he dreaming about Betty?

Betty hears her name and sneaks over to the door.

Marce says Armando has dreamed about her twice now and this time he was asking her not to do something.

Armando doesn’t remember. It must have been something unimportant, something to do with the company.

Marce tells him they need to separate work from their personal lives.

Back at Betty’s and now Nico’s on the ladder doing something with the light fixture. He tells Demetrio to turn it on so they can check something RIGHT BEFORE HE TOUCHES IT WITH A SCREWDRIVER.

Something on the light fixture blows up, Nico falls off the ladder, and Demetrio thinks he’s killed him!

Julia calls Betty at work to tell her Nico’s in the hospital. She starts grabbing her stuff and Armando thinks she’s ready to go to the bank, but Nico’s in the hospital and Nico comes first.

Armando offers to drive her.

At the hospital, Demetrio whines that he killed Nicolas! Julia says he’s not dead, he just hit his head. Demetrio apologizes, but it’s like Nico were his own son. Betty goes to find a doctor and leaves Armando with her parents.

Betty finds Nicolas and whatever else happened, his sense of humor is intact. He jokes about seeing ugly and having electrical powers now. He and Betty reminisce about the time he climbed a tree to rescue a cat and it scratched him up.

Demetrio and Julia debate telling Nico’s grandmother. On the one hand, she’s been dying for the last ten years and this could finish her off. But on the other hand, they don’t have money for the bill.

Armando says he’ll pay for everything. Nicolas is his employee. He goes off to find Betty.

Julia thinks Armando’s got a big heart. Demetrio says he’s trying to avoid a lawsuit, since this was a work-related injury.

Julia says it was in the living room.

Well, yeah…the living room of BAR. And hey, doesn’t this mean Demetrio’s an employee too? He’s been wanting a checkup for a while. He goes off to find a doctor.

Betty’s sorry for all the things she said to Nico earlier. She loves him a lot, more than a friend…like a brother.

Nico says his blood pressure’s dropping now. Armando’s standing in the hallway watching them as Betty kisses Nico on the cheek and he says he’ll have to electrocute himself more often to get Betty to talk to him like this.

Oh yeah…Armando’s feeling the fear….

What did people say?

  • Chupeton – big hickey
  • Bigotes de Cantinflas – Cantinflas ‘stache
  • Cacheteando banquetas – “slapping the sidewalk,” following after someone who has you completely under their control
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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
1 year ago

One of my fave things about the recaps is reading them and being able to go like ‘Yes! that is what I was thinking!’ or sometimes ‘I didn’t think of that but I wish I had!’ and this one had so many of those moments in it. Especially this one – “Armando tells Ricky to go away and do some actual work. Which is probably the most sensible thing anybody in this office has said all day, right after “No, I’m not firing Nicolas.” ” Do we ever see Ricky doing actual work? Ever? What is even his job anyway?… Read more »