Betty en NY Tuesday 4/2/19 #40

Armando lurks outside Nico’s hospital room as he and Betty make up. He splits after the “I love you,” “I love you, too,” bit.

Nico tells Betty he was angry at Armando.

Yeah, and she knows he thinks she does everything Armando wants, but that’s not true–she listens to Nico too. They end their fight with a Be-Ni promise and get back to BFF snuggles.

Wilson asks Giovas out for beers and to watch a baseball game.

No can do. Giovas is broke.

Wilson can’t believe he lent Pati money. He knows she’s never gonna pay it back, right?

Aura Maria’s listening in and calls Giovas a flea-brain. And she’s not speaking to him ever again!

Betty’s parents come in to see how Nico’s doing. And Armando stands there like he’s pouty that he’s not the center of attention. And even when he is–because Julia and Demetrio mention that he paid the bill–he’s still pouty. Nicolas gives him a grudging “Thank you” and Armando gives back an equally terse “No prob.”

Berta catches Sofia doing the Underwear Adjustment Dance in the bathroom. She fishes Sofia’s earlier underwear out of her purse and says she knew it! Sofia’s having the sex!

Sofia denies it. The underwear is just…to boost her morale.

Uh huh. And what better to boost morale than sex with a man? But somehow she has the idea that Sofia’s having sex with Efrain to get back at Jenny. She makes Sofia promise she’s never letting that sewer rat touch her again.

Sofia gladly pinky promises that she’s never letting Efrain touch her again. And now she’s gotta go!

Berta’s left wondering who the man is.

When Sofia gets to the office, Charlie’s in a suit. That’s not what he usually wears. Just saying.

He says he’s got several things to talk about and he starts with “What happened last night shouldn’t have happened.” (BOO!)

But it did. Three times.

But it wasn’t right.

No, it was reeeeeally right..ok yeah, she was drunk. And he’s her kids’ godfather.

And she’s married.

Yeah, but that’s ending.

And they can’t do it again until she’s divorced. Plus, he’s her husband’s best friend (I’d start re-evaluating that right now) and she’s his friend and he doesn’t want to lose her friendship over a bad hour…not that it was bad. He just doesn’t want to toss what they have in the trash…hmmm, she smells good–

And frickin’ Efrain shows up to ruin it for everyone.

Betty and her parents take Nicolas to their house. They’ve pulled out the sofa bed in the office for him to sleep on. He thinks some of Julia’s tortilla soup would do him some good. And maybe Demetrio could read him a story. Ha–it’s a yes on the soup and no on the story.

At a bar, Armando’s drinking Nicolas style. He’s convinced now that Betty’s in love with Nicolas and she’d do anything for him.

In that case, Ricky says they need a rival for Nicolas. There was something about feas not being like other women, but I tuned it out. Ricky insists Armando’s gotta make Betty fall in love with him.

Armando refuses. He can’t do that to her.

Ricky says it’s the only way to keep his family from ending up on the street. He’s gotta take the bullet, like Ricky did with Pati.

“But that’s different! Pati is…Pati.”

Um, yeah, and he nearly ended up married with a kid! At least Betty’s not “crazy.”

There’s more bla bla bla, but Armando’s not budging. (Although, I’m telling myself his “ew, gross” face is purely for Ricky’s benefit.)

Sofia wonders what’s going on. And so does Charlie, because he thought Efrain wanted him to have a private talk with Sofia, so what is he doing here?

Efrain babbles about Sofia being so mature and needing to accept that it’s over and if she could just sign these papers….

Sofia scribbles on the first page, tears the whole thing up, and tells him to tell whoever’s writing up the next round that they’ll have to deal with her LAWYER, Karen Something, who is the BEST lawyer in Manhattan for dealing with this stuff.

And tell Jenny she’s not getting the house! ‘Cause it belongs to Sofia and her kids!

Sandra’s dad is closing the gym. It’s not making enough money. Sandra’s reviewing the ledger when Wilson comes over to ask if she’s OK.

Sandra tells him what’s going on, but Wilson says they can’t do that. The gym is like a second home to everybody. Maybe they can do some kind of fundraiser?

Sandra says they’ve tried everything. And now it’s her job to go through the ledger and call all the fighters to tell them they’ll have to find somewhere else to train.

Wilson takes a look at the list. He didn’t realize there were so many women fighters.

Sandra says it’s trendy.

Well, there’s their answer. They’ll host a torneo de lucha feminista!

Sandra smacks him upside the head and says it’s “femenina.”

Ricky’s still trying to talk Armando into seducing Betty. He says ugly girls are easy. (I have the urge to toss his drink in his face.)

Armando agrees she’s ugly (drink, face), but she’s been good to him and he can’t do this.

So now Ricky makes a tasteless comment about prison rape and says that’s where they’re all headed when they get busted. Except for Nicolas.

Efrain seriously thinks Sofia dressed up to seduce him and that she’s still madly in love with him. Charlie smirks.

Wilson and Sandra spar and talk about the women’s tourney idea. They have to get some big names…like, La Pantera. She’s got a huge following on social. Wilson doesn’t think she could be better than Sandra. And then there’s a leg cramp and Sandra gets Wilson to stretch her leg and then she gets a feel of…well, I would say Little Wilson, but she’s already made it clear that “Little” doesn’t apply. Medium Wilson, I guess.

He’s so embarrassed he grabs his gear and runs out of the gym.

Nico is at least as good at conspiracy theory-ing as Ricky. In fact, I think I could go so far as to say that it’s Nico and Ricky who are creating the entire Betty-Armando situation. Nico doesn’t trust Armando, he thinks Armando’s taking advantage of them, and he doesn’t think Armando has taken his eyes off Betty since she became rich. In fact, he’s sure Armando is watching them right now, through binoculars.

Armando’s in front of his mirror convincing himself that Ricky’s right and he got himself into this mess, so now he’s gotta seduce la más fea. (SMH)

Charlie stops by to talk to Sofia on her way in to work. I was too busy watching and totally forgot I was recapping this, so I had to watch it again. Which is SO not a problem.

She admits the red dress was for him, since neither of them know Efrain was going to be there.

He thinks what happened probably shouldn’t have happened…and Sofia agrees. And they argue about who was using who.

Sofia feels guilty, but also when she remembers she gets goosebumps–the way he makes love…. But then she feels guilty again because it shouldn’t have happened. She thinks sometimes that it would be the best revenge against Efrain…or it could be the best thing that’s ever happened in her life.

Charlie’s never going to forget that night.

Sofia thinks he deserves someone who loves him and is at peace, and that’s not her. So it can’t happen again.

Charlie promises it won’t. But also he’s glad she got a lawyer. And if she ever changes her mind she should put that red dress on for him. He kisses her on the cheek and they both look weepy.

Armando comes to Betty’s cloffice to find out how Nico’s doing. He realized yesterday how important Nico is to her.

Betty says her mom thinks of him as another one of her children and he and her dad have a special relationship. But anyway, he’s doing better and he’s at her house recovering.

Armando asks about the line of credit they were planning to open at the bank. Betty remembers and she’s been thinking about it…. Her voice goes all muffled as Armando checks her out.

She notices he’s distracted and assumes she looks bad.

No, just…he hadn’t seen that sweater on her. Where’d she get it?

Betty says her grandma sent it.

Armando’s all awkward as he goes back to his office. And Betty’s like, “I’m gonna wear this sweater more often!”

Sandra greets Wilson at the door and he’s all formal with her. Hm, he’s always so…firme…so…bien parado. Wilson’s embarrassed. Sandra brushes by him and then comes back to kiss him on the cheek.

Giovas comes outside to fix something and Wilson asks if he knows if Sandra has a boyfriend.

Not that he knows of.

Wilson wonders if maybe she…? And then he gets all offended when Giovas goes right to “She likes women?” Well, hey, Giovas is just trying to communicate clearly. And now that he thinks about it…maybe?

Armando comes into Ricky’s office in a panic. Nico doesn’t just work at Betty’s house, now he’s LIVING there!

Ricky thinks Nico knew they were closing in, so he made a move. Damn, he’s good! He’s manipulating Betty and her entire family! Armando’s running out of time to do something. It’s time to start Operation Enamorando Betty! This is going to be the most important romance of his life!

And then they giggle.

Pati gets to work. I’m digging the outfit. Giovas asks if she paid her fine and when she’ll pay him back.

Sarcastic violins play as Pati turns it all around on him, calling him a usurer and rude and taking advantage of her.

Aura Maria catches the tail end of the convo and tells Giovas that’s what he gets. He’s outta money, he’s not with Jenny or Pati, and worst of all, he’s lost HER.

Armando’s pretending he’s never operated a mouse before so he can keep Betty in his office. He’s all “What would I do without you?” And getting all up in her face and instead of being sexy it’s creepy.

Betty freaks out, stands up, and they bump heads. She flees for her office as Armando’s like “This is not going to be easy.” (Well, no, ’cause you’re acting like a creep.)

At the reception desk, Aura Maria asks Sandra for help–she’s got who knows what on the back of her skirt.

Sandra says it’s gis and does her best to brush it off Aura Maria’s skirt. And here comes Wilson, with a package (I mean, a literal package) and his eyes popping out at what he assumes is Sandra spanking Aura Maria in a non-chalk-loosening way.

Sandra and Aura Maria can’t figure out what’s wrong with him, but they kinda don’t care.

Betty’s looking at an article about ten ways to find out if a guy’s in love with you. (#1, Is your name Betty? #2, Is his name Armando?….)

  • He’s always looking at you..yes
  • He defends you to other people…yes
  • He behaves affectionately…yes
  • He keeps you in mind all the time…yes
  • He dreams about you…yes

Mariana interrupts quiz time with a report. She doesn’t believe Betty was just working, since she shut down  the page so fast. Mariana restores it and says if Betty’s wanting to make sure she and Nico are on the same page, she could always read the cards for her.

Betty’s in, as long as she doesn’t tell the rest of the Pelotón.

So, of course, they’re all gathered around Betty and Mariana in the break room. Even Inés, who says it’s all fake. But still doesn’t go away.

Betty thought she was getting a “private” reading, but Aura Marias says they’re the Pelotón. They get to know everything. Sandra says she’d better get used to it.

Mariana’s doing a reading about Betty’s immediate future…we’ve got The Lovers, The Chariot, and The Sun.

Marcela comes into the break room and lurks while Mariana tells Betty her love is close by, something big and triumphant is going to happen soon, and the man’s bringing passion to her life. Mariana predicts a lecho de amor soon. In the background, Marcela laughs.

So does Inés. And she doesn’t appreciate everyone asking Betty if she’s a virgin (because she says rolling in the hay is unlikely). She drags her away before Aura Maria can give her some “Kama Sutra” lessons.

Sofia’s sure…Betty has never had her hands on a man’s underwear. Berta: “For what? To wash it?” Actually, that reminds Sofia of something she’s gotta do….

Armando’s freaking out ’cause his mad seduction skillz aren’t working on Betty. Ricky says a bunch of insulting stuff about feas and says neither of them has been out with a “specimen” like Betty.

He decides what Armando needs is “inspiration” and borrows his computer.

Marcela tells Pati about Mariana’s card reading. They laugh at the idea of anyone sleeping with Betty.

Armando comes in, wondering what they’re talking about. Marcela wasn’t going to tell him, but Pati does. She jokes that whoever sleeps with Betty would be breaking a Guiness world record for sleeping with the most frightening woman on the planet.

Armando laughs an awkward laugh.

What did people say?

  • Torneo de lucha – fighting tournament
  • Feminista – feminist
  • Femenina – feminine
  • Firme – firm
  • Bien parado – makes a good impression
  • Gis – chalk
  • Lecho de amor – lovey times in bed
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