Betty en NY Wednesday 4/3/19 #41

Sofia sneaks into Hugo’s workroom to return the pilfered underwear. Berta follows her and listens in as Inés is like “Whoa! Never mind, just keep ’em and next time ask me first!”

Nico, as we know, is convalescing at Betty’s house. He can’t get Demetrio to stack up the pillows just right and he acts like every movement hurts. Julia insists he can’t go back to his grandmother’s. This is where he got injured, so this is where he’ll stay.

Berta drags Sofia into the bathroom to ask about the underwear. She points out Jenny’s shoes under one of the stalls and Sofia gets the hint.

She did see Efrain yesterday. And technically they’re still married. And hey, when her cuerpo wants some alegría…. Look, she’s not saying it was Efrain and she’s not saying it wasn’t, but it was gooooooood! And now she’s gotta get back to work.

Jenny cries in the bathroom stall.

Betty can’t help remembering Mariana saying there was a guy coming to bring passion to her life.

Armando stares at Betty from the doorway of her cloffice and thinks about what Marcela and Pati were saying. He tries to look romantic, but again he ends up looking creepy. He starts to tell Betty what he came in there for, but chickens out and runs back to his desk.

Marcela walks in and wonders about the look on his face. She thinks maybe he needs to take a break from work stuff. They could go to the theater.

Ooh, nope, ’cause he’s going to be working on the budget for the next collection (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?) and Betty’s going to help.

Marcela offers/threatens to stay and help too, but Armando thinks she should go out with Pati.

Armando runs into Ricky’s office again, saying he can’t do it! He can’t seduce Betty! She’s so nice.

Ricky agrees, she’s a saint. So pervert the saint.

Dude, no. Armando can’t do it. She’s his assistant!

Actually he’s the assistant because she owns everything. Everyone’s depending on him, he just has to believe in himself. Also Ricky just texted him the location of a super seekrit place to take Betty where no one in their “circle” will see him.

Armando goes back to Betty’s cloffice and starts over. He’s still pretty creepy as he’s all “Betty, I need you!…tonight…it’s not a work thing, it’s about you and me…call your parents and tell them you’ll be home late…and don’t tell anyone else…this is just between the two of us.” He spins in his chair and then walks woodenly out of the office. I swear it was way more hilarious than I made it sound.

Betty’s in the bathroom, fixing her hair. ‘Cause, you know, the higher the hair, the closer to Don Armando.

Pati’s in there too and she’s all “I understand. If I had your hair, I’d feel awful too. Have you ever thought about a wig?” (FFS, Pati!)

Betty says she loves her hair. It may not conform to Pati’s Eurocentric standards of beauty, but she loves and respects herself the way she is.

Is she seeing her boyfriend?

Betty insists she doesn’t have one, but Pati says everyone knows she has one. She just can’t figure out what’s wrong with the guy. “Is he blind?”


Well, at least Betty admitted she had a boyfriend. She should keep a close eye on him. He must love her. And be super spiritual ’cause he doesn’t mind the way she looks or that she’s poor.

Betty says he’s a special guy and he would never fall for a woman like Pati.

Armando takes Betty to a lounge/bar kinda place. They got to a section with booths and wall art made of old boom boxes. Betty orders cranberry juice and Armando orders a bottle of whiskey. Betty’s a little thrown off by that, but OK.

Sandra’s got the luchadoras assembled in the gym. She’s got an idea for a theme….

One of Sandra’s brothers notices Wilson staring at Sandra and smacks him upside the head. She laughs and gets back to what she was saying about focus and discipline.

Los Cucaracha. Since Efrain admits that he did see Sofia yesterday, that’s enough for Jenny to kick him out of her apartment.

At the bar, Betty’s noticed that Armando’s drinking a lot and not talking. He goes off on this tangent about Hamlet and “To be or not to be.” Betty asks if something’s happening with the company.

Happening…not with the company. With Betty. Why does she think he wanted her to fire Nicolas? Why does she think he doesn’t trust him? Because he’s jealous!

Betty’s just staring at him. She doesn’t get it. Jealous why?

Armando says he can’t believe Nico’s just a friend. He’s so close to her family and Armando saw how worried she was about him.

Right, because he’s her best friend. He’s like her brother. She reaches for Armando’s hands and says he doesn’t have any reason to be jealous.

But they’ve been spending so much time together and Armando has gotten to know how intelligent and loyal and unconditional, how special she is. And he wants to dance.

Efrain shows up at the office, presumably to spend the night on the sofa. He complains to Charlie that Jenny is convinced he’s cheating on her with Sofia. That she heard her in the bathroom talking about how great it was and…hey! Maybe Sofia was talking about someone else! Wouldn’t that be great if she was? Maybe she’ll divorce him now!

Charlie’s like “Dude, chill.” and insists he doesn’t know anything about Sofia dating anybody.

Demetrio’s freaking out ’cause Betty’s not home and her cell phone is off. Nico’s sure she’s just working late. So is Julia, but Demetrio wants to go looking for her. She talks him out of it, but he won’t go to bed. He can’t fall asleep until Betty is home.

Betty’s busy dancing with Armando. Or trying to. A vision of Ricky appears and tells Armando Betty’s all his.

Armando starts looking around and Betty wonders if he’s OK.

Efrain won’t shut up about Sofia being with someone else. Who’d want her anyway, har har har.

Charlie’s like “Shut up. She’s still hot.” I’m paraphrasing.

Efrain thinks she’s been looking for viejos online.

Charlie can’t take it anymore. He’s outta here. And he hopes Jenny ditches Efrain!

Sandra’s closing up the gym when someone grabs her, puts a gun to her neck, and says this is a robbery.

Marcela gets to the office with pizza and wine, but Armando’s not there. She tries calling him, but he’s with Betty, ignoring his phone.

And declaring his feelings…for Betty…he’s in love with her.

Betty looks horrified.

So Armando repeats it again.

Betty thinks she needs to go. And Armando’s drunk. He should go too. She tries to do some deep breathing.

He says he’s jealous of Nicolas, he thinks about her all day, and he dreams about her and…isn’t she going to say anything? Doesn’t she feel anything for him?

Betty says she’s hyperventilating. Armando runs off in search of a paper bag.

These two guys who are trying to rob the gym didn’t do their research. Sandra tells them they’re broke. She sees Wilson through a window, and says “no” repeatedly.

Wilson makes a noise and one guy goes to investigate. He fires his gun at nothing and Wilson sneaks up and whacks him with something. A broom handle?

Sandra thinks Wilson’s been shot, so she shouts his name and starts beating on the guy who’s supposed to be watching her. She takes his gun and chases both guys out before checking on Wilson.

Betty’s still breathing into a paper bag when Marcela calls. Betty tells Armando to answer–Marcela’s probably worried.

He takes the call at the bar and says he and Betty are at that pizza place in Times Square and he’ll take her home and meet Marcela at the apartment.

Marcela’s tired of being the understanding girlfriend. He can do whatever he wants to.

Back at the booth, Betty says what they’re doing is wrong. He’s going to marry Marcela soon. Betty thinks he’s just drunk and confused.

Armando says Betty’s not doing anything wrong and he is confused. She’s a wonderful woman and she’s gonna think he’s stupid, but he never thanks her for all the things she does. She’s doing way more than just “her job.”

They giggle a little and then Armando says they should dance. As in the two of them. That song is back on again. It’s their song!

Betty pinches Armando, to make sure she’s not dreaming, I guess, and he leads her out to the dance floor.

Wilson’s upright again, holding an ice pack to his face. Sandra must have called one of her brothers. She finishes up with the cops and says they’ll call if they have any more information.

Sandra makes a fuss over Wilson saving her life and being the big hero. Her brother thanks him on behalf of the family. And smacks him hard on the shoulders a couple of times. As is apparently the custom in the Fuentes family.

Back to the club, where Betty and Armando are dancing alone. Betty thinks that she can’t believe she’s dancing with him. Armando thinks he can’t do this to Betty. She doesn’t deserve it.

Marcela takes her cold pizza and wine over to Ricky’s. Luckily he doesn’t have anyone sleeping over tonight.

Wilson walks Sandra home. She tells him not to take credit away from himself–she wouldn’t have had the guts to take on both those guys if he hadn’t disarmed one.

Wilson thinks they should celebrate. Just the two of them. Tomorrow after the gym.

Sandra thinks he’s leaning in for a kiss (and so do the rest of us), but they keep dodging around each other. Wilson plants a kiss on her forehead.

Armando tells Betty the song is over. And so it is. Also, it’s late and she’s gotta get home because her dad’s waiting up and Nicolas is still recovering….

Armando doesn’t want to hear about Nicolas. He’s starting to think she lied and she really is in love with him.

Betty says Armando is the only guy she could fall in love with. He makes her happy. He’s the most important person in her life. She loves him.

She moves in for a kiss, but Armando says he can’t do this.

Marcela tells Ricky about showing up at the office and waiting around for Armando. She’s sure he’s out with one of his “conquests” right now.

Ricky swears he’s with Betty, not that Marcela’s trying to get information out of him. She just wanted to come talk because she didn’t want to be alone. She says that’s the hardest part of dating Armando–the loneliness.

Ricky says if she’s alone, it’s because she wants to be.  There’s tons of guys out there looking for someone like her.

But she only wants Armando. And Armando doesn’t have time for her.

Ricky says there’s too much going on at work for Armando to think about anything or anyone else.

Marcela’s “sixth sense” tells her there’s someone or something that’s got him like that. If Betty weren’t so…Betty…she’d think the two of them have something going on.

The taxi pulls up at Betty’s house. The driver waits for them to take way too long saying goodbye and agreeing that no one else needs to know about this. Betty gets out of the taxi and Armando calls himself an idiot. I was kind of wanting to hear the taxi driver’s take on all this, but no.

Betty sneaks into the living room and tries to wake up Nico. Her dad pops up behind her with a flashlight in his face asking where she’s been. Betty makes up a story about construction delays. Nico wakes up, complaining about the noise and Betty makes a run for her room.

She tells Cuquito it was the most perfect night ever. Cuquito’s not paying attention. See if she pays attention the next time he tries to talk to her about the little girl bat he’s interested in!

Betty tells her journal she thinks Armando’s “I can’t do this” was about him not being able to kiss a fea.

Armando makes it home in one piece, but he keeps thinking about the things he said to Betty. He hears Marcela coming in and dives under the covers, pretending to be asleep.

In the morning, Marcela’s rattling all the pots and pans as loud as she can. Does he want some breakfast? She slaps two burnt pieces of toast on a plate and smashes an egg into his forehead. If he wants something better than that, he can tell whatever zorra he was with last night to make it.

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