Betty en NY Friday 4/5/19 #43

Pati bursts into Betty’s cloffice and they all stare at each other for a second before Pati rolls her eyes and says Jack Anderson’s here.

Pati brings Anderson into the conference room and does a terrible job of flirting with him. He doesn’t remember her. Married to Mauricio Goldberg? Didn’t he get divorced?

Pati says it was married, past tense. And hey, they should hang out. They could talk business. She did 3 semesters at TUI. That’s why she’s here, advising Armando.

Armando, Ricardo, and Betty arrive. Armando sends Pati to bring them all coffee and water. Heh.

In Marce’s office, Pati asks why Marcela’s not at the meeting.

Um, because she doesn’t have anything to do there.

Well, Pati would kill to be in there with that billionaire.

Dude…he’s old.

Pati says they have to look at beauty regardless of age.

Marce admits she’s upset because now she’s gotta put up with Beatriz’s personal life.

Mariana comes in with some paperwork to sign and Marce just keeps on talking about Betty running out of her office to check on her boyfriend. Pati makes sure she’s looking at Mariana when she says if Betty loses this one, she’ll probably end up alone forever.

Mariana takes her signed paperwork and walks slowly out of the office, glaring at Pati.

I submit this next exchange as proof we have farther to go…

Pati tells Marcela she thinks Mariana practices Santería

Marcela’s like “come crees!” like Pati just insulted Mariana.

Pro tip: If you’re only referencing something already misunderstood as the punch line of a joke, maybe don’t do that.

The Pelotón meet in the bathroom so Mariana can tell them what she heard. Berta says this is not proper chisme it’s chis and that’s it. But at least now they (think they) know why Betty took off running. Inés hopes they won’t pester her with a bunch of questions.

Conference room. Meeting. Blah blah blah, collection, study, blah blah…Betty has to be prodded to give Jack the report she made about something or other. She’s just staring at Armando. Ricky’s looking at the two of them like “What is WRONG with you two?!”

Mata and Danny V helpfully explain the meeting–Jack wants to close a deal with V&M for an exclusive collection for his stores.

Danny tells Mata to advise Jack not to do it. Danny doesn’t want anyone helping V&M.

Mata also has news that Jack’s getting ready to sell his fabric factory in India. Danny says he’s going to buy up shares before the market re-opens and they realize the trick.

Armando asks Betty what’s going on. She’s never been so quiet in a meeting before. He thinks they need to go out tonight and talk about “them.” He’ll meet her at the same place at 9. (I’m with Betty. 9 is late!) He puts a binder clip on one of her curls. (Is that a thing?)

In the workroom, Hugo’s having Marce try on parts of her dress. He asks if it’s true that Betty has a boyfriend. Pati whines that it is and he’s supposedly rich. Pati can’t fathom what kind of loser would be with Betty.

Marce says everyone has different tastes and they all laugh.

So now that Hugo knows what he’s doing with the dress, he forbids Marcela from gaining even a gram between now and the wedding. Pati: “Assuming there is a wedding.”

Hugo smacks her upside the head and tells Marce to get herself a new friend.

As Marce goes to change out of the dress, Hugo asks Pati why all blondes with dark roots are jealous.

Marce takes her time in the dressing room, imagining what the dress is going to look like when it’s finished.

Ricky’s outside in the hallway checking her out as she changes clothes. I bet he does that when the models are in there too. How V&M has managed to survive this long without folding under the weight of multiple sexual harassment lawsuits is beyond me.

While Armando’s complaining to him later about “I can’t do this….” Ricky’s fantasizing about Marcela. When Armando gets his attention, Ricky gives the same pep talk he’s been giving all along.

Armando doesn’t know if Ricky’s a VP, a sports announcer, or a “pimp.”

All three, according to Ricky, plus a strategist. It should be easier now that he’s already kissed her once. Tonight he needs to kiss her twice.

Mariana offers to go to the hospital with Betty to visit Nicolas.

Betty says he’s already at home.

Inés thinks that’s code for “We want to be alone!” Sofia tells Betty to have fun while it lasts ’cause dudes always end up doing stupid stuff. Aura Maria advises staying positive.

Betty takes off and the others are like “She really does like that Nicolas guy!” Ricky was lurking and heard them.

Jenny comes to Efrain’s office to tell him Sofia’s hired a lawyer and says she’s going to get avisponi and charchupón. She wants to leave him like a plucked chicken.

Ricky approves of Armando’s plan to meet Betty at the bar later. He wants Armando to text her right now and tell her he’s thinking about her and he’ll be there soon. ‘Cause chicks dig that kind of thing. And ugly chicks dig it even more. (One day Ricky will grow up and realize chicks dig honesty. Today is not that day.) Oh, and don’t forget to add a kiss emoji.

What Armando ends up texting is “Don’t leave, I’m on my way over.” Betty says she’s saving his seat. I mean, she literally says this out loud. And then orders another cranberry juice.

Armando and Ricky run into Catalina. Armando says he likes her dress. Ricky compliments her shoes.

This is why they’re Catalina’s favorites. And how’s Armando’s assistant? ‘Cause she was dancing around on the sidewalk and screaming “He kissed me” before she passed out. She was really excited.

Armando says she must really love her boyfriend.

Yeah, and it was probably their first kiss. Cata was moved. Nobody does that anymore! That guy’s lucky. Hopefully he knows how to appreciate her, because Betty obviously adores him.

Demetrio and Nicolas are being obnoxious about Betty not being home yet. Julia tells them Betty called and said she had an event to go to. They’d better cut it out before they start fighting.

She tells Nico to finish his tamale in silence. She tells Demetrio to chill–it’s good for Betty to get out every once in a while.

Demetrio goes back to looking out the window.

Armando tells Catalina and Ricky he’s gotta go. Cata says they’ll do lunch this week.

Ricky’s all “Way to go!” If that’s how Betty behaves for a kiss, he doesn’t want to imagine what’s next!

Armando glares at him.

Ricky says he’ll shut up. But he should tell her not to be shouting about him in the streets.

Armando grumbles that he’s off for round 2. Ricky cheers Armando on, telling him to go get her!

Marce: “Who?”

One of the luchadoras attacks another in the locker room. Sandra breaks up the fight and slams the aggressor into the wall. Which is how Wilson sees them and it looks once again like this is something sexual instead of just violent. Wilson keeps on walking.

Oh, hey, Marce’s here. Isn’t Armando happy to see her? Who were they talking about?

“You, of course!” Armando shuts off his phone, saying there’s been a vendor bugging him all day and oh look, there’s a painting near the door that he liked….

Los Cucaracha. Back home again. Jenny thinks Marcela is paying for the lawyer and they’re going to take everything. All Efrain has to do is listen to Jenny and do exactly as she says….

Marce wants video of her macking on Armando dizque for a thing she’s putting together for their bachelor/ette party. Armando complains about not liking this stuff and not being into selfies, but he goes along with it.

Betty gets a text saying he’s had a complication and he can’t make it.

Betty checks online and sees the pictures Marcela has uploaded of her being all lovey with Armando.

Sandra makes the luchadoras apologize to each other, but as soon as they’ve done that, they start fighting again. Sandra has to slam them both against the wall this time. She tells them to shake hands and go home.

Nico texts Betty to ask where she is. She says she’s on her way and asks for the check.

Armando’s upset that Marcela posted that video online when she said it was something for the two of them. Marcela’s all “Yeah, for everyone to see what a good time we’re having.” Armando calls it childish. He doesn’t like everyone knowing about his personal life.

Well, Marcela does, and since she has nothing to hide…she can erase it if he doesn’t want people to see them together.

Cata comes over and, happy to see the two of them. She starts talking about the wedding and offers to plan it for them. Marcela loves that idea. Sure, Pati’s not going to be happy, but Pati’s a little…complicated. When Cata asks if the wedding is still this year, Marcela tells her to ask Armando.

Wilson rushes past the front desk and says goodbye to one of Sandra’s brothers.

Sandra gets there and he says he was just saying goodbye to Wilson. She’s confused–they were supposed to go out. They had plans.

Well, all her brother knows is he took off.

Armando cannot get out of that party and Marcela refuses to leave him alone tonight. She mentions a “surprise.” From the other side of the room, Ricky keeps pointing at his watch.

Betty gets home. Nico and Demetrio are ready to interrogate her about her evening. She says she was at a cocktail party, but she didn’t drink. Armando wants her to learn about fashion and if that means she has to learn how to drink, then she will.

Demetrio and Nico take offense. Demetrio says that’s not right.

Betty says things aren’t right or wrong, they just happen or they don’t, it would be nice if things were perfect, but this is reality and it is what it is.

Demetrio didn’t believe her.

Marce’s “surprise” is a bedroom full of candles, rose petals, a bottle of champagne and some time alone. The way she’s looking in the mirror I’m worried she’s got a hidden camera somewhere.

Betty tells her journal Armando didn’t show up. He stayed at the party with his girlfriend. She can’t believe she thought what he felt was important. She needs to wake up from this stupid dream that’s never coming true.

Her cell phone dings and she has 8 messages from “Señor Armando.” She ignores them.

Armando’s stressing about her not answering. Marcela asks who he’s texting. She doesn’t believe it’s Betty, so he shows her it’s Betty without showing her the messages.

Marcela doesn’t like being ignored (no rabbits!) so if Armando still wants her, she wants him to prove it.

Betty looks again and there are tons of pictures posted online of the room and the candles and feet.

Nico comes banging on Betty’s door and she pretends she was reading. He knows something’s wrong. She’s wearing that face–the one that says everything is fine, but really she’s got a fire raging inside. Does she need him to kick someone’s ass?

Betty tells him not to worry about it. She’ll be fine.

Nico snuggles up in bed with her and remembers he hadn’t told her about the lawyers. They went to the office without permission again, trying to get an advance on their pay. And he told them if they do it again they’re fired. And he was so serious they believed him.

Betty says she’s glad to have Nico. He’s glad to have her too.

Sandra tries calling Wilson’s voicemail which says something about being a missile control center. She leaves a message asking if he’s coming back or ditching her.

Her brother wonders what’s up. Do she and Wilson have a thing?

Sandra says they’re just coworkers. (I’m not sure he bought that.)

Armando’s in bed with Marcela. He retrieves his cell phone from her nightstand and sees that Betty hasn’t texted him back.

She hears her phone and ignores the one message from Don Armando.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
1 year ago

Oh my gosh Ricky and sexual harrasment Aahh He’s the freaking VP! And he’s not old enough to have the kind of attitudes he has, and say the things he says. (not that age makes it ok to be clueless, but things have changed a lot in the last 30 years and when older people say inappropriate things its at least understandable) Does he live under a rock or what? I’m waiting for the episode when Ricky learns A Very Important Lesson about respect by being sued.

Mari Pacheco
Mari Pacheco
1 year ago

hi, just wanted to say that I am watching show and at same time love reading recap it’s almost like watching it again. I totally agree with your comment Armando looked like he was into kiss. Glad not alone with thinking that. I hate this cause I’ve seen original and La Fea and even rewatched episodes on YouTube to refresh memory so I know what’s gonna happen (obviously not exactly but essentially) and yet I cant stop watching and evwanteden teared up when Armando stood up Betty (it wasn’t intentionally but still)….and this is only beginning,oh boy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mari Pacheco

My heart was BREAKING when Armando stood Betty up!

I haven’t seen any versions so I have no idea where things are going. I’m glad that they are doing slightly different things so people who know the story are also surprised and entertained.