Betty en NY Thursday 4/4/19 #42

At breakfast, Betty’s mom asks if she wants more coffee. Betty says that would be good…


Nico chimes in, calling Betty a ganosa and a buscona.

Betty snaps out of it. Yeah, she wants more coffee.

While Julia’s getting the coffee Nico asks if something happened with Armando last night. Betty flees the house.

Wilson’s trying to look all badass with his two black eyes, but he hides his face when the Pelotón arrive. Sandra stays behind to talk about going out tonight. Wilson says it’s a surprise. Sandra’s entire body is signaling “I want you” but somehow Wilson keeps reading it as “Hey, bro.”

Ricky has a hard time getting Armando’s attention. Armando’s busy thinking about last night. He tells Ricky they have to scrap the plan. (Say it with me…) He can’t do this to Betty.

Betty walks in. It’s awkward. Armando realizes he’s giving her a big smile and consciously puts on his serious face.

Efrain brings Jenny flowers and tries to get her to let him move back in. Nope. The “store” is closed until he’s divorced. Efrain tries his key, but she’s changed the locks already.

Ricky says he’s off to take a conference call, but Betty goes into her cloffice instead of sticking around with Armando. Armando’s still all “I can’t do it!” but Ricky says he’s gotta. From now on that’s the Cave of Love over there and Armando had better be keeping the flame alive.

Marcela complains to Pati–she doesn’t know what’s worse, the lying or the pretending that nothing’s going on. Pati’s sure Betty’s covering for him and Armando’s up to his old tricks again. Marce says there’s some cocktail party tonight, but she doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want to see his face. Even on social!

Pati says she’s gotta go–she knows how single women are! They’ll all be trying to hunt him down. But if Marce really doesn’t want to go, Pati could go. And Marcela could lend her a dress.

Mariana interrupts to announce the arrival of Karen Kerbis.

Betty’s distracted. She plays “their” song and thinks about last night and dances at her desk.

Armando comes in and startles her. She swears the song was on a playlist!

He just wanted to ask how she’s doing this morning. And to tell her….

Wait, she knows! He was drunk and stressed and he didn’t mean what he said last night.

Um, no. He’d wanted to do that for a long time. And then he walks backwards out of her cloffice and bangs his shoulder on the door frame.

Betty’s all excited.

Marcela called Karen because she thinks Sofia’s waited too long.

Sofia says it’s difficult to end a long relationship and she’s worried that the kids won’t like her getting into legal stuff with her ex.

Karen says this is an opportunity for Sofia to get out of her comfort zone and she’s totally got this. Marcela lets them use her office and walks out to take a phone call.

Pete and Frank are at V&M again. WHYYYYY?! Aura Maria flirts with them in front of Giovas. He’s on a ladder and changing a light bulb so I’m like “Focus!”

Pati comes into Armando’s office all pissed off ’cause it’s not her job to be Betty’s secretary and the insurance guys are looking for her.

Armando tells her to take them to the conference room.

Fine, but if they want coffee or tea or whatever, they can get it themselves because that’s not in her contract.

Sandra wants Mariana to read her cards. But in private! (Like, for real private or private like Betty getting her cards read in the breakroom?)

Mariana doesn’t know what Sandra’s done, but if she killed someone and hid the body, she’d better not drag Mariana into this!

Sandra says it’s not that. She thinks “hers” has arrived.

Armando and Ricky wander into the conference room and ask Peter and Frank what’s up. (Oh, nothing, Frank just wanted to see if he could casually ask Mariana out….) Betty’s busy, so…can they help?

Peter says they’re only allowed to talk to their client. Nicolas Ramos made that clear.

Armando and Ricky freak out. They know Nicolas?!

Yeah, he’s the one who hired them.

In the copy room, Mariana tells Sandra she can see her love in the cards. And he’s close by. There’s something about him wearing a uniform? But she’s also seeing that there’s a lie that keeps growing and if Sandra doesn’t clear it up soon…well, she’s not saying Sandra won’t get her love, but she’d better clear it up or it’s gonna look like The Tower.

Sandra asks if that’s her jumping?

Yep. With the fire and the lightning.

Sandra’s like “Hell no, I hate heights!”

Ricky drags Armando into his office. Nicolas hired the lawyers! And here Armando’s all “Oh, I can’t do it.”

Armando says he can’t help it. Betty doesn’t “inspire” anything in him.

So Ricky sends him a picture of some woman in a bikini and tells Armando to think of her whenever he’s kissing Betty.

Sofia explains that her parents left the house to her and her brother. Efrain bought her brother’s half and now he wants to sell the house. And all because of Jenny! (Just imagine from now on that “Jenny” stands in for a bunch of sexist insults so I don’t have to keep typing them.)

Karen says Efrain’s sleeping with his own worst enemy. He can’t sell the house. New York splits things equitably according to people’s needs and the fact that she brought the house into the marriage is worth a lot. Also, her kids are still living there. So, no, he’s not getting the house and he’s going to pay child support and alimony.

“Can I hug you?!”

Ricky stops Marcela on her way to Armando’s office, but she says they’ll talk later.

In his office Armando’s trying to psych himself up and looking at Bikini Woman’s picture before he bursts into Betty’s office and just lays a kiss on her. And he can say whatever he wants, but he’s totally into it.

He doesn’t seem to have any problems telling her that he was serious about what he said last night.

Betty screams and runs out of the office.

Armando’s face: “Well, hey, that wasn’t so bad.”

Ricky’s still trying to talk to Marcela about last night. She asks him to keep it between them.

Betty’s heading straight for them and bumps Marcela on the shoulder. She heads for the elevator, leaving everyone wondering where she’s going.

Berta figures…in search of lunch?

Marcela and Ricky come into Armando’s office. Marcela’s complaining about Betty and Ricky’s trying to nonverbally ask Armando what happened.

Armando says there was some accident with her boyfriend. Marce makes a crass remark about the accident being the day he met her and that he either has no taste or he’s blind to be with someone so insignificant and ugly.

Armando brushes it off and says she’s with her boyfriend and he’s busy working here.

Marce reminds him about the cocktail party tonight, which she refuses to attend because she was up late last night and so Armando HAS to go because it’s the people who sponsored the fashion show. And also they’re supposed to do an interview tomorrow.

Ricky tells Marce they should go to her office and review the marketing plan for the next collection.

On the way out he gives Armando the thumbs up + questioning eyebrows. Armando gives Ricky the “shoo, shoo, get out of my office.”

Betty runs past Aura Maria in the building lobby and keeps on running.

Sofia walks Karen to the elevator. She’s feeling a lot better now that she’s not worried about losing the house.

Karen tells her to remember Silvana Sin Lana…it didn’t go so well for her in the beginning but it got better. She hands Sofia her card and reminds her NOT to attack Efrain. They’re going to settle everything in court.

Karen gets on one elevator and Aura Maria stops off the other one and into an impromptu gathering of the Pelotón. Sofia tells them she’s divorcing Efrain and he’s not getting the house. She’s looking for Marcela.

Berta says she just came out of Armando’s office with Ricardo. But Betty came out before they did and she was running como alma que lleva el diablo.

Betty’s still running. And she’s remembering Armando showing up at her house in the rain and all the things he’s said about not knowing what he’d do without her and damned if that doesn’t make his “I’m in love with you” sound totally legit.

Pete and Frank are bored and Frank’s tossing paper airplanes. Armando finally shows up and says Betty had a household emergency and they should leave because Pete and Frank being here doesn’t look good for any of them. He’ll tell Betty they were here.

Pati comes into the workroom looking for Hugo Baby Sunshine My Love. I don’t want to admit it was cute, but it was cute. She whines about getting her electricity cut off (again or did she never bother getting it turned back on?) Hugo says he’ll give her a tiny bit of empathy and flicks an imaginary tear off his face with his middle finger. *snort*

She begs for help, but Hugo says even if machines took over the world and Pati killed their leader, he STILL wouldn’t help her. She ruined one of his dresses. He loves her, but he’s never going to forgive her. And Fabi’s the only person he supports.

“You’re mean!”

“I’d rather be mean that poor.”

“I’m not poor!”

“If you’re not poor then I’m a heterosexual.”

Armando shuffles into Ricky’s office. He can’t figure out why Betty took off running. What if she sues for sexual harassment?

“It was just a kiss.” (Reminder to V&M, do NOT let Ricky run your sexual harassment prevention training.)

No, really, what if they’ve completely screwed everything up?!

Betty’s still running. She jumps around in a circle and screams “HE KISSED ME!”

Catalina’s just figured out that’s Betty bouncing around in the middle of the sidewalk when Betty drops.

She wakes up and there’s Don Armando.

In the break room everybody’s asking Sofia if the lawyer’s 100% for sure completely free?

Sofia thinks Marcela must have taken pity on her and decided to call her friend ’cause otherwise Sofia wouldn’t be getting any work done.

Jenny’s lurking by the table as they all start bragging about how a certain lagartija is gonna be losing her tail soon because Karen’s the best lawyer in Manhattan…no, New York…no, the East Coast…no, the East Coast and outer space!

Yep, Sofia tells Jenny that her husband’s gonna pay Chilled Support and Halimony. Berta’s face: “¿Que qué?” Efrain will hardly have any money left for his affairs.

Charlie gets back to the office after a job and finds Efrain still sleeping on the sofa. He came back there after he couldn’t get into Jenny’s house.

Charlie’s freaked out–what if some of the chemicals spilled? Efrain could die! He needs to straighten out this mess with Jenny.

Efrain whines that Jenny’s being demanding. He doesn’t see what else he can do but sell the house. He asks what Charlie thinks, but Charlie says he’s staying out of this.

Armando tries calling Betty’s cell phone and hears it ringing in her office. He whines some more to Ricardo about how he just can’t do this and Ricardo’s like “THE LAWYERS, man!” Betty’s got everything in her hands and Armando can’t back out! He can’t let the panic get the better of him. He’s not marrying Betty it’s just…until they get the company back. A year. Or a year and a half.

Catalina gets the crowd out of the way and helps Betty up off the pavement. She says she was scared for a second there that the “kiss” all of Manhattan knows about now was the kiss of death! She wishes she could be in love like that. Who’s the lucky guy?

Betty gets back to the office and tells Aura Maria she just had to go do something real quick and she didn’t even take her cell phone with her.

Inés is putting Jenny into a dress and says she’s finally taking pictures like Jenny always wants to do and now Jenny’s wearing a face like she’s going into surgery.

Jenny asks about the lawyer and Inés says Sofia’s just trying to make sure the kids are protected.

Jenny yelps and accuses Inés of stabbing her in the chest.

Inés is like “Did not!” but then again maybe it’s because she’s used to doing that to her “voodoo dolls.”

In Armando’s office, Marce and Armando are reviewing party invites. Marce welcomes Beatriz back and says she knows what happened. Armando told her everything.

Pete calls Nicolas and tells him he thinks Armando has kidnapped Betty. Or possibly killed her. Nico tells him to chill, quit thinking so much and don’t go back to the office or he’ll find another lawyer.

Marce says she knows Betty’s boyfriend had an accident. Is he OK?

Betty mumbles something about Nicolas and “my house” and Marce asks if they’re living together.

“No, he was just helping my parents.”

Well maybe Armando would let her off work early to go see him, since they’ve both been working so late. Doesn’t her boyfriend mind the late hours?

Armando suggests Betty go to her office and answer her phone. He tells Marce she’s gone too far. Betty’s having a bad day!

Marce says she is too!

Armando goes into the cloffice and shuts the door. He asks what happened. She can’t just run off like that!

Betty had just never had that happen before.

But it was good, right?

Oh yeah. The best. But it’s not going to happen again.

Was it bad?

Pati comes in shouting for Armando and catches them doing nothing in Betty’s office besides standing too close.

What did people say?

  • Ganosa – que tiene ganas, hot and bothered
  • Buscona – one who goes looking for it, wh*re
  • Como alma que lleva el diablo – “like a soul being carried off by the devil,” use in place of “like a bat out of hell”
  • Lagartija – lizard
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