Entre Dos Amores Monday 4/1/19 #92

Macit calls Neriman to invite Fahriye on their next date. There’s planning to be done and he’s sure Fahriye has ideas.

He’s planning to take her to try on wedding dresses. I love that he wanted to make sure Fahriye was there.

The dress shop is planning to show only the best…including the custom-made dress for Pelin.

Pelin looks like she’s not going to go through with her assassination plot…but then the dress store calls to ask HER if they should bring out the custom dress. Pelin says no, that dress isn’t going to sell in a good long while.

She calls the number Erdinc gave her and asks the person on the other end for a meeting. Funny how all of a sudden that piece of art behind her desk looks like floor tiles halfway through having blood cleaned off them.

I guess Ösgür and Duygu are still not spending much time together. They make plans for later, but then Pelin walks by with a blank stare. (How much better would their relationship be if they didn’t both have to spend so much energy on Pelin?)

Feyza gives us another demonstration of where Pelin gets her attitude. As soon as Selim gets home, she starts in on how Sahika deceived him and she doesn’t really want him and he’s old and why is she still working there and get out and go live with Faiz ’cause I’m getting a divorce!

On today’s episode of Shut Up Faiz, guess who has an opinion about Nezahat and Asím getting married next week? It’s too fast, bla bla bla, customs, bla bla bla. Gulter tells him he’s absolutely right and he puts his glasses back on and goes back to reading his paper like “I have dispensed wisdom and my work here is done.”

Emre comes home and gives his mom a taste of what she regularly dishes out. She actually looks scared as he screams at her that he did everything she told him to and instead of coming back, Asli’s divorcing him. As much as I dislike her I swear I flinched when he grabbed her by the wrist. He tells her she’d better go to Asli and beg or cry or whatever, but she’d better get his wife to come back.

Sinasi comes into the music school office with his car keys. Rüya congratulates him. He says it was all her and tries to be like “Babe, I’m sorry you’re in love with me, but it’s never gonna happen.”

Rüya tells him not to worry, she stopped feeling love for him already.

Nezahat is also going dress shopping with Asím, but she forgot to tell her mom. Asím says their wedding planner got them a date this weekend. Zehra looks upset. And he’s sorry he couldn’t find a single wedding hall to take them, but if Nezahat says getting married at the music school is good enough…. Zehra looks stricken. Nezahat says it’s fine. They should get going.

Gulter’s all worried about Fahriye and Neriman going out–what if Faiz comes back? Fahriye promises they’ll be back so fast he’ll never know they were gone.

They meet Macit at that place by the water and he says he’s taking them to “a new world.”

Pelin meets her assassin. We don’t see their face, but she hands over some money and a couple of pictures of Neriman. And I feel like maybe I’m not appreciative enough of the immense talent it takes to do that while wearing 4-inch heels and not breaking a sweat.

At the dress shop, they’re all ready to go as soon as Pelin arrives. We are all Fahriye sighing and rolling her eyes. Seriously, Macit, this is what you get for not mentioning that your “prometida” is no longer Pelin. So NOW he tells her this is his future wife, Neriman, and what else can she do but say sorry and welcome again. Fahriye says she’s the BFOTB, which makes Macit smile.

At another dress shop, Asím and Nezahat tell the sales associate they’re here for a wedding dress. Nezahat looks disappointed when Asím says they’re looking to rent, but she agrees with him. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to rent if that means you get to wear a dress that’s worth more than your house just for once? But she has far fewer of the rental dresses. Nezahat doesn’t look impressed.

Macit, Fahriye, and Neriman get to watch models parade around in wedding dresses. Fahriye and I are definitely trying not to laugh at some of the walks.

Asím is trying to go as low as he can for Nezahat’s wedding flowers and it’s annoying the sales associate. And Nezahat. And me.

The runway show is over and Neriman thinks all the dresses were great, but she doesn’t know how to pick one. Señorita Maya says they have one more, a dress that Macit ordered that they’ve been working on. Macit tells Neriman he didn’t want her to see it with the others and be swayed knowing he picked it out. Neriman says she’ll try on that dress first.

Macit is left behind to watch the purses, but another salesperson comes over to tell him that the suit he asked Señórita Maya for is also ready for him to try on. (Um…are we not heading into major wedding bad luck territory?)

Selim, Kerim, and Inci are having a meeting about the payment they owe to the bank tomorrow. No one has the money for it. Pelin walks in and Selim screams at her, asking if it was worth it to mortgage the company because of her “stupid” love. Inci tells Pelin they’ll figure something out.

In her office Pelin calls Erdinc, but he’s not going to lend money to a company that tried to stiff him. Arcaoglu doesn’t exist for him anymore. He hangs up and smirks.

Fahriye comes out of the dressing room and gets a look at Macit in his tux. She tells him he looks good.

Macit wonders if Neriman is ready.

“Oh, she’s ready, but are you ready for her?”

Neriman’s in a lacy sparkly dress that probably needs to be hemmed so she doesn’t trip on it. She and Macit are all “You’re pretty!” “No, you’re pretty!” Fahriye takes some video.

Neriman gets home and Gulter says her dad’s waiting for her and he’s upset. Neriman tries to head up the stairs without him noticing, but he startles her as she’s halfway done taking off her engagement ring. It bounces on the floor and rolls over to him and everybody stares at it for a second before Faiz picks it up.

He’s predictably angry, but I don’t think we’ve really gotten a lecture from him before about how Macit’s family hates Neriman and is going to do everything possible to step all over her? And he’s predicting that they will eventually separate because they’re from two different worlds. (Is that what he’s saying about him and Nazan? Is that what he considers her death?)

Neriman says they love each other and she believes in his love and he believes in hers. Faiz puts the ring in her hand and says all she has left is faith.

Neriman cries to Gulter, asking why. “Because he knows this love is going to bring nothing but problems to your life.” (And again, how does Faiz’s relationship with Nazan factor into that?)

Macit gets home and his dad’s yelling at him about their money problems. I suddenly remembered that one of the things Selim said earlier was that Macit didn’t even bother to show up for the meeting and even if he had, it wouldn’t make any difference. So Macit knew what was going on and rather than waste his time trying to work to get more money, he sent the lawyers to the bank to negotiate a delayed payment. And Kerim can stuff it about how Pelin did so much to save him, because Pelin was saving Kerim and he’s the one who drove the company into bankruptcy.

In Neriman’s room, she’s playing with her ring while Sahika gives her props for finally putting her dad “in his place.” Gulter comes in, furious, and says from now on Neriman’s not leaving her ROOM without permission.

She leaves and Sahika’s like “Damn, that face!” but Neriman’s not appreciating the humor.

Sinasi heard about Nezahat’s wedding and he’s not happy about it happening so fast. He wishes they’d wait a month.

Why? What would change?

Asli tries to joke that Nezahat wants to marry him early because he’s a fire fighter.

Zehra tells him this is what Nezahat and Asím decided, so let them do it. Um…and also, can they have it in the music school garden?

Sinasi says if that’s what Nezahat wants, ok.

Neriman calls Macit the next morning to tell him she won’t be able to see him today. Not until after Nezahat’s wedding, actually, because she’ll be helping with that.

Inci comes into Macit’s room and he tells Neriman not to forget that he loves her.

Inci’s not gonna tell him again to give up on his love. People think they can handle anything when they’re in love, but it’s going to be difficult and he can’t blame anyone else for their problems. Also Pelin’s only faking being strong and Macit should be careful.

Duygu comes down for breakfast and gets the news that her parents are getting divorced and her dad’s dating Sahika. Duygu doesn’t think that’s even remotely possible.

Well, Feyza’s getting the divorce and she’s going to make sure it’s a long, complicated process. She wants Pelin to get pictures of Selim and Sahika in “strange” situations.

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