Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 4/2/19 #93

Zehra’s calling all the relatives to invite them to the wedding and it’s wearing her out. I vote she emails one of the younger generation and get them to spread the word.

Cihan volunteers himself to drive Nezahat to the wedding.  Nobody notices the look on her face.

Gulter thinks she and Neriman are going to help with wedding prep, but Faiz forbids Neriman to leave the house. If anyone wonders why Neriman’s not helping, just tell them Faiz wouldn’t give permission.

Duygu stops by the office to ask her dad what gives with the divorce. Is he seriously dating Sahika?

Pelin walks in late to a meeting with the lawyers. Macit hopes they’ll be able to do something, but he’s pissed off that Pelin mortgaged the company to “save” him. He doesn’t think Erdinc would have killed him anyway. It’s not so easy to kill a person.

“Depends on what you lose. Some people don’t like to lose.” Macit’s not taking her seriously.

It’s a group effort to get the music school ready for the wedding. Sinasi tells Asím it’s fine that they’re getting ready now, but Cihan knows he’s upset.

Rüya suggests Sinasi sing at the wedding, but apparently his return to the stage was supposed to be a big secret. Rüya asks why he doesn’t want to do it–is it because he’s not getting paid? He’s the only one making himself miserable. One day he’ll find out how much he can hate himself.

Fahriye comes over to Neriman’s and Faiz refuses to let Fahriye see her. When she says she’ll come back another day, that jerk says he hopes she doesn’t. He tells Gulter it’s to “protect” Neriman.

Fahriye calls her from the street so they can wave at each other. Neriman explains her dad saw the ring. She’ll give him a few days to calm down before she reminds him she’s Nazan’s daughter.

Kader comes over to Zehra’s to “make peace” and deliver Emre’s apologies. She claims she told Emre to get a house just for him and Asli. Zehra’s not buying it.

Nezahat wonders if Kader doesn’t also owe Asli an apology. Kader asks if Zehra has ever apologized to her. After some bickering between the moms Asli tells them both the only one who’s sorry here is her. She’s sorry she believed in Emre and yeah, she hates everyone because she wanted to stay in school, but they made her get married. She hates everyone!

She tells Kader to go tell Emre she’ll raise her child alone and shuts the door in her face.

Fahriye sends Neriman the video from the dress shop. Neriman sends it on to Macit. Macit shows it to Ösgür in the middle of a desperate attempt to find some money somewhere to pay off the loan.

Pelin sneaks up behind them and sees the video. She hears Macit saying that they’re getting married soon and the date is a surprise for Neriman.

Pelin and her pouty face go back to her office and call her assassin to ask why Neriman’s not dead already.

Because so far, Faiz grounding her has meant he’s still waiting for her to leave the house.

Neriman tells Macit it’s going to be difficult for them to see each other, even after the wedding. She doesn’t tell him why.

Wedding prep montage. I feel like they’ve put Nezahat’s mascara on way too early for someone who looks like she’s going to cry it off any second now.

Gulter gets Faiz to let Neriman out for the wedding by pretending that Zehra asked for her. On the way to Zehra’s Macit texts Neriman, asking if they can see each other today. She says she doesn’t think so. He says he’s coming right over. She begs him not to.

Fahriye’s at the music school. Macit calls her to ask what’s going on. She says Neriman’s been grounded because her dad found her ring. He’s not going to tell Nerimn she told him, right?

As Macit walks out of work, Pelin’s assasin calls Pelin to tell her Neriman left her house.

Nezahat and Asli get back from the salon and Nezahat looks gorgeous, but can we talk about how perfect that pink dress is on Asli?

Zehra does her thing. She cries about Nezahat leaving the house and what’s she going to do and please don’t leave me! Nezahat asks for her blessing.

Asím shows up with Cihan to take Nezahat to the school. The neighborhood kids surround the car, wishing the bride and groom congratulations. Asím throws cash out the window.

Selim’s still yelling at Kerim and Pelin about not having money to pay the debt. Although it sounds like Selim might have enough, he’s just refusing to lose any more of it.

I admit, I’m disappointed they didn’t do something about the pool for the wedding. It’s just sitting there all empty and dirty.

Anyway, Neriman’s and Zehra’s families arrive at the school. Neriman’s trailing behind and stops to answer a phone call. Macit asks where she is and she tells him, but the wedding will start as soon as Nezahat arrives and he really shouldn’t show up.

But he does. Walking around the corner. He’s had about enough of this. They’re going to this wedding together, holding hands and everything.

Nezahat’s sitting in the back of the car thinking about her unrequited love for Cihan. She tells him to stop the car and pulls a runner. And she gets hit by a car!

Asím and Cihan run over to check on her and she tells Cihan she doesn’t love him like a brother. Well. That’s awkward.

No one knows where Asím and Nezahat are. Neriman’s still outside with Macit. And the assassin is making his move up the sidewalk.

Macit and Neriman walk through the gate, holding hands. Everyone’s looking around and just sort of waiting for something to happen. Gulter’s already assuming Faiz isn’t going to react well.

They’re all frozen when assassin guy gets ready to take his shot….

But Sinasi sees him from the top of the stairs and has time to run all the way down and push Neriman out of the way.

And that, apparently, ends the first season.

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