Entre Dos Amores Friday 4/5/19 #96

Kerim goes to see what I assume is a hench. Nadir was supposed to be dead. Hench swears he was. He saw it! So who the hell is sending these pictures? Hench promises to find out. Kerim promises to ruin him if he doesn’t. Kerim leaves the house and we see he’s being watched.

Duygu films Pelin’s meeting with Erdinc. Pelin tells the crew that she paid for a service and that service was not provided.

Sahika tells Neriman she needs to tell Faiz now that Macit is coming to ask for her hand. The doorbell rings. Ooops. Too late. Macit is there. He wants to talk for Faiz.

Erdinc’s Hench explains that he can’t go trying to kill Neriman again. The police are investigating and it’s too dangerous! Erdinc reminds him that their “friends in common” aren’t going to like that the job has gone unfinished. Hench is going to try again. Erdinc tells Pelin to trust him. I’m wondering who the hell the common friends are!

Faiz asks Gülter to accept the gifts that Macit brought. She really doesn’t want to. All Macit has caused is problems. Faiz reminds her that anyone who knocks on their door is an invited guest. Now accept the gifts. She does and takes them upstairs. Gülter asks Neriman if she knew Macit was coming to ask for her hand. Neriman claims ignorance. Gülter swears she would throw the flowers and chocolates away if Faiz hadn’t told her to accept them. I have to give Faiz some points for not wanting to waste chocolate. Gülter tells Neriman to forget Macit. Faiz is never going to accept a marriage with him.

Macit is so nervous! He finally gets out that he’s come to ask for Neriman’s hand. Faiz assures him that will never happen. Macit is from another world. Macit didn’t even call ahead to ask to come. His family didn’t even come with him! Macit wonders what the traditional rules matter if two people are in love. Faiz doesn’t want his daughter to keep seeing Macit. Faiz tells Macit to find a woman of his own social status and asks Macit to leave. Macit says he’ll go….but only because he doesn’t want to show any disrespect to Faiz, but begs him to think about things. Faiz says he has nothing to think about. Macit leaves. He’s being watched.

Sahika asks Neriman if she thought her dad was going to accept the marriage. Faiz comes up and wants to speak to Neriman. He tells her that a father’s greatest pain is having to turn his back on his daughter’s tears. A good father can’t let a daughter ruin her life. So are they saying something about Zehra and a mother letting a daughter ruin her life? Or am I over thinking? Yeah, you know what…the more I think about it the more they’ve made the moms look really bad in this show. Neriman tries to argue that she and Macit are in love, but The Great and Powerful Faiz has spoken. Forget Macit.

Kerim comes home looking for Inci. She puts away the photo.

Nadir (I assume this is Nadir?) is wherever he is looking at the same picture. Oh! Mr. Bora arrives. They know each other. Oooo. They cooked up this “get the majority shares” plan. I-assume-Nadir asks about Macit. Bora says they’ve been following him. Eventually they will see each other at the company.

Duygu goes to the police station.

They try to freak us out with Neriman asleep and someone sneaks into her house and covers her mouth while she’s sleeping. It’s Macit. Fahriye let him in. He wants to run away with Neriman and leave the neighborhood and Istanbul behind. Neriman isn’t sure she can leave her dreams and family just like that. Macit says he’s given up everything. Will Neriman? Neriman is his dream. Macit sees the art school application on her desk. She explains it’s for an art school in Eskişehir (about 2 hours from Istanbul.) Macit wants to know when she was planning on telling him.

Faiz can’t sleep. He gets up and sees Fahriye outside Neriman’s room. She rambles some explanation. Neriman hears her and panics. Luckily Faiz stands down. Fahriye shuffles Macit out of the house.

Ugh. Duygu changes her mind about going to the police after she remembers Pelin’s suicide attempt. God forbid we get Pelin any kind of help or anything. I mean, this is textbook causing harm to self and others.

Fahriye comes back to Neriman’s room and giggles about a playboy like Macit not being able to run away with the girl.

Cihan asks Sinasi about taking a bullet for Neriman. Sinasi was scared, but he saved Neriman. According to Cihan, Sinasi has a big heart.

Feyza is determined to prove Selim is cheating. Pelin is not so convinced. Did I understand correctly that Feyza has a guy following Selim and so far there’s been no proof of shenanigans? Duygu is in her own thoughts. Pelin asks if she’s ok. Duygu says she is. She chimes into the conversation by saying Feyza should trust Selim. Feyza is still convinced he’s cheating. She leaves in a huff. Pelin can tell something is bothering Duygu, but Duygu swears she’s fine.

Sahika asks Cihan to come pick her up from work. They can chat. She asks him to be late and leave her waiting.

At breakfast Neriman asks her dad if she can take the art school test. She’s always dreamed about it. She loves painting and can’t live with him forever. Faiz gives a non-committal “we’ll see.”

Zehra and Asli are also doing the breakfast thing. Zehra frets about Nezahat. Then she frets about Asli and the “curso” and work. Asli is determined to be self-sufficient. Zehra is all worried about what people will say…especially Kader. Asli is completely correct when she says it doesn’t matter, Kader is going to talk about her no matter what. When Sinasi comes down he assures Zehra he’ll be with Asli the whole time. He completely supports his sister wanting to be independent and take care of her child.

At Textil Acaroglu Sahika asks Selim if things are ok. She’s so sorry about causing problems for him. She offers to turn in her resignation. Selim thinks that will just make matters worse since Feyza will take it as proof that something was going on. Pelin comes in the office. She’s not happy to see Sahika in there. She tells Sahika to leave and wait in her (Pelin’s ) office. Then Pelin demands an explanation from Selim. He tells her there’s nothing going on and tells her to get out.

When she gets to her office, Pelin asks Sahika how long she’s been sleeping with Selim. She fires Sahika and tells her to pick up her severance pay. Sahika tells Pelin about Macit coming to ask for Neriman’s hand. Pelin smirks when she hears Faiz rejected it. Sahika just reminds Pelin how persistent Macit is and goes out to start clearing out her desk. Suddenly Pelin comes out and decides Sahika is NOT fired.

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