Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 4/3/19 #94 (Season 2)

Everyone’s rushing to the hospital. Neriman’s in the back of an ambulance with Faiz. Sinasi’s in the back of another with Zehra. And Macit’s driving Fahriye, Asli, and Gulter. I have no idea where Nezahat is.

The ambulance with Neriman pulls over to the side of the road so they can try to shock her heart back. Macit skids to a stop in front of it and they all run to the back of the ambulance where the scary machine is just beeping one long beep. Faiz gets out and hugs Gulter.

Neriman, meanwhile, is having a perfectly lovely afterlife in a forest with flowers and a stream and butterflies. Also, her hair is curled.

She sees a bright light and hears her mom’s voice, but Macit is begging her not to leave.

Cihan and Asím pull up to the emergency room with Nezahat. At least they’re not bickering or anything, they’re just worried about Nezahat. I’m guessing they’re not getting the deposit back for that dress.

Asím asks Cihan why Nezahat did that, but Cihan says he doesn’t know. (Well, ok. I guess “I don’t love you like a brother is a little ambiguous.”)

Pelin just found out that she only paid for the “I’ll Try Once” murder package and not the “I’ll Keep Trying Until The Job Is Done” package. She tells the guy who just shot someone for money that he’d better pray Neriman dies, or else.

Oh, crap! Zehra comes in with Sinasi and cries to Asím and Cihan that she can’t live if anything happens to Sinasi. I’m guessing she doesn’t know about Nezahat yet. I’m thinking someone better get her a sedative.

Next, Neriman arrives. Everybody’s crying in pairs except for Asím and Macit. Cihan’s asking what happened in a way that makes it clear he wants the answer to be “Macit did it.”

Sahika brings Pelin some paperwork to sign. Pelin tries to get info about the wedding, but Sahika says she doesn’t like weddings or the neighbors–that’s why she’s at work. She asks if Neriman “did something” again.

In the hospital waiting room, nobody got Zehra a Valium, so she’s sobbing about not even knowing which of her two kids to be worried about. Then she and Cihan decide this is all Macit’s fault. Then Zehra threatens to kill whoever’s responsible if anything happens to either of her kids. And THEN she tries to shove Macit out the door. But Faiz wins the prize for Tackiest Jerk today, because he tells Macit it’s best if he goes and that THIS DOESN’T CONCERN HIM.

Sahika’s still in Pelin’s office when Feyza and Duygu show up. She makes sure to leave the portable phone on Pelin’s desk so she can listen in from her extension. Feyza hired a PI to get “proof” that Selim and Sahika are seeing each other. Neither Pelin nor Duygu thinks this is a good idea, which only upsets Feyza.

On Feyza’s way out of the office, with Duygu chasing after her, Macit passes them going the other direction. His shirt’s all bloody.

He goes into Pelin’s office and locks the door. He accuses her of being behind the shooting, throwing stuff around, grabbing her, and pinning her to the bookshelves by her throat. Outside the office, Selim, Duygu, and Sahika are watching and trying to get Macit to unlock the door.

This goes on for way too long until Selim finally just busts the door open himself. Macit tells him Neriman’s in the hospital, in surgery. She was shot. And the only person he can think of who hates her enough to have been behind it is Pelin.

Pelin just keeps playing innocent. Selim tells him to get out.

Nezahat’s fine except for some bumps and bruises. (But the dress? Did the dress make it?) Asím and Cihan have to explain to her why her mom’s not in there.

Nezahat comes limping down the stairs to the ER waiting area and hugs Zehra and Asli. She gets there just in time for them to wheel Sinasi to a room.

From outside the hospital, Macit calls Fahriye for an update. They’re still waiting for word.

Ösgür has gotten an old friend, Bora, to buy the company. He doesn’t think Pelin will resist. The company’s nearly bankrupt.

An older man sits down with Macit and says he hopes whoever Macit’s waiting on gets better. He’s surprised to hear that no one’s letting Macit near the patient. Macit diplomatically says a lot of people love her and if he shows up he’ll offend them. Macit says the important thing is that she get better. He’d die for her if he had to. Older guy says in that case it’ll all be fine–nothing but death could end a love like Macit feels for that woman.

Neriman’s out of surgery. Fahriye calls Macit and gives him the news. The doctor said everything’s under control. Macit looks back for his friend, but he’s gone.

Bora and Ösgür apparently hung out in India. Bora calls someone to tell them this is going to be easier than he thought and the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t have to worry.

Erdinc tells Failed Assassin that he HAS to finish the job he started. Even though FA is like “The cops are involved now. No way!”

Sinasi and Neriman are in the same hospital room. Because drama!

Fahriye and Cihan comfort Asli and tell her Sinasi’s going to be fine.

Nezahat’s getting some fresh air with Asím. He’s still expecting an explanation from her, but not until the “right” moment. From the looks he keeps shooting Cihan, he knows what’s up. Which still makes him more observant than Cihan ’cause she’s been crushing on him for what, the last 20 years?

Macit sneaks into Neriman and Sinasi’s hospital room. Basically, he just holding her hand and saying he can’t go on without her.

Duygu tries asking Pelin if she was behind the shooting or not. Of course Pelin’s not going to admit it.

Macit’s talking about being on the yacht with Neriman and how she jumped out, but he took her hand and didn’t leave her and he’s not going to leave her now either. Faiz lurks in the doorway listening and asks what Macit’s doing here. I mean, seriously? What do you think he’s doing here?

Macit says he’s in love with Neriman. Faiz is blaming Macit for the shooting ’cause theirs is a quiet neighborhood so obviously him being there made it happen. If he loves Neriman he should leave.

Neriman wakes up enough to say Macit’s name.

Two weeks later….

Neriman’s still supposed to be resting, but she’s bored.

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