Betty en NY Monday 4/8/19 #44

Previously on Betty En NY: Armando and Ricky were nervous about Nico being more than Betty’s friend. Nico learned an important lesson about making sure the electricity’s off before fixing anything electrical. Armando took Betty out for drinks and dancing. Marcela would think Armando’s cheating on her with Betty, if Betty wasn’t so Betty. Armando kissed Betty. Armando stood Betty up and had a heavily instagrammed night with Marcela.

The lawyers are at the office when Betty gets off the elevator. Both of us are like “Seriously, what part of ‘don’t show up without my permission’ don’t you understand?”

See, but they’re here to get her permission. And talk about their advance. And propose taking an office at V&M as their advance.

No way is she giving them an office! And she’s annoyed at their “ping pong” style of speech and pulls a “Wait until I tell Nico on you!”

Nope, it’s cool, they’ll go. And yes, Frank does call her  Khaleesi.

Ricky heard part of the conversation and I’m sure he’ll manage to turn it into something dire by the time Armando shows up.

Hugo and Marce are getting ready for the Top 1 Magazine interview. They told him he could only choose four dresses. The one Marcela’s holding falls off the hanger.

As she’s picking it up, Ricky and Cata walk in and Cata elbows him in the ribs. What’s he looking at? “The dresses.” She reminds him that’s not his department and he’s got enough to deal with as it is.

Oh, right. The interviewer from Top 1 is Priscila. She’s the one Armando almost took home from the cocktail party, except that he drove Betty home instead. Marce’s glaring, but Hugo tells her not to start with the celos!

Ricky finds Armando in his office and tells him he’d better pay attention to Betty–the lawyers were here again. And that’s not all–Priscila from Top 1 is here to supervise her photographer and Marce’s gonna rip her apart. Does Betty know what happened last night?

Armando says Marce posted the whole thing online. (Well, hopefully not the whole thing.)

Ricky says that’s a n00b mistake. Betty may have been into him yesterday, but now he’s going to have to make up with her.

Armando goes into Betty’s cloffice to make excuses about last night. Betty already knows what happened…she shows him one of the pictures Marce posted.

Before he can make another attempt to “explain,” Marce comes in and plants her butt down on Betty’s desk right next to the devil troll with a pitchfork. But not close enough.

Anyway, Priscila’s there supervising the photo shoot and asking for Armando, isn’t that funny? They should go…if Beatriz gives him permission.

“He’s all yours.”

In the workroom, Hugo’s complaining that Jenny’s late. (Dude, why would you even want her around?) Pati follows Armando in and makes sure to get Marce all riled up because that descarada Priscila from the party is there.

Marce’s like, don’t worry, I’ll mark my territory. She goes over and drapes herself all over Armando while introducing herself to Priscila. (Damn, Marce, have some self-respect!)

While Giovas fixes something on the canopy over the sidewalk, Wilson complains that Sandra’s gay. Because he saw her in a compromising position in the women’s locker room.

Giovas thinks it’s obvious–she has a different “energy” and sometimes she even helps him fix things. She must be coming on to Wilson to fake out her family. And Poor Wilson’s another victim of female manipulation. “Welcome to the club!” I’d kick him in the shins, but he’s on a ladder.

Priscila’s complimenting Armando for being emprendedor and breaking into new markets. Marcela does a “Yes, WE” and Catalina has to steer everybody back on track. Hello, the collection? Marcela thinks Hugo’s the one who should talk to Priscila about it.

Sandra asks Wilson what gives–he stood her up and didn’t return her phone calls. She was afraid something had happened to him.

Wilson complains that he thought they were comperris (Where is that coming from? Compañeros de trabajo?) and why didn’t she tell him and she can do whatever she wants and laters.

Sandra has no idea what she did.

Jenni finally gets to work and stops near Sofia’s desk to tell Efrain she’s gonna be the star and, oh hey, you know what? I’m RPC-ing this!

Berta keeps Sofia from attacking Jenny.

In the workroom, Hugo’s giving Priscila his blurb about fashion rebirth and phoenixes, etc. She asks if this is going to be an exclusive collection or an “accessible” one like the one they sold at Mogollon’s Market. Armando’s like THAT WAS JUST THE ONE TIME! WE’RE STARTING OVER!

The photographer’s ready and Jenny pops out in one of Hugo’s dresses swishing everything she can in any direction it will go. I admit I wanted to say something mean about how she looks, but I’m gonna try not to give in to my internalized sexism. Instead I’ll say she’s a lousy model. And Hugo agrees, ’cause he says she’s not going to be part of the shoot after all.

Sofia comes to Betty’s office with bad news–somebody didn’t pay a bill and they’re not going to pay it until tomorrow. Betty freaks out. They were counting on that money to pay–

“Not payroll!”

Betty tells her not to say that so loud! People might hear. She’ll call the client and see what she can do.

Now Ricky wants to talk and I swear it had better not be anything stupid….

He wants to talk about the lawyers. Betty and I both think they have more important things going on, like not having the money for payroll.

She calls the client, but ASAP is going to be tomorrow morning and they need it before then.

Ricky tells her to chill and they’ll see if Armando has any ideas. Now, about the lawyers….

Ok, no, seriously, she’s gotta call the banks and beg for a miracle.

“Fine, I’ll let you get back to work, but you owe me an answer.”

Betty tells him he can take any complaints about her work to Armando.

The photo shoot and interview have wrapped up. Marce can’t wait to get Priscila out the door. Priscila awkwardly insists on kissing Armando. And then Pati decides she’ll help Marce help Priscila to the door.

Cata’s like “What is up with Marce?!” Hugo says Armando seems to like glasses lately. They’ll probably end up with “this one” as his assistant too.

Sandra gets back to her desk, furious at Wilson. She tells Mariana she’s swearing off men. And Giovas hears. Great.

Betty tries to sneak into the workroom, but Hugo busts her and declares this a Betty-free and ácaro-free zone. I don’t even know if Armando’s in there, but Hugo says this isn’t where he lives, so get out. And also a bunch of insulting stuff about getting plastic surgery, something, something, and a million-dollar bank account. And somehow she wasn’t furious enough to tell him she has one.

Marce and Pati get back to Marce’s office, bragging about how Marce “marked her territory.” She explains her new online strategy to post TMI so whoever Armando’s “other woman” is she’ll know her place.

Betty gets up to the door as Marce’s saying Armando was texting Betty last night. She and Marce both think maybe he’s saving other women’s numbers as “Beatriz.”

And then Pati wonders…what if the other woman IS Beatriz? And then they laugh.

Betty tries to get through the break room, but Sofia stops her to ask if the photo shoot is done…and Berta asks if she’s seen these pictures Doña Marcela posted…and whoo hoo, it’s all romantic up in presidencia!…and Sandra says at least Don Armando cumple, unlike some other guys.

As Betty breaks through the traffic jam, they all assume she’s freaking out about Nicolas again.

Armando and Cata stroll casually into Armando’s office. She thinks it’s odd that he and Marcela still haven’t picked a wedding date. She’s asking, as a friend–does he want to marry Marcela?

Before he can answer, Betty arrives. Cata greets her as “the most in love of Manhattan.” Betty sneaks into her office.

Cata says that’s the other one who’s been acting strange. Things are a little tense in this office. She hopes Armando can do something about it.

Armando tries to talk about last night again, but Betty’s like “Priorities!” They’re not gonna make payroll.

Armando goes to talk to Marce, who doesn’t understand how ONE customer not paying on time is enough to make them not be able to handle payroll. She thought things were better!

Well, sure, better, but not entirely fixed yet. Anyway, they’ll pay the shareholders to keep them calm and Betty’s working on an idea for the employees. He hopes Marce’s going to support him.

The Pelotón are still looking at the boudoir shots. Betty wanders in and tries not to sit with them, but of course she can’t get away with that. Inés thinks Marcela deserves to be happy after she lost her parents in 9/11. Sofia says at least Marcela won’t ever have some lizard get between her and Armando. Inés says they’re been through everything together and nothing’s going to break them up.

I’m almost relieved when Smith comes in and says Armando wants to talk to all the employees.

Yep, they’re going to be a day late with payroll. Bless Inés for saying his “just one day” is a luxury. Armando says they can have the rest of today off. (Please tell me he understands that doesn’t do anything to help these people pay their bills on time! And avoid late fees or getting their utilities cut off and having to pay not only the regular bill, but a re-connection fee.)

The Pelotón retreat to the bathroom. Aura Maria says she’s still going to get charged for afterschool care. Sandra says she’s already been walking a bunch because she can’t afford the subway. Berta doesn’t think her husband’s salary alone will be enough for groceries. Sofia’s afraid tomorrow they’ll be giving them the same speech again. And Mariana says this is twice–the next time they’ll start letting people go. Inés says this never would have happened with Roberto and Margarita and whatever’s causing it, she doesn’t think it’s going to get better.

Berta goes home with Sofia so she won’t stress eat alone. And good thing, too, ’cause Los Cucaracha have decided they’re moving in. So, um, at least if Sofia kills them there’s a witness? Someone to help dispose of the bodies?

Pati cries to Armando about needing money because she’s not used to being poor. She tries to borrow money off him, but she’s never bothered paying Marcela back, so no!

Pati says it’s because he doesn’t pay her enough to begin with.

And Armando says…hold on, let me savor this…that she doesn’t deserve even a fifth of what she’s being paid and if she thinks that’s too little she can go somewhere else and find herself another job.

Yes, Los Cucaracha are moving back in because the house is still half Efrain’s. The kids are thrilled, having obviously been brainwashed by Efrain and/or Jenny. I keep telling Sofia to call the lawyer, but I think she’s too angry to hear me.

Betty’s on her way through Armando’s office when he asks if now they can talk.

Nope, because she quits. (I’m starting to wish I’d kept count.)

Pati counts the change in her wallet. The only thing sadder than her only having a dollar is that Daniel Valencia shows up right then to ask what’s going on. And Pati, of course, says they didn’t get paid.

Betty says Armando has to accept her resignation. She can’t keep working for him. She doesn’t want to be the other woman, his lover….

Danny V walks in and asks how they didn’t have money for payroll.

OK, Sofia still hasn’t killed anybody or called the lawyer, but she’s now contemplating not signing the divorce paperwork.

Berta tells her to make Jenny’s nightmares come true and become her husband’s lover. Jenny’ll walk out of here on her own in a week!

Betty tries to leave, but Daniel won’t let her. She’s the only person who knows the true financial condition of the company. They’ve been faking all along and when he’s in that chair, he’ll order an audit and throw Armando, Ricky, and Betty in jail.

Marce. Pati. Whining. And oh, by the way, Daniel’s in Armando’s office and he heard nobody got paid. Marce takes off running.

She breaks up the fight in Armando’s office and drags Daniel out. Betty retreats to her office. Armando rips up her letter of resignation.

Giovas is done with the canopy and also, he remembered hearing that Sandra gave up on men. Which, of course, means she’s a lesbian. I’m tuning them out now.

Ricky scolds Armando again for not sufficiently seducing Betty. He suggests putting a hold on all the marriage talk, but Armando doesn’t see how he can do that.

In that case, he should be “friends” with Betty and then pounce when her guard is down.

What did people say?

  • Celos – jealousy
  • Descarada – shameless woman
  • Emprendedor – enterprising
  • Ácaros – mites
  • Cumple – from cumplir, to fulfill
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1 year ago

Thanks Kat! I find myself needing recaps for anything related to business, money and payroll! My Spanish sucks for business talk and I’m actually staying up past my bedtime to watch this. Sleepy brain does nothing for compression.