Entre Dos Amores Monday 4/8/19 #97

Macit’s upset that his parents wouldn’t go with him to ask for Neriman’s hand. Inci says they did it for his own good.

Pelin wants Macit to come to the office, but he’s got something else to do first.

Duygu (who they’ve been styling more like Pelin) looks at the video on her phone again and seems to come to a decision.

Faiz watches Neriman sketching and looks at the art school brochures. I can’t even with this guy. He tells her a bunch of crap about the most valuable thing in life being happiness and she should go after what makes her happy…but he’s just talking about art school.

Kerim’s hench hasn’t found anything out about Nadir and he’s thinking someone’s just messing with him. Kerim tells him to keep investigating. (How is he paying this guy?)

Macit gets to the office, but all Pelin wanted was to tell him she heard he asked for Neriman’s hand and got turned down. Macit says they’re all going to have to get it through their thick skulls that Neriman is the woman he loves and he’s going to marry her. So if that’s all….

Pelin asks how he’s going to pay back his debt to her.

Duygu gets to the office in time to lurk outside and hear Macit saying he never asked her to pay anything. She makes vague threats about what she’ll do if he marries Neriman and he guesses she means she’ll have them killed. Of course she’s gotta act like that’s not what she means at all, she’ll just take everything he and his family have.

“You just don’t get it, do you?” He doesn’t want her or anything she owns in his life. He takes out his wallet and flicks all his credit cards at her, drops the cash on the desk, and leaves his car keys. This “company” is over.

Pelin calls someone and tells them to start the process–she wants everything owned by Kerim Arcaoglu. Duygu slides into her office and shows her the video. How could she do this? She could have killed people!

Pelin resorts to her usual excuse–she’s in love with Macit and nobody understands because they’ve never loved anyone like that.

Out in front of the building, Macit and Bora brush past each other. Nadir looks excited about this, but Macit doesn’t even apologize to Bora, he just gets into a waiting taxi.

Duygu held off on going to the cops because she didn’t want to upset their parents. But she’ll still do it. She blackmails Pelin into calling off the job and telling that guy to quit following Neriman. AND THEN SHE WALKS OUT OF THE OFFICE WITHOUT VERIFYING THAT PELIN DID ANYTHING. You had one job, Duygu!

Inci gets a call at the house. Nadir’s not dead and yep, that guy who’s been following Macit around is Nadir.

Ösgür meets Macit for espressos. Macit knows Pelin always follows through on her threats, but he doesn’t care. His dad screwed up and he’s not going to pay for it.

Neriman calls to tell him about going to the art school. Gulter interrupts and asks who Neriman was talking to. And she wants the truth. Neriman says it was Sinasi. Fahriye backs her up and eventually Gulter believes them.

Macit tells Ösgür the call was good news. And also, can he borrow Ösgür’s car for a few days?

Neriman tells Fahriye no one’s going to find out she’s with Macit if they’re at…the other town whose name I can’t spell. But then she kind of slips up and says as long as Fahriye doesn’t tell. Fahriye’s offended until Neriman says that means no one will ever find out.

Cemal catches Cihan primping. He gives him permission to leave work early.

Emre’s still stalking Asli. He bought shoes for the baby. She tells him it’s too late. He won’t be her husband and he won’t be the baby’s father, it’s over!

I don’t know what Faiz talked to Sinasi about, but I’m sure I won’t like it.

Fahriye runs into motorcycle guy on her way in to the music school. They bicker.

Did they change Kader’s house? She’s telling Emre he’s doing everything wrong. She’s still promising Asli won’t take his son away. She tells him to undermine Asli before she starts earning her own money.

Asli’s had it with Zehra telling her to give Emre a chance. Haven’t we all.

Two young women try to sign up for motorcycle guy’s class. Fahriye hands one of them a brochure and shoos them out of the room. Then she tells motorcycle guy to quit manspreading.

He changes the subject–does she know where he could find a house nearby? She’s thrilled with the idea of him living in the vecindario and says they’ll find someplace.

Someone brings Sahika a binder that’s supposed to go to Selim. Cihan calls Sahika to tell her he’s downstairs. She makes sure Selim hears her talking to him and then sees her greeting him and walking away with him. I don’t get why she’s just walking off with the paperwork.

Faiz is in a good mood. He bought Neriman’s bus ticket. Gulter looks upset–she doesn’t like the idea of Neriman going alone.

Inci’s looking at that painting again. Macit tells her he’ll be out of town for a few days, but she’s not listening. When he gets her attention, she tells him they need to talk. Whatever happens, she wants him to remember that she loves him. She’s nervous when the house phone rings again, but it’s one of her friends.

Cihan’s a little confused about why Sahika suddenly wanted to go out with him. She “realizes” she didn’t give Selim the paperwork and says she has to do it now…but he can come with her. So Feyza’s PI is getting nothing but pictures of Sahika hanging out with Cihan.

Neriman packs for her trip. Fahriye’s worried about finding a house for motorcycle guy. And now she has to tell Neriman who he is.

Cihan and Sahika walk into Selim’s hotel. She calls him to tell him she’s downstairs with the paperwork. He asks her to bring it upstairs, but she says she doesn’t want to bother him. She’ll wait downstairs. Cihan is extremely confused.

Feya’s very obvious spy gets cell phone footage of Sahika and her “boyfriend” meeting Selim in the lobby and handing over some paperwork.

Asli tells Nezahat that at the end of her program, she’ll present a project that could get her a grant. She’s thinking of using it to open a bridal shop or a place where people can sell their handmade items. She’d love for Nezahat to help…if it’s OK with Asím.

Zehra comes in with tea, complaining that she had to make it herself. Second on the complaint agenda–Nezahat needs to marry Asím already ’cause the neighbors are talking. And now that she’s started the “process” she can’t go back.

Sinasi comes home in a good mood that Zehra assumes has something to do with Neriman, so of course she doesn’t like it. And now I’m wondering if what Faiz came over to talk to him about was going to the test with Neriman and I don’t like it either.

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Thanks Kat!

“Did they change Kader’s house?”

It sure looked like it to me!