Betty en NY Tuesday 4/9/19 #45

Nicolas is glad Betty quit. Just like he was the last fifty times. She mentions not paying salaries and Nico’s like “That’s because V&M’s finances are like a huge, unfillable black hole.”

She’s worried about Daniel taking over and doing an audit. Now Nicolas is worried too. Betty’s freaked out about going to jail.

At the gym, Sandra’s working with the luchadoras…until she gets a look at Wilson in the ring and decides she needs to warm up. Be afraid, Wilson…be very afraid….

Betty’s trying to have a heart-to-heart with Cuquito, telling him quitting was the only way she’d be able to give up her love, when Demetrio interrupts. Betty’s got a guest and she’d better come see who it is for herself.

In the living room, Julia’s showing Armando the family photo album and bragging about Betty graduating summa cum laude. Armando apologizes for showing up like this, but he needs to talk to Betty alone.

OK, seriously, NOBODY is hot enough that it’s not gross if they drink straight from the carton when they’re living with other people. Sofia busts Jenny raiding the fridge. She’s in a face mask and curlers. Jenny’s in lingerie. So, it’s equal fright on both sides. They bicker.

Armando wants to convince Betty not to quit, especially when they have this thing between them that’s real….

Marcela and her engagement ring are real too.

True. He starts babbling about it being semi-arranged and logical. He admits he has affection for her and he’s attracted to her–

And then Demetrio interrupts to tell them dinner’s ready. And Julia cooked especially for Armando.

Sandra’s beating up on Wilson…until La Pantera gets her attention and lets Wilson get in a solid punch.

Sofia’s trying to sleep but Los Cucaracha are too loud.

Armando’s loving the food. Julia asks what his mom cooks.

Oh, she never cooked. They always had someone to cook for them. He was supposed to sell cookies for Boy Scouts once and she tried to bake homemade cookies and burned them all. So he sold some store-bought ones.

Demetrio asks what brought him out here, something urgent? Betty starts babbling about how it’s no so urgent they have to deal with it right this minute, but it’s urgent enough that it can’t wait. It’s about…the company’s investments. Betty offers Armando more chicken.

Sandra’s brothers help her up. La Pantera said she was just talking to Sandra’s dad, trying to decide whether she wanted to join the tournament. It didn’t look like there was anyone on the list up to her level.

Wilson’s all “You’re a luchadora? ‘Cause you look so…feminine.” She says it’s part of her strategy.

Sandra suddenly decides she’s fighting in the tournament, which I thought was a given, but anyway…now La Pantera says she’s got two reasons to fight. Sounds like Wilson’s the tournament trophy.

Betty walks Armando to the door and apologizes for over-feeding him. Oh, no, he had no problem with that. And again, he’s not accepting her resignation. They’ll be friends. He won’t put pressure on her or anything, but he needs her at work…and in his life. He gives her a totally hot kiss on the cheek. Everybody melts.

Jenny’s stuff has taken over the bathroom. Sofia helps herself to some creams, steals a jar of something-or-other, uses Jenny’s brushes to clean the toilet bowl, and sprays her expensive perfume all over before pouring it down the drain.

Armando’s dad calls him in the morning. He wants to know why the employees didn’t get paid. And why Armando didn’t just get money from one of their lines of credit at the bank. He’s always defended Armando, but if he doesn’t fix this, Roberto’s going to ask for an audit and he’s putting Daniel in charge of it. (Is Roberto ever going to quit acting like he’s still in charge and Armando’s just subbing for him?)

Los Cucaracha have been inhaling too many pesticide fumes. They come downstairs and seriously think Sofia made them breakfast? It’s for the kids!

Jenny threatens to make Efrain breakfast herself, but he thinks they should go out. When the kids come downstairs, Jenny asks them about a video game Sofia has deemed too violent. But she wants to learn how to play, so I guess that means they’re allowed now?

Jenny and Efrain leave before there’s any bloodshed.

Sofia begs Betty to tell her what’s going on with the company. Are they bankrupt? Because she really needs this job.

Betty promises no one’s losing their jobs. Ding! The deposit just dropped. Armando gets there in time to hear the good news and get a hug from Sofia. They leave Betty to do her thing.

Wilson comes limping into work. He tells Giovas he ran afoul of a luchadora.

“You let a vieja hit you?” Just for that I want La Pantera to show up and punch him in the gut.

Wilson says he didn’t get hit, there was just an accident with a sand bag.

Sandra comes limping in with Mariana. Her excuse is that she fell. Because no one dares hit her.

The Pelotón are all gathered in the admin area, paying their bills on their cell phones. Pati comes in, complaining about how much her feet hurt from walking to and from the subway. She hadn’t noticed paychecks were in.

Berta comes over, laughing, to ask what it feels like to be so stupid…and then she sits down and rips her skirt. Pati gets a laugh out of that. Inesita wheels Berta to her desk so no one will see what ripped.

Armando has another “I can’t do this!” meeting with Ricky, this time with extra “Audit!” angst. Ricky laughs at the thought of Armando going over to Betty’s house last night. Armando doesn’t want to keep lying to Betty, but Ricky tells him to think about the audit and he’ll see how inspired he is to seduce that irresistible beauty.

Pati steals someone’s lunch out of the work fridge. There’s a special place in hell for lunch stealers.

Armando’s being all fishy, coming to Betty’s office saying she has to come with him to meet an investor and she has to turn her phone off.

Pati sneaks the lunch into the bathroom and gets to the special hell sooner than expected. Whoever’s lunch that was, it is way too spicy for Pati’s delicate constitution.

Sandra and Mariana come in, talking astrology. How would a fire sign get along with a water sign?

Mariana says it depends.

Sandra asks how she’d do with a Taurus.

“You mean, like Wilson?”

Um, no…or a Scorpio. Just asking.

Pati lets out a shriek and they decide they’d better leave. Pati walks out as soon as she’s alone and dumps the lunch in the trash.

It was Berta’s lunch. Enchiladas made extra-spicy like she likes them. Mariana teases her that she just does that so no one else will want some.

The Pelotón all deny eating the enchiladas, but there’s Pati gulping down a glass of water. They have to hold Berta back from getting physical with Pati.

Marcela shows up, asking where Armando is. Pati says he left with Beatriz.

Marcela drags Pati off.

Um…Armando took Betty bungee-jumping? To have some time together. As friends. In a public place.

It’s an arcade, actually. I just wanna know if there’s skeeball. ‘Cause if there’s no skeeball this is not a legit non-date. Extended conversation about Betty needing to just call him Armando.

Lunchroom. Sofia’s talking about Jenny and Efrain moving back in. She’s referencing Caso Cerrado again. Seriously, show, you’d better make it happen.

Jenny comes around, lurking at the vending machine and they all start talking about “pest control.”

Marcela tries interrogating Ricky about Armando, but he doesn’t know where he went. If he’s with Betty it’s something work related, right?

Marce says neither of them is answering their phones.

Ricky looks her in the eyes and says he doesn’t know where Armando is. He’s been worried about the work situation and he probably went to go find a solution.

Marce doesn’t buy it. She thought they had something after the other night, but turns out “all men are the same.”

Betty has harness bungee jumping skillz. Armando, not so much. He’s better at bumper chairs.

And with all the tickets they win, they get a giant bear and Armando says she should have it. She names the bear Amoroso.

There’s some “friend” chit-chat about how much he likes to see her smiling and how they’re going to meet their goals for V&M and he’s never felt so much support.

Berta uses up the last of her lip gloss and finds her lunch in the trash when she goes to throw it away. There’s also an incriminating monogrammed handkerchief…P. F.? Patricia Fernandez!

Berta confronts Pati, who claims the “P. F.” is for Pink Floyd. And she’s been drinking so much water because she’s on a special diet.

Berta ends up chasing Pati in circles around her desk.

Pati comes to Marce’s office to complain that Berta wants to eat her. Marce’s not in the mood because she managed to ping Armando’s cell phone and it’s in New Jersey. She decides she and Pati are going out to Jackson Heights to look for him. “Ayyyyy nooooo Marceeeeeee!”

Berta’s looking up diet plans online. Her husband calls to tell her he won’t be home until the day after tomorrow. She tells Sofia that Pati was right–he’s cheating on her.

Sofia tells her not to let Pati get to her and Enrique would never…but didn’t they all think the same about Efrain and look what happened. “All men are alike.” They love you, they spoil you, they bring you ice cream in the middle of the night, they rub your feet…until some flaca shows up and steals them away.

Betty and Armando get the bear his own drink. Armando gives Betty this whole “You’re such a great friend” speech, but Betty doesn’t want to be just friends. She grabs his face and kisses him and you cannot tell me he’s not into it.

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