Betty en NY Wednesday 4/10/19 #46

Kiss replay!  But then Armando gets quiet. Betty wonders if he’s thinking about Marcela. Armando SO doesn’t want to think about her right now. He promises he’ll clean up his personal life and he’ll keep Betty from going to jail.

To get a ride, Marcela had to pay Pati’s parking fees and promise to pay for gas for the car. Pati whines about taking the Metro and how awful it was.

Oh, please, Marcela’s taken the Metro and it’s not that bad.

They’re headed for Armando’s cell phone location thanks to an app Marcela downloaded.

Armando doesn’t want to take a picture on the way out of the arcade. He thinks the bear is enough of a souvenir.

Mr. 5ft: Why is the bear in the front seat?

Me: Because bears have to wear a shoulder strap?

Armando insists on driving Betty home, so no one will see the evidence of their illicit arcading. He decides the best way to help her into the car’s tiny backseat is to pick her up. Before he gets into the car himself he stops to make a guilty face.

Pati’s car got a flat. She tried to tell Marce that she and the car were too delicate to leave Manhattan! Of course she doesn’t have roadside assistance! She hasn’t had it since she got divorced.

Marce assumes Pati at least has a gato. LOL, oh Marce, you’re such an optimist. She tells Pati to get out of the car while she calls a tow truck.

Armando drives by and splashes Pati with some water that’s just standing in the road for no reason. Pati whines that he did it on purpose! Yes, it was him, and he wasn’t alone! He was with a bear.

(Now this sounds like one of those memory games or a game where you have to fill in the blank with a word in every letter of the alphabet…”I saw Armando in his car and he was with a _.” where the first person only has to remember their word and then next person has to remember the first person’s word and add one, and so on.)

Sandra’s on her way out of work when Wilson stops her to apologize for hitting her.

Hey, she hit back a little.

A little?! She beat the snot out of him. They agree they’re “compirris” again and Sandra looks like she’s gonna smooch him, but no.

Pati’s positive, it was Armando and a bear like you’d win at a carnival.

Marce says Armando’s not a person who goes to carnivals or likes peluches.

Hey, Marce doesn’t know what he gets up to when she’s not around. Anyway, at least now she can confront him about lying.

And let him know she came all the way out to Jackson Heights to spy on him? No way!

Sofia gets home. The boys got permission from Jenny to play a video game and they haven’t done their homework yet. But the good news is, Sofia didn’t kill anybody!

Pati’s back home, whining about how these things always happen to her. It looks like she’s taking her wet clothes from earlier to wash them. Daniel comes over. He says he’s got a proposition for her.

Armando pulls up in front of Betty’s house. They agree on their alibi–they were at a business meeting and went out to dinner after. They’ll go back to “usted” at the office. But Betty feels like something has changed. Armando says it was a special day.

Demetrio flips on the porch lights and Betty tells Armando to step on it!

Betty has Armando drive her to a metro station to drop her off. He’s all paranoid about how they have to keep this completely to themselves and not tell anybody at all–not even Nicolas.

Betty’s definitely not telling Nicolas. He’d hate to see her as “the other woman.”

In other “keeping it to ourselves” news, Daniel wants to re-hire Pati as his spy. She accepts, but only to help herself–she doesn’t want to go through this whole late paycheck thing again.

Daniel assures her if he were in charge, that wouldn’t have happened. (Well, yeah, ’cause he would have killed the company already and none of them would have jobs.)

Betty tries to sneak in, but Demetrio notices the bear. Betty makes up an excuse about a raffle that was supposed to happen when Armando took over.

Demetrio mentions seeing Armando’s car outside, but Betty says that’s not possible because he’s doing an eco challenge and only riding his bike.

Demetrio thought he might be coming over for dinner, since he does it “all the time.”

Now Nico wants an explanation.

Betty’s like “What are you, the FBI?” She’ll be back downstairs for dinner.

Sofia burned herself cooking and Jenny ordered pizza. The kids would rather have pizza than the meat and tomatoes Sofia cooked and Jenny has no problem sharing.

Sofia sends the boys to wash their hands and tells Jenny to quit undermining her authority in front of the kids! (And once again, nobody died, so we’re doing OK.)

Armando gets home and Marcela’s in a bad mood. He tells her he was at a business meeting with Betty and they went to dinner after. What? If he said he was out having a romantic afternoon with Betty would she believe that? She can call Betty and check.

Marcela passes. She’ll go get her purse so they can go to dinner.

Nicolas doesn’t believe the “raffle” story. Betty asks what he thinks happened–her boyfriend gave it to her? ‘Cause he’s the only “boyfriend” she has. Didn’t they make a Be-Ni promise to stay out of each other’s personal lives?

Nico suggests they make a Be-Ni promise that they can get involved in each other’s personal lives.

Uh, no. Betty won’t cancel the previous promise.

Catalina tells Marcela she’s been chosen “Most Beautiful Executive in Manhattan” by Woman of Manhattan magazine. They’ll be doing a photo shoot today. Cata was thinking Marcela should wear something from the new collection. Something elegant to associate her face with the collection.

Armando gets to the office and finds the cookies Betty left for him. She made them. Because no one had ever made him cookies. They’re gluten free with chocolate chips. (Forget Armando, I love Betty!)

They’re interrupted by Cata and Marce. Marce announces she’s been named the most powerful *glares at Betty* and beautiful executive in Manhattan. Cata assumes Armando’s proud of Marce for not only being intelligent, but also about to be a trending topic.

Armando tries to get out of hanging out with Marce when they do the photo shoot, but Marce tells Betty to give him the day off. She had him all day yesterday.

Betty agrees. Armando tells her to call him if anything comes up, which I completely thought meant “Call me in 10 minutes no matter what!”

Before Betty can leave, Cata wants an update on her love life. She wishes Betty would quit being shy and just shout about him like she did the other day. Marce would love to meet the guy.

OK, well, Armando thinks they should let Betty get back to work. While Cata drags Armando to the workroom, Marce sneaks into Betty’s office to ask about yesterday.

Betty gives her the same story Armando did–business meeting, somewhere close. Armando comes back to grab Marce.

Berta’s taking a quiz about how you know when your husband’s unfaithful.

Berta’s going with “yes” because Enrique isn’t as attentive as he used to be, and they don’t have as much sex as they used to when they were younger, and he takes longer work trips than usual.

Sofia tells her to chill. There’s no proof Enrique’s cheating besides what Pati said.

She walks by and Berta complains about her being skinny. Sofia says hip size correlates to brain size, so Pati’s bien bruta. Berta and Sofia laugh at how smart they are.

Sofia still thinks Berta needs to chill. Her husband’s no Efrain.

Berta suddenly gets an idea. Sofia should try to make Jenny gain weight.

Sofia would rather kill her.


Charlie can’t believe Efrain moved back into Sofia’s house with Jenny. Efrain still thinks Sofia wants him. I tuned out the rest.

Marce’s getting her makeup done in her office while Pati tries to get her to talk about V&M’s finances. Hey, she did do three semesters of finance at TUI. Pati thinks it’s a possibility that she could one day be executive of the month or whatever.

Marce complains that she knows for sure that Betty’s covering for Armando.

Well, Pati will spy for her. She learned how in the school of life.

Cata’s looking for lingerie Marce will look classy in. Hugo has something else in mind. He takes Marce off to look at dresses.

Pati suggests herself as next month’s executive.

Cata asks Inés where Hugo’s valeriana is.

Ricky and Armando are in Armando’s office. Ricky thinks baked goods are a sign that Armando’s doing well. But now Armando has to return the gesture.

Um, that’s so not Armando’s style.

No worries! Ricky is an expert. He’ll make Armando a wooing kit.

Armando says Betty’s not stupid.

Well, no, but she’s in love. Same diff.

Armando nervously munches on cookies as he whines that he feels terrible doing this to Betty.

Marce’s ready for the photo shoot. Hugo  makes a big deal of telling the “cheapie platoon” to learn from her example. Pati whines about wanting her picture taken too.

Armando and Ricky emerge from his office and Ricky immediately agrees with Cata–Marce looks great, as always. Hugo’s like “Don’t be so obvious. She’s your best friend’s fiancée.”

Marcela’s going to stand under a ladder while the assistants pretend they’re working in the background. Hugo tells Pati she’s messing up the shot. And the he asks what Betty’s doing there. He tells Armando to go take his “troll” and get rid of its moustache.

Betty makes a run for the bathroom. Cata tells him that was cruel and unnecessary. Armando’s about to go after Betty, but Marce whines about him leaving her alone and Cata says she’ll go. After a “shame on you” to Hugo. Which is probably pointless, as Hugo has no shame, but I’m glad she said it anyway.

Ricky snaps a picture of Marcela on his phone.

In the bathroom, Catalina apologizes on behalf of the entire production. What Hugo said wasn’t right.

Betty’s used to it, and besides it’s true.

Cata says beauty isn’t just a pretty face or a large bust. And Betty has things others lack–strength, intelligence, interior beauty.

Yeah, her mom says the same thing, but interior beauty isn’t photogenic.

Cata disagrees. Betty would be surprised what self-esteem does to a woman’s appearance. Betty’s beautiful, she just has to find it.

At lunch, everyone’s marveling at how Marcela has it all. Jenny, of all people, says Marcela lacks class.

Sofia: “This from the model who has to have her face covered up so no one can see it in the catalog?”

Jenny insists she has class and if Sofia doesn’t believe it, she should ask her husband.

OK, now Inesita’s getting in on this. Jenny needs to shut it–they’re at WORK. She’d better respect Doña Marcela and Sofia because no matter what Jenny thinks she’s never going to be on a magazine cover. She’d need dignity and class for that and Jenny lacks both. Inés and the Pelotón tell Jenny to get out of the breakroom.

Inés has been angry at Jenny since she started trying to make Sofia’s kids homeless.

At the end of the day, Sofia thinks Efrain’s in the exterminator van, but it’s actually Charlie. He invites her out for beers.

Ricky looks at his picture of Marcela and zooms in on her chest. What the hell, dude?

When Armando comes in, he slams the lid on his laptop down. Armando was just looking for some report or something.

Ricky says he thought it was someone else coming in. He was going over his plan for tonight.

Armando asks if it’s not about time Ricky settled down.

Ricky says he might. Soon.

What did people say?

  • Gato – jack
  • Peluches – plushes, stuffed animals
  • Valeriana – valerian, for relaxation or sleep
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