The About this blog page has been updated

Our original blurb made sense when the site was new, but lately it seems a little dry. And the passive voice was bothering me:

El Cohete was launched in 2016 as a place to publish articles about Spanish-language and Spanglish pop culture–television, movies, music, books….

We needed something that better explained the scope of the site, its origins, and its mission. The description is now as follows:

El Cohete was established for fans of La Vecina, the only show that lost its home in the The Great Downsizing of Caray of 2016.

We quickly realized that being free from the limitations of a Blogger Classic Template, a narrow mission statement, and a hostile atmosphere where readers feared change, opened up new possibilities. El Cohete could be more than just a recap blog.

We quickly decided to broaden our focus to Spanish-language media and broaden our audience to include groups that typically had to “put up or shut up” on Caray.

In 2018, we added the forums when we recognized sometimes we just wanted to chat without writing an article.

We’re now working to become the best source of compiled information about Spanish-language television and a great place for conversations, all while maintaining a clear and understandable user interface and an inclusive atmosphere.

We’ve also slightly updated parts of the “We love” section:

  • Spanish. Some of us are native or heritage speakers. Most of us feel like we’re still learning Spanish. We have a love of Spanish as a language, but we’re more comfortable writing in English.
  • Television. We love telenovelas, and find them one of the easiest ways to connect with the language we love. We love talking about telenovelas and series, but we watch with a critical eye and we don’t shy away from pointing out harmful or outdated attitudes.

I think this is a much more accurate reflection of where El Cohete is today and where we’re headed and I’m sure as the site continues to evolve, the “About this blog” page will evolve as well.

Author: 5ftLatina

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