Betty en NY Friday 4/12/19 #48

Sofia’s still at work. The Pelotón wonder if Betty could talk to Armando, but she doesn’t think he’d want to disagree with Marcela.

Maybe she could talk to Smith?

Betty isn’t so sure there’s any point to that either. Sofia knows she went too far this time, right? Betty says she’ll try, but Sofia’s coming with her and she’s going to agree to everything Betty says.

Betty tells Smith Sofia had a clean record before and she’s always been a great employee and right now she’s just going through a rough time emotionally and that could happen to anyone. She knows she went too far and she’s really sorry.

“ME?!…I really am sorry.”

And she’s decided to take anger management classes.

“Qué?!…Qué padre. I can learn to control myself.”

And she’s going to get Jenny a new cell phone.

“No!…manches. How nice. It’ll be brand new, in the package, with that new phone smell.”

And she’s also going to go back to being the model employee she’s always been. And Smith will look good for letting Sofia stay because 90% of V&M’s employees like her.

Smith agrees, he’ll give Sofia another probation period, but she’s gotta apologize to Jenny publicly and get her a new phone. Sofia agrees with a grimace plastered on her face.

Nico shows up and has to deal with Wilson at the front door. But once he mentions Betty, Wilson knows who he is…Betty’s boyfriend! He and Nico take a selfie and Wilson tells Pati he’s there.

Betty comes downstairs walking like those shoes are killing her feet. Nico laughs at the dress, but he gives her a hug and says he’s never going to stop loving her. And could he see Patricia Fernandez?

No. She whacks him with the bag to move on down the sidewalk.

Pati gets downstairs and heads for the sidewalk. Hm. Her “running in heels” look also looks like her shoes are killing her.

As Betty walks back, she bumps into a guy getting into the back of a limo and they pick up their dropped packages. Pati wishes “Nicolas” would turn around.

She tells Marcela Betty’s boyfriend is good looking, ’cause she saw his car. Betty’s got a boyfriend and he’s a millionaire!

Marcela says charity work is “in.” Rich guys try to make themselves feel better by going out with ugly, exotic girls. (It’s times like these I don’t care that Armando’s cheating on her with Betty.)

Sofia’s complaining about having to get Jenny a new phone. With what money?!

Aura Maria reminds her she’s at least keeping her job.

And Mariana thinks a little anger management could do her good.

Sofia gets a phone call that puts her into a good mood. She says it was a wrong number, though. And she should get back to work before Smith walks by.

Ricky stops by Marcela’s office to remind her about some thing they’ve got tonight. She says she’s going with Armando…but he already left. She guesses he went with Betty to see a supplier, but Ricky says Betty left before he did. Anyway, they’ll see each other later.

Betty is re-Bettyfied. Armando picks her up around the corner somewhere. She figured Daniel was probably right and she’ll never be up to Marcela’s standards or Armando’s family’s. He tells her she’s not competing with Marcela. If he wanted someone like Marcela, he’d be with Marcela. What he sees in Betty is beyond skin-deep.

Betty puts her head on his shoulder. Armando freaks out and honks his car horn.

Marcela decides the office is empty and gets changed for that event without lowering the shades.

Not that that makes it OK to look, RICKY!

At Sofia’s, Efrain breaks it to Jenny that if Sofia loses her job he’ll end up having to support Sofia AND the kids AND her. Efrain chalks Sofia’s anger up to menopause. Jenny objects. She forbids him from buying her a new phone and says Sofia will do it.

Sofia meets Charlie at the club. She starts talking about having to leave the kids with the vultures and ugh, every time she sees him she ends up crying on his shoulder. Charlie doesn’t mind. And also, will she move in with him?

Marcela and Ricky are waiting for Armando to show up for dinner. Ricky decides to get another drink, but Marce stops him. She wants to know why he was watching her get undressed.

He says it’s for the same reason she kept undressing when she knew he was watching. (Oh, great, so basically neither one of y’all has a clue.)

Armando drops Betty off at home. He tells her not to stop being the Betty he fell in love with.

Betty promises–no more drastic changes.

The car has barely pulled away when the mean kids show up. They won’t let Betty go into her front yard, much less her house. And Armando suddenly shows back up, asking what’s happening.

Betty says it’s nothing. She was just going inside. The mean kid with the hat asks if he’s the guy responsible for the bear. He gives Armando condolences, ’cause it must be hard to go out with a fea like that.

Armando punches him. Twice. A couple of hat guy’s buddies take some swings at Armando. And then Demetrio comes out of the house and says he’s already called the cops. He and Betty insist on Armando coming inside so Julia can patch him up.

Marcela says she kept undressing to see how far he’d go. Ricky says he didn’t want to embarrass her. I say, get a room already.

Sofia thinks Charlie’s asking her to move in with him like, move in with thim.

He just meant she and the kids could come over and stay in his room and he’d sleep on the couch. No, um, you know. Unless she wanted to? ‘Cause sometimes he thinks about it.

Sometimes she thinks about it too. Can they change the subject now?

Sure! Charlie asks her when she’s moving in.

Sofia doesn’t want to give up territory.

Charlie just feels guilty that he doesn’t do more.

Sofia says getting her a beer would be plenty.

Betty’s parents leave her alone with Armando while they go get stuff to clean him up with. Armando tells Betty he just couldn’t stand to let those guys talk to her like that. They shouldn’t talk to anyone like that, much less her.

Armando tries to get out of sticking around, but Demetrio insists he stay. He can’t find the pomada Julia was mentioning, but he tells Betty to put a steak in a plastic bag for Armando to put on his face.

Ricky and Marcela keep drinking. She thinks Ricky’s just here covering for Armando. She’s tired of her life revolving around Armando’s. She’s tired of being the one who gets home first. Doesn’t Ricky think she’s woman enough? What’s she missing?

According to Ricky, nothing.

Charlie and Sofia reminisce about when the four of them used to go out. The two of them were the good dancers and they’d only dance to slow songs with the other two. Sofia wants to dance now…and the song changes to a slow one. Charlie still wants to dance.

Sofia suddenly realizes there’s a little problem…Charlie thinks it’s a BIG problem. And maybe they should leave. Sofia thinks they should enjoy the dance. He hopes it goes on all night, then.

So, now that Armando’s got a steak on his face he can move on to explaining why he was there in the first place and why he started the fight.

OK, so he was defending Betty, but…why was he in the neighborhood?

Betty says he was on his way to see his fiancée and he should really get going now.

Ricky takes Marcela to…her and Armando’s place?…and tells her to get some sleep. And then he stands there while she undresses and talks to herself about Armando not having condoms. Seriously, Ricky, what is wrong with you?!

Betty tells Amoroso, Cuquito, and her journal that finally the man she loves defended her. And now she knows he feels the same way about her as she feels about him.

Is Ricky seriously taking a picture with his cell phone?! And now he’s smelling her, like a creeper!

Armando calls him and he’s surprised to hear that Marcela’s drunk. Ricky’s equally surprised to hear that Armando got into a fight.

Sofia gets home and Efrain’s scolding her like a teenager coming home after curfew.

Was she out with a guy? Nope. She was out with a body. And what a body! Not like Efrain.

He thinks she should be ashamed of herself, coming in drunk like this where the kids could see her.

Um, no, he should be ashamed of himself, moving his lover in here. And he’d better get himself another job, ’cause if Jenny gets her fired, he’ll have to pay for everything.

Efrain tries to give her the money for Jenny’s phone, but Jenny comes downstairs. She tells Sofia to go get to bed so she can get up tomorrow and look for work.

Whatevs! Sofia collapses on the couch and feels the room spin.

Nico runs into the mean kids and hears about their adventure last night. They tell him about Betty’s obviously rich boyfriend with the fast car, who’d better not ever come around again.

Betty gets to her office and there’s an “I love you” balloon on her desk and a pop-up card that plays music, and has a gift card and a note inside about the relationship lasting as long as it can, as long as it’s with her.

Sofia comes in and assumes Betty and Nico must be celebrating a monthiversary. She would have loved for Efrain to have celebrated just ONE of the years they were together.

Anyway, she can’t find the money to get Jenny a new cell phone. She swears she’s willing to do it, she just doesn’t have the money. She wants Betty to see if she can get some more time from Smith.

Betty says she’ll see what she can do, Sofia just needs to chill.

Betty calls Mariana to tell her they need an emergency Pelotón meeting without Sofia.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
1 year ago

I’m hiding my eyes and refusing to watch till Sophia gets los cucaracha out of her house. Thanks for the recaps keeping me up to date on all the stuff I really don’t want to see 😛 so that when its safe to look again I’ll know what’s going on