Betty en NY Thursday 4/11/19 #47

Betty tries asking Amoroso why Armando likes her and not Marcela. She just doesn’t get it–Marcela’s the most beautiful woman in all Manhattan and Betty’s the ugliest one in Jackson Heights.

At Armando’s, Ricky tells him he’d better do something after today’s humiliation. Has he been using the photo of Bikini Woman as inspiration?

Uh, no.

Ricky logs into Armando’s phone–his password is his birthday–and shows him Bikini Woman’s picture. He wants Armando to text Betty. And if Armando won’t do it himself, Ricky will do it.

Marcela comes home and sees them fighting over Armando’s cell. Ricky says he was just showing Armando some winter collection ideas. He’ll leave them alone now.

Dude walks over to say goodbye to Marcela and acts like he wants to kiss her.

Over beers, Charlie tells Sofia Efrain told him all about his stupid plan. He’s so angry at him–Jenny must have bewitched him or he got brainwashed by aliens.

Sofia thinks that’s who Efrain has always been, she just didn’t see this side of him when she was in love with him.

Charlie tries to casually take her hand and tell her he’s there for her, but Sofia gets startled and spills her beer. Charlie tries to help her dry off. It gets weird.

“Armando” texted Betty that he thinks she’s beautiful and he can’t stop thinking about her.

Betty brags to the peluches and then fantasizes about doing a photo shoot. Hugo’s as hateful as ever, but Armando and Cata think she looks great.

Julia comes to tell Betty dinner’s ready and has to get her attention.

Betty asks if the salon on 8th opens early. She’s thinking about getting styled for a big meeting tomorrow.

She heads to the salon in the morning and says she wants a makeover.

Nico and Julia agree they don’t believe the “raffle” story.

Betty gets to work. Everyone’s staring. We don’t see her until she gets to Armando’s office. She’s got her hair in an updo and makeup on and for once she’s not wearing a huge sweater. All of which seems like it should be OK, but all together it’s just not right. And it’s definitely not Betty. She makes a joke about them all looking so surprised, but she never gets to work late–because she’s wearing a purple dress, so “de morada” “demorada.”

Marce can’t even hold back the giggles while Betty’s in the room. Ricky joins her as soon as she goes to her office.

Out at Pati’s desk, she hasn’t stopped laughing yet. She declares Betty’s makeover was like Sandra’s style, Berta’s makeup, Sofia’s hair, and Inés’ wardrobe. Even after a threat from Mariana she can’t stop laughing.

Julia thinks Betty’s in love with someone.

Nico says it’s her job.

Yeah, Julia’s glad Armando gave her this chance, but sometimes she thinks he’s taking advantage.

Nico agrees. Betty doesn’t know how to set boundaries and she says “yes” to whatever her boss wants.

Julia thinks maybe that’s her cover story to hide that she’s going out with someone.

But Nico says Betty wouldn’t lie like that. He thinks they should ask the bear. But he has no idea either.

Ricky can’t quit laughing. He tells Armando Betty obviously did this for him. She’s making an effort. Just do what he does when Marcela cuts her hair–tell her she looks beautiful.

Armando’s sure she knows she doesn’t.

Ricky tells him not to pick a fight–just tell her he likes it.

Betty’s checking herself out in her compact mirror when Armando comes in. They talk about “the look” and Armando says she looks good whatever she wears.

Betty wants to go out tonight, but Armando says he can’t have any fun until he comes up with ten ways to get V&M out of its crisis. And she can help by going home, getting some rest, and being back in the morning with fresh ideas.

Betty was hoping they could stay in the office late and work.

Armando says they’re like her makeup and her hair, they’re a binomial. Squared. (Just go with it.)

Marcela and Pati are dying laughing about Betty’s makeover. Pati says they’ve gotta give her credit for bravery. Marcela says she might know finance, but she can’t tell the difference between casual, formal, and Halloween.

Pati can’t imagine what kind of guy would date her. Maybe he’s made up. Maybe he’s as ugly as she is. Marcela doesn’t see how else someone would want to go out with that Transylvanian refugee.

Julia’s looking for that pink fuzzy box in Betty’s closet. What gives, though, ’cause I’m looking at the clothes and I don’t recognize any of them as Betty’s. Demetrio gets nosy. Julia tells him to get back to work.

Oh, right, the blonde at the salon who was all “Hi Betty” is one of the mean kids. She’s got a picture of Betty on her phone and says the customer’s always right, right? They grab Nico as he’s wandering by and ask about Betty’s novio. How do they know about the bear? Do they really have nothing better to do?

Marcela’s reviewing the proofs from the photo shoot to pick the ones she wants them to publish. I still don’t understand the ladder, but whatever. She tries to get Ricky’s opinion, but he thinks they all look good.

Anyway, he wanted to review a marketing strategy with her, but once he saw the pictures he forgot.

Mariana brings Betty a report and tries to convince her not to leave the office with the new look. It’s “too much.” Betty panics, thinking maybe the dress is too see-thru, but Mariana says that’s not it. What was Betty going for?

Well, just the hair at first, then she decided she wanted makeup. She looks good, right?

In the bathroom, Mariana tells the Pelotón she couldn’t tell her! She tried to say the look was too daring for New York, but maybe it five years it would be ok in Europe…and Betty just got even more excited.

They don’t know what to do. Marcela was laughing, Pati was laughing. Aura Maria thinks a zombie would look like a top model next to Betty. Inés says they’ve gotta tell her…but who?

Sofia nominates Inesita, but she refuses. Then maybe they should draw straws.

I guess Sandra got nominated, but she’s spared by Daniel. He doesn’t recognize Betty and when he realizes it’s her he tells her she’s being disrespectful to the company and should go wash her face.

Armando comes out of his office to defend Betty. He tells Daniel he’s got no right to air his opinions on Betty’s clothes or anyone else’s.

Danny can’t believe he’s serious. This is a fashion company…oh, wait, he gets it! This is why Armando has her locked up in his office.

Armando tells Berta to go get her boss.

Betty says it’s not necessary because she’s not offended and the only opinion that matters is hers. (Betty, honey, I get it, but this isn’t about whether Daniel hurt your feelings or not, it’s about whether Daniel is being an asshole or not. And he is.)

Daniel doesn’t feel like arguing anymore. He came to talk business. He’ll wait for Armando in his office.

Betty’s in the bathroom, crying her mascara off. The Pelotón come in to comfort her, but it’s not entirely comforting to get into philosophical discussions about what constitutes being “fea.”

Sandra breaks down and says this is not Betty’s look. And if it were Sandra, she would have punched the person who did this. After what Daniel said, she figured somebody should say it. She’s beautiful the way she is.

Aura Maria says next time, she’ll do the makeover. Mariana assures Betty everyone’s had a bad day at the salon. Berta thinks they threw a year’s worth of bad days at Betty.

Betty starts crying again.

Pati’s been getting pictures of Betty all day. Now she shows them to Hugo. Hugo says Hugo things. He manages to work in a shout out to the original show, saying it must be awful to walk around having to say “Hola, yo soy Betty, la fea.”

Pati’s getting ready to make Betty a meme and get revenge.

Daniel says he came by to offer Armando a business deal. He’s got someone in manufacturing who can do the collection at a 70% discount per piece. Sounds good, right? (Sounds to good to be true.)

Pati listens in as Betty calls Nico and begs him to bring a change of clothes.

Pati goes downstairs to Wilson and begs him to let her know when Betty’s boyfriend arrives.

Nicolas and Julia pack up a change of clothes for Betty. He says she just spilled her coffee. All the way down to her shoes. And hey, since he always comes back from Manhattan hungry, could she make those tamales for him?

Armando’s excited about the deal Daniel’s offering. He’s already fantasizing about how much quicker they can get the company back.

But Ricky’s worried that this is coming from Daniel, who basically lives on other businesses making bad decisions. Armando’s like “Oh, no, totally, we’ll check it out first.” (Now, why do I not believe him?)

At the bar, Daniel brags to Mata about how Armando’s sure to take this deal because he needs the money. Mata doesn’t think Armando will go for it…and since he runs everything by Betty it’s really her they need to convince.

Daniel’s over her. Today he realized she’s just a geek with talent and no claws. Armando’s going to move production to the factory in India and Daniel will make sure he loses everything.

The kids’ school called JENNY to get HER permission to enroll the kids in sooser classes. Or so she tells Sofia. She enrolled “their” kids in sooser. You know, that thing…it’s called fútbol?

Sofia’s somewhat amused with the “sooser” thing, but not with the “our” kids thing. Supposedly Efrain told the school they could call her. Since she and Sofia are both his wife.

Sofia loses it. She went through childbirth and got stretch marks and SHE’s the only one entitled to call them her kids. By the time Smith shows up, Sofia has smashed Jenny’s cell phone.

Sofia has words. Jenny has cleavage and a mesh top. Wanna guess who Smith sides with? He makes it sound like company policy is that people can be absolute shits to each other as long as there’s no physical violence, so whoever can provoke the other into physical violence first wins. Sofia’s fired.

Marcela says she can’t do anything else for her. She tried to help, but Sofia kept dragging her personal life into the office. Everything that’s happening now is Sofia’s fault for not acting sooner.

Betty’s getting a look at Pati’s meme. It looks like her hair is retaliating after being pulled back all day. I like it.

Armando comes in and she tells him she’s been hiding in her office because she doesn’t want anybody to make fun of her. He says she doesn’t have to change her look for him–he likes her the way she is. He gives her a really sexy hug.

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