Entre Dos Amores Friday 4/12/19 #98

Kader and family watch their novela. Apparently a daughter in law is ruining a family? Kader makes running commentary which annoys Emre. “It’s just a show!” Kader reminds him that the “show” also reflects real life. Emre decides he’s tired and goes to bed. Ismail just wants to watch his show in peace. Kader leaves too. Ismail prays for patience.

Neriman prepares to go to Eskisehir (sp?) Gülter worries. Faiz says Neriman will be fine. It’s just a couple hours away. Shut up Faiz. We all know you asked Sinasi to go on this trip. Faiz and Neriman leave. I love Neriman’s sandals. Gülter throws a bucket of water (link….see #8.)

Cihan asks Sahika where she’s headed so early in the morning. She’s headed for work…duh. He invites her to dinner. She goes on her way and Cihan berates himself for such a stupid “where are you going?” question.

Faiz and Neriman wait at the bus station. She asks if she can have her phone back to she can call when she gets there. Faiz has already taken care of that. Behold! It’s Sinasi! I freaking hate Faiz right now.

Macit arrives at the hotel and changes the reservations from Neriman’s name to his. Do hotels let people just walk in and change reservations? He also reserves a table for two.

Selim calls Sahika into his office. He’s got that signed paperwork. Oh, by the way…who was that guy last night? She says it’s her boyfriend. Well….he’s courting her right now. So far it’s not anything formal.

Feyza gets the pictures from the PI. He reports that the girl has a boyfriend. Selim and the girl are strictly business and Feyza really has nothing to worry about. Feyza still wants Selim followed.

Gülter goes to Zehra’s house. She stops and chats with Cemal about Neriman and the test for school.

On the bus to Eskisehir, Sinasi tries to tell Neriman not to be nervous about the test. That’s soooo NOT what she’s nervous about.

Macit approves a flower arrangement.

Zehra is annoyed with Faiz for asking Sinasi to go with Neriman (me too, Zehra.) Sinasi almost lost his life because of Neriman and he’s STILL going after her. Gülter swears she had no idea Sinasi was going. She didn’t find out until Zehra told her.

Asim tells Nezahat he is willing to still get married. It’s just that he’s tired of waiting. His mom is nagging him. He needs an answer.

Nadir gets a Macit report from his spy/hench (spench?). Then asks his spy about “that other thing”. The spy is on it.

Kerim hears from his spy/hench. He’s found out who sent those pictures to Kerim. He’s got a location too. Kerim runs into Bora on his way out. They do introductions. Kerim excuses himself. He’s got some place to be. Bora calls Nadir. Kerim took the bait.

Nezahat tells Cihan she needs to talk to him. It’s important.

Kerim is at an old yo no sé qué. He finds an envelope with a note. I’ll recover what you stole from me. There’s a picture of Inci inside. Kerim yells into the void. You’re dead! This is impossible! Why are you doing this! Kerim walks out and a hench that looks like he could be Cihan’s fully bearded brother calls Nadir.

Nadir calls Inci. He tells her he’ll meet her at 9. He’ll text the address. Inci is shook.

Nezahat confesses her feelings to Cihan. She’s always loves him. She just wants to hear that there is a small place in his heart for her. Cihan tells her she’s like a sister to him. She’s said nothing and he didn’t hear a thing. Ouch.

Fahriye househunts.

Nezahat goes to Asim’s house and tells him she’ll marry him. Immediately.

Fahriye tells Aras about the houses she found. The best option is the last one she looked at. It’s cheap, spacious and nearby. But Aras needs to clean up a bit. The leather bracelets, black shirt and motorcycle are not going to be a good impression on Mr. Niyazi, who is renting the house.

And Fahriye was right. Aras is wearing a white shirt and tie. Mr. Niyazi figures any employee of Sinasi has got to be a good guy. He rents the house to Aras (after assuming he’s a traditional lute player.)

Cihan and Sahika have dinner. He remembers the time Sahika told him he’d be eaten by wolves (I don’t remember.) Cihan doesn’t care. He may be eaten by wolves, but his heart would be happy. Just seeing Sahika every day and hearing her voice is enough for him. Sahika can’t believe his sweet words. He’s never said anything like that to anyone else.

Gülter eat their soup and talk about how quiet the house is. Gülter wonders if Faiz will let Neriman go to art school if she passes the test. Of course Faiz will! Neriman loves to paint! They’ll just move to Eskisehir until Neriman is done with school. It’s will be good for Neriman to distance herself and forget “that boy.” Sorry, forget last week’s promise to be less violent. I’m mentally punching him in the throat so he can’t talk anymore.

Inci tells Kerim she’s going to a school dinner function.

Fahriye runs into Sahika and Cihan coming back from their dinner date. Where the hell is Sinasi? He’s got stuff to do at the music school. Cihan says Sinasi is in Eskisehir. Fahriye blurts out “Macit.” Sahika puts 2 and 2 together. Macit went to Eskisehir?

Nadir and Inci are in a park? Inci is shocked. He’s alive! She thought he was dead. He’s alive, but says there were days he wish he wasn’t. Inci just wants to know why he disappeared and why is he here now? Nadir has one question: Is Macit my son?

Macit’s table is ready. Neriman and Sinasi pull up to the hotel. She says she’ll go on in. Fahriye tries to call Neriman, but there’s no answer. Cihan calls Sinasi…who does answer. Macit spots Neriman in the lobby. She tells him they need to get out of there. Sinasi walks in. AAAARGH!

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Gracias, Sara! And I guess I’m supposed to be grateful we’ll get another episode on Monday, but seriously, this is too long to wait!

Thank you for including the explanation about the bucket of water.

I feel bad about Cihan having to tell Nezahat that he’s not interested in her. Even if it seemed pretty obvious. To everyone else on the planet.