Betty en NY Monday 4/15/19 #49

Previously on Betty en NY: Betty broke up with Armando. Armando took Betty out for a fun arcade “friend” date and Betty didn’t want to be broken up anymore. Ricardo planted some cute gifts in Betty’s office. Daniel Valencia was a jerk about Betty’s makeover. Pati heard Betty calling Nicolas and rushed out to see him, but instead she saw a guy Betty had bumped into getting into a limo. Ricky hangs out with a drunk Marce and takes a picture of her in her underwear. Armando fights with the Jackson Heights Mean Kids.

Marce’s swearing she’ll never drink again. She remembers Ricky carrying her into her bedroom.

Armando comes over and uses his face as an alibi. He got mugged. That’s why he didn’t show up. And he did call, but she didn’t answer. Now Marce’s apologizing to HIM and I want to poke his bruises. Creep.

The Pelotón are worried about Sofia. She doesn’t have the money for the phone. Inés gets all sanctimonious about Sofia being fired because she reacted with violence and they’ve all got to learn to control their tempers. Con todo respeto, Inés, this was not a “Jenny didn’t do anything and Sofia flipped out,” Jenny was TRYING to get a reaction and she didn’t like the one she got. Also, she disobeyed Marcela’s rule about not going near Sofia’s desk.

Anyway, Betty has a plan for how to get the cell phone, as long as everyone’s in.

Demetrio tells Nico about how Don Armando defended Betty like a man in love. Nico chokes on his coffee. Also, he steals Demetrio’s breakfast so it won’t get cold.

Marcela and Armando walk in wearing big dark sunglasses and the Pelotón is already on the case. Did Armando hit her? Or did she hit him? Dra. Polo said wealthy women were the most likely to hit their partners.

Marcela hears all the whispering and tells them to get to work. Mariana warns Marcela that Daniel’s in her office.

Daniel thinks Marcela smells flammable. He brought her a copy of that proposal he made to Armando so she can convince Armando to accept. (Well, that seems like a shitty thing to do to a sibling, but that’s Daniel for you.)

Betty’s leg pokes out of the office to get Armando’s attention. And then her face peeks around the edge of the door frame. I agree with Armando, she’s effervescent today. She just popped in to thank him for the balloon and the card that he obviously knows nothing about. And also to tell him that he makes her happy. And then she blows him a kiss and he catches it. (Everyone at Casa 5ft giggled. Except the cat. But he was tempted.)

Nico searches Betty’s closet for The Box and it hits him on the head. He sniffs Armando’s shoe and regrets it. Then he scatters the other stuff in the box and finds two pictures–one of Armando and one of Armando and Betty at the Italian place. “It’s worse than I thought.”

Armando goes to Ricky’s office to complain that Ricky didn’t warn him about the balloon and the card. Ricky’s sure last night’s fight was worth it, ’cause he’s la fea‘s dream come true–a man who defends her! Armando gets impatient with Ricky constantly calling her “la fea” and snaps at him that her name is Betty. BETTY!

See, he’s even defending her to Ricardo.

Marcela comes in and decides she wants to talk to Armando.

Daniel sneaks up on Pati in the copy room and startles her. If she has no info for him, he wants his money back.

Pati says it’s not like all of a sudden people are just going to tell her everything.

Daniel makes his usual crass comments about her using her body and “old gentlemen” who would love to meet her. I don’t even know why they let him in the building.

Armando’s building a tower out of the stuff on his desk while Marce talks about Daniel’s “deal.” She’s won over by the profit margin, but like Armando says–higher profits mean higher risks. Not that Marcela seems to care.

Why are we talking to the lawyers? Oh, Nico’s checking on the seizure paperwork. And then they were talking about how Armando could kill Betty so he won’t have to give up his company. He could. But who knows.

Armando tells Betty about Daniel’s deal. It’s a company Armando has never worked with before, but Daniel says they’re legit.

And he trusts Daniel?

No, so that’s why he’s going to let her look things over and he won’t do anything until she says it’s OK.

Marce asks Ricky what happened last night. How did she end up in her bed with her clothes off? Did he…?

Ricky’s like “Would I do that?” He says he just dropped her off and didn’t take anything off. And hey, did she see Armando’s face? As a friend, he thinks she needs to stop being so untrusting of him.

As she walks off, I want to think that look on his face is him thinking about what a massive creep he is. But he was probably just thinking about where to go for lunch.

Daniel and Mata are playing a round of golf. Mata convinced Jack Anderson to sell that factory in India for less than it’s worth. Daniel pays Mata in cash for doing his evil bidding and then sends him to India to get that factory up and running so their first client can be V&M.

El Pelotón go to lunch so they can give Sofia the cell phone they all chipped in for. Sofi’s not getting fired! Yay! Inés declares there will be no more broncas! Betty found a good deal online. Yay for Betty! Yay for the Pelotón!

Nico has a plate full of Julia’s cooking in front of him, but he’s lost his appetite after what Pete said. He decides to go back to working, but Julia wants to talk to him first.

There’s something going on between Betty and her boss and she wants to know what it is. Is Betty in love with her boss? She noticed the way Betty was looking at Armando the other night and that’s why she’s asking.

Nico says they don’t have anything going on…and she loves her job and she cares about Don Armando the way she always cared about her college professors. Just that there’s a big difference between college and work and Betty hasn’t figured that out yet.

Julia seems relieved with this answer.

Nico leaves a voicemail for Betty, asking her to call him right away.

At the restaurant, Sofia can’t contain herself any longer and blabs about the gifts Nicolas left for Betty. They think she should call and invite him over. Or they can all thank him on the phone. They settle for taking a group selfie and tagging it with ThanksBettysBoyfriend.

Nic’s getting desperate. He calls V&M’s main line and Patricia takes her sweet time answering. When he asks for Betty she says she’s not Betty’s secretary and he can call her extension directly.

And then he says he’s Nicolas and suddenly he’s welcome to call her “Patri” and the doors of V&M are always open to him and she’ll tell Betty to call him back. He hangs up before giving her the number and then does a little dance.

There are copies of the magazine with “The Different Sides of Marcela” article in the waiting area of V&M. Berta thinks she looks too skinny. Inés says she’s a perfect size 0, like all the best models.

Who wrote this conversation? Seriously, what the hell?! You’ve got Berta body shaming, then Inés feeding into the same tendency acting like being “a perfect size 0” is somehow preferable to being some other size or not perfectly fitting model measurements? And hell no “all the best models” are not “size 0”! Size has jack to do with being a good model, and we know that because while Jenny is deemed to have “the perfect body” Hugo’s not letting her out on a runway EVER.

Betty gets down as they all go on about how wonderful Marcela is and Armando must feel so lucky and the wedding is going to be the best ever. Inés decides it’s time for her to get back to work.

Pati comes running over so Aura Maria can do her product placement. She’s not drinking alcohol at work because this beer is nonalcoholic and she can drink it wherever she wants.

Sofia accuses Pati of being jealous because they all went out to a nice lunch courtesy of Betty’s rich boyfriend.

Pati goes into Marce’s office to complain that the Pelotón are throwing it in her face that Betty’s rich boyfriend paid for them all to go out to lunch. Hugo says his usual crap. Armando just lurks in the background trying to smile like he agrees with them.

What the hell, show?! Ricky’s sitting in Armando’s office, looking at the picture he took of Marcela in her underwear. He nearly shows it to Armando when he meant to be showing him the picture of the Pelotón at lunch.

This is not making sense to me. Ricky gave her the gift card for the restaurant, but now he’s upset at the instagram picture of the Pelotón at lunch with the hastag GraciasNovioDeBetty. Armando’s gotta nip this in the bud before she tells them who her boyfriend really is.

Berta and Sofia wander past Pati’s desk, still going on about Betty and her rich boyfriend.

Pati decides she’ll take Nico away from Betty.

Now Armando’s getting in to creep territory…well, OK, into a creepier part of creep territory…he comes into Betty’s office all pissed off about the Instagram picture and what did she tell them and how does he know she didn’t tell them and she’s put him in danger and who else knows about them?!

Berta’s husband is back from his business and so happy to see his flaquita. But Berta’s getting a whiff of something…some kind of sweet aroma….

He says he loves that she has the nose of a tiger and look, he brought her favorite truffles! He starts to feed her one, but Berta passes out.

Armando’s still up in Betty’s face as she says she has told NO ONE about them and if he’s going to complain about not keeping things quiet then maybe he shouldn’t be leaving gifts on her desk because it’s not her fault Sofia walked in and the balloon and the card were sitting right there. And then Sofia said they must be from Nicolas and then she told the others and then when they all went to lunch, they asked who gave her the gift card and she played it safe by saying “my novio.” What was she supposed to do? Give them Armando’s name? Or Nico’s?

Pati interrupts to say Nicolas called looking for Betty. Armando just gets even more pissed off. At least he goes away.

Berta wakes up on the floor wondering what happened. Her husband asks if maybe they’re pregnant?

Nope. Sofia explains Berta’s on a diet that says even water makes you fat.

Berta complains that she gained ten pounds and her clothes weren’t fitting.

Enrique says no more diets. She’s perfect the way she is and he’s going to give her a kiss for each “extra” pound. Damn, that’s cute! But maybe not on the floor in front of the elevators?

Pati goes to Jenny for advice on how to steal a boyfriend.

Armando complains to Ricky about the shout-out being meant for Nicolas and Nicolas keeps calling here and what if he comes over and makes a stink. Ricky doesn’t see what the problem is. If everyone thinks Nicolas is the boyfriend, that’s great. It’s not like he’s going to be able to get Betty back ’cause she loooooves Armando. But he needs to get that “It’s all my fault”  letter back from her.

Hugo and Fabi are looking at the magazine article. Hugo asked Marce to come over to congratulate her. Then he starts talking about selling an exclusive about her wedding and being able to criticize how everyone’s dressed? Marce says there might not be anything to sell to anyone. Her relationship has gone “cold.”

So, Betty has reviewed the deal and while it sounds good and would get them back on their feet quickly, she doesn’t think the company is following international labor laws. Armando agrees, they’d have to be using slave labor to get that kind of discount. Betty adds that they don’t have any idea of their quality control or whether they have a record of on-time delivery. She doesn’t think they can take the risk.

Armando says that’s enough for him to turn down the deal.

Marcela comes in with the magazine and Betty rushes into her office. Armando and Ricky explain they were just talking over Daniel’s deal. Marcela says if Danny put it together, it must be a good deal because he’s an excellent negotiator.

Um. Sure. But they’re not doing the deal.

Marce goes back to her office all pissed off and vents to Pati. Who has no idea what “deal” she’s talking about. Marce says Daniel brought them a proposal and Betty convinced Armando not to take it.

Pati’s like “This is what I’m saying, she’s got more power than you. It’s like she’s the fiancée.”

And Marce goes right back out of her office.

And into Betty’s. Where she completely unprofessionally screams at Betty that she wants her to go away and how dare she think she can have opinions in Marcela’s company, etc.

I’m just wondering if V&M’s employee policies consider beating on the desk an act of “violence”?

What did people say?

  • Broncas – trouble
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