¡La Reina Regresa! Are you ready?

Monday night at 10pm/9c Teresa Mendoza is back on Telemundo. She’s spent the last eight years in Italy as María Dantés, raising her daughter, Sofia. When Sofia is kidnapped, Teresa gets in touch with old friends to help her get Sofia back.

It’s a lot more action-y than Season 1. The promos have shown lots of running, shooting, blowing things up. Season 1 was transport logistics and tax evasion. I don’t imagine the key to getting her daughter back is going to be shipping a bunch of cocaine from Point A to Point B.

If Season 1 is a vague memory (I know, they just showed a Special Edition, I’m not judging), maybe this Episode Guide will help.

We also have a combined list of characters for both seasons, plus notes on where the characters from Season 1 ended up at the end of the season.

*indicates new for Season 2


Teresa Mendoza/María Dantés (Kate del Castillo) – drug transporter, in hiding since the end of Season 1

*Sofia Dantés (Isabella Sierra) – Teresa (and Teo Aljarafe’s) daughter


Güero Davila (Rafael Amaya) – Teresa’s first love, undercover DEA agent, killed on Epifanio Vargas’ orders in Season 1

Güero’s sister – threatened by Ratas, picked him out of a lineup and got him sent to prison, still alive at the end of Season 1

Epifanio Vargas (Humberto Zurita) – narco, candidate for president, sent to prison at the end of Season 1 after Teresa testified against him, out of prison in Season 2 and still trying to get elected president

*Carmen Ramirez de Vargas (Patricia Reyes Spíndola)

Cesar “Batman” Güemes (Alejandro Calva) – right hand of Epifanio until Ratas pushes him out, his wife and children were killed at the end of Season 1 and he watched Epifanio get sent to prison, appears to be working for Epifanio in Season 2

Gato” Fierros – sent by Batman to kill Teresa on multiple occasions, killed in Spain by Oleg’s men on Teresa’s orders during Season 1

Pote” – sent by Batman to kill Teresa on multiple occasions, ends up working for Teresa, killed in Mexico by “Ratas” at the end of Season 1

Ratas” – Epifanio’s nephew, later discovers he’s Epifanio’s son, killed by Teresa at the end of Season 1

Law Enforcement-related, US

Willy Rangel (Cristian Tappan) – undercover DEA agent, friend of Güero, convinces Teresa to testify against Epifanio at the end of Season 1, back for Season 2

Veronica Santos Cortés/Guadalupe Romero (Sara Maldonado) – undercover DEA agent, falls in love with Pati, dies when Pati drives her car over a cliff in Season 1

*Manuela (Paola Núñes) – Veronica’s sister, wants revenge for Veronica’s death

*Jonathan (Tiago Correa) – DEA agent

*Erick Sheldon (Eric Roberts) – Willy’s boss


Dris Larbi (Nacho Fresneda) – owner of Yamila, Teresa’s boss, partner of Chaib and Cacares, killed by Ratas in Mexico during Season 1

Fatima Mansur – Teresa’s first friend in Spain, worked at Yamila, killed by Turkish narcos during Season 1

Mohamed Mansur – Fatima’s son, killed by Turkish narcos during Season 1

Sheila – Enemy-turned-friend, worked at Yamila, still alive at the end of Season 1

Ali – Sheila’s boyfriend, nearly beats her to death, goes to Morocco to hide from the police, killed by border guards in Morocco during Season 1

Soraya – Sheila’s friend, Lalo’s girlfriend, still alive at the end of Season 1

Josef – Ali’s cousin, corrupt cop, kidnaps Teresa, shot by Santiago during Season 1

Marcelo Cacares – corrupt Spanish official, traffics in drugs and people, still alive at the end of Season 1

Abdelkader Chaib (Eduardo Velasco) – corrupt Moroccan official, Teresa’s friend and business associate, still alive at the end of Season 1, returning for Season 2

Connected to Santiago

Santiago Fisterra “El Gallego” (Ivan Sanchez) – pilot, Teresa’s husband and business partner, crashes his boat running from the coast guard and dies in Season 1

Lalo – Santiago’s BFF, Soraya’s boyfriend, fell out of Santiago’s boat while they were running from the police and went to prison, had his tongue cut off, last seen in Season 1 going to a care facility that Teresa was paying for

 Jaime – Teresa has sex with him on her first night in Melilla, friend of Santiago’s, killed by Josef during his escape in Season 1

Eddie Alvarez – Santiago’s money manager, steals everything from Teresa when she goes to prison, works for Teresa at Transer Naga, tries to have Teo killed, accidentally kills himself in Season 1

Joaquín Pernas – head of Clan Pernas, Santiago’s old boss, still alive at the end of Season 1

Siso Pernas – Joaquin’s son, Santiago’s enemy, tricked into killing his cousin, still looking for revenge in Season 2

Xavi Pernas – Siso’s cousin, dragged to his death behind Siso’s plane in Season 1

Transer Naga

Oleg Yasikov (Antonio Gil-new actor) – Russian narco, goes into business with Teresa and Pati, alive at the end of Season 1, back for Season 2

Sanchez Godoy (Lincoln Palomeque) – Colombian narco, still alive at the end of Season 1, back for Season 2

Pati O’Farrell – friend from prison, goes into business with Teresa after she gets out, survives driving her car off a cliff, later kills herself near the end of Season 1

Conejo – friend from prison, works for Teresa after she gets out, still alive at the end of Season 1, returning for Season 2

Alberto Rizo Carpaso – Teresa’s tech guy, still alive at the end of Season 1

Dr. Ramos – Logistical advisor? for Transer Naga, still alive at the end of Season 1

Nino Juarez – Flores’ former boss, killed by Teo in Season 1

Teo Aljarafe – Teresa’s lawyer and later lover, killed by Pote on Teresa’s orders when she finds out he’s been embezzling from her in Season 1

Law Enforcement – Spain

Flores – in charge of the investigation into Teresa, still alive at the end of Season 1

Martín – Flores’ second in command, still alive at the end of Season 1

Teo’s family

Eugenia Aljarafe – Teo’s wife, kills herself rather than go to prison for trying to kill Teo in Season 1

Paloma Aljarafe (new actor) – one of Teo and Eugenia’s daughters

Rocío Aljarafe (new actor) – one of Teo and Eugenia’s daughters

*Cayetana Aljarafe (Luisa Gavasa) – Teo’s mother, Paloma’s grandmother

Los Alcalá

*Alejandro Alcalá (Mark Tacher) – Sleazy politician running for Mexican president

*Genoveva Alcalá (Kika Edgar) – journalist

*Antonio Alcalá (Eduardo Yañez)

And then there’s this guy

*Lupo (Raoúl Bova) – Sofia’s kidnapper

Now are you ready? Season 2 starts at 10pm/9c on Monday night.

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Me! Me! I’m ready!

This is so awesome Kat! Thank you!

All these years and I never realized that Dris Larbi was played by Nacho Fresneda who played one of my favorite characters on El ministerio de tiempo. I can’t wait to tell my husband!

Visita/ Guest

I read the book before the novela was first broadcast and stopped watching after a couple of episodes because it was so different and, IMO, changed vital facts about the character and the story. When it was rebroadcast, and my memory of the book had faded, I got hooked. Well-acted, well-paced. Kate del Castillo, one of my favorite actresses, was superb. The book ended with the fate & life of La Reina unknown but with the hint that she survived and thrived. The novela, of course, made that a reality. So I am truly sorry that there is a sequel.… Read more »