Betty en NY Tuesday 4/16/19 #50

Previously on Betty en NY: Daniel tried to trick V&M into moving their production to India, at a factory Daniel now owns, so he could kill the company deader than it already is and rip it to pieces to sell for scrap. Armando and Ricky agreed with Betty–too risky, not enough information, don’t take the deal. Marcela got pissed off about Betty having opinions in HER company!

Marcela keeps pounding on Betty’s desk and piling on the verbal harassment. She wants Betty to leave and she’s not asking her, she’s telling her. Betty has no business here and should be working in an eyeglass store or a library or an ironworks or something else her “style.” But no, she had to come stick her nose into the world of fashion and she doesn’t know jack.

Plus she knows Betty’s covering for Armando and whoever he’s cheating with.

Betty cleverly tells the truth–when Armando says he’s with her, he’s really with her.

Ricky, lurking outside the office, has heard enough and interrupts before Betty can expand on that.

Marcela complains that this is a conversation between her and Betty, screams at Betty some more, and tells Ricky to get her out of here before stomping out of Betty’s cloffice.

Ricky whispers to Betty not to pay attention to her–it must be that time of the month. (*facepalm*)

It’s time for Sofia to make her big public apology to Jenny. She’s in anger management therapy and yoga and transcendental meditation and she’s completely turned over a new leaf, she’s all about the peace and love and she’s gonna be a supportive coworker to Jenny from now on and here’s her phone.

Jenny tries to rile Sofia, making faces and hand gestures behind Smith’s back, but Sofia doesn’t fall for it. Jenny has to accept the apology and the phone.

Sofia throws a tantrum in the bathroom before walking out, TP trailing behind her.

Armando goes to lunch with Steve (Tiffany’s dad, whose last name I can’t remember) but Daniel interrupts just so he can ask Armando if he’s taking the deal or not.

Berta’s reviewing Enrique’s cell phone statement and there’s a number she doesn’t recognize. Sofia tells her not to go down this road. Yes, she knows, all men are alike, but see Sofia’s man was a RAT and Berta’s…Sofia would put her hands in the fire for him.

Berta wrestles Sofia’s cell phone out of her hands, dials the number, and they both listen as a woman answers the phone.

Pati. Jenny. Breakroom. Jenny’s been trying to track down Nicolas, but he has zero social media presence. ZERO. Unless it’s under a different name…which would mean he’s hiding something.

Daniel can’t believe Armando (actually made a good decision for once and) is passing on the deal. Armando says it has too high a moral cost.

Daniel’s like “This is business!” If Armando doesn’t do it, the company will go bankrupt.

Well, that’s Armando’s problem. He’s president of V&M, so it’s his decision to make.

Steve comes back to the table and Armando says Daniel was just leaving.

Charlie comes back from a job and finds Efrain beating his mouse on the desk. That’s not a euphemism. Efrain’s stressing over this fight to the death between Jenny and Sofia and poor him, he’s in the middle!

Also Sofia’s got a guy. She came home last night smelling like alcohol and smiling.

Charlie’s like “Oh? Tell me more!”

Efrain whines that Sofia’s already being happy with some other guy and they haven’t even gotten divorced yet! OK, yeah, he left Sofia for Jenny, but that was a pure love! And he still came home early.

“¡Ya bájale!”

Berta’s in the bathroom with a bucket of fried chicken and she swears she’s gonna eat it. Everyone begs her not to. She’ll ruin her “diet.” I’m just thinking don’t do it with fried chicken–get a dozen tamales or something.

Pati comes in and focuses on how “you people” don’t know the difference between a bathroom and a kitchen. Then she stops to ask how she can say “you people” without being offensive…like “raza“? (Um. No.)

Berta blames it all on Pati. Skinny women like her are why Berta’s like this. She calls Pati a flaca suripanta metiche AND THROWS A CHICKEN LEG AT HER! We get an instant replay.

Pati says she’s gonna go tell Smith!

Berta pulls out another chicken leg and gets ready to strike. I got the feeling the actress was having a hard time keeping a straight face which makes it even funnier to me.

Armando gets back to the office and immediately starts looking for Betty. As one does. When one is madly in love with her and hasn’t admitted it to himself yet.

Ricky says she’s probably out hiding from Marcela. Armando’s pissed off to hear that Marce was yelling at Betty and he’s ready to go deal with her…except Ricky reminds him that he can’t afford to upset Marcela or she’ll join forces with Daniel.

Betty gets home. Julia’s looking at the magazine with Marcela on the cover. So this is Don Armando’s fiancée. They’re made for each other. Right?

Betty says she’s got a headache and she’s going to go lie down.

Armando goes to Marcela’s office to ask what happened between her and Beatriz. Marce basically accuses him of letting Betty make all the decisions and says they can find other women who know finance. They can even find uglier women than Betty if he wants.

Whoa! That was harsh. She’s being irrational.

Yep irrational and spoiled and she wants Betty out!

Armando says he needs time.

How much time? No one’s indispensable, much less an assistant, so is he firing her or not?

No. Or, well, yes, but not now. Not until the financial situation is more stable. A couple of weeks, at least, after the next board meeting.

Marce lays a guilt trip on him about how they’re the perfect couple on social (that was your doing, not his) but in reality nothing is right. Armando agrees with her about that, but she’s out the door.

Nico tells Betty she’s making bad decisions lately and he’s not waiting for her to get hurt crashing into a wall. Is something going on with Armando? Because why would Armando want to be with Betty when he has Marcela? Maybe because Betty’s got his two companies in her hands? And he doesn’t want to hear any “I don’t want to argue” nonsense because he’s got his arguments ready.

Betty says she doesn’t want to argue. He’s right. Armando would never want someone like her. Never.

Nico tells her to never say never and gives her a hug and a kiss.

Sofia’s worried about Berta. She ate the whole bucket of chicken and now she’s digging into a box of chocolates.

Berta says it doesn’t even taste good anymore. All she wants is her gordito. But he’s gone off and found himself a real flaca. Tonight, Berta’s finding out the truth! And that’s all she’s saying so Sofia doesn’t have to lie in court.

She walks out with the box of tasteless chocolates and Sofia grabs her phone and I assume, calls an emergency Pelotón meeting.

Actually, she calls Efrain. To tell him he has to take care of the kids tonight. Feed them, make them take baths, and smell their feet to make sure they’re not stinky or it stinks up their beds. She’s got a friend in trouble and she actually supports her friends!

Armando wants Ricky to take Marcela out tonight so she won’t be calling him constantly while he’s with Betty.

Sofia catches up to Berta outside. Whatever Berta’s doing, she’s in!

Charlie shows up and Berta convinces him to help too.

Armando is actually looking at Bikini Woman’s picture, sitting in his car outside Betty’s house. Is that to make it easier when Betty gets in and says she doesn’t want to be the other woman? ‘Cause I did just think he’s not worthy of her.

Berta calls Enrique to check up on him. He tells Berta he just dropped off some paperwork and he’s going to go help a friend with something and he’ll be home later.

Berta can see him from the front seat of the van. He hails a cab. She tells Charlie to follow him.

Armando asks if this means Betty’s leaving him.

No, she’s just not going to keep doing things that aren’t in her job description. She doesn’t want to interfere in Marcela’s life or in his.

The mean kids show up and lurk outside the car. Armando suggests he and Betty go somewhere else to talk.

Charlie and the angels follow Enrique to…a grocery store. Berta volunteers Charlie to go in and follow him.

Charlie watches him pick up milk and eggs…and wine…and look at flowers. He tells Berta Enrique just bought breakfast stuff and insecticide. He lurks as Enrique takes a videocall from a woman who’s talking about not being able to wait to talk to him.

He sticks to his story, but Berta watches Enrique come out of the store with roses and get into a car that’s not a taxi. So we’re back to following.

Enrique meets the woman from the videocall in a bar. There’s something about signing paperwork. And then Berta walks in and makes a scene, accusing Enrique of lying, body-shaming the woman, and sobbing that she wants to die.

Marcela goes to a rooftop pool somewhere and sees Ricky. They used to go there when they were in college. Ricky claims he always beat her by 10 laps when they were racing. Marcela says she beat him every time. They agree to a rematch.

Berta keeps screaming at Enrique, not letting Linda…yes, that’s her name, Berta…explain. She checks the grocery bag…the cheeses she likes, her favorite wine. He’s got more ham than his huevos can handle. She walks out of the bar as the other patrons applaud her.

Marce and Ricky keep arguing about who always won. He tells her to go get her stuff and he’ll take her home.

Armando takes Betty to their bar and asks for just fifteen minutes. If he can’t convince her, then she can go. Betty’s smiling as he pulls out a chair for her, but she stops smiling when he can see her face.

Marce’s glad she came for a swim. Things have been tense at the office. But at least Beatriz is leaving soon. Armando promised. All the mistakes Armando has made have been because he listened to her.

Ricky says it’s the other way around–Betty has saved Armando a bunch of times. But sure, of course, he’s on Marcela’s side.

At the bar, its couple’s night. A waiter tries to interest Armando in something more romantic than water. Armando picks the Loco Romantico.

Armando complains about Betty wanting to throw it all away because of Marcela’s lies.

But they weren’t lies. She does feel like the owner of V&M. And she’s not just covering up Armando’s affair, she’s his lover! OK, they haven’t had sex, but she feels just as awful as if they had.

Armando says she’s being dramatic.

But she declares she’s not dramatic, she’s a dignified woman.

Armando’s face: “Oh suuuuure, whatever you say!”

The host gets things rolling and asks for a couple to sing. (Heh… I typed sin.)

Armando thinks he’s talking to Betty about leaving and Betty thinks he’s talking about singing. They stand up and head in opposite directions.

The host convinces Armando to sing. He’s charmingly out of tune and he sings it like he means it.

He figures this means they’re getting back together, right?

Nope. Betty says she loves him and she’s done some unethical stuff for him, but she doesn’t want to do what they’re doing to Marcela, or any other woman.

OK, then. If Betty gets back together with him, he’ll break off the engagement with Marcela.

What did people say?

  • Bájale – turn it down a notch, come down off your high horse
  • Flaca suripanta metiche – skinny nosy slut?
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